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    1. I disconnected it

    2. She felt disconnected from others

    3. very insecure existence; at any time you could be disconnected

    4. Joseph disconnected, locked his file cabinet, went to the parking lot and got into his car

    5. He soon found the electric, gas, and telephone disconnected

    6. He soon found the electric, gas and telephone disconnected

    7. To dream that your father has a girlfriend or mistress, even though he is still married to your mother implies that you are feeling disconnected with one of your parents

    8. You are feeling disconnected with others

    9. You have been too disconnected from others

    10. We have to know what is the extent of this trend toward increasingly disconnected random, roaming bands of Naud, why the shift toward conscripts, and what is up with gathering these 'allies' from other peoples?!---very Un-Naud-like to say the least

    11. lives and thinks mostly of the time disconnected from natural attractions and natural actions in natural areas

    12. He felt instead like he was disconnected from reality

    13. Yet he wasn’t as afraid as he thought he should be; the world was disconnected, an ethereal quality through its pink-orange hue

    14. He now thought himself to be disconnected from that immature past, just as he would never accept a photo of him truly encapsulated his identity

    15. Torbin knew that as soon as he disconnected himself he'd be easy prey for the Elusivers

    16. "We've disconnected it now you're here

    17. Eric was ahead of him, already groping for the disconnected wire at the back of the laptop

    18. ‘They cannot be disconnected without dying in the process

    19. She must have been planning on leaving Hustle before the day she actually left, as she had had her phone disconnected

    20. He took a pace forward which took hours and finally placed the Globe on the centre of the pellucid pillar, where it became disconnected from the key

    21. disconnected at the earliest opportunity, knowing that it was out there where people

    22. ” Leaning over the engine Dawn picked up the disconnected high tension lead

    23. will leave us disconnected from the life force that is our inheritance

    24. It is a meaningless hodgepodge of (disconnected) images that courts subconscious impressions and private interpretations of what an observer believes he or she sees or tries to see or believes is seen that is oftentimes something other than what is actually seen; that is to say, it indulges an uncertain mood at an uncertain moment of consciousness that produces an uncertain effect on the mind

    25. big when it finally disconnected that the crystal that was put it its place was the size of a boulder

    26. Mutely, in trembling disconnected movements, having trouble getting her shaking hands to cooperate, she lifted her possessions, one by one, from the floor and stuffed them into the torn remnants of her bag while her ear pounded its beat of pain and heat, pulsing the entire side of her head

    27. Sharon agreed, and as her spirit helpers and Michelle disconnected the energetic

    28. The phone disconnected

    29. “But it"s disconnected Doc – I know because I was just there,” he said as he handed me the Blackberry for the second time in two days

    30. “Hold on Mia will ya? The guy just told me that he had picked up the cell he gave me yesterday in my room and beyond that - my land phone is disconnected

    31. He fixed her with a strange, disconnected stare as though he wasn’t there with her

    32. As though disconnected from her will, her hands extended in front of her, palms out to ward him off

    33. He pulled himself back on the thin line, then disconnected by pushing the button and shutting it off

    34. He is disconnected from the

    35. LP pressed ‘send’ one minute earlier than he should have, but he had no choice; the signal disconnected and could not be reconnected

    36. They quickly packed up, disconnected the power, and left the amenity keys at the front desk, then were ready to climb a mountain

    37. They appeared to want him to do something, but it was hard understanding what, with the few disconnected words they used

    38. Trevor disconnected the empty batteries and connected the newly charged one

    39. The disconnected pitching of the two boats was making it hard for the gunner

    40. She finds him disconnected and believes there is something wrong with his brain

    41. stuttering disconnected words and

    42. sparks fizzing between the disconnected livewires as the wings

    43. soul feels a little bit lost and disconnected within you

    44. As the Civil War developed, for a time the twin assaults of the Court and those of the more general Civil War ran in parallel but disconnected courses

    45. “The number you have reached has been disconnected,” the phone says

    46. “My friend James’ phone number has worked for the past fifteen years, now it’s disconnected two days later?”

    47. For we live in an independent universe that is completely disconnected from the mother universe and every one of its baby universes

    48. Separated from reality, dwelling in the land of fantasies and ideologies and theoretical equations, disconnected from the real world—that world of touch and sight and sound and smell and taste, that world of action and interaction, that world of thinking and communicating, that world of experience and intuition, that messy world of living and loving—isolated from everything good and tangible, they have doomed all life to death

    49. I disconnected my CT phone when I went to MT

    50. a header tank this will have to be disconnected

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    Synonyms for "disconnected"

    confused disconnected disjointed disordered garbled illogical scattered unconnected staccato abrupt disunited fragmented split detached loose incongruous muddled irregular

    "disconnected" definitions

    (music) marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; cut short crisply

    having been divided; having the unity destroyed

    marked by sudden changes in subject and sharp transitions

    not plugged in or connected to a power source

    lacking orderly continuity