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Avert in a sentence | avert example sentences

  1. I saw Rostam avert his gaze.
  2. There is nothing to avert it.
  3. I will firmly confront and avert it.
  4. His main functions are to avert the.
  5. Will was too shocked to avert his gaze.
  6. The management had decided to avert the.
  7. Ashat flipped, and move to his left to avert it.
  8. I also started to avert my gaze as Zem and Bev.
  9. Gary David died in his attempt to avert this catastrophe.
  10. How awful! she thought, but she couldn’t avert her eyes.
  11. All their efforts to avert these events had come to nought.
  12. Penn’s sudden request, glad to avert her need to respond.
  13. His eyes searched hers, which were trying to avert his soulful.
  14. Or it is predestined, in which case foreknowledge cannot avert it.
  15. These investments will help avert disaster and also bring with it.
  16. He tried to avert his eyes from her only to hear her laughed gently.
  17. But they discovered the danger in time, and made shift to avert it.
  18. I hope we shall avert the evil by banishing the cause of discontent.
  19. Like at the end of their last meeting, he refused to avert his eyes.
  20. Thus she reasoned, and made no effort to avert the fate which she dreaded.
  21. If I’d had a weapon with me I might have been able to avert this tragedy.
  22. In such a short moment, he understood that his sword had not managed to avert.
  23. We must act according to what is written, if we are to avert total Chaos victory.
  24. There was little use in trying to avert the moment he had dreaded for sixty years.
  25. He was tall, dark and very hot and he didn’t avert his gaze when she looked back.
  26. All she could do was avert her eyes in case anybody was watching and try not to look.
  27. So, reckoned Rau, the Western publishers had set up shop here to avert that eventuality.
  28. He couldn’t make it, unfortunately, said Brian, doing his best to avert his gaze.
  29. But our officer did not utter a single word, which made the sheikh blink and avert his eyes.
  30. He might avert it all if he would but tell me what he had done with the three missing stones.
  31. But fall it will within an hour or so—before I can move to avert it, said I to myself.
  32. She looked like the lamb who was now thoroughly assured of her fate, and helpless to avert it.
  33. It all thanks to Brother Cui that Big Brother and Third Sister can avert this disaster!.
  34. However, it seemed to him that sometimes it was needless to avert these conversations, because.
  35. I am going to need you and your men to help avert a crisis that is alarming in its consequences.
  36. The wisdom of our statesmen has been taxed to the utmost to avert calamities continually impending.
  37. Trying to avert suspicion, he told them that the injuries occurred when Rafael tried to fight off a mugger.
  38. Soon enough the other children and even the adults would avert their gaze and avoid her whenever possible.
  39. Her hope had been to avert the wrath of Heaven from a House that had long been hateful to the suffering many.
  40. Hmmm, where’s Angie with our lunch? Manda looked towards the crowded counter, trying to avert his eyes.
  41. According to the Mahabharat, in order to avert the calamity of her father-in-law Hiranyavarman’s, to whose.
  42. Whatever they may, be, I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend.
  43. For his life he could not avert that excess of emotion, mingled anguish and humiliation overcame him completely.
  44. For his life he could not avert that excess of emotion: mingled anguish and humiliation overcame him completely.
  45. Control of these shares by Leasco might be the lever that would avert active opposition by the Reliance management.
  46. We have to avert Lucifer’s attention from Heaven, and the only way we can do that is by meeting his army head on.
  47. The powder did not fire properly, but I succeeded in singeing myself sufficiently to avert all suspicion of my pranks.
  48. US1 could continue without Max and Carla on-board, at least something positive was happening that might avert global disaster.
  49. He pauses to see what effect the news will have on her, but Teekra displays no emotion, does not avert her eyes from his gaze.
  50. The extinct nations had worshiped the planets and they had made symbols for them in order to draw a benefit or avert an evil.
  51. He tilted his head back and Dal watched his neck pulse and bulge as he swallowed---she could not avert her eyes, she was possessed.
  52. Greatest God to come and help in time of need, and to avert the violence of the fierce aggressor, and when they filled the temple with.
  53. I felt the sense of danger and impending calamity, and I had the curious feeling, too, that I alone could avert it, alone could grapple with it.
