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    1. Wall: If it stands in you way, it means obstacles and vain hopes; if you jump over it, success and victory await you

    2. Her death is recorded and her body is moved to the hospital mortuary to await the Coroner and police action to inform her parents

    3. We're staying and we will await the Plague

    4. The Mayor called on the police, who arrived soon after and carted the mob off to the cells to await the magistrate

    5. While the rest of the defenders were positioned along the city's outer wall, Nathalia had chosen to await the undead within the Archenon

    6. his father, before taking a nearby a bench to await the

    7. Our church is already planning another expedition, and that expedition will be staffed to begin conversions and equipped to let people see the real glories that await them here, in the better life of the Afterlife, in the Christial Church

    8. I faced Josephine to await the inevitable

    9. the beginning of one's torture), await those who committed

    10. As they came around the bend in the road leading up to the house they saw a small crowd gathered on the large verandah to await the arrival of the queen and her entourage

    11. But much more from you in that vein and I’ll be forced to have you gagged while you await transfer

    12. The courier did not even stand by to await a message DRAFTChapter 18 447

    13. He would await daybreak and the pending rain

    14. Here we go!” And the train starts off on its journey, and who knows what adventures await

    15. Raven was nervous as they led him through the door, afraid of what might await him

    16. He turned quickly, afraid of what new horror might await him

    17. A native, when ill and alone, will crawl into any nook, cover up his face and await death till he recovers or really does die

    18. Lieutenant-Colonel McClernand, of the Fifth Corps, had ridden up with orders from General Shafter for Generals Kent and Sumner to move their divisions forward through the valley to the edge of the woods and there await orders

    19. To make room behind the bank, we carried poor Mitchie and several other dead across the ford to await burial

    20. Something seemed to await her, seemed to hold its breath

    21. He banged his gavel: Brian’s request for bail was denied and he was remanded to San Sebastián Prison to await trial

    22. Each wondered what might await them at the spaceport

    23. She thought: ‘Poor Philo, what horrible fate must await him at the hands of those tyrants?’

    24. He would maintain the facade of the ignorant noble to whatever end might await him

    25. Of course, he thought, there were no specific orders included, other than that he should await for further notification at a later time

    26. I added the wood I had collected to their larger pile and kneeled to await my next command

    27. Now it was his turn to await an answer

    28. About 180 permits await approval

    29. They await us now

    30. Just another day in the life of a G, I thought to myself as we pushed the houpte towards Elizabeth Avenue and The Towers to await Quan and Spice’s return

    31. Paradoxically, all await our solution, but they don’t yet know about the existence of this innovation

    32. MOTIVATIONS: The international institutions, investors, countries and organizations await this social and economic solution

    33. If they surrendered the city, all those who wanted to try their luck in battle would be permitted to leave and we would await their return with all their forces right here in front of the city

    34. I have my clues in place, all that remains is to make my way to Marseilles, find a ship, await the arrival of my wife and then sail from France to the United States

    35. - It is better to await their

    36. torment of judgment shall await those who have not submitted themselves to Your power

    37. He tentatively stepped inside of the office and planted himself on the chair to await another hairdryer

    38. Mikael: My warriors stand and await for my command

    39. Ferrante insisted that they await evacuation from the sea and forced them into a swampy fever-infested place near Castellamare di Stabia where they languished for months waiting for their king to rescue them

    40. huddled together to await their fate

    41. way back into the classroom to await the final results of the

    42. choice to just ignore Derek and await the results but he caught

    43. I half listen and anxiously await the scene that will result after Brian and Eric’s hands meet between my legs

    44. Yes, trillion! The rest of the carbon dioxide emissions, 90-95%, come from such sources as volcanoes, dying vegetation, and flatulent animals (We await a remedial proposal for that one)

    45. 1 Then God looked on the words of Adam that they were true, and that he could long await His order, respecting the counsel of Satan;

    46. 38 (Mathusal continued to have hope and to await his father Enoch in his house day and night)

    47. Told of High's charges, prison officials said they would await a police investigation

    48. “Told of High's charges, prison officials said they would await a police investigation

