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    1. orthodox allopathic treatment by medicines or surgery, natural or home remedies and alternate methods of treatment

    2. At the foot of alternate windows there was a set of

    3. You alternate between the absolute frustration of never being able to make physical contact, aware all the time that the only thing separating you is the lath and plaster of flimsy internal walls

    4. When you have practiced with alternate legs for a few days try the full Locust Posture which involves the raising of both legs simultaneously as in figure 21

    5. "She's in an alternate veron store," Alan said, "The instruments say it's in your lab

    6. "Do you know about the alternate veron store?" Alan asked him

    7. "Because I looked, she’s got a hardware indirect in her time-slice invocation and it leads to an alternate store in Thom’s lab

    8. As Ken and Eileen grew steadily into the trunk stiffening years of their mid-thirties, Ken, moved by an unconscious desire to nurture and grow, turned the back garden of their modest home into a vegetable grower’s delight, with rows of broad beans, green beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the sun and caress of summer rain

    9. And the more you listen, the easier and more quickly your brain will become accustomed to slipping into that alternate state

    10. “So is she still encapsulated in that alternate veron store that’s in your lab?”

    11. Major Tendine was rumored to use an alternate personification frequently that was said to be as flamboyant as this one

    12. “I seem to have become trapped in an event horizon while I was running from the alternate veron store that was entangled with one of the dark bodies in the space we are passing thru

    13. beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the

    14. On alternate Wednesdays Maggie tries to support local amateur dramatic and operatic societies by inviting them to sing songs from the shows

    15. They were instructed to alternate pivot feet but other than that it was an unvarying task

    16. Alternate your pivot foot as you go

    17. The exemptions offered through testing might make their concerns moot, yet each continued to devise alternate plans should an exemption for themselves not be forthcoming

    18. Somehow or other for once I actually did achieve something in high school and I was nominated to be the student council alternate in case the regular student council representative couldn't be there

    19. He hadn't felt the need to adjust the key knob yet, much less try any alternate key basis other than chromatic

    20. Luray was probably arranging them alternate lodging to the nice guest house she talked about finding earlier

    21. have an alternate fuel, we can save the humanity, counter global

    22. Warlock and Martin had done data inputs into their GPS network seeking alternate travel routes

    23. “So the computer and this rock will count up together, taking alternate turns?”

    24. We do not know why Battle Angels cannot survive in there, but we think it has something to do with the fact that the worlds within the Archways are not entirely real, a series of alternate universes with only a fraction of the depth of reality

    25. When on low-carb diets whey can function as an alternate source of energy, sparing hard-earned muscle protein and glutamine stores within the body

    26. Alternate arms between sets and remember to breathe

    27. In the realm of possible alternate histories, it gives one pause to reflect on the fact that a certain Athenian hoplite was one of the few survivors of a pitched battle lost to the Spartans and Thebans during the early years of the Peloponnesian War

    28. These portals to an alternate dimension were created as a test for the Sons of Odin and the Daughter of Thor, though they have served as the final test for male and female wielders before they are named Alit’aren and Ael Tarael

    29. Then as night came on, the falling dew chilled you to the bone; yet when rolled in a blanket the perspiration would drop from the forehead while alternate shiverings and burnings succeeded each other in painful monotony

    30. The ―Party of Lincoln‖ has been in a quandary in recent years over alternate strategies for attracting the African American Voter without seemingly compromising ―traditional‖ Republican Party Principles

    31. “Try taking the train to Smolensk, and from there try alternate transportation,” the cashier suggested

    32. If the weather could be an issue, plan an alternate day or time

    33. An alternate history novel

    34. Perhaps you could alternate them every three or four days

    35. The first year of my newly self-conscious condition seemingly was filled with the alternate nurture and neglect that I could feel but would not remember

    36. The search for a different interpretation, or understanding of an alternate acceptable behavior pattern that will overcome their reservations, can take many forms but inevitably meets with opposition from those whose authority governs and preserves the traditional dogma, or understanding

    37. put forth in a manner that might suggest differing understandings, and possible alternate routes to that ultimate authority

    38. Where do you keep the alternate identity documents?”

    39. The true nature of many things will die with the last life that was involved in the atrocity; know that more information can be revealed later as more will become acclimated to the possibility of this alternate view, as they see it

