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Play in a sentence

Let me play.
How to play.
Way of play.
I did play.
Play it safe.
If you play.
We play our.

I dont play.
Play time is.
the Way of Play.
It's your play.
Play now, cry.
Why play with.
He would play.
Just play dumb.
Let him play.
to play the game.
No time to play.
I couldn't play.
play in the snow.
I wanted to play.
of the play chair.
music and play it.
His second play.
been able to play.
play at the plate.
Of Sangreal play.
want to play safe.
They’d play a.
doll to play with.
He is playing.
A man playing.
It was playing.
We were playing.
Playing with it.
She's playing you.
Keep them playing.
He was playing.
Alan kept playing.
Playing dumb again.
Playing with Clay.
Andy is playing Jim.
It’s playing god.
They were playing.
He was playing it.
She loved playing.
Louie playing the.
she was now playing.
I was just playing.
playing with it, etc.
He was only playing.
They wil be playing.
Sam finished playing.
the boys playing pool.
However, if playing.
Playing by His Rules.
The music was playing.
Playing By The Rules.
He played on.
He played a.
To be played.
He played pop.
I played more.
He played dumb.
No work played.
He had played.
He played with.
I played stupid.
He played to win.
You played great.
I played it dumb.
While it played.
We played a few.
The music played.
played the gamble.
Frankie played on.
She played wrong.
it while he played.
They played a big.
They played all day.
I just played dumb.
He played it again.
After Neva played.
played with my ring.
Played his best card.
He often played at.
as they played catch.
The fool he played,.
It plays an.
He just plays.
mass plays no part.
She plays the lyre.
What Plays to Avoid.
The soul plays fear.
He plays upon your.
In these plays the.
It plays as a filter.
The ego plays with us.
He plays on our team.
It plays with us here.
They're theater plays.
"Keta plays hockey?".
But she plays, surely.
plays the largest role.
He plays every evening.
These plays can happen.
It plays an important.
Philippe plays his hand.
The Devil plays tricks.
plays with the directors.
‘One that plays chess.
What plays tiddley bits.
Amos Plays with Action.
He carried me to plays,.
sort of plays are they?.
Pooh plays it with Piglet.
I mean, we have the plays.