    49. Thus, a large amount of cultural variety and convenience for entertainment await the visitor

    50. He said he would await the special

    1. I don't understand why you would even ask, you are welcome and eagerly awaited

    2. I did as I was told and then stepped gingerly over my breakfast tray, not wanting to spoil the dubious pleasures that awaited me on my return from my ablutions

    3. I simply breathed a little more deeply and awaited the day’s fates

    4. The great politician's long awaited speech on the matter was just a few hours away

    5. The only dark cloud on their horizon was a note from their benefactor that had been pinned to a bottle of champagne that awaited them on the day of their arrival in their new home, offering his sincerest condolences on the sad news about the fisherman’s health and saying that he would consider it an honour if they would invite him to the funeral, long may that day be postponed

    6. Ali awaited him inside and ran to hug him

    7. long awaited speech on the matter was just a few hours away

    8. awaited them on the day of their arrival in their new home, offering

    9. As Altera entered the forest in hot pursuit of Matai, Sonia and her squad slid down some vines and awaited her

    10. Cold comfort awaited Annie as she stepped through the front

    11. They mused together without speaking of the immense weight with which Harry must surely have been burdened as he awaited some sign, some hint of preparation and contrite surrender from one and the other of the seekers

    12. Whatever fate awaited her at the end of the day was minuscule

    13. pleasant surprises awaited them; Bobby’s and Boochie’s presents were met with

    14. sharpened into spears awaited them at the bottom of the short pit

    15. Spinning like a windmill in a hurricane, he launched the blade at his opponent, who was stoically still, his hands coiled around his blackened staff as he awaited its arrival

    16. Side by side, they bravely awaited its arrival; elves, dwarves, humans and giants standing as one

    17. With her back cushioned against the moss covered trunk, she thought of how far she had yet to go, and what awaited her at Lock Core

    18. awaited him the next morning

    19. So he sent the photo off to three plant and seed institutes and awaited their reply

    20. As he awaited the arrival of Pater

    21. By mid morn they had reached Top Farm where fresh milk and cakes awaited them

    22. They were chased by evil, but Jakkar knew that an even greater evil awaited them at the Hangar

    23. as directed, eagerly waiting to enjoy the fate that awaited the

    24. In the meantime, the Praefect awaited the arrival of new orders in parchment form

    25. While he awaited his refreshment he turned to look about the inn, glimpsing the still gawking patrons

    26. Her hand paused in mid-air as she pondered what awaited her behind the closed door

    27. He awaited something more, something he knew Maro bore with him

    28. Zarko was still lying on his back on the bed, butt naked as he awaited Helez’s return

    29. The plan was to accommodate the exiles in tents here on the plain of Dura while they awaited their assignment to work as slaves with Babylonian households in the city

    30. Nothing awaited him outside the alehouse

    31. The slave girls then took up their positions in a row and a silence fell on the crowd as they awaited the king’s signal that the banquet could commence

    32. The place where she knew her dearest ones had reconvened and awaited her

    33. Several papers awaited him back inside the Keep, parchment lying in neat heaps upon one corner of the war room table

    34. “And that is…” Crystal awaited some

    35. as the long awaited New World Order,

    36. The earth had eagerly awaited the ships

    37. destruction that awaited the rebels

    38. This time I came out into a wave that was cresting and was given a little ride, which I would have enjoyed, had it not been for the prospect of sharp rocks, which I felt certain awaited my arrival on shore

    39. They silently awaited their departure

    40. Silhouetted against the sky, they reminded me of the mountains so near Nazareth, where my family awaited my return

    41. As we awaited a response to his knock, I looked around

    42. A new life awaited her

    43. 7billion people unaware of their presence (at least the B’tari believed); struggling to fulfil their hopes, dreams, worrying about troubles that from up here seemed ever more starkly trivial set against what potential fate awaited

    44. In my heart, I knew He would be the kind of leader the world awaited

    45. Boiled eggs, which Joseph especially liked, as well as hot bread awaited

    46. concern as he awaited her reply

    47. Felines were curled up here and there, quietly and inconspicuously relaxing while they awaited relocation

    48. rations of the march awaited them, the troops were fed,

    49. Shortly after this we were relieved and made our way back to ‘Dead Man’s Farm’ once again to the fatigues and working parties that awaited us there

