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Alternate in a sentence

had an alternate plan.
An alternate history novel.
Alternate these for effect.
the alternate to the truth.
I alternate between the two.
alternate exit for the caller.
She would alternate from eye.

can go for an alternate solution.
Lie–Any alternate to the Truth.
Some alternate practitioners use.
Put in the jar in alternate layers.
Alternate your pivot foot as you go.
The alternate ending would be where.
alternate or the competition which is.
building and the center alternate entry.
It was an itinerary for an alternate life.
Rethink Alternate Means of Transportation.
she did have an alternate copy of the file.
(An alternate pronunciation of Nirvana.
I felt like I was in an alternate universe.
Make alternate layers of crumbs and liquid.
There was an alternate view called science.
03 billion fifth round was the Alternate Bid.
The squares alternate between light and dark.
been obscured by one or more alternate answers.
Our seasons alternate, therefore, without any.
Finally he and Marie resorted to their alternate.
alternating the two tortures.
Diarrhoea alternating with.
Elation alternating with agony.
in alternating starting position.
On Sue’s face was an alternating.
presence of pulsing and alternating.
constantly alternating between the two.
Alternating hot and cold water sitz bath.
Alternating hornets nest stirring changed.
And we are both of them in alternating cycles.
Repeat, alternating 2 sheets of buttered filo.
Alternating current, which means STOP to CONSIDER.
was born, and she and Rodney had alternating work.
At the moment a turbaned Indian Sikh was alternating.
(they were printed on polka-dot patterns in alternating.
alternating by gift so we could each watch the other open.
where computer printouts with alternating green and white.
step, having alternating leads is more akin to the Montana.
alternating with a few drops of the liquid, beating constantly.
starting with the left hand and then alternating with the right.
characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and.
subgroups or subclades, that are named with alternating letters and.
seconds, I believe that I’ve always done so without alternating or.
Down the road was a construction site with alternating one-way traffic.
guided the Black Swan with his one good eye alternating between the view.
breaking down chemicals and alternating the chemicals in the bloodstream.
The alternating time differential must be a major factor in this confusion.
flour mixture to the butter mixture half at a time, alternating it with the.
seasons also alternating every 16-17 years and in two opposite courses? For.
of awareness alternating between the physical and astral bodies This is the.
sides and crisscross them together, alternating them so that the hand on top.
His focus alternated.
His moods alternated.
Anyway, we alternated.
Liam alternated his rhythm.
Hope alternated with despair.
The four of us alternated driving.
He alternated between two fire rods.
His mood alternated between anger and tears.
Her gaze alternated between the bed and the.
She alternated between yawning and shivering.
of their usual study venues alternated amongst.
She alternated her glance between the panel and.
They alternated between Schmedleyville and Lennox.
and a green light alternated in his eyes as he spoke.
He alternated between his pencil and his shot glass.
His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening.
Each exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3.
He alternated his gaze between Whitton and the fridge door.
exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3 sets of.
Jaro’s mood alternated between pensiveness and expectation.
Her mood alternated between blissful joy and troubled anxiety.
We start by seeing how the seasons alternated in the life of.
In fact they alternated between these two forms of the disease.
Roman alternated swings of his arms and as each fist connected.
alternated every 16-17 years, in 1875, 1892, 1908, 1924, and 1941.
Together they alternated the verses of the Psalms back and forth.
intellectual pursuits, alternated on the third hour by an hour of.
They alternated with their partners driving and being fire control.
or Jack who used the expletive as they just alternated it randomly.
God alternates the night and the day.
Power alternates behavior, nothing to it.
It also helps to have one or two alternates.
The weather here still alternates between good and bad.
alternative two-step, because it alternates unlike the Texas.
will have to begin mailing out notifications to the alternates.
Third Part–The lies, liars, and the alternate(s) to the truth.
can put a stop to the whirl of the spiral ing universe and it’s alternates.
Please use these low-fat recipes here as alternates or wherever it seems best to you.
In love there are no short cuts, no alternates, no showmanship, and no half-heartedness.
The play alternates between the white player and the black player until the game is concluded.
There are always alternates for everything, but what happens is that we don’t focus upon then.
In the end, neither side was happy but both sides accepted the twelve men and women and three alternates.
The boy alternates hands as he carries it along Ocean Drive toward the Atlantic, the beach, just past two in the morning.
This data set alternates uptrending and downtrending legs, though it reduces them to consistent, idealized linear changes.
Tom, rifling through a stack of file cards, barely looks up when the twelve jurors and two alternates solemnly take their positions.
Make sure that you have a few alternates with you at the front who know the way in case you should be lost to the brutes or through some other injury.
Mornings he alternates between Madame Manec’s kitchen, the tobacco shop, and the post office, where he waits in interminable queues to use the telephone.
The street alternates between smelling like bread, and smelling like fish, and smelling like mud, and smelling like paint so rapidly that it makes her head spin.
On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits.
7) They regulate the attendees of the session quantitatively and qualitatively, and when there are women among them, they let the people present sit in a way that alternates between the sexes, so that there is a man, then a woman, then a man, etc.

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alternate replacement surrogate jump understudy flip interchange switch tack alternative substitute alternating

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