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    1. “You’re just trying to avoid me

    2. "And one of the hardest to avoid," Herndon said

    3. Instead, we turn on the TV to avoid being entirely alone

    4. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    5. Similarly for good health, we have to avoid harmful diet, drinks and consumption

    6. Avoid the use of irritants to the throat such as smoking, chewing tobacco/paan, etc

    7. Avoid talking when food/water is in the mouth

    8. Avoid standing for long periods

    9. No reason to avoid sitting in the sun with a morning cup to watch the snow melt

    10. This forces us to avoid certain hard, sticky and difficult to chew foods

    11. Avoid rubbing your eyes

    12. Avoid chemicals at all cost! Learning to grow without using chemicals is not as scary as it seems nor is it impossible

    13. Instead of saying avoid chemicals at all cost, I suggest not using any chemicals that can harm you and your environment

    14. · Avoid all canned and processed foods in favour of fresh or home-preserved foods

    15. Avoid using anything with Urea in it as it kills the soil

    16. ~ Avoid breakfasts containing large amounts of sugar as it give an initial energy boost, but leaves one feeling drowsy within a few hours

    17. observe in our lives, the more chances for us to avoid

    18. You need a cushioned shoe for comfort and to avoid injury when you’re exercising

    19. Even then, avoid using any poisons since they will kill other animals as well

    20. The Invisible Gardener says: “You can avoid many problems associated with high nitrogen use imply by understanding the organic system of providing nitrogen as the plant needs it

    21. · Avoid using folding tables and chairs that can be tripped over

    22. Avoid doing any thing that causes imbalance

    23. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers

    24. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    25. Avoid arousing activities before bedtime like working, paying bills, engaging in competitive games or family problem solving

    26. If you are unable to avoid tension and stress, it may be helpful to learn relaxation therapy from a trained professional

    27. Finally, avoid exposure to bright before bedtime because it signals the neurons that help control the sleep-wake cycle that it is time to awaken, not to sleep

    28. Nobody can avoid all stress without completely dropping out of society and becoming a monk

    29. "What are they going to do with the disease they're carrying?" she asked, glad to avoid a discussion of how 'ex' they were

    30. He to avoid the horror he thought she was, she to have time alone to search the house

    31. Avoid foods with chemicals as additives

    32. Children, elderly and pregnant women should avoid completely

    33. It nevertheless has to be used with caution and you must avoid breathing

    34. It is a great this means is that cockroaches will detect pesticides and natural product to use for the laundry but this product avoid the area

    35. Also avoid breathing or getting on cuts

    36. By self-examples at home and outside we can avoid wastage in all these areas

    37. Avoid dusting rugs, etc

    38. Always avoid plantings that are closer than 2 feet from the house

    39. Avoid storing your fire wood or wood scraps next to the house as this could support termites and allow them entrance into the house

    40. Avoid plant boxes attached to the house unless it’s off the ground

    41. Control the watering to avoid constantly wet wood

    42. One should avoid new funds and restrict your selection to those funds that have been around for at least three or more years

    43. Ensure that they are not beneficiaries or minors to avoid complications in the future

    44. Specifically mentioning his name and the reason for eliminating him will avoid any future problems

    45. Avoid urea base fertilizers

    46. To avoid the dust, rock dust can be made into a milk like liquid and sprayed on the leaves

    47. Avoid fish emulsion that has urea in it

    48. Avoid wearing slippers and athletic shoes with deep treads

    49. Avoid tobacco that has additives, and other chemicals

    50. Avoid watering the trunks

    1. Not a poison; all poisons should be avoided at all costs! Can also prevent dogs and cats from coming near your property

    2. He didn't answer, but avoided her by going inside and using the head, doing his teeth, shaving, and crawling forward into the bedroom to load some fuel bags out of there and into the space that was free'd up on the kitchen floor during Dawnsleep

    3. Chemical fertilizers kill off the beneficial soil bacteria, as well as killing off earthworms and therefore should not be used, should be avoided at all cost! In this environment, the lawn and its bio-system will be operating under stress

    4. “Disease can be avoided by proper fertilization and proper watering techniques”

    5. If this is avoided the benefits would out-way the problem areas

    6. The carpet seems to have avoided the depredations of the last occupant of the rooms … unlike the bedroom carpet which is stained beyond belief

    7. I avoided giving her a definitive answer, so she asked me to phone her before deciding

    8. During the first two days my friend seemed to be so displeased with my presence that she even avoided talking to me – not that she has ever been communicative