    50. The Thornton then sailed out of the scattered ice and toward water clear of ice, and awaited her fate

    1. I, on the other hand, remain along for the ride whilst still awaiting that GMTV cal

    2. The day she'd been awaiting a year for was here at last

    3. and needed to have the ashes sacked awaiting to go to the re-

    4. I let him in and take him to where his mother is awaiting, his face when he sees Anna just about says it all

    5. He was utterly defenceless - putty awaiting

    6. than awaiting the official transport, which always seemed to entail

    7. Harry wrenched his gaze from the crowds and boards to follow him to the awaiting carriage, now loaded with their things

    8. awaiting their first customers of the day

    9. Out of the corner of her eye she could tell, he wasn't the only person awaiting her decent

    10. Kit was awaiting her arrival, a minute later Jim joined them escorted by Todd

    11. The awaiting crew were jumping and waving their hands

    12. gave his valedictorian speech to the patiently awaiting crowd

    13. No longer able to fend for themselves, they slumped on the streets awaiting whichever came first, a handout or death

    14. The warriors of God sleep, awaiting a leader to lead

    15. As was custom, all combatants remained at the field of battle, awaiting the Death Guard's inspection

    16. Without awaiting Brice's approval Coba followed suit, sending waves of flame to the forest below

    17. Tea was awaiting them and the sheep was fed and watered in the stream where it recovered instantly and contentedly grazed on Mr

    18. Everyone turned to Ostedes, who was patiently awaiting them, his arms writhing in excitement

    19. One thinks at such junctures, not about the awaiting trophy,

    20. This, then, is precisely the same punishment awaiting the unsaved at the 'Final

    21. Being excused for her tardiness, she then quickly grabbed the menu, signaled to the waiter to take their orders, and began to devour the appetizers and down the drink that were awaiting her while chattering non-stop about a myriad of details related to her clothing stores and the up and downside of the operations

    22. He was hanging on her lips, eagerly awaiting every word

    23. He glanced back at the spot where he’d last seen Helez and Darniil awaiting the arrival of their family

    24. The bridal procession then followed Zarko and Helez down the stairway to the royal carriage awaiting them at the bottom

    25. team in the house - anxiously awaiting his

    26. He walked in the high grasses between the trees that were awaiting the first snows

    27. They sat there for a few minutes awaiting for the Commander to approach them as instructed

    28. Both sound and light became louder and brighter as they came closer to the Cumberland landing spot and the Security personnel awaiting them

    29. Elizabeth leaned forward awaiting his next sentence

    30. Up ahead in the brilliant blue, cloudless sky, the oval shaped craft hovered in place awaiting their arrival

    31. Wondering what I would discover next in this amazing house, I used the amenities, then opened the door to find Elizabeth awaiting me

    32. They came often and we spent precious time talking of the Baby we were awaiting

    33. The rest of the able-bodied Arrows and Guardians are already assembled, just awaiting instruction

    34. In small groups they stood silently, awaiting direction from their leaders

    35. Next stop, New York, she thought, and a new job awaiting her

    36. awaiting her personal attention

    37. stage to the awaiting clamor of the after party

    38. Now they were older of course and still awaiting

    39. He stared at me, awaiting the attention that he considered his due

    40. Something he had prayed for and had been eagerly awaiting, but also something that terrified him

    41. He stood just as Khan’s foot missed his head by inches, and he staggered back, awaiting the next blow

    42. Frozen, awaiting a reaction from the crowds, but they were as immobilised as he was

    43. The crowd had turned quiet, awaiting his appearance with excitement

    44. The door stood open awaiting him, intimidating and full of foreboding

    45. the observation lounge, but it had been filled with others awaiting their fate—and somehow he’d

    46. One reassuring thought: as she sat alone in this featureless white room awaiting her fate, the back-up squad should be keeping the Darangi busy, diverting them into the outer reaches of the compound

    47. His scanner did not yet detect a matching profile for L-Seven-Six; he may not even show up, the whole event could be a set-up: awaiting the moment of entrapment