    40. Ah Tutal sent one of them on to inform Hayjaay and the rest to find alternate routes over the mountains

    41. this is sometimes referred to as "alternate behavior training"

    42. Remember the basis of this test is only based on null hypothesis and it’s always the data are equal (sample belong to same population), and when a null hypothesis fails automatically we select alternate hypothesis

    43. left behind from acne is alternate use of Acnezine with rosa mosquito oil

    44. Some alternate practitioners use

    45. Put in the jar in alternate layers

    46. Obama, dour, deadpan, and soulless, with an arrogant tilt of the head, a great orator? Is stroking with soothing words those whose wonderful country he intends to drag down into sociofascist poverty quite the same thing? Is a wigwagging mist of rhetoric, soaring from alternate TelePrompTers, if seemingly enticing upon emission, but vaporizing when pursued for substance, great oratory? There must be another word for it

    47. had an alternate plan

    48. feel and understand how their actions affected others from their alternate point of view

    49. Being and not-being alternate and their reality is

    50. This is a smart way to identify tweets by potential prospects who may be unhappy with an existing product or service and in need of an alternate solution

    1. His mood alternated between anger and tears

    2. Roman alternated swings of his arms and as each fist connected

    3. or Jack who used the expletive as they just alternated it randomly

    4. She alternated between yawning and shivering

    5. They alternated between Schmedleyville and Lennox

    6. The young ones alternated the walking and carrying without seeming to lose too much time, but Zoran couldn’t be sure, and now a new concern slowly came into view

    7. Jaro’s mood alternated between pensiveness and expectation

    8. His focus alternated

    9. just the tip of his penis to my chocolate eye, he gradually alternated pressure with release

    10. Since the restart beyond the canal, he and Judah had taken turns riding around the fringe as they alternated between the lead and tail positions

    11. taken turns riding around the fringe as they alternated between the lead and tail positions

    12. He grabbed her hips and bounced her up and down on his lap while she alternated between her beer and cigarette

    13. He alternated between his pencil and his shot glass

    14. This night call was alternated with similar day calls, where I would come in the morning and work for 12 hours

    15. Religious meetings involving breast-beating, chanting and singing, followed by an address from the Emperor, alternated with sporting tournaments and circus-like entertainment

    16. The conversation in Emily Gray’s car alternated between animated row and deathly silence

    17. 3 Andrew and Abner alternated in presiding over these joint meetings of the two apostolic groups

    18. The week prior, in which Rodan had expounded his philosophy, Thomas and Nathaniel had alternated in presenting the gospel of the kingdom to the Greek philosopher

    19. Her expression, as he narrated victories or defeats, did not mirror the wild rage or fiendish exultation that alternated on the faces of the other Tecuhltli

    20. Decline bench press may be alternated with bench press when you hit plateaus on your routine

    21. 1 As the two apostles raced for Golgotha and the tomb of Joseph, Peter's thoughts alternated between fear and hope; he feared to meet the Master, but his hope was aroused by the story that Jesus had sent special word to him

    22. Thus Peter alternated between faith and doubt throughout the whole day, until a little after eight o'clock, when he ventured out into the courtyard

    23. He alternated between momentary angst and flashes of memories of being in bed with me

    24. The four of us alternated driving

    25. They alternated with their partners driving and being fire control

    26. of their usual study venues alternated amongst

    27. intellectual pursuits, alternated on the third hour by an hour of

    28. lined with trees, brush, occasional vacant lots that alternated with stores, shops, apartments,

    29. They were arranged so that every other dancer was a female, so the colors alternated in perfect harmony

    30. His fingers alternated between stroking her sensitive are and going deep inside her, sending Tarana into new sexual heights

    31. The extended Romanesque vault was set on rows of towering columns, which alternated between circular and square

    32. I had alternated between catching up on the shows I had recorded and napping on the couch for several hours when Temmy called

    33. he alternated bites and swigs on automatic pilot, totally oblivious of his surroundings

    34. Together they alternated the verses of the Psalms back and forth

    35. “Yes, he and my late wife alternated performances here for the last few years or so

    36. I’m Effie Wu, the woman whom you alternated shows with for many years right here on this very stage

    37. Her mood alternated between blissful joy and troubled anxiety

    38. His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening

    39. Back and forth his attention alternated between the view and the letter

    40. Liam alternated his rhythm

    41. Each exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3

    42. exercise is alternated with the other and done at 3 sets of

    43. Feeding time alternated between morning and evening depending on which day of the month is was

    44. The medic stood at the sidelines throughout, wearing an expression that alternated between disapproval and downright horror

