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Authorise in a sentence

and authorise his flight.
I did not authorise you to use it! he snapped.
over to authorise a sale to a young lady and as soon as the young.
the mast went over, so I have to authorise new ones to be made in the Foundry.
I shall personally arrange for all deposits to be made, and authorise any payments from the account.
In the meantime, I’ll phone the Governor, and ask him to authorise Vaughan to co-operate with us, said Weaver.
One of the young man’s employees called him over to authorise a sale to a young lady and as soon as the young man saw her he knew that she was the one that he would marry.

Coolidge shrugged his shoulders and said, There is nothing I can do gentlemen, I have to have concurring signatures before I can authorise any withdrawals from the account.
Thran informed Pon that the kidnapper’s agent would arrive at his house later that day, so all investigations would have to be carried out from Thailand, which Thran would hurry to authorise.
Was Stalin just a bloodthirsty tyrant or was he the direct product of the Russian Revolution? Did President Truman need to authorise dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? Was Indian independence rushed through too quickly? These are important issues, often with major consequences, and historians can get surprisingly heated when debating them.

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authorise authorize empower clear pass