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Frightfully in a sentence

1. He was most frightfully cruel.
2. The Doctor got frightfully excited.
3. He's some frightfully poor wretch.
4. But just the same, he was frightfully popular.
5. The night was frightfully cold, although clear.
6. It would have been frightfully stupid, of course.
7. He is frightfully stupid; but it's to his advantage.

8. He is frightfully stupid, Alyosha, frightfully stupid.
9. He’s frightfully sorry for the damage and the inconvenience, etc.
10. But didn't I make him suffer for it! I became frightfully overbearing.
11. She called to the operator, Give me something terribly new and frightfully.
12. As she turned a cartwheel, she came frightfully close to the edge of the mesa.
13. Mother, why wouldn't you let the old man sit with us? He's a frightfully good sort.
14. Albert turned frightfully pale; he endeavored to speak, but the words died on his lips.
15. Sadly the reading comprehension passages in Japanese exams are often frightfully dull.
16. When he hung up a minute later, the editor turned to young, frightfully ambitious Porter.
17. My hat! Won't it make the old court sit up? They're always frightfully dull, these Assizes.
18. He was talking to himself, but Gollum thought it was a riddle, and he was frightfully upset.
19. When he's in luck, it's fine; but when it does not go well with him, he can lose frightfully.
20. At first the trees retreated frightfully at the sight of the sharp blade and its restless owner.
21. Stupidity! A lie! It acts, it acts frightfully (I speak for myself), but not in an ennobling way.
22. The gipsy grumbled frightfully, and declared if he did a few more deals of that sort he'd be ruined.
23. He had a wife and a large family in the wall, and they had had frightfully bad luck for several days.
24. He's frightfully unnerved, trembling all over, but that's natural considering the sort of life he's led.
25. Jane Andrews' mother scolded her frightfully because she had so many handkerchiefs in the wash that week.
26. They sang, or rather screamed, a hymn, and so frightfully loud and piercingly that the very windows shook.
27. It was really Johnjohn who made him see reason about that girl; seriously, you know, he's frightfully sharp.
28. Here it’s tolerable, said he, but with Bagratión on the left flank they’re getting it frightfully hot.
29. In all our sea-port towns, it is this disorder which so frightfully augments the catalogue of our bills of mortality.
30. It was a bit strange that she had not seen him yet but she supposed that he was frightfully busy with his business matters.
31. But I domineered over him frightfully, and absolutely went so far as insolence more than once, even against my owti feelings.
32. I felt frightfully vexed with myself that evening, but not so much the next day, and by the day after I had quite forgotten it.
33. My brain was in one of those violent and yet frightfully calm conditions where reverie is so profound that it swallows up reality.
34. Chartering a ship of that class was also unlikely and if chartered, it would be frightfully expensive, as would being a part owner.
35. Christmas in the Highlands can be frightfully cold and we all, even my housekeeper Maggie, go in search of warmer climates in winter.
36. It is useless to explain the sense of this frightfully transparent remark, which signifies both to kill, to assassinate, and to plunder.
37. The shot had frightfully lacerated her throat, leaving two gaping wounds from which, as well as the mouth, the blood was pouring in floods.
38. Mum's not frightfully practical, to say the least, and Dad left things so that she would be okay financially but not able to touch capital.
39. The two jailbirds have met, the red-haired woman suddenly called out in a hoarse voice from the other end of the shelf beds, accompanying every word with frightfully vile abuse.
40. But any other music provokes an excitement, and this excitement is not accompanied by the thing that needs properly to be done, and that is why music is so dangerous, and sometimes acts so frightfully.

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