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Awfully in a sentence

I feel awfully cold, too.
He is awfully keen on it.
I'm awfully glad you came.
You are so awfully sweet.
In a way it seemed awfully.
That's awfully nice of you.
It was an awfully shy young.

She needed to pee awfully bad.
I am awfully muddled, awfully.
Thanks awfully for the tea, Mr.
He had looked awfully surprised.
But the room was awfully stuffy.
Mamma is awfully afraid of mice.
It’s awfully hazy, though, Sir.
He seemed awfully fixated on you.
And the motive seems awfully thin.
My breakfast was awfully salty.
You seem to read an awfully lot.
So beautiful and so awfully sweet.
She’s awfully interested in this.
It was awfully early in the morning.
It was an awfully big house — a.
Only, I’m awfully anxious for it.
Baby, a year is an awfully long.
He's been awfully helpful all along.
Yes, and I'm getting awfully bruised.
Yeah, that’s awfully sad about.
My knees were awfully weak and shaky.
You’ve been awfully nervous lately.
The trolls were getting awfully hungry.
It was an awfully ugly creature, though.
You make that sound awfully official.
Sam, but they are still awfully damn ugly.
The boy looked awfully tenuous with acne.
Aww, but why? He sounds awfully friendly.
He comes from a land that’s awfully foggy.
Alexandrovna, ‘the train was awfully late.
You're awfully pure for such a little slut.
I am awfully given to crying with self-pity.
You seemed awfully excited there, just now.

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