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Terribly in a sentence

Yes, it can be terribly.
Only he was terribly pale.
But he was terribly hungry.
I would miss them terribly.
They all seem terribly sad.
He missed his son terribly.
She will miss Dana terribly.

We used to quarrel terribly.
She missed her Nana terribly.
They looked terribly ill at.
She was terribly close to him.
Wemyss had been terribly hurt.
I was terribly busy, you know.
Lucy missed you terribly too.
She missed the coven terribly.
Am I doing this terribly?
She never was terribly tactful.
It walked swiftly and terribly.
She was always terribly self-.
It still annoyed me terribly.
It was a terribly unequal world.
On the one hand I was terribly.
The forest looked terribly high.
Two men had become terribly ill.
I was probably blushing terribly.
The click sounded terribly loud.
Thor isn’t terribly mad at him.
His problems had mounted terribly.
She was terribly agitated all day.
She was terribly afraid of him now.
The room had grown terribly still.
I was a terribly dull and shy.
I’m terribly sorry, I said.
I am terribly sorry to hear that.
Mamma, this is terribly hard on me.
He was not terribly tall, but his.
He and his apartment stunk terribly.
She missed her Aunt Grace terribly.
Arthur slept: he was terribly tired.
He’s strong, but not terribly so.

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