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Backbone in a sentence | backbone example sentences

  1. Backbone in front, so to say.
  2. Courage is the backbone of man.
  3. When had she gotten a backbone?
  4. Since leverage is the backbone of.
  5. There’s the backbone of the joint.

  6. She is absolutely its very backbone.
  7. We were the backbone of the Task Unit.
  8. This is known as a collapsed backbone.
  9. His moral backbone leaned on that firmness.
  10. He respected the new guy for showing backbone.
  11. Slowly, she massaged the bruise on her backbone.
  12. The backbone of Christianity makes it shine more.
  13. Business secrets are the backbone of any business.
  14. Next, they then send the backbone of our economy.
  15. That wasn’t exactly backbone, Paul interjected.

  16. The independent teacher remains the backbone of the.
  17. Anyone with a shred of backbone would have helped her.
  18. Taters are a flexible backbone to every versatile menu.
  19. That they do because it forms the backbone of the fraud.
  20. Mercury conjunction natives are the backbone of society.
  21. There are two classes of musicians: the backbone and the.
  22. She established a common grant space on the new backbone.
  23. I am not a timid person, but a chill crept up my backbone.
  24. That they do because it forms the backbone of their fraud.
  25. It was as though he had snapped the backbone of the System.

  26. I have long felt that the Otomi are the backbone of Anahuac.
  27. Because if the Firm lacked a backbone, Tara Golding did not.
  28. They turned around to see it over the backbone and the rigging.
  29. The Sphere became the solid backbone of anything that moved the.
  30. Finally there are the backbone types of people who always stand.
  31. My husband was a good man, a loving man; but he had no backbone.
  32. A horizontal network that can’t access the backbone is isolated.
  33. The following forms the backbone behind the brainwashing in teaching.
  34. Panic caused my belly to fill with fire and pull against my backbone.
  35. The days dragged by, and the riverbed pushed through a backbone of shale.
  36. How can I be his backbone if he prefers not to have my support? How can.
  37. Some designs go so far as to include two separate distributed backbone networks.
  38. The resurrection was the backbone of the belief and teaching of the New Testament.
  39. Its ends are stable, each a four-wheel truck pinned to the bottom of the backbone.
  40. Change is the only force powerful enough to sever the backbone of inevitability….
  41. What does it involve and how can this constitute the backbone of an internet online.
  42. Intention is similar to our will – and our own will is the backbone of our destiny.
  43. Figure 9-2 A single router or switch connects all of the LANs in a collapsed backbone.
  44. For I believe that much of a man's character will be found betokened in his backbone.
  45. I thought you said he was losing his backbone, Jeff said looking towards the door.
  46. Our fellowship with each kept us all going, and the presence of Christ was our backbone.
  47. ATM is being used as a high-speed backbone protocol and for WAN connections, but the 25.
  48. The resurrection was the backbone of the belief and teaching of the New Testament Church.
  49. And both men had the backbone, the wisdom, and the confidence to act and with no regrets.
  50. Again, proof that they truly lack the backbone to break with what is safe and familiar.
  51. It is his detailed handiwork that forms the backbone of the anti-counterfeiting measures.
  52. He straightened his backbone and risked crawling his fingers, to reach Sophia’s edgy hands.
  53. A backbone is nothing more than a network that connects other networks, forming an internetwork.
  54. The backbone of the early Christian church consisted of Christianized Greek proselytes to Judaism.
  55. The automotive industry crisis has proven that building cars isn’t the backbone of our society anymore.
  56. But the mainspring and backbone of its strength lay in the zeal, intelligence, and activity of its laity.
  57. The factors which are influencing the effect are drawn as bones which are connected to the backbone drawn.
  58. We intend to make these LPDH ships the backbone of our amphibious forces, along with our air cushion LCHACs.
  59. However, at 1150 ft the bullet will drop 10 ins; but if I aim for the backbone, then it shouldn't be a problem.
  60. Each of the segments is then connected to a backbone network, using a router or a switch, as shown in Figure 9-l.
  61. John stood with his face to the wall, repeatedly clenching and opening his fists, his backbone rigid as a flagpole.
  62. He wished he could have taken the credit, but in the final run, it had been his wife’s amazing backbone, not his.
  63. There will be far less need for a settled parochial ministry which, for centuries has been the backbone of our Kirk.
  64. We decided that the first bullet must have hit the backbone and, despite the elevated angle, did not enter the body.
