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Athletics in a sentence | athletics example sentences

  1. In accordance with the state athletics.
  2. It was the day of the athletics carnival.
  3. For that matter: what is Athletics anyways.
  4. Stu: I was there at the athletics carnival.
  5. Athletics has become the exclusive arena of show-offs.

  6. But what did one wear to a High School Athletics afternoon?
  7. So it is in all forms of art, in athletics, in politics, in everything.
  8. Luckily, only rugby and athletics results were ever announced at assembly.
  9. Why should Sports and Athletics be excused from any kind of change? But….
  10. Wasn’t your 2005 gift to OSU athletics the single largest in NCAA history?
  11. Old age slows our body so that the mind is engaged in spiritual-mental athletics.
  12. Always better at athletics than he was and the ladies seemed to fal at their feet.
  13. Then the principles and idea of Athletics, and sports would change beyond recognition.
  14. I was never much good at athletics or mathematics, but even as a boy, I possessed unnatural patience.
  15. Mars is aggressive energy – courage, valor, athletics, self-sacrifice for a cause; male friends and lovers, dynamism.

  16. You were not meant to deal with complicated feelings of betrayal and hurt and guilt at your kids’ athletics carnivals.
  17. We have athletics and tennis, archery and self-defence—all those individual sports, but the results aren’t recorded.
  18. There is a children’s play area, basketball courts, a football pitch, tennis courts, an athletics track and a multi-use games area.
  19. As a kid I loved tennis, athletics and swimming, read a lot, drew pictures, fantasised about the family I should have been born into, and yearned for love.
  20. It is the most painful, heart-breaking event in athletics and there are no fall colors in spring to block the concentration, there is only the merciless black asphalt of the track.
  21. Sure is! beamed Nathan, and then his grin faded as presumably it crossed his mind that his firstborn daughter must have taken part in athletics carnivals when she was in primary school too.
  22. The games, Eunice had quickly come to realize, showed not only how important athletics were in the lives of disabled children but also that the Special Olympics was the way to promote the foundation’s vision.
  23. Now, do you remember that I have written to you that I was never one for fitness, athletics, sports or anything of the sort? After India, I stuck it out with Yoga because of how incredibly beneficial I found it.
  24. The very same man who had missed school plays and parent-teacher interviews and athletics carnivals and preparing a trembly little five-year-old for show-and-tell every Monday morning and projects on big sheets of cardboard and projects that needed to be submitted for the first time online with log-in instructions that didn’t make any sense and homework forgotten until late the night before and covering books with contact paper and exam nerves and the meeting with that lovely teacher with the crazy jewelry who said all those years ago that Abigail would probably always struggle with math so give her all the support she needs.

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