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Apart in a sentence | apart example sentences

  1. They were apart of me.
  2. You will be apart then.
  3. And tears my soul apart.
  4. It had been blown apart.
  5. It would tear him apart.

  6. Love was away and apart.
  7. He was tearing her apart.
  8. It is tearing her apart.
  9. Louie began to come apart.
  10. This alone set her apart.
  11. LANs that are miles apart.
  12. It all fell apart though.
  13. This is tearing him apart.
  14. It did not explode apart.
  15. I prised his fingers apart.

  16. Test by tearing one apart.
  17. The lot was growing apart.
  18. It would have fallen apart.
  19. I was obliged to keep apart.
  20. Apart from my own, that is.
  21. It was driving us apart.
  22. Nothing comes apart from God.
  23. So why fall apart over it?
  24. But they were too far apart.

  26. They had been apart so long.
  27. It would tear the van apart.
  28. They had split apart to be.
  29. His skin began to tear apart.
  30. Cut the ribs apart and serve.
  31. They're here to rip me apart.
  32. It broke apart into 3 sticks.
  33. Zayn’s dogs tore him apart.
  34. When it staged it came apart.
  35. It was blowing my head apart.
  36. Their faces are inches apart.
  37. Let your ego-self fall apart.
  38. They tore me apart with the.
  39. Etienne tears apart the bread.
  40. Only the Amazons stood apart.
  41. Two events, 2,500 years apart.
  42. The world is falling apart.
  43. Once inside, they tore apart.
  44. What sets this project apart.
  45. Stress can easily tear apart.
  46. Position the feet wider apart.
  47. Their faces were inches apart.
  48. It was tearing her apart ….
  49. You’ve torn the house apart.
  50. Skull, flesh, bone flew apart.
  51. We can’t just tear it apart.
  52. That remained alone and apart.
  53. Her talent alone set her apart.
  54. Is there another option apart.
  55. We have lived apart since then.
  56. It was hard to tell them apart.
  57. Our house blew apart around us.
  58. It should come apart in pieces.
  59. What sets Happy apart is that.
  60. For apart from law sin is dead.
  61. Her legs apart, she mounted him.
  62. The black clouds drifted apart.
  63. Our whole lives could fall apart.
  64. Nikíta and Anísya step apart).
  65. Families have been torn apart;.
  66. Apart from that we have nothing.
  67. There is another analogy apart.
  68. Stand with the feet wider apart.
  69. Position the feet further apart.
  70. It was a world and a life apart.
  71. Place the objects further apart.
  72. Don’t fall apart on me now.
  73. Their eyes were but inches apart.
  74. Sextile: (60° or two signs apart.
  75. The obstacles were further apart.
  76. To be set apart for sacred use;.
  77. Without you they will fall apart.
  78. It could pull apart revealing a.
  79. And seated a little apart was a.
  80. Apart from that, he’d be lying.
  81. The Universe was blowing apart!.
  82. Torn apart, Alex lamented all day.
  83. Then tear her apart in summation.
  84. Apart from little Iason, that is.
  85. She couldn’t let it fall apart.
  86. Nothing could ever tear us apart.
  87. Any other color apart from red.
  88. The two boats drifted slowly apart.
  89. Square: (90° or three signs apart.
  90. Drew began to pull his hands apart.
  91. Apart, well, look how we ended up.
  92. And apart from the untimely death.
  93. I lean against him and fall apart.
  94. But apart from this? Nothing yet.
  95. Why are your knees so far apart?
  96. Who burst apart the heart of life.
  97. Why had his empire fallen apart?
  98. There is no ice apart form water;.
  99. Everyone has noticed this, apart.
  100. He was falling apart at the joints.

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