  65. As a result, FDDI originally became known primarily as a backbone protocol, a role for which it is admirably suited.
  66. I often wondered, in those days, if I had the stuff, the backbone to have struck it out on my own in another country.
  67. Steel, of course, is the backbone of the modern economy and a key component in cars, ships, buildings, and machinery.
  68. Today, many of the IT workers are busy with the backbone or infrastructure as well as the data input and manipulation.
  69. Read books like God's Not Dead by Rice Broocks (which I have used heavily to form the backbone of this chapter).
  70. The best blood in the Island is soaked in the soil; the backbone of the Island, the white farming class, has disappeared.
  71. Quercetin is a flavonoid that serves as the backbone for many other flavonoids in nature, including the citrus flavonoids.
  72. But that's OK because the backbone is curved, he can still get the crate four feet off the ground with the six foot wheels.
  73. They should be opened out, but it will be easier to hang if cleaned and gutted without removing the backbone, head or tail.
  74. The wider wheels are smaller, only six feet in diameter instead of eight, leaving the backbone a foot closer to the ground.
  75. Because it provides all internetwork communications, the backbone network is a vitally important part of the overall design.
  76. The distance that the backbone LAN must span and the environment in which it’s used can also affect the protocol selection.
  77. Connecting the server to the backbone network enables the traffic from all of the horizontal segments to reach it equitably.
  78. On private networks, ATM implementations at various speeds can run throughout the network, from the backbone to the desktop.
  79. A large corporate network using a backbone to connect multiple LANs will almost certainly want to be connected to the Internet.
  80. Many traders find that these are their bread-and-butter plays, and that they are the backbone of a comprehensive trading program.
  81. The disadvantage of a collapsed backbone is that the hub on each network must connect to the central router with one cable segment.
  82. I almost split in two but as long as I kept my backbone straight, I could bend my knees - if I didn't, my legs stuck out like oars.
  83. He could not but view these manifestations of want of backbone with uneasiness, occurring as they did in the mother of his children.
  84. It was made clear to all workers that even though it seemed as if society might collapse they were the backbone of their own future.
  85. This can be a great deal of traffic, and for this reason, the backbone typically runs at a higher speed than the horizontal networks.
  86. To ensure continuous access to the backbone, some internetworks design redundant elements into the plan for fault-tolerance purposes.
  87. As they went further along South Harbor Road, he worried that the cargo level wouldn't be tall enough to take the backbone of this rig.
  88. We have plenty of nitrates on Mars and after all that is the backbone of producing a fertile top soil that wil support growing plants.
  89. Routers come in various sizes, from small units that connect a workgroup network to a backbone to large, modular, rack-mounted devices.
  90. Because of its use as a backbone protocol, products such as bridges and routers that connect Ethernet networks to FDDI backbones are common.
  91. He picked the right staging axes to bring, to use on a strap of smaller timbers that he hung from a little adapter pulley off the backbone.
  92. The truck's angle is linked by fiber cables running along the top of the backbone so both trucks turn the same amount in opposite directions.
  93. It was something that could be maneuvered into place around something and used to jack it up because the backbone was covered in tackle hooks.
  94. Because it can span long distances and is well shielded, thick Ethernet was commonly used for backbone networks in the early days of Ethernet.
  95. While Marines from the First Marine Division made up the backbone of the attack force, all of the other services added key pieces.
  96. And after it was sanctioned by the white man, so long ago, it began to grow and take on the shape of the powerful backbone of The American Dream.
  97. Then the professor felt his backbone shatter in several places, even as his face and forehead slammed into the great bony upper lip of the monster.
  98. Together we tried our hand at black marketing - the backbone of the German economy - which verified that I had absolutely no commercial instincts.
  99. You take him in your fingers delicately by head and tail and nibble him from off his backbone, and finally you eat the tail, crisp as a potato chip.
  100. Because the backbone is shared by the horizontal networks, it carries all of the internetwork traffic generated by each of the computers on every LAN.

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