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Apart in a sentence

They were apart of me.
You will be apart then.
And tears my soul apart.
It had been blown apart.
Love was away and apart.
He was tearing her apart.
It would tear him apart.

It is tearing her apart.
LANs that are miles apart.
Louie began to come apart.
It all fell apart though.
It did not explode apart.
This alone set her apart.
This is tearing him apart.
Test by tearing one apart.
The lot was growing apart.
I prised his fingers apart.
It was driving us apart.
Apart from my own, that is.
It would have fallen apart.
I was obliged to keep apart.
But they were too far apart.
So why fall apart over it?
It would tear the van apart.
Nothing comes apart from God.
They had split apart to be.
They had been apart so long.
It was blowing my head apart.
Only the Amazons stood apart.
Their faces are inches apart.
His skin began to tear apart.
It broke apart into 3 sticks.
Zayn’s dogs tore him apart.
Etienne tears apart the bread.
They're here to rip me apart.
Cut the ribs apart and serve.
When it staged it came apart.
Let your ego-self fall apart.
They tore me apart with the.

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