  54. The theft of the money and other things troubled him little, for he argued that the theft had not been committed for gain but to avert suspicion.
  55. In this way he has aimed a blow at the vitals of her strength, which her tremendous naval power neither enables her to avert nor lessen its force.
  56. High volatility implies a large range, which implies that the larger option force will involve options shorts scrambling to avert a complete squeeze.
  57. So great a Being as an Immortal can surely do something to avert the dread sentence of endless torment, and something to deserve an everlasting crown.
  58. In this way, The Tax is a treaty that the State makes amongst its various classes to appease them all and avert social unrest, division, and upheaval.
  59. Samson couldn‘t help but notice his mother avert her gaze as the veterinarian was giving his demonstration—the scummy jar wasn‘t very appetizing.
  60. Their clear thinking and flexibility had helped avert several collisions between the ships maneuvering in the confines of the vicinity of the spaceport.
  61. Therefore my quarters might be let for six rubles to the Regimental Adjutant, without the stables; but I can always avert that from myself free of charge.
  62. Discovering that the young man was not really dead, he perceived the tragedy which his presence could avert; so, turning to the mother, he said: Weep not.
  63. If anyone could save me from this squalor, and restore to me my good name, and avert from me future poverty and want and misfortune, he is the man to do it.
  64. Luckily, the whole interchange had the effect of making the camera-watching guard avert his eyes and return his attention to the celebrity magazine on his tablet.
  65. Well, if veiling the fair sex is the cure for adultery, then it would have been still worth its cloth, if not for anything but to avert the exploitation of women.
  66. Villefort, becoming somewhat reassured, perceived that to avert the maternal storm gathering over his head, he must inspire Madame Danglars with the terror he felt.
  67. Among the Ani’ Yun’-wiya it was considered bad manners to stare at a person, but among the Mexica it was considered a weakness to avert your eyes from such a stare.
  68. I stood in the dark shadows of the confessional booth and watched an unsettling scene unfold before my eyes, wanting to avert my heart and soul from what was going to happen.
  69. And as much as Angela was trying to avoid gazing upon his shattered body, she had to look down at the bends and breaks in his torso and limbs, and she had to avert her eyes.
  70. He hated the Patriarch with all his heart, but he hated himself even more for failing to do everything in his power to avert this damnable catastrophe unfolding before his eyes.
  71. The idea of renewing my labours did not for one instant occur to me; the threat I had heard weighed on my thoughts, but I did not reflect that a voluntary act of mine could avert it.
  72. Owens, keep hailing the Gorn and offer them alternatives to violence, and broadcast it on all frequencies so that Star Fleet knows that we legitimately attempted to avert this crisis.
  73. After all, thus far they had made every effort to handle the Spalding murder (as it was now classified) with complete discretion, keeping a low profile in order to avert a media frenzy.
  74. Vera Lebedeff told all she knew, and by Lebedeff’s advice it was decided that all three should go to Petersburg as quickly as possible, in order to avert what might so easily happen.
  75. Fisheries Service agent assisted by the Coast Guard used a proper mix of diplomacy and threatened fire power to avert an international incident in contested lobster waters in October 1972.
  76. He hadn’t minded the extra duty, and was more than happy to accommodate the famous rock star and help him avert the press’s attention away from them, for he was no fan of the paparazzi.
  77. Obviously, to avert the threat the stronger plunams posed, the lesser kind would have tried to escape into the anonymity of the hinterland or plunged deeper down into the safety of the seas.
  78. Such is the spectacle of injuries and indignities which have been heaped on our country; and such the crisis which its unexampled forbearance and conciliatory efforts have not been able to avert.
  79. It was near: and as I had lifted no petition to Heaven to avert it—as I had neither joined my hands, nor bent my knees, nor moved my lips—it came: in full heavy swing the torrent poured over me.
  80. It was a delicate part which I had to play then, for I saw that a prosecution must be avoided to avert scandal, and I knew that so astute a villain would see that our hands were tied in the matter.
  81. Last week he hurled the local blacksmith over a parapet into a stream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I could gather together that I was able to avert another public exposure.
  82. I know there are gentlemen fully sensible of the evils about to befall their country, without any obstinate pride to conquer, who would rejoice at being convinced it is in their power to avert them.
