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Tender in a sentence

At the tender.
Sweet and tender.
Tender and juicy.
we won that tender.
used as legal tender.
I said in a tender,.
They’re not tender.

It's terribly tender.
brief but tender kiss.
In a tender, loving.
products to the tender.
Tender, but on the mend.
Tender and breathtaking.
The knee was too tender.
and tender parental care.
Sue said with a tender,.
She was fiery and tender.
She died at a tender age.
has us in His tender care.
The tender mouth trembled.
Sue said in a tender,.
The bar tender helped them.
Even the most tender love.
Aiden's voice was tender.
handsome, strong and tender.
MY love is pure and tender.
The Tycoon's Tender Triumph.
I said in a tender, loving.
He was tender and beautiful.
How tender are Your mercies.
with his colleagues tendering the lambs.
So, with tendering the odds are against you.
The competition they faced in tendering for jobs was intense.
but similar exercise of tendering for the same materiel in order to have detailed information about.
Yes, sir, but they did that through the yard in Elswick as a tendering process and that is why we.
Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the Semi-drunk taking a great interest in it and tendering advice to both players impartially.
The Turkish army commander went up and presented him with a signed document stating that all the officers, including the general himself, were tendering their resignation, so that he might approve it.
tendered for the claim, but lost out.
has been tendered on relations rather.
Any given gift remembered is an obligation tendered.
He tendered for part of the foundations in the Opera.
tendered his own nation, and was so zealous of the laws.
It was the ease with which she tendered it, with which Mr.
Ros, in quiet dignity, turned and tendered his resignation.
She tendered a coin, smiling boldly, holding her thick wrist out.
Six dragons tendered in advance, four more promised when you died.
fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tendered.
Oot: a dullgarbed old man from the curbstone tendered his wares, his mouth.
tendered for any purpose, and for charging of commission for this service;.
Non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of coins tendered and for charging.
if the documents tendered by the beneficiary, or his or her agent, appear to.
90 per share, which would be paid them for each Reliance share tendered to Leasco.
This supper was in honor of both Jesus and Lazarus; it was tendered in defiance of the Sanhedrin.
If a tender offer is extended, there must be an announcement of the approximate numbers of shares tendered.
The announcement is made promptly and payment is made within 10 days or so after acceptance of shares tendered.
Generosity is a risk, a trusting in the other to receive a warmth tendered, offered without request of return.
For if God tendered the reward of the righteous in a trice straightway were it commerce that we practised and not godliness.
2 So was he bold to call him a traitor that had deserved well of the city and tendered his own nation and was so zealous of the laws.
They did realize the critical nature of the situation and tendered an apology and saved their nation from disaster and Muslims vengeance.
, and why they stop its trail just as it grows most luminous and glorious? If we have not judged right, apologies will be gladly tendered.
He gave the Delawares to understand the rank of Heyward among the troops of the Yengeese, and then tendered to him a trust of equal authority.
One of his group, a stranger in this man’s house, had spoken harshly to an invited guest, and all without prior request tendered nor invitation extended.
tenders on contracts offered.
award those mysterious tenders.
chicken tenders with salt and pepper.
Keeper Class tenders are named for U.
Do you believe his tenders, as you call them?.
That you have ta'en these tenders for true pay,.
the complication of honeysuckle tenders twining.
government tenders that derive the Malaysian dream.
Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair.
tenders built in the Twin Ports were still in operation.
We are jumping beyond them to the cargo ships and the tenders.
tenders, but I don't have to actually change clothes in order.
tenders for the job of delivering for their new store and I was.
INTERVAL: The strapping fire tenders drilled with a nodding song,.
‘’The JAKE is usually carried on Japanese cruisers or seaplane tenders.
They have seaplane tenders, with cranes and a hangar on the back, I said.
adjusted the bangles, each on their right wrist, while waiters and bar tenders.
‘To start with,’ announced Sathyam, ‘FM’s tenders would have blank bids.
I put in submissions for a few likely looking tenders over the years, but found.
and the police were already on their radio, calling for ambulances and fire tenders.
As the tenders were pushed up the ladder, so the demand for the classy stuff increased.
willing to work with you on future projects or tenders (as a partner) or more likely to.
I guess that many of the tenders have stopped coming around here, like many others,.
tenders of the supply train with Gad having newly been appointed their overseer, as well as.
The buoy tenders (180s) performed domestic security and overseas combat operations during the war.
Nobody of any consequence in the OPMI market tenders until just before a tender offer is to expire.
The namesake of the new class of 16 seagoing buoy tenders was scheduled for duty on the East Coast.
ships, that would defend the tenders and capital support ships not directly involved with the attack.
We would be arriving at six and the appointment for the opening of the tenders was scheduled for ten.
‘WORLD BANK TENDERS ROCK ASSEMBLY’ the headline stared him in the face all again, making him numb.
‘For matching the typeface on the tenders on the whole, we need to use the same typewriter all through.

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