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Sport in a sentence

A blood sport is a.
Sport, 1 Timothy 4: 8.
And he did it for sport.
One such sport was hockey.
I will have sport with you.
But this sport did not pall.
And I do not kill for sport.

Competitive sport is not play.
There were no sport hunters.
It was the sport of middle-age.
Money in sport kills the sport.
He was in love with this sport.
Have fun and enjoy the sport!.
The object of the sport is to.
Dan has always liked sport cars.
Sport is a deflection of hatred.
He couldn’t turn from the sport.
Batistuta spun on the sport and.
But it’s also a demanding sport.
The most egalitarian sport of all.
The truth is, Victor deemed sport.
Where’s the sport in that?
The sport grew in interest momently.
It was all in good sport and we had.
Who said golf isn’t a silly sport?
Let’s go to Coney Is-land, old sport.
It is an honorable sport and I do not.
You were a good sport to come today.
He was a pretty good sport about it all.
For 'tis the sport to have the engineer.
What sport is there in having a dog.
This is a very bloody and gruesome sport.
Lots of live sport on satellite, though.
Tony to the sport, and now Tony loved it.
What is modern sport based upon? Running.
And you were such a good sport about it.
Shouting is a national sport in America.
The sport is essentially a sport for men.
Thus are we all the sport of circumstance.
To no other sport, was he totally chaste.
A fat woman sporting a.
He’d hardly be sporting a tan.
Only Garcia was sporting wounds.
Sporting a chipped and broken tiara.
Sporting activities can be a passion.
A sporting chance, with their swords.
There was a radio playing a sporting event.
This was a gangster’s idea of a sporting.
The most avid admirers of the sporting crowd.
Local sporting goods stores are a good place to.
This has been a most sporting match Prince Upaya.
This was on that side street behind the Sporting Bar.
One of the portly men sporting a three-piece charcoal.
Well, at least it gives prisoners a sporting chance.
The F-83 was also sporting two big external drop tanks.
It sounded like a bunch of hooligans at a sporting event.
He stops at a door sporting Stephen’s name and opens it.
About his sporting life and merry-go-round search for love.
He stared at Frank, who was still sporting his stupid grin.
But the beast would certainly have a good sporting chance.
Terry searched his mind's incomplete catalogue of sporting.
By the early 1980s, even the AI Lab's machines were sporting.
Look, that sporting event was rather intense, Garcia said.
Sporting bruises and cuts to their heads and hands, and with the.
And he was sporting the widest, most earnest grin I have ever seen.
Flat-screen televisions showed the track and other sporting events.
Might have been a sporting event the way the commentators treated it.
He felt he had nothing to lose and agreed to give it al a sporting.
Father and son halted near the fountain where two swans were sporting.
At Belle Watling’s sporting house, said Rhett, looking abashed.
Damon had chosen a sporting decor with monster and comedy movie accents.
He would pay me large sums of money to participate in a sporting event.
Proudly sporting the lapis necklace and ring, she greeted Renald warmly.
She knew she was now sporting a deep blush, and wasn’t sure what to say.
Clayton left Olivia sleeping peacefully and sporting a fresh, white cast.
For them, going to the match was at once a social and a sporting occasion.
Sometimes my children were involved in sporting events I couldn’t attend.
Golden Frog was sporting a frog-like head but had a scrawny lion-cub body.
We spent the day shooting sporting clays and seemed to hit it off real well.
He was sporting leather pants, a leather vest, and had no shirt underneath.
This rolling man cage also sported lit-.
He wore glasses, sported a crew cut and.
He also sported a scraggly beard and had.
It now sported the name, Adrian’s Element.
He also sported a long scar on his left cheek.
Her father sported a pair of brown dress shoes.
He sported the standard goatee and his head was.
He sported a tear drop tattoo under his left eye.
Each plane also sported a personalized logo by now.
This one sported an embroidered flower on her shirt.
He was a burly, ape-man who sported a droopy 'tache.
He sported a fresh grin, perhaps one that he needed.
Both sported full body suits of armour, Meo's staunch.
Tops of many of the houses sported roofs made from tiles.
He sported an Errol Flynn moustache, a well-barbered head.
The front sported two huge iron wheels with spikes sticking up.
On the other hand, the Saxons sported plenty of tattoos themselves.
Each conveyance sported a single torch at the bow with one on each.
Through it all, Maldynado sported a grin he would probably wear to bed.
They had hair on their heads and some men sported beards and mustaches.
She took a couple of big whiffs and sported an appalled look on her face.
Levin proudly put on an FBI vest whilst Jinks sported a DEA vest as they.
The blond was a bit taller than her chunky crippled friend and sported a.
It sported thick velvet curtains and large framed paintings on the walls.
The man in charge wore a full set of fatigues and even sported a red beret.
Her beautiful translucent globe sported a blue glowing heart in the centre.
The ordinary people I saw in his country rarely sported this type of beard.
It now sported the name, Adrian's Element, but that’s not where we stopped.
What more could you ask for? This one also sported a luggage rack on top, and.
In addition to a friendly atmosphere, the hotel sported a particularly friendly.
Dugout canoes that serve as taxis between the islands, sported colorful canopies.
He sported the rank of a raw recruit, and he had a swollen and likely broken nose.
His slack face sported a grin as the psyched up man dug in for this last half mile.
There we stayed in a youth hostel that sported a large flock of small green parrots.
The big head sported a mass of glossy black hair, tied at the back by a leather band.
Sure, with the 14 handicap that Alan sported, David Clark could see why he'd want to.
Except in one case the Saxons were not bearded but mostly sported luxuriant mustaches.
Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters.
Marlene sported a zigzag part in her hair, tucking the lifeless strands behind her ears.
He sported a red bow tie on a white shirt and a blue stovepipe hat with white stars on it.
But if it is sports.
They have a sports shop.
College sports today I see.
There is no love in sports.
Zubin, he owns Wilson sports.
He played sports; I studied.
In sports, the only thing.
I looked at the red sports car.
The sports model is of course.
One chap bought six sports cars.
Mythos', trucks and sports cars.
Sports teaches hatred by hitting.
My overactive sports and campus.
She was involved in sports and.
He sports wings and horns and a.
Just leave me the sports section.
No one was inside the sports car.
A Wi game around sports such as.
Who would buy sports stuff after.
It was in French and about sports.
Sports equipment is made for them.
Other sports got the cold shoulder.
He was lousy at high school sports.
National sports associations and Mr.
Center it just above my sports bra.
Learning about diseases and sports.
He saw other sports as such a waste.
There is no play in sports anymore.
He was the icon of all sports icons.
Sports, politics, business or even.
And in sports, eight members of the.
Don’t let them play sports at all.
The sports page collapsed immediately.
Sports are based upon imaginary lines.
Kurt rented a sports car the next day.
If you like sports, read about sports.
I sighed, hating sports with a passion.
He traded in a sports car for an SUV.
Build new highways and sports stadiums.
Their talent is competition and sports.

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