  83. He told them they were free to explore as they wished, but he pointed out, they would be a point of curiosity for the people and the presence of his warriors would avert any undo fear of the strangers.
  84. Let us hope and pray for the best, but if the worst should happen and he is called upon to Ascend, there will be some satisfaction in knowing that you have done what you could to avert the dreadful calamity.
  85. The arrival of the Saumur banker for the purpose, it was said, of honorably liquidating the affairs of Grandet of Paris, was enough to avert the shame of protested notes from the memory of the defunct merchant.
  86. Where could she hope to catch up with them? It would be a humiliating affair enough for her; but she was not in the least thinking of herself, but only of Wallie, and some way by which she could avert his catastrophe.
  87. It was one thing to avert a scandal and another to reconcile to the oddity; while it brought to the fore our own liaison in the wake of our spouses’ demise, yet their offence offended even our blunted sense of righteousness.
  88. I have thought, and do think that preparatory and vigorous measures are best calculated to maintain the dignity and secure the peace and happiness of our country—that to be prepared to meet danger is the best way to avert it.
  89. I suppose, now, said Miss Ingram, curling her lip sarcastically, we shall have an abstract of the memoirs of all the governesses extant: in order to avert such a visitation, I again move the introduction of a new topic.
  90. The wisdom of the human mind is displayed in putting an end to them in private affairs, and in public that statesman only is great who can overcome and disperse them, who, though he cannot avert the bolt, can prevent the ruin it threatens.
  91. Rosamond had not foreseen that question and answer in setting out to pay her visit; she had simply meant to gather any information which would help her to avert the parting with her own house under circumstances thoroughly disagreeable to her.
  92. Even taking into account the material presented in this book and the strategies outlined for encouraging and supporting transitions between the levels of awareness the rate of global change seemed too ponderous and unreliable to ensue that we would avert a global crisis.
  93. Human sacrifices were offered to avert threatening calamities, and even as the troops invested the capital, two young slave girls had their throats quietly cut in the confines of the palace, their blood being poured out as a libation to the gods to act against the invading white man.
  94. You will be responsible if the enemy is able to direct a force of any size against Petersburg to threaten this capital in which it has not been possible to retain many troops; for with the army entrusted to you, and acting with resolution and energy, you have ample means to avert this fresh calamity.
  95. The owners, those who have much to lose if all is shared, realize that to avert crisis some marginal redistribution must be extended to a greater portion of the world's population to provide more stability between the elite Z-owners and the Double N class: all those who suffer from the economics of profit.
  96. At some point in Man’s early development an appeal was thought to have been made to this Presence (there have been many representations for this entity who we now call God),to arbitrate between equally demanding claims to leadership in order to avert the chaos inherent within a physically contested resolution.
  97. You know, after its tussle with the matador, if let out, the mauled beast becomes wiser to his ways with the green herring, should they find themselves in the ring again, they wouldn’t be fooled any longer, and so as to avert the threat these creatures pose to the matadors they are slaughtered after the spectacle is over.
  98. Under the operation of these motives, I had resolved to give a silent vote, until I felt myself bound, by the defying manner of the arguments advanced in support of the renewal, to obey the paramount duties I owe my country and its constitution; to make one effort, however feeble, to avert the passage of what appears to me a most unjustifiable law.
  99. Hunter presented the resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, instructing their Senators and Representatives in Congress, to use their endeavors to avert the evils of war, to put our maritime frontier in a state of defence, and for the repeal of the embargo and restrictive system; and the resolutions were read.
  100. Anselmo was listening to all this, and every word that Camilla uttered made him change his mind; but when he heard that it was resolved to kill Lothario his first impulse was to come out and show himself to avert such a disaster; but in his anxiety to see the issue of a resolution so bold and virtuous he restrained himself, intending to come forth in time to prevent the deed.