    45. He had dowagers in his office literally screaming because they had not been invited to some social event, financiers threatening to commit suicide because they had lost money in the stock market, overweight matrons who alternated between feasting and fat farms

    46. The young lady alternated staring at the nuathreens and back at Brian

    47. Anyway, we alternated

    48. this a good or bad coincidence? I stayed close to track 10 and alternated pacing and

    49. We continue our trip and we’ll see now how the seasons alternated in the life of

    50. good and bad seasons alternated in the turbulent life of Pablo Picasso, the famous

    1. The weather here still alternates between good and bad

    2. On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits

    3. There are always alternates for everything, but what happens is that we don’t focus upon then

    4. will have to begin mailing out notifications to the alternates

    5. Power alternates behavior, nothing to it

    6. can put a stop to the whirl of the spiral ing universe and it’s alternates

    7. 7) They regulate the attendees of the session quantitatively and qualitatively, and when there are women among them, they let the people present sit in a way that alternates between the sexes, so that there is a man, then a woman, then a man, etc

    8. The street alternates between smelling like bread, and smelling like fish, and smelling like mud, and smelling like paint so rapidly that it makes her head spin

    9. alternative two-step, because it alternates unlike the Texas

    10. The play alternates between the white player and the black player until the game is concluded

    11. In love there are no short cuts, no alternates, no showmanship, and no half-heartedness

    12. Third Part–The lies, liars, and the alternate(s) to the truth

    13. Make sure that you have a few alternates with you at the front who know the way in case you should be lost to the brutes or through some other injury

    14. God alternates the night and the day

    15. Please use these low-fat recipes here as alternates or wherever it seems best to you

    16. It also helps to have one or two alternates

    17. The boy alternates hands as he carries it along Ocean Drive toward the Atlantic, the beach, just past two in the morning

    18. Mornings he alternates between Madame Manec’s kitchen, the tobacco shop, and the post office, where he waits in interminable queues to use the telephone

    19. This data set alternates uptrending and downtrending legs, though it reduces them to consistent, idealized linear changes

    20. In the end, neither side was happy but both sides accepted the twelve men and women and three alternates

    21. Tom, rifling through a stack of file cards, barely looks up when the twelve jurors and two alternates solemnly take their positions

    22. Hornblende slate sometimes alternates with this, and sienite appears in various places, though its strata are generally thin

    23. The elevation in the north part of Sunderland, called Toby, from 800 to 900 feet high, is chiefly conglomerate, red, brown, or greenish, which, in some parts, alternates with chlorite slate, secondary argillite, and a sandstone that seems to be passing into gray wacke slate

    24. In Litchfield commences a range of porphyritic granite, or porphyritic gneiss, which alternates with the common gneiss, and in some instances rests upon it

    1. Vinnie was sliding the glove around the door in small circular motions, every now and then he would tap one of the fingers of the glove against the door in alternating rhythms

    2. Add a thin layer of rock dust to the compost pile, alternating between layers of grass clippings, manure, kitchen wastes, etc

    3. Good cop, bad cop: the alternating patterns of behaviour of The Kid and Smiler

    4. The lead guard, Steven, a relatively new guy on the block, seemed confused, alternating between real concern and short-tempered, bullying frustration

    5. The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck

    6. This continued, alternating directions and hands, until the house including the addition Harry had installed was quite handsomely repainted

    7. They kept at it for the space of perhaps three quarters of an hour in alternating failed and successful attempts

    8. Senta and the Elf were nearly doubled up in giggles at the sight of Dena, alternating hands on her hips then arms crossed, waiting for a better response than their laughter

    9. The sky was still an incongruous mixture of sunlight and dark, but now these areas were alternating, like dancing spotlights

    10. The alternating time differential must be a major factor in this confusion

    11. She kept barking out commands and we kept alternating properly for several minutes

    12. Independent Puerto Rico likely would be much like its neighbor the Dominican Republic, right wing dictatorships backed by the US alternating with leftist populist governments

    13. Alternating with the rust stripes were black, dripping runs of greasy oil, giving her the overall coloring of a seagoing Bengal tiger