    9. What, then, are these unnatural foods to be avoided? These are the refined, processed, tinned and packaged foods, the worst offenders being white sugar, white flour, white rice and any other food from which the vitality has been refined out

    10. Pickles, preserves, sweets and over-salted foods should be avoided, as should anything containing artificial ingredients

    11. He carefully avoided the half finished cartons of Chow Mein

    12. I looked down at my guilty boots and avoided his eyes, trying to think of some way to tell him

    13. From the takings her husband was able to recompense his mate for the ruined cards, put enough cash in his pocket for a good night in the pub and leave Cyberia with enough housekeeping to keep them going for nearly a whole week, providing, of course, that she shopped frugally and avoided anything expensive like fresh bread and real butter

    14. awkward situations like what occur on blind dates can be avoided

    15. avoided, that is, as individuals, we would gather a perspective that we did not originally hold due to the listening of another's point of view

    16. The realization of this finally sunk-in and he released his blame of the little seer; but he still avoided any contact with him because his presence brought back too many memories of Serena

    17. The railway official avoided controversy

    18. carefully avoided the half finished cartons of Chow Mein

    19. She avoided more heaves and struggled to get up off the soldier she’d landed on, who also struggled to help her up by the chest

    20. There's a diary entry which suggests that she feels any decent man would be disgusted with her, which is why she avoided any intimate relationship with anyone, although she appears to have had several opportunities, which, of course, must have complicated things horribly for her

    21. livestock in this area is avoided, since it tends to attract the dragons

    22. So whether it was from new-born genuine respect, or 'the Tiger behind the Fox,' villagers who once avoided Belle's eyes when she strolled the boardwalks on her errands for 'Home and Lodge,' now greeted her and the girls genially, warmly even respectfully

    23. He avoided looking at Bethai for a few seconds

    24. Hawthorne avoided at

    25. 'What did he tell you?' His questioner avoided a direct

    26. I’ve always avoided it by having some crackers in my pocket, but that is only a temporary solution…

    27. 'Like I said, Templars who avoided arrest

    28. Suddenly as if she’d touched him, he looked up at her and said “Sorry, that beast has avoided my hook for thirty years

    29. ‘I’m afraid it can’t be avoided

    30. But like his former mentor, Roman avoided the attack

    31. Because of the silence, they assumed everyone beyond the city avoided Lock Core because it was under siege, or they were already dead and infected

    32. He avoided the worst of the heat by keeping

    33. The same most respectable and well-informed authors acquaint us, that when any person undertakes to work a new mine in Peru, he is universally looked upon as a man destined to bankruptcy and ruin, and is upon that account shunned and avoided by every body

    34. And bands of any size were best avoided

    35. avoided capture for the moment, but the road would be

    36. I avoided the answer then,

    37. If only he had come to her before – willingly, this might all have been avoided

    38. The Mage reached out to him, but this time, the elf gracefully avoided his hands

    39. future war between those two states could be avoided

    40. I avoided the path where Palak stood, still waiting

    41. If it was at all possible, Brontes would have avoided this confrontation

    42. direct train to Chennai chould be avoided

    43. This Turned out to be the perfect move… yet it was something to be Avoided at all expense!

    44. Much misery could have been avoided had I summoned the courage to be ruthless

    45. Ash deliberately avoided me and his easy acceptance of mine and Liam’s growing relationship bothered me

    46. This was Death; the one thing that all living beings avoided and feared

    47. He stole secret glances in her direction during the meal, but she avoided any eye contact

    48. He avoided looking at the woman directly

    49. They’d wrestled many times as children, but now he avoided the slightest touch

    50. He avoided her gaze and she knew

    1. I watch him as he crosses the room; avoiding meeting my eyes, he plants a kiss on my cheek

    2. There’s no avoiding it, I am going to have to leave this house and move back to Bridgwater

    3. It is impossible to receive the healing from God, while avoiding His

    4. ‘Why should you think that anything is bothering me?’ I asked, avoiding the question

    5. Instead he had to go completely on his own, keeping no council and avoiding attention whenever possible

    6. Avoiding what it is that really makes our heart sing

    7. ‘How long are you going to be around here?’ he asked, avoiding her question

    8. " He thought she was deliberately avoiding the subject

    9. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry

    10. I looked down at my sandals, avoiding confrontation even though they were taking advantage of their number and her sex

