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Alternative in a sentence

1. I have no alternative, Mr.
2. Oh, there is no alternative.
3. Yes, that is the alternative.
4. But there was no alternative.
5. But the alternative is death.
6. There is no other alternative.
7. There was no alternative; Mrs.

8. But there is no alternative.
9. This is a great alternative to.
10. But, the alternative was prison.
11. Alternative 7 C’s of Coaching.
12. Here is a tri-forked alternative.
13. Alternative: Use about 1 1/4 t.
15. What other alternative is there?
16. There is no other alternative here.
17. I have an alternative suggestion.
18. That alternative was to apply to Mr.
19. As they had no alternative but to.
20. I saw it as a viable alternative.
21. Tart in 1960 to avoid alternative.
22. Serial Maturities as an Alternative.
23. My alternative is to survive as an.
24. The alternative was somehow to sing.
25. Better than the alternative, though.
26. These are an alternative to morphine.
27. I had no alternative; I ran to the.
28. The most common alternative theory.
29. Spongebob is an excellent alternative.
30. Examples of alternative closes are:.
31. And then I considered the alternative.
32. There is an alternative to this model.
33. There's always an alternative, Zac.
34. The alternative is to eat fresh skin.
35. POD as the only reasonable alternative.
36. This alternative is known as a collar.
37. The alternative was that he’d been.
38. She hadn’t given him an alternative.
39. The alternative approach was that of W.
40. He thought there must be an alternative.
41. I’m here to give you an alternative.
42. Surely there is another alternative, Mr.
43. I do it because there is no alternative.
44. Well, some kind of alternative medicine.
45. But the alternative is just plain silly.
46. But he had been left with no alternative.
47. It is a great alternative for those who.
48. Buzz Booster is an alternative media site.
49. Then you’ve got your alternative types.
50. They then develop alternative behaviors.
51. So with no alternative they cut him loose.
52. Another great digital alternative is The.
53. Exposure to Alternative and Niche Sectors.
54. As with any complementary or alternative.
55. Two of these alternative stop ideas are:.
56. Because the alternative is to die in shame.
57. Certainly the alternative was to be killed.
58. What Could Be An Alternative Socialutions?
59. But I know an alternative route, though.
60. I’ll have to resort to an alternative.
61. APC (Alternative PHP Caching) is a caching.
62. Stallman considered an alternative approach.
63. There are alternative ways of handling fish.
64. This is a one-sided alternative hypothesis.
65. Then find an alternative, Garcia said.
66. And only then, when there is no alternative.
67. Yes, Mike, I want the alternative choice.
68. This alternative concept (adequate funding.
69. As opposed to the other alternative, yes.
70. There was the alternative, however, that Mr.
71. What is the alternative to this superb and.
72. What was the alternative? She didn’t know.
73. Kim knew she had no alternative but to obey.
74. Now the chairman of this alternative body Mr.
75. Here are a few alternative ways to improve.
76. Given the severity of the alternative, and.
77. Therefore, there may be only one alternative.
78. Fruits are a great alternative to candy and.
79. It’s not a bad alternative to be in the pen.
80. Alternative Therapies for Smoking Cessation.
81. Alternative assets and privately held assets.
82. They will be shocked into alternative action.
83. Are there any alternative attendants?
84. But what’s the alternative? Grace asked.
85. Foreign aid is the only alternative in their.
86. The only alternative is to knock on the door.
87. Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers:.
88. Usuarism as alternative society to the current.
89. It can accommodate upto 29 alternative values.
90. Another alternative treatment option is massage.
91. The only alternative was to check at the CERN.
92. Common sense cried for an alternative solution.
93. Alternative investments - in the industry, in.
94. Having it would be better than the alternative.
95. It is the worst possible alternative because:.
96. But I indulge way too often in the alternative.
97. Encourage a future with the alternative story.
98. Used as an alternative to short selling a stock.
99. Providing there are very clear cut alternative.
100. All the same, it was better than the alternative.

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