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Souse in a sentence | souse example sentences

  1. Souse in the ear.
  2. Four times they took me down from the board to let me breathe for half-an-hour, and to souse me with cold water.
  3. Such is the confusion and utter violence to the language and souse of the New Testament which the adoption of Mr.
  4. The souse upon me of my lover the sea, as I lie wil ing and naked,.
  1. They disappeared round the curve of the road, and only his sousing footsteps and the top ribbon of Marian's bonnet told where they were.
  2. As she heard him sousing heartily in cold water, heard the eager scratch of the steel comb on the side of the bowl, as he wetted his hair, she closed her eyes in disgust.
  1. He again got soused.
  2. They enjoyed their God Given Right to get as drunk and soused drinking alcoholic spirits and beverages for hundreds of years.
  3. You might spy a terrified Micky Dolenz fending off drumming questions from a soused Pete Thomas or meet a sheepish and shambling Mark E.
  4. The door of his room was ajar, the lamp had been relit upon the table, and soused in its shaded dome of light was the figure of a man, stretched along the big chair before the fire.
  5. For an eternity she She soused the end of the rug into the bucket and drawing a deep breath plunged reeled and coughed, beating the rug against the lines of fire that shot swiftly beyond her.
  6. Ten years after she died, nine years after he fled the village and soused himself in the gutters of the metropolis, he woke one morning and decided that the mountain overlooking his old home would be the best place for him.

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