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Collection in a sentence

It was a bizarre collection.
This collection of essays wa.
There was even a collection.
It’s a huge collection of.
New Collection of Letters of L.
This collection of Late Night.
Mickey had a collection of 45 r.

Few of the collection remained.
See Fact Sheet 116 Collection.
Under my bed was a collection:.
We have a collection of DVDs.
VOC data collection efforts and.
Ian held up his collection tray.
It won’t fit the collection.
Now it’s ready for collection.
A field is a collection of values.
Grant needs my collection too.
With a more frequent collection.
Discerning them as a collection.
Morton's collection of, xxi, 197.
The Air Power Collection (2002):.
Another piece for her collection.
This is a dear collection of mine.
I came up with quite a collection.
Embracing the Now is a collection.
The study area and data collection.
There he completed his collection.
You may recognize a collection of.
Muhlenberg's collection has it not.
We took up a collection for ya, too.
Walter pointed at the collection box.
It was a collection of fairy stories.
Usher has his own collection of over.
Oh I have a whole collection of them.
A collection system that benefits all.
The Kids Easter Activities Collection.
Kirtland's collection of shells, 22;.
And he has a very large collection.
It's the centerpiece of my collection.

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