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Arse in a sentence

Beautiful, my arse.
Midwinter, my arse.
"Okay, smart arse,".
Don’t be an arse.
What a pain in the arse.
Private my fucking arse.
"PC me arse!" he retorted.
But he is a massive arse.
I took my arse shorts off.
I take it that my arse.
Stick it up your arse and.
that stared at her naked arse.
Hold my arse, she moaned.
You can stick it up your arse.
"Yeah, and your arse in a vice".
‘It’s a good arse, for a man.
Patience, what a pain in the arse.
My God, it’s a pain in the arse.
Not with an arse like that to.
I think Jane’s covering her arse.
‘Get your arse back here now Henk.
THE VIRAGO: Signs on you, hairy arse.
My arse is nice? she enquired.
James, you are a pain in the arse.
She did have a very large arse indeed.
Religious types were a pain in the arse.
Your arse is mine, Ragnar told her.
THE NAMELESS ONE: (Snarls) Arse over tip.
Abermôr’s in the arse end of nowhere.
„A pain in the arse perhaps,' said she.
And the beef as salt as Lot's wife's arse.

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