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Aggregation in a sentence

1. This aggregation of dark.
2. This is an aggregation of lists.
3. Categorization through aggregation and disaggregation.
4. They are normally at a high level of aggregation and therefore tell you.
5. This program shows the result of a simple aggregation on our sample data:.
6. In 1910 leadbeater reported that the densest aggregation of astral (or dark).
7. This site is an aggregation of financial blogs, advisory and journalist content.

8. If this trend of aggregation continues, and it seems likely that it will, this effect is likely to intensify.
9. The second method enables you to perform simple aggregation (addition) without interpolation of missing values.
10. Anti-coagulant Drugs - Policosanol has been shown to inhibit platelet aggregation and therefore, may potentiate the.
11. FTSE All-Share: the aggregation of the FTSE100, FTSE250 and FTSE Small Cap indices; it does not cover all shares on the market.
12. Now that we have passed that phase of human life, we can understand the reasons for the aggregation of men into families, communities, and states.
13. His desire to study and mingle with this cosmopolitan aggregation of Urantia mortals was the chief reason why Jesus consented to make this journey.
14. Then, too, I guessed the loving friend sympathy racket was being worked by some of the bridge whist aggregation which met up with her every fortnight.
15. Fight her! Fight her clear to the high, consolidated supreme court aggregation of the United States, or whatever they call it! roared Plug Ivory.
16. He was tossed to and fro in the violence of that awful battle, and had a dazed feeling that he was fighting not one, but an aggregation of lethal creatures.
17. At this point, you might have realized why the Widget and Event classes are only associated (no aggregation or composition relationships) in the UML class diagram.
18. The parent aggregation shown in the UML diagram indicates that each widget can have a reference to a parent object, which by convention, we assume is a Widget instance.
19. Hence the world appeared to her as an aggregation of people who watched her from all sides and by all possible means—deceit, violence, gold or craftiness—strewn to possess her.
20. He really didn’t have a lot of math for fifth order, I saw him yesterday and he said he was getting somewhere, something about recursive symbology for the aggregation of condensates.
21. It appears to bind soluble amyloid-beta and prevent its aggregation, so unlike the drugs you’re on now, there’s the hope that this could prevent the disease from progressing further.
22. After you have finished constructing a timeline report, research the backgrounds of each manager by searching for press releases and historical articles found in news aggregation sites, such as Dow Jones Factiva or LexisNexis.
23. Walter Carter—for in the background, dimly threatening him, was that aggregation, each one a future possibility—the pasts he would not contemplate—and all villainously responsible for the name gossip had fastened upon her, the Wrecker.
24. The larger and more powerful communities absorbed the weaker ones; and the greater and more vigorous became the aggregation of men, the more seldom did one hear of acts of violence within these communities, and the more secure the continuity of their existence appeared.
25. Its analysis has never been attempted by chemists; but the earthy sediment which is the result of its accumulated deposition, proves that it is a compound of earthy particles in a peculiar state of aggregation, and in which alumine appears to preponderate, rather than calcareous or silicious earths or oxides.
26. To this aggregation of the Sperm Whale into such immense caravans, may be imputed the circumstance that even in the best cruising grounds, you may now sometimes sail for weeks and months together, without being greeted by a single spout; and then be suddenly saluted by what sometimes seems thousands on thousands.
27. Civilization, unfortunately, represented at this epoch rather by an aggregation of interests than by a group of principles, was or thought itself, in peril; it set up the cry of alarm; each, constituting himself a centre, defended it, succored it, and protected it with his own head; and the first comer took it upon himself to save society.

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