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    1. This is like the alcoholic version of eating all the Skittles at once

    2. in the bar’s alcoholic half-light haze

    3. I stared back at him, my eyes stinging from his haze of alcoholic breath

    4. That evening, with a four pack empty on the already crowded coffee table, their mother subjected both of the children to another verbal assault while their father sat slumped in an alcoholic stupor in front of the television

    5. A combination of hangovers, of both the alcoholic and emotional varieties, served to keep father and daughter well out of each other’s way

    6. Helen collapsed onto the kitchen floor in a haze of adrenalin and alcoholic abuse

    7. A combination of hangovers, of both the alcoholic and

    8. She remembered the stuff they’d had at the house with the extra guest room, and was prepared for a similar experience, a liquid that was somewhat more purple than red, had a grape taste to it and a potent alcoholic content

    9. Behind her the sound of normality, the sound of alcoholic conversation, continues as if nothing has happened to disturb the awful equilibrium of the evening

    10. Maggie's charity doesn’t extend to those suffering alcoholic dementia

    11. With the dressing applied, Maggie scrubs her hands and returns to the kitchen, sweeps up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush, and then wipes the sticky alcoholic liquid up with reams of kitchen roll

    12. Being one of the select few at Snuggle's, the lock in few who are mates with the owners, has its advantages; summer barbecues, Christmas parties and informally alcoholic dinner parties

    13. His sense of direction is clouded by the hour and the alcoholic dilution in his blood stream

    14. I’d never appreciated just how frightening being an alcoholic is before that

    15. I am an adult child of an alcoholic and a survivor of extreme child abuse

    16. He’s alone and an alcoholic

    17. Plastic shelves stood against the wall, packed with cardboard boxes, most of them labeled with alcoholic beverage brands and a couple branded as cleaning supplies

    18. She specified something non alcoholic

    19. The Admiral Benbow served alcoholic beverages too, but there was a difference: At The Benbow, food was the primary product and alcoholic drinks were secondary

    20. Drink! Franks father, old Doctor Murray was an alcoholic

    21. For golfers who play in extreme heat, they need to remember to bring plenty of water to drink and leave all alcoholic beverages alone

    22. freely of the alcoholic beverages provided by Waddell and

    23. alcoholic spirits, and, in fact, was three sheets to the wind

    24. I sent for Dorothy and I‘m sorry to say it, but I was beginning to show signs of becoming a real alcoholic

    25. And that's where the soldiers found us, after they had stormed the chateau, tied to an old garden bench, precariously perched on the top of an antique wardrobe, both snoring loudly in an alcoholic stupor

    26. He is a very desirable man here in our little ex-pat community, not that the skinny little geek is so great, but because all the other guys down here are total creeps: they’re either alcoholic, running drugs or some kind of pervert

    27. “Drunkard! Alcoholic,” she’d shouted

    28. Once out he reported back to Susan that the target was in bad shape, alcoholic and would be hospital bound within the next six months

    29. Caltineri was obviously an important purveyor of alcoholic beverages

    30. marble textured floor that reflected wetness from various alcoholic concoctions

    31. The father of the twins was an alcoholic and a no hoper, but I have to say that his daughters were two of the most beautiful girls I‘d ever laid eyes on, next to my own, of course

    32. He suffered many trials and tribulations such as being an alcoholic or being a sex addict

    33. In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines, with one exception: prophylactics may be dispensed from a vending machine only "in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises

    34. “ Everyone in your family is an alcoholic

    35. This man is a homeless alcoholic and was only there to use the bathroom and has left it a mess before

    36. “Having an alcoholic mother can be a painful experience,” William spoke up, still staring out the window, “but you shouldn't be embarrassed about her

    37. Dziekanski as a violent and agitated alcoholic whose irrational behavior

    38. My 2L got off to a typically alcoholic start

    39. I did what any pissed off alcoholic would do to punish his unsympathetic boss

    40. Just think, had I not been such a perfect practicing alcoholic, I might have won the award for the highest total exam grade

    41. Ultimately, our being the “last” candidates interviewed redounded to our credit when old man Meyer, a 60ish alcoholic, ordered Hunsaker to get off the pot and hire somebody, anybody, and now

    42. not an alcoholic, he assured himself that he was nothing of the sort

    43. I was not at my alcoholic bottom, I did not suffer withdrawal that I know of, and liked how I felt

    44. recovering alcoholic which fact was known in the higher echelons of

    45. I woke up at 6am the day of my departure drenched in sweat, with the realization that I, too, was an alcoholic and had been one for many years

    46. I told her bluntly that I, too, was an alcoholic, that I needed to quit, and knew that AA worked because Dixie had “white knuckled” her way through nine months by then

    47. At rehab, I was the oldest person at 42 by far out of 40 patients in two 20-bed wards! I also was just about the only "pure alcoholic

    48. However, he was being raised in a dysfunctional home by alcoholic parents

    49. That is one reason, years later, that both Bettie and Bonnie told me not to beat myself up so badly for having made Dixie into an alcoholic during our marriage

    50. I had not yet confided in Maria that I was a recovering alcoholic who attended nightly AA meetings

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    Synonyms for "alcoholic"

    alcoholic alky boozer dipsomaniac lush soaker souse alcohol-dependent drunkard heavy drinker drunk sot intoxicating distilled strong intoxicant inebriating spirituous hard

    "alcoholic" definitions

    a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

    characteristic of or containing alcohol

    addicted to alcohol