    11. He mumbled something about avoiding a follow-on, which

    12. in terms of avoiding trapped emotions in the future

    13. ’ He said, taking the mug I hand him and avoiding my eyes

    14. her positive feelings, and avoiding connection with

    15. ’ He replied, avoiding my eyes

    16. We’ve not put our feelings into words as such, avoiding any mention of the ‘L’ word

    17. Agilely avoiding his embrace, she smiled her thanks and spun out of the room

    18. and avoiding main roads

    19. She trod along the path, avoiding as many puddles as she could, and arrived at the top of the cliff

    20. There is no way of avoiding the inevitable recriminations

    21. There – he’d thought it, the truth he’d been avoiding admitting to himself during those hours perched in the darkness

    22. We have difficulty dissuading ourselves from the habit of thinking we are 'one;' so to not acknowledge our presumed 'unity' by avoiding saying 'I' is tantamount to denying our existence

    23. Billy has to jink right as he approaches a hard right hand bend, narrowly avoiding the chevron signage in the hedgerow, and, oblivious to the state of the road behind him, he slams on the brakes, white lining, and slides to a halt

    24. Avoiding any mention of business or studies, Harry asked after Mr

    25. being too busy avoiding bouncing the car off the hedgerows to

    26. more important issue that he seemed to be avoiding

    27. It was like avoiding a dark cave in fear of a hibernating bear

    28. 'Of course not,' said the little clerk, avoiding his

    29. tapped his fingers together, avoiding the Cardinal’s gaze by

    30. "Do you think she was lost?" Emma went on, although he appeared to be avoiding the question, by looking around the room for something

    31. avoiding the use of Henri’s title

    32. him and avoiding the traffic which seemed curiously

    33. Never moving about freely, and always avoiding the prying eyes of the town’s people

    34. " He changed the subject, avoiding the crazy, topic

    35. In two minutes he had plotted a course to Port Hedland avoiding detection especially as most radar sites were not operational this time

    36. caravan was avoiding the oasis

    37. Avoiding the pitfalls of the prophetic

    38. Avoiding Deception Other ways to keep on the path

    39. Avoiding the pitfalls of the prophetic PROPHETIC PROTOCOL

    40. The secret to avoiding these ideas is to always be pursuing

    41. It would be an awkward angle getting in there and avoiding the masonry of the bridge

    42. keeping the boat on course and avoiding the more

    43. avoiding the subjectivism and preconceived ideas,

    44. while avoiding the more highly refined varieties

    45. “Leave all that, yaar,” I said, avoiding such remarks as a rule

    46. The next day, Ash was still avoiding me

    47. principle, but his major reason seemed to be avoiding trouble

    48. Even the staff started avoiding him because he ceased to greet them, lost in his own thoughts

    49. Avoiding procrastination means you don’t have to

    50. You have been avoiding the problem for too long

    1. studiously avoids eye contact, drums the fingers of one hand on his briefcase

    2. “I cannot plot a course that avoids detection by JORN

    3. The person commonly avoids thoughts of the event

    4. It is a form of Creationism and a contemporary adaptation of the traditional theological argument for the existence of God, but one, which deliberately avoids specifying the nature or identity of the designer

    5. It avoids convenient or simple solutions to complex questions or easy expressions for hard-nosed assumptions that require testing, at every level; prepared to accept in whatever manner, the pretentious challenges of misleading or presumptive propositions whose attainment is (sufficient) reward in itself

    6. Henry Wallace Avoids the Cold War

    7. from patients and also reduce the costs where the patient avoids paying

    8. ) because its implementation avoids additional cost to the people and agreed organizations

    9. In consequence, when ending with the state of possessions in the productive chain, the Project eliminates the serious problems of lack of capital of the organizations and it avoids scarcity or waste in the utilization of the resources

    10. The Project with its actuation form avoids that 80% of the resources get lost in the means (processes) and it guarantees that these resources are utilized fully in its ends (result)

    11. Our proposal gives to the Third Sector the chance of being the best altruistic competitor to the other sectors so that it accumulates immense financial capital in national and international level through to fundraising in the donation form with utilization of innovative methodology that avoids to spend the collected money, that is, paradoxically accomplishes all its process and it accumulates, without needing to spend it

    12. Finally, it lacks system that avoids

    13. c) High cost reduction of the social and economic activities with high gains and productivity because it avoids repassing the repetitive activities, the storage and the illicit purchases to the prices in the productive chain

    14. With this, it also avoids the multiplication of departments or secretariats in thousands of organizations

    15. With that, it avoids the mass production and it preserves the environment

    16. All its actuation occurs without using the deposited physical money that will stay under the guard of the Central Bank of the Country in that is juridically constituted, this avoids that there are deviations, robberies or fraudulent action

