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Pitiful in a sentence

She was ill and pitiful.
It was weak and pitiful.
It should have been pitiful.
He was unconscious and pitiful.
Most pitiful were the children.
The sound was so pitiful that.
I must have been a pitiful sight.

The poor, pitiful son of a bitch.
They appeared so sad and pitiful.
Everywhere was those pitiful and.
She really looked very pitiful now.
It was too late to visit the pitiful.
I just thought, the poor, pitiful man.
And this made her particularly pitiful.
The next morning dawned grey and pitiful.
They are as pitiful as they are laughable.
But his was so hopeless—his was pitiful.
Why, the Son of the Blessed is very pitiful.
He approached his pitiful face to my window.
She is only a pitiful shadow, riding on the.
With the pitiful reaction the first shot had.
It was a pitiful sight—it was, indeed!.
Hazard was a pitiful excuse for a human being.
The Spanish bugles played a pitiful retreat.
Isn’t it laudable, pitiful and so wasted?
She was a pitiful caricature of her former self.
He was a pitiful object with a face full of sorrow.
Ours has been a pitiful series of misunderstandings.
It would be pitiful, he felt, to die of a 25-bullet.
Harry looked so pitiful in front of the dapper crook.
He was a poor, pitiful creature who lived with hatred.
He dropped his pitiful knife and clawed at his throat.
It was pitiful to see them, boys, put in the dancer.
This unusual and pitiful sight at once conquered Tussie.
Help, was the only pitiful thought he could muster.
Please forgive us for our pitiful lack of social graces.
The mouse which had been caught was a pitiful specimen;.
All that, as I had seen often before, was a pitiful lie.
It's pitiful, especially being a believer for a long time.
I could hear the low, pitiful whine of search dogs nearby.

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