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Empower in a sentence

To empower yourself.
Faith will empower you.
The Spirit would empower.
They created Empower Network.
empowered and then to empower the.
Could it be to empower our youth?.
an organization that works to empower.

that will empower them to turn from sin.
their hopes, empower them and love them.
empower others with goodness and wisdom.
is able to empower us and move us forward.
‘We must empower our grass-roots workers.
give children the tools to empower them to.
that will empower you to realize your dreams.
Make the sheep afraid and they will empower.
empower, by having conversations with others about.
need is the Spirit of love to fill us and empower us.
For Full Terms and Conditions: Empower Network T&Cs.
This will further enrich and empower a Gemini’s mind.
interesting people have interests that empower them and.
We don’t trust God that He will help us and empower us.
We have rules in our lives that can empower or disempower.
Appropriating the reality of the organisation will empower.
It is love that will empower us to fulfill all of God’s.
blessing of His Spirit, to fill us and empower us abundantly.
thought that such an event would empower them in a way that.
deliberate creative process that will EMPOWER you move.
Jesus was empowering them.
Educating and empowering self.
Answers to Empowering Questions.
The Mind as an Empowering Agent.
empowering to themselves and you.
Answers to Empowering Questions:.
We are empowered with.
become wealthy and empowered.
empowered by ‘we the people.
It has empowered us as women.
empowered and then to empower the.
In essence they are empowered to.
you to feel empowered in the present.
empowered the wisest of the citizens.
The Assyrians, empowered by the Lord,.
But a committee was empowered to assign a.
Live an empowered life above the fold.
Jacob Zuma will be empowered in the future.
initial rush of anger had empowered him in a.
Choose now to become empowered and create the.
I have really never felt more empowered, though.
Empowerment that will yield a new Empowered you.
you will be inspired and empowered to create the.
ened to their most empowered and authentic selves.
They’ve never been empowered by the Holy Spirit.
will support that belief, and you will be empowered.
62 I was feeling incredibly empowered at this time .
are empowered to do more or behave in a better, a more.
are empowered to live virtuous lives – they not only.
He said, What my Lord has empowered me with is better.
present within the redeemed and empowered body of Christ.
I felt empowered and eight years old at the same time.
This empowers me.
My fear empowers them.
This process empowers.
It empowers his C positivity.
This is how the mind empowers.
as refreshes, comforts and empowers.
empowers us, everything is possible.
She empowers women and the oppressed.
Then the Holy Spirit empowers us to live in.
specific application of knowledge that empowers.
In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you.
Then rewrite the script in a way that empowers you.
He energises, takes over and empowers all our praying.
3The Anointing ‘In’ - Empowers Praying in a Tongue.
In other words it empowers you to fulfil your potential.
A positive liberty empowers through enablement and access.
I tell my story because it empowers me, and because other.
Faith empowers the believer to mock the devil, death, evil.
The Holy Spirit empowers us, to bring the message of salvation.
He/she empowers them to reach their most fulfilling results in.
that empowers others to change their lives and to reach.
· Regret empowers the other three remedies, and is most important.
how money is a powerful force that EMPOWERS you to create.
He guides into the truth, sanctifies its agents, and empowers for witnessing.
They love this! This empowers them! If they want that trip to the roller 26.
This knowledge empowers you to reliably, and with absolute confidence, create.

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authorise authorize empower endow endue gift invest