  1. Gould, once more averting her head.
  2. He hung his head, averting her eyes.
  3. He interrupted her by raising his hand, averting.
  4. We have the means of averting suspicion completely.
  5. Oh, I said while averting my gaze to the floor.
  6. Vinny turned his head towards the barn averting his.
  7. He gestured averting with his hand and laughed again.
  8. That was inappropriate, he said, averting his eyes.
  9. Vinny turned his head to the side averting his eyes and.
  10. Benjamin stood stiffly to the side, still averting his eyes from.
  11. At first the man shirked away in fear, averting his eyes and covering.
  12. SEALS had paid handsome dividends in averting a major terrorist attack on.
  13. Sorry, Scout, but you said to come in, Kristen said, averting her eyes.
  14. The Emperor just smiled, averting eye contact to look at small device in this hand.
  15. The procrastinator lost his grin almost instantly and stared away, averting his eyes.
  16. Oh, I see, the other mumbles, averting his eyes from those of his interlocutor, I don't.
  17. He took a step towards her, but she only backed the same and held up her hands averting before her.
  18. How do you feel? was all he could think to ask, averting his eyes after another quick glance.
  19. My father looks momentarily stricken and then recovers himself, averting his glistening eyes and nodding.
  20. He dived his hands into his pockets (without averting his eyes away) and pulled out a scrunched up charm.
  21. We’re odd creatures, so intent on averting loss that we’re willing to risk losing even more to do so.
  22. She drew away from the thrust of his face with its great moustache, averting her own face as much as possible.
  23. One of the actresses present that saw Nancy enter then turned her head away, clearly uneasy and averting her eyes.
  24. He knelt to collect her gowns from the floor, averting his gaze as he did, but he’d already noticed the scratches on her.
  25. Averting her nose, she flapped the reins smartly across the horse’s back and hurried him past and around the bend of the road.
  26. After an hour and a half, Dave opened the door, pointedly averting his face, and whispered something to Lyons, who left with him.
  27. He had not looked away, but watched her for any sign of her feelings, while she only glanced quickly, averting his now more confident stare.
  28. No rush, It's all been taken care of, said Mary, averting here eyes from Johnny's searching glances into the dark interior of the shack.
  29. Composing the limbs as decently as I could, and averting my eyes from the pathetic, innocent looking sex, I wrapped it- him in an old blanket.
  30. Both Shomron and Eshkol stared at her with shock and disbelief for a moment, then walked out without another word, averting their eyes from hers.
  31. Closing her eyes and averting her face from the burning flash that she knew would follow, she threw the jar onto the hay-strewn floor with great force.
  32. The physicians of the Carpathia were praised, as was Chief Steward Hughes, for work done in making the arrivals comfortable and averting serious illness.
  33. And that’s what’s probably cost Liz her life, said Quarles, averting his gaze from Colling and with a deep sigh, holding his forehead with both hands.
  34. When Scott told her--whilst averting his own eyes--that it was a bit too magnificent for his tastes, she smiled and explained that it was an anamorphic piece.
  35. Thus averting the threat of invasion and for the first time in history command of the air combined with strategic bombing decisively ended a military campaign.
  36. Did you get a picture? Dagan asked without averting his stare from the entrance of another large building where a uniformed man stood smoking a cigarette.
  37. Monygham, you are running a terrible risk, she whispered, averting from his face her eyes, full of tears, for a short glance at the door of her husband's room.
  38. Averting his face quickly Bloom bends to examine on the halltable the spaniel eyes of a running fox: then, his lifted head sniffing, follows Zoe into the musicroom.
  39. It was not something any one was supposed to ever witness in his life, and Hilderich had seen it happen in slow, aggravating detail, before finally averting his red sore eyes.
  40. He seemed determined to be answered; and Fanny, averting her face, said, with a firmer tone than usual, As far as I am concerned, sir, I would not have delayed his return for a day.
  41. But he stopped her with a friendly hand on her thigh and averting his eyes from the short skirt looked her straight in the eyes, grinned, and said ‘it’s all looking a bit tight isn’t it?
  42. I was compelled, at this period, to leave Corsica on an important expedition; I reflected for a long time, and with the hope of averting some impending misfortune, I resolved that Benedetto should accompany me.
  43. At six o'clock he had already been long dressed, and had spent some of his wretchedness in prayer, pleading his motives for averting the worst evil if in anything he had used falsity and spoken what was not true before God.
  44. The flogger set down his instrument of torture and bowed reverently as fast as it would seem prudent, and then stepped completely away from the chained form of Philo, standing still and averting his gaze from the direction of the Patriarch.
  45. As TBOS points out, the chances of averting a complete breakdown of out habitat and the ensuing extinction of the vast majority of life, including humanity, while the planet is burdened with the present urban population, is very small indeed, so small in fact as to be impracticable.
