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Achievement in a sentence

1. P Singh for his achievement.
2. This was no mean achievement.
3. That was quite an achievement.
4. This is the achievement of yog.
5. It is not a mental achievement.
6. This is a HUGE achievement and.
7. That is the supreme achievement.

8. It’s not an achievement, not.
9. The Greatest Achievement in Life.
10. Matthiessen: The Achievement of T.
11. Developing the need for achievement.
12. This achievement too is a gift from.
13. There will be meaningful achievement.
14. You may have some proof of achievement.
15. But wisdom is not a casual achievement.
16. Use achievement to build self-concept.
17. Housed inside STS, Hands on Achievement.
18. Achievement of target is crucial in life.
19. Ambition is the root of all achievement.
20. Every The Greatest Achievement in Life.
21. The chimney was our crowning achievement.
22. This is the greatest achievement in life.
23. That heroic achievement convulsed England.
24. The Psychology of Achievement, Brian Tracy.
25. Future achievement of this means warps of.
26. It may also refer to a special achievement.
27. Wealth is usually the fruit of achievement.
28. He attributed her achievement to intuition.
29. Everybody thought it was a great achievement.
30. Quite the achievement for a group of twenty.
31. Having kids is their big achievement in life.
32. It is the greatest achievement of great lives.
34. That is the greatest achievement in this life.
35. Getting a book published is a real achievement.
36. Please remember that the achievement of these.
37. He needed a dramatic foreign policy achievement.
38. Your achievement far transcends any race or creed.
39. What has been your greatest achievement to date?
40. Achievement is one's greatest satisfaction in life.
41. You have my complete respect for such achievement.
42. My house of achievement will not be built on sand.
43. By awakening in the greatest achievement of this.
44. The Mental Demand is the potent force in achievement.
45. Now that’s the kind of achievement even astronauts.
46. It is the crowning achievement of gnome architecture.
47. Nixon was not shielded by the diplomatic achievement.
48. Should they be based on a cumulative achievement or.
49. Morel cared about; it was himself and his achievement.
50. Again it will be an occasional achievement, and will.
51. No achievement in the world is higher than martyrdom.
52. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a.
53. I hope that after this momentous achievement of writing.
54. My mother considered that love her greatest achievement.
55. It is the mental resolve that makes achievement possible.
56. President, you have proved to be our greatest achievement.
57. Q: It is not a matter of achievement, but of understanding.
58. The greatest achievement in life is an ongoing production.
59. Jabran to overwhelm with joy over just a small achievement.
60. The greatest achievement in life is when those experiences.
61. Technology is the one achievement that can save civilization.
62. Stratos, the human face is the ultimate achievement of nature.
63. That’s one hell of an achievement, under the circumstances.
64. Every achievement Michael produced, Jonathon tried to better.
65. You will look back on a lifetime of achievement whilst others.
66. That’s quite an achievement and one many writers would envy.
67. All his life he had had an absolute obsession with achievement.
68. Man in his outer life or his outer achievement is very limited.
69. Tony is at the very top of all the achievement tests in school.
70. This is far from abolished, but it is still a great achievement.
71. Failures in the achievement of desired goals is not end of life.
72. Yet, our culture is one of individual achievement and possession.
73. In incorrect usage, it could also mean attainment or achievement.
74. Achievement, in this manner, is not solely the product of Chance.
75. Steve was first of the group to emulate Zeke’s bold achievement.
76. Th e main methods used for the purpose of such states achievement.
77. Man had equaled his greatest achievement with far fewer resources.
78. The moment of achievement in the course of augmenting the divine.
79. The achievement of something desirable is a very pleasurable thing.
80. I made of myself, the better would be my satisfaction, achievement.
81. This is renunciation-(sanyas); and this is also achievement of yog.
82. You would apparently view that as an achievement, noted Shamir.
83. Stage payments are normally aligned to the achievement of objectives.
84. He felt a sense of achievement and pride knowing he had finally won.
85. Arjun in the mode of that ultimate achievement which is the crowning.
86. Stressing the same, Krishn now says that the achievement of renunci-.
87. The bar-Seth was our ancestor’s greatest technological achievement.
88. After a lifetime of achievement he wrongly ordered a census of Israel.
89. Achievement of neither perception — nor non-perception state.
90. Success and achievement becomes a habit and second nature for them.
91. That it would be India’s biggest achievement since the discovery.
92. I sat in the car looking at my comment: what a splendid achievement!.
93. An earnout aligns the purchase price with the achievement of specified.
94. Lacking in true achievement, they only swagger emptily as if they were.
95. Locke never had been so close to such a great technological achievement.
96. This is the only way we can then devote ourselves to the achievement of.
97. Bezos, Jeffrey, Interview by The Academy of Achievement,.
98. There can be no progress, no achievement without sacrifice,.

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