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Attainment in a sentence | attainment example sentences

  1. That is the great attainment.
  2. But after the attainment of.
  3. This is the way of attainment.
  4. It is this attainment which the.
  5. So the man endowed with attainment is.

  6. This attainment is assured if yagya is.
  7. The only way to final attainment according.
  8. That basically means that life?s attainment.
  9. The fourth step is the attainment of Devotion.
  10. Isitvam is the attainment of all divine powers.
  11. Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual levels.
  12. Attainment of Level 5 awareness is relatively rare.
  13. But after attainment they act with the welfare of.
  14. The fourth period marks the attainment of full growth.
  15. No need to look further afield for a higher attainment.

  16. Who have accomplished the supreme attainment of Buddha.
  18. The sage’s way of life after attainment is his nature.
  19. The profit of this attainment is portrayed in the next.
  20. It is not that this attainment comes after physical death.
  21. The Forms of Buddhas: In Buddhism there are three attainment.
  22. It cannot be achieved -- indeed, its attainment is severely.
  23. A very high attainment of reason alone explains this conundrum.
  24. Tantra, and an uncommon attainment is one that is gained only.
  25. Q: Buddha too has said that for the attainment of nirvana one.

  26. And the auspicious fruit of all these is the attainment of God.
  27. Attainment of sanctity elevates, but the mind conjures up one.
  28. But after spiritual attainment there is neither teacher nor pu-.
  29. In incorrect usage, it could also mean attainment or achievement.
  30. But this is not the attainment of the perfection of the sitting.
  31. Brahmin worshippers are nearer to attainment than the Vaishya and.
  32. Here Krishn refers to an attainment, namely amrit, literally the.
  33. Similar to this is the motion of the breath of a sage of attainment.
  34. He is a man of attainment whose sins have been dispelled by his vis-.
  35. Such is the state after attainment in which the worshipper lives for.
  36. This stage is the highest possible attainment of human consciousness.
  37. On the state in which the final attainment is made, Krishn has this to.
  38. This was another thing he liked: proximity to the glamour of attainment.
  39. That the coming about of this attainment may take a number of births is.
  40. Only action that is entered upon for the attainment of God is real; and.
  41. The way that Krishn has revealed for the attainment of the ultimate es-.
  42. Here is a strange phenomenon regarding the attainment of objectives: When.
  43. The lives of the saints are very helpful for the attainment of this purpose.
  44. If you lack for physical health, you will find that the attainment of it is.
  45. To the attainment of this higher knowledge the second education is directed.
  46. And this triumphant faith was a living experience of actual spirit attainment.
  47. It is therefore obvious that while there is a certain attainment required for.
  48. So desires continue to arise until the moment of attainment, and the worship-.
  49. Regular meditation will pave a long way in the attainment of the balanced state.
  50. This is the only permanent attainment, which is never destroyed and which is an.
  51. So this is the way to attainment of salvation and final beatitude (brahmavastha).
  52. Experiencers generally have a newfound respect for the attainment of knowledge and.
  53. Bodies are needed for the initiation but the attainment comes with bodies becoming.
  54. One of humanity’s most longed for goals has always been the attainment of power.
  55. Always remember that God-realization is not the attainment but it is pure revelation.
  56. On attainment of 16 years the Junior grade will be accepted as a Senior grade but as.
  57. Here surrender itself is an attainment not a means to any further superior attainment.
  58. First I will simply show that the attainment of my object is a mathematical certainty.
  59. The presidents Council of Economic Advisers estimates that full attainment costs of the.
  60. In the absence of such a direction the worshipper will be deprived of the attainment of God.
  61. The ideal of all social attainment can be realized only in the coming of this divine kingdom.
  62. The conception of its attainment is incompatible with the conception of the movement of life.
  63. Just to the attainment of a state of Bodhisattvas all existing spiritual practices are devoted.
  64. Otherwise the attainment of territorial aims and their long-term retention is a sheer impossibility.
  65. Attainment of happiness is not possible without freeing our consciousness from all sense of duality.
  66. This is, a state constituting the attainment of what is Eternal, the Self, Bliss, and the Pure.
  67. Later on, when the planets shift, you can take the outer steps necessary for that goal’s attainment.
  68. This very circumstance renders the attainment of our object more difficult, and makes our case hopeless.
  69. It is of all ages, climes and nationalities and the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge.
  70. The objects are first pointed out clearly and plainly, and then the powers necessary to their attainment.
  71. Your procedure was not based on love, and your goal of attainment was not the will of the Father in heaven.
  72. Verification was carried out to confirm that the task completion will result in the project goals attainment.
  73. Through attainment of Concentration we become able to focus our life energy upon single aim of God-realization.
  74. There is always a possibility that such food and drinks will lead the seeker astray from the way of attainment.
  75. As in all other things our ability to recognize it and use it properly is the necessary condition for attainment.
  76. That is, not a sense-based happiness but an enduring transcendental happiness of the highest spiritual attainment.
  77. You educational attainment is also a very important piece of information that you want to include in your resume.
  78. There never was or could have been such an aim, for it would have been senseless and its attainment quite impossible.
  79. Do not let your achievement as a temporal builder outrun your attainment as a spiritual son of the kingdom of heaven.
  80. That is, ((let the full aim behind your invitation be the attainment of the Satisfaction of your Creator and Provider.
  81. This step begins with our effort to become conscious of our action and culminates in the attainment of Concentration.
  82. The attainment of perfection of spiritual self-restraint equals completeness of universe freedom and personal liberty.
  83. For a man with political or social ambition, the attainment of the highest office, that of consul, was the ultimate goal.
  84. There has often been some one thing they wanted to attain, and yet there has always been some barrier to prevent attainment.
  85. Because, the disappearance of the receiver itself prepares the stage for the emergence of the promised spiritual attainment.
  86. So great then being the goodness of which we are partakers let us not grudge one another the attainment of so great blessings.
  87. So it can be understood that the ability to focus one's attention on a task is crucial for the attainment of one's objectives.
  88. To dream that you are climbing a tree signifies achievement of your career goals and attainment of higher positions in life.
  89. However, the Buddha, a human being, became the All-Enlightened One, and the purpose of life is the attainment of Enlightenment.
  90. A Christian cannot help being free, because in the pursuit and attainment of his object no one can either hinder or retard him.
  91. Moral choice and spiritual attainment, the ability to know God and the urge to be like him, are the characteristics of the soul.
  92. So he has to be on his guard against the feeling of compassion until the moment of final attainment, although at the same time.
  93. Somehow, old Avonlea days and dreams and friendships seemed very close to her in this attainment of her long-cherished ambitions.
  94. A sovereign power, as to any object, includes a right to any means, and all the means applicable to the attainment of the object.
  95. Religion reaches out for undiscovered ideals, unexplored realities, superhuman values, divine wisdom, and true spirit attainment.
  96. I understood, in my exalted disillusionment, that if I wanted to get my desires, I should try to get the means for its attainment.
  97. Man lives consciously for himself, but is an unconscious instrument in the attainment of the historic, universal, aims of humanity.
  98. It appeared to him that Great Britain considered no means dishonorable provided they would accomplish the attainment of her object.
  99. But the favorite doctrine is, that all powers are given for particular ends, and include all the means applicable to their attainment.
  100. Human society is confronted with two problems: attainment of the maturity of the individual and attainment of the maturity of the race.

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