    48. Very few captured mindstates were still awaiting revival

    49. While awaiting the arrival of Governor Maxwell I joined a small party of press-men on a somewhat tentative exploration of the town

    50. The West Yorkshire regiment guarded the royal captives and the Ansahs, who marched down handcuffed to Prahsu, where they remained, awaiting their trial on the coast

    1. danger that awaits them

    2. indulges in his love; not realizing what awaits them,

    3. Nevertheless, who knows what really awaits us after death, to the Other Side? Imagine some sort of aliens waiting there, ready to be fed with strong souls!” Alexander said at a moment, in a rather equivocal manner

    4. So, from now on I will be Yvonne and I have taken refuge in the world of the living, hoping to avoid a dreadful danger which awaits me in the astral plains

    5. However, if you also hear thunder, disaster awaits you

    6. That still awaits him in the Millennial Kingdom to possess as his inheritance

    7. It is the full expression of the Kingdom, but there awaits us one more chapter in which we must search out what it will be like in Heaven

    8. He awaits outside as

    9. challenge awaits the tourist willing to put in the effort

    10. Even the sad fate that awaits her could not hold her back

    11. the one that awaits you back in Logrono,’ she’d said

    12. Follow me; our carriage awaits

    13. 1) They are an example for us to see what awaits the ungodly 2) They

    14. My master awaits

    15. The powerful treasure of the Sapient Ones awaits you

    16. possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the

    17. Awaits you in the age to come

    18. “You mean you were in the year 2331?I can’t imagine what kind of world awaits us that far into the future!”

    19. They were all in Costa Rica hiding, she said, behind its laws that limit extradition to only the most serious of crimes and prohibit it if a death penalty awaits

    20. Lands there and hurries back to his room and awaits for his butler's call in the morning

    21. What is she doing? What awaits her in the forest? Will she find safety or purgatory? Would she survive the night or would a wild animal feast upon her flesh? The more she thought, the more she hastened her stride

    22. We have all heard of times when other beings lived in Laru just as we do now, but all of these beings have now left this dimension, and that fate awaits us now

    23. Today I have to focus on what awaits me

    24. I stare for a second at the sheet of steel that awaits me

    25. Again we say: We don’t practice any form of idolatry, we have absolutely nothing to do with it! If you reason like this, a rude awakening awaits you

    26. - This is the heaven that awaits you and that you always waited

    27. “What awaits us there this time, Revorg?”

    28. “You know now the truth of life and what awaits after

    29. 6 And those who understand not the Lord, who fear not God, who accept not, but reject, who do not receive the writings, a aweful judgment awaits these

    30. “Don’t just stand there a tour awaits

    31. outcome, but only because the space of the subject, an outcome of a coin toss, expects (awaits,

    32. 6 And those who understand not the Lord who fear not God who accept not but reject who do not receive the writings a aweful judgment awaits these

    33. “My betrothed, your chariot awaits!” she announced with a giggle and a sweeping gesture of presentation

    34. "If only they could see their victory awaits them in the Valley

    35. “Others have said that a greater trap awaits us if we do,” an answering observation informed him

    36. To see what’s there, What awaits

    37. Happy to show you what awaits

    38. vizier awaits us there with Pharaoh's army!

    39. And to the east floodwater stops us! There is only one way where we don't know what awaits

    40. “Others have said that a greater trap awaits us if we do,” an answering observation informed

    41. The final night that awaits them all is calling his sister, and beyond that the distinctive power of the link with the mind-executioner drawing her back

    42. Journey! A new world awaits and your Eden is ready for the

    43. Two remain with the Umatilla County Sheriff in Oregon while Troaz awaits trial

    44. The I is the spirit, and the I awaits a new type of artist, the inner artist, who is

    45. You hungry already?” Prentice awaits the ceremony that is expected to follow

    46. who awaits the choice of his comrades to carry him to conclusion, can base his guidelines

    47. It all awaits within

    48. His foot already on the sill, he said, “Sorry Mother, the night awaits

    49. “Let us traverse this bridge and divulge what awaits us at its terminus,” replied the Liege of Mystic Down

    50. He assuredly awaits us there with his bothersome companions

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