    14. It was tiled, alternating between lighter and darker tiles of red in a checkerboard pattern

    15. Hilderich was frowning heavily, finally showing his exasperation at the cryptic commentary and the alternating, almost maddening, mood swings of the machine, and actually shouted at it angrily, spitting as he did so:

    16. He began moving, halfway out then back in, thrusting into her, and then all the way out and all the way in, alternating

    17. Seasons had passed over her, their alternating chill and warmth fissuring her strong heart like cracks in stone

    18. There he was, large, emaciated, alternating miaowing and coughing as I looked at him

    19. the corner, alternating paw licking with face swiping in that nonchalant, self-cleaning

    20. There was a constant yearning for chances to sing, to perform, and to gain fame alternating with a nagging sense of its shortage, though an air of high-nosed, celebrity-like manner and living was always kept up

    21. Lew made a practice of having an “all hands” annual staff meeting alternating between Chicago and Phoenix

    22. He spoke little that evening, alternating between grief for his son and petulance at the scant attention Alilia paid him

    23. Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an

    24. was born, and she and Rodney had alternating work

    25. (they were printed on polka-dot patterns in alternating

    26. They said; ‘Caution, Arriving Translocations’ in Common, alternating with Elvish words that Mark suspected said the same thing

    27. Bannister scanned the scene: Joan had moved closer to him, alternating watching for his lead and searching the horizon for movement, the hint of a sniper rifle

    28. The pictures of the humiliated Ron Bender and the smiling Apollo crew alternating in his mind's eye

    29. Formats are as varied as EMBA Programs, says McCleary, with choices that range from alternating all-day classes on Fridays and Saturday to weeklong residencies at different intervals to other variations

    30. seconds, I believe that I’ve always done so without alternating or

    31. The strange sound began with a low moan and rose to a very loud series of clear, rapidly alternating high notes before dropping down again

    32. At the moment a turbaned Indian Sikh was alternating

    33. A proven system for constantly improving your CTR is to use split-testing a method where you run two alternating ads and after a certain number of clicks (enough to prove that

    34. where there are no longer alternating states of pain and joy, of conflict and

    35. With his vision filled with the large shield bearing down on him, Barrad, used a series of side steps to keep the mercenary twisting awkwardly around after him, slowing his chase with alternating blows both high and low, whilst avoiding the circular swings of his hammer

    36. presence of pulsing and alternating

    37. Down the road was a construction site with alternating one-way traffic

    38. of awareness alternating between the physical and astral bodies This is the

    39. They finished by standing in a line in the shallow end of the pool, their upper bodies slanted and alternating sides, moving their arms up and down to the beat of Technotronicś Rockinóver the Beat

    40. ” She pulls out a thin notebook emblazoned with her face in large sunglasses alternating black and blue stripes radiating out from the picture

    41. The voltage isn"t much, only two-forty, but it"s alternating and there"s a fair current

    42. Round and round in her head churned the evening’s humiliation alternating with panic attacks at the thought of exposure

    43. alternating with a few drops of the liquid, beating constantly

    44. Cardio Training Days – M-W-F -Complete an alternating High/Low Intensity Cardio Workout that is 30 sec

    45. however, alternating their movement through the intersection, since the traffic lights

    46. You have the option of doing both arms at the same time or alternating your left and right

    47. Typically, an old primary feather at about the middle of each wing is shed first, and then other primaries are shed in an alternating fashion on either side of the middle primary; at no time are all the primaries gone

    48. alternating by gift so we could each watch the other open

    49. Two hours after midnight the stricken man was able to move and was tossing fitfully in the grass, alternating groans with incoherent words

    50. constantly alternating between the two

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    Synonyms for "alternate"

    alternate replacement surrogate take turns jump flip flip-flop interchange switch tack understudy alternating alternative substitute every other sequential consecutive successive reciprocal makeshift temporary proxy deputy equivalent double rotate stagger change exchange vary fluctuate vacillate oscillate teeter shift seesaw

    "alternate" definitions

    someone who takes the place of another person

    go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions

    exchange people temporarily to fulfill certain jobs and functions

    be an understudy or alternate for a role

    reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)

    do something in turns

    every second one of a series

    serving or used in place of another

    occurring by turns; first one and then the other

    of leaves and branches etc; first on one side and then on the other in two ranks along an axis; not paired