    17. With this it avoids the improper use of the offered income

    18. Also, the new systematics avoids improper use of the products, it inhibits fraudulent actions, robberies or sale of those products in the market; besides, it recognizes and it localizes those objects in any region of the planet

    19. With this, it avoids that somebody receives or make draft in money, it annuls the emission of checks or it impedes any legal right of drafts and it avoids patrimonial appropriation in judicial demand, including the governments, sponsors, introducers, authors and Teams of Coordination of the XUSING Project

    20. It causes the international involvement with immediate action, it solves global problems, it generates conditions for the payment of the foreign debt and it avoids the isolation of the countries

    21. It avoids economic retaliations or conflicts of interests among the country-members, as well as it puts an end to contraband, robbery, tax, import quota and wash of the money

    22. The national and world benefits will be incalculable, because they put an end to the socioeconomic conflicts and it avoids Planet Earth’s destruction, without damaging its organizations and the people

    23. in the international transactions, which it avoids

    24. avoids the people’s isolation and the loss of the

    25. a) Accomplishment of activity that avoids the

    26. It avoids the transfer of the money between the people or socioeconomic agents; it also avoids its conversion for any type of existent physical coin

    27. Also, it stops being convertible wealth in goods or products, as well as it avoids its possession as definitive property

    28. Also, the process avoids the existence of the inflation, deflation, financial speculation or storage

    29. This avoids the consumerism and the burning of resources through the fixed cost with the storage of machines, materials and products whose large majority generates wastes and it annihilates Planet Earth’s wealth

    30. Observe that the methodology puts an end to the anonymous circulation of the physical money, it eliminates the anonymous exchange of merchandises, and it avoids issue of securities or physical coins

    31. The unique task avoids the repetitions of cadastral registers, catalogs, documentations and thousands of other identical reproductions

    32. Therefore, the simple change in the organizational systematics occasions high reduction of the social cost, it also produces immense reduction in the cost of the organizations, besides benefiting all the people and mainly the environment because it avoids the immense burning of resources with mistaken current system that utilizes the consumerism to leverage the economy

    33. It belongs to the new Computational Monetary System and it avoids the loss of the wealth with burning of billion dollars for maintenance of the parity of the coin and its purchasing power

    34. He avoids my eyes

    35. While our intentions to help a person may be loving, we need wisdom to know whether our help will interfere with the results of their karma, and whereby the person then avoids resolving their personal issues

    36. Let a man avoid the dangers of evil even as a merchant carrying much wealth, but with a small escort, avoids the dangers of the road, or as a man who loves his life avoids the drinking of poison

    37. Is there in this world a man so noble that he ever avoids all blame, even as a noble horse avoids the touch of the whip?

    38. “Yes, it avoids almost all the impact of the jump

    39. Every so often, an insect lands on the water's surface—and if it is lucky, it avoids becoming lunch for one of the voracious little fish patrolling underneath

    40. After ten years he stopped his daily shot of whiskey; now he still loathes frequent fried foods and avoids long stays in the mountains, though he would love even to live on them

    41. Attributing causal negative outcomes to particular conditions, and then trivially noting that other conditions are not associated with those negative outcomes, avoids assigning any positive attribute to everyday

    42. That avoids a messy dispute with the IRS like the one that plagues the estate of publisher S

    43. The tourism industry also avoids mentioning the

    44. This dilutes the very objective of the debate, and the ‘liberal’ thus avoids the necessity of proposing positive ideas and discussion

    45. all the love that avoids my open arms

    46. and thus avoids use of any external battery or other voltage of the transistor T1 (0

    47. This setting avoids most of the whip saw effect and false signals that a fast indicator would give

    48. She avoids Connie for weeks until Brink calls a meeting in the parlor one Saturday morning

    49. The other agrees to come visit but subconsciously knows their friend is dying and so avoids actually visiting

    50. Female moths can tell when a flower has already been visited by another female moth! A female moth avoids already-visited flowers; an adaptive behavior that makes it more likely that her offspring won’t have to compete as much for food!

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    Synonyms for "avoid"

    avoid keep off avert debar deflect fend off forefend forfend head off obviate stave off ward off annul invalidate nullify quash void elude evade dodge escape escape from shun sidestep

    "avoid" definitions

    stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something

    prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening

    refrain from doing something

    refrain from certain foods or beverages

    declare invalid