  46. It had been obvious, throughout Siri’s career, that the international business community had no thoughts of making any contribution towards averting the ensuing environmental disaster, brought about by global warming and the consequential climate changes that were building in momentum.
  47. He had written a chapter the day before in which the officials of the upper classes got it hot for preventing him, as he expressed it, from averting the ruin towards which the present rulers of Russia were driving it, which simply meant that they had prevented his getting a better salary.
  48. It would seem that, availing yourself of these circumstances, you might advantageously attack a weaker one and annihilate him, or at least oblige him to retreat, retaining in our hands an important part of the provinces now occupied by the enemy, and thereby averting danger from Túla and other towns in the interior.
  49. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within.
  50. Above all, we have the inestimable consolation of knowing that the war in which we are actually engaged, is a war neither of ambition nor of vain glory; that it is waged, not in violation of the rights of others, but in the maintenance of our own; that it was preceded by a patience without example, under wrongs accumulating without end: and that it was finally not declared until every hope of averting it was extinguished, by the transfer of the British sceptre into new hands clinging to former councils; and until declarations were reiterated to the last hour, through the British Envoy here, that the hostile edicts against our commercial rights and our maritime independence would not be revoked; nay, that they could not be revoked without violating the obligations of Great Britain to other powers, as well as to her own interests.
  51. Now Alexey Alexandrovitch intended to demand: First, that a new commission should be formed which should be empowered to investigate the condition of the native tribes on the spot; secondly, if it should appear that the condition of the native tribes actually was such as it appeared to be from the official documents in the hands of the committee, that another new scientific commission should be appointed to investigate the deplorable condition of the native tribes from the—(1) political, (2) administrative, (3) economic, (4) ethnographical, (5) material, and (6) religious points of view; thirdly, that evidence should be required from the rival department of the measures that had been taken during the last ten years by that department for averting the disastrous conditions in which the native tribes were now placed; and fourthly and finally, that that department explain why it had, as appeared from the evidence before the committee, from No.
  2. Alan kept his gaze averted.
  3. Quickly he averted his eyes.
  4. The barman averted his eyes.
  5. Clayton kept his gaze averted.
  6. He averted his gaze, and was.
  7. The door- man averted his eyes.
  8. I tried to keep my eyes averted.
  9. Ashamed, Norman averted his eyes.
  10. Then we again averted our gazes.
  11. She averted her eyes to her hands.
  12. He averted his one good eye every.
  13. Enilia greeted and averted her eyes.
  14. Now two of them averted their eyes.
  15. She looked away and averted her eyes.
  16. Averted from it is he who is averted.
  17. She averted her eyes as she answered:.
  18. She averted her eyes from the washstand.
  19. He gave me his hand with his eyes averted.
  20. Youll find that the crisis is averted.
  21. The crisis of March 2008 was averted when J.
  22. I averted my eyes and said, ‘Do what?’.
  23. Sam started, averted his eyes and shook his.
  24. Her face turned red and she averted her eyes.
  25. It could not, therefore, have averted the war.
  26. Fast thinking on my part averted any accidents.
  27. He smiled and averted kiss gaze to the ceiling.
  28. Linda hesitated a moment, then averted her eyes.
  29. They narrowly averted collisions several times.
  30. He kept his face averted as the cop kept talking.
  31. He averted his eyes and went away without remark.
  32. Nerissa kept her eyes averted as the oxcart passed.
  33. He wiped the tears away, keeping his face averted.
  34. As they approached, his secretary averted her gaze.
  35. She looked over at Steven, but her eyes averted his.
  36. She glanced at him, startled; his eyes were averted.
  37. The accountant averted his gaze and resumed his seat.
  38. With an effort he averted his eyes, but to no avail.
  39. I scowled and averted my eyes away in embarrassment.
  40. Mostly older men, with graying hair and averted eyes.
  41. Mitch averted his nose and breathed in shallow sniffs.
  42. Remembering the effect he had on me, I averted my eyes.
  43. Hadaen's eyes averted up to the sky, his jaws clenched.
  44. Then, the alpha wolf averted its face and lowered its.
  45. Gaze averted, sounding far too sober, he said, Ciere.
  46. Mouchard averted his gaze, his concentration broken for.
  47. The man with the cast on his foot and leg averted his eyes.
  48. Tarascus averted his gaze, lest Xaltotun read his thoughts.
  49. Disaster averted, I got out the bath and joined him in bed.
  50. Blushing a deep and fiery red, she hastily averted her gaze.
  51. But wait! Schmidt had averted disaster only for the moment;.
  52. Justine averted her eyes from quart jars of assorted eyeballs.
  53. Yahweh had come to their rescue, the crisis had been averted.
  54. He averted his eyes and tried to forget the horrible incident.
  55. And that I might have averted but for the madness of Denethor.
  56. Both men clumsily averted their eyes and tried to keep their.
  57. Studying her averted profile, he wondered what she was thinking.
  58. The old man averted his head, and muttered between his teeth—.
  59. His gaze quickly averted to hers, a grin forming across his lips.
  60. Vinicius smiled fondly and then averted his eyes to the briefcase.
  61. Shoulder Thomas averted his green-gold eyes: I too lost my mother.
  62. I averted my eyes, and saw that the other kids were doing the same.
  63. Earnshaw had his countenance completely averted from his companion.
  64. Though her eyes were averted she could still feel him watching her.
  65. Another crisis had been averted, and I went outside to do my chores.
  66. With disaster averted, the rest of the evening became a lot lighter.
  67. He averted his gaze and began hurriedly to cover the Anderson again.
  68. He bent to see her averted face, but she held up her hand, entreating.
  69. With her eyes averted, Ciere never sees the other man who grabs for her.
  70. They averted their eyes and sighed; time to carry on with their duties.
  71. Crisis averted, she wrapped an arm around me and laid her head on my arm.
  72. So she averted her face away, when Don too averted his face away smiling.
  73. It was beautiful, and eternal, and Jess averted his eyes at the sight of it.
  74. It felt that way, what’s going on? I asked and she averted her gaze.
  75. Even then the tragedy could have been averted if it had not been for a half.
  76. The great cat averted his eyes and a hushed silence descended upon the group.
  77. Taken aback I averted my gaze, she sighed I know it’s his birthday today.
  78. The younger man’s face turned red and he averted his eyes from the slave’s.
  79. Eric nodded with that heart-melting smile and then averted his gaze to his menu.
  80. But one could see by their faces and their averted eyes that they were ashamed.
  81. Before CNN suggested that, for New Orleans, the worst might have been averted.
  82. The fire fighters responded heroically and their efforts averted a near disaster.
  83. Halfshaft stared at the biker as if he were mad, but then hurriedly averted his.
  84. I averted my eyes just as the blonde girl’s were following my clone over to me.
  85. He averted his eyes quickly, while giving her a sign as if he hadn’t heard her.
  86. Heads of state averted their gaze and avoided the scrutiny of the world's cameras.
  87. Instead, I just stared at her as she averted her gaze and pretended to go to sleep.
  88. My impending embarrassment at the spoilage of my underclothes was averted when the.
  89. When the knowledge is there and plots are averted, not many citizens will complain.
  90. She soon caught a ride, but kept her eyes modestly averted as she climbed up on the.
  91. With disaster averted, I needed to go to bed, but I didn’t have the energy to move.
  92. She averted her face: he apparently put some question which she had no mind to answer.
  93. He rose to put it round her, and caught the reflection in the glass of her averted eyes.
  94. She kicked with her legs to be freed while she averted the sword from above with her own.
  95. He couldn’t just leave them to the same fate that he’d just narrowly averted himself.
  96. All the soldiers averted their eyes away, for the sight of the blade nearly blinded them.
  97. Clayton leaned across to hang up the telephone receiver and Ellie quickly averted her gaze.
  98. Cierra’s eyes quickly averted to the buzzer as it signaled that her doorbell was ringing.
  99. As she passed me, Polina gave me a momentary glance, and then as swiftly averted her eyes.
  100. An image of him in all his naked glory lingered in her mind as she averted Helda’s eyes.
  1. He averts his eyes.
  2. He averts his face.
  3. He cleverly averts a war.
  4. He averts his eyes and sighs.
  5. He blinks once and averts his eyes.
  6. Her blush deepens and she averts her eyes off to something terribly uninteresting over the back of the couch.

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