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Sand in a sentence | sand example sentences

  1. And we in the sand.
  2. She ran up the sand.
  3. Saul lay on the sand.
  4. He pointed at the sand.
  5. And black is the sand.

  6. Sand is taken out of.
  7. A castle built on sand.
  8. I sat down on the sand.
  9. Sand spilled out of it.
  10. Even the sand was gray.
  11. I ran out into the sand.
  12. The Sand Cat is mainly.
  13. I’d landed in the sand.
  14. No footprints in the sand.
  15. He shot up from the sand.

  16. As waves lap at the sand.
  17. The bottom half was sand.
  18. They lay back on the sand.
  19. They charged at the sand.
  20. Even a Dornish sand steed.
  21. Man trapped in a sand bin.
  22. She reaches for the sand.
  23. It was buried in the sand.
  24. That buffets rock and sand.
  25. Sand clung to her wet feet.

  26. Babsy landed onto the sand.
  27. Now the sand was soft –.
  28. The sand churns in the surf.
  29. Paint pictures in the sand.
  30. The sand traps bothered him.
  31. He rolled to the sand dazed.
  32. The sand was soft and white.
  33. The sand slid under the ship.
  34. My eyes are filled with sand.
  35. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand.
  36. The aragonite sand came next.
  37. He threw his gun in the sand.
  38. Drawing pictures in the sand.
  39. Sand is sand, not a metaphor.
  40. Hazel kicked sand on the fire.
  41. Hitting the ball in the sand.
  42. This sand, on storing, it sets.
  43. The dual sand canisters burst.
  44. Now they are playing with sand.
  45. He dribbled tears in the sand.
  46. We are weary, and dry as sand.
  47. Sand moaned over their rocket.
  48. Haze guides the raging sand;.
  49. She looked closely at the sand.
  50. There were waves of sand that.
  52. The shore, crush into sand and.
  53. They played cricket in the sand.
  54. He lowered his head to the sand.
  55. He liked playing with the sand.
  56. Look at all this water and sand.
  57. He laughed sand called me funny.
  58. Are clogged with brown from sand.
  59. He saw Lennie lying on the sand.
  60. I was drenched and sand blasted.
  61. There were no steps in the sand.
  62. Whoa! Mike, look at the sand.
  63. The floor was covered with sand.
  64. Sand pipes in chalk, cause of, C.
  65. Sitting on the sand next to him.
  66. I’m not going to eat sand bread.
  67. As the sand storms down the glass.
  68. To the sand that tickles my toes.
  69. This blowing sand stings my skin.
  70. He looked down at the sand again.
  71. She burrowed her toes in the sand.
  72. Troy and Lee laid Fin on the sand.
  73. He wiped at the sand and gravel.
  74. All of sudden, the sand suspends.
  75. He collapsed to the boiling sand.
  76. Sand? Now that was a weird request.
  77. Sand burrowing species could get.
  78. There is no hard line in the sand.
  79. She knelt down in the sand where.
  80. Where mountains were sand remains.
  81. Sand kicked up on either side of us.
  82. No two grains of sand are the same.
  83. SAND CASTLES crumble with the tide.
  84. The blowing sand, the biting flies.
  85. Head in sand, ass up in the clouds.
  86. Sitting on a small pile of sand, Mr.
  87. Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
  88. A form lying motionless on the sand.
  89. I am the sand and you are the waves.
  90. My toes burrowed deeper in the sand.
  91. I cleaned the sand from my jug, too.
  92. A bump rose in the sand by her heel.
  93. If required grind, sand blast the.
  94. On the sand, or roaring of the surf.
  95. His face and dresses were all sand.
  96. Sea slugs clean the sand naturally.
  97. The sand is soft and plenty warped.
  98. The foolish build his house on sand.
  99. They scratched themselves with sand.
  100. Sebastian's jaw nearly hit the sand.
  1. Next, sanding the front porch.
  2. Give the entire unit a thorough sanding and then stain.
  3. Others followed, sanding down the excess once the substance had hardened.
  4. The trim required scrubbing and sanding, but close inspection revealed other flaws.
  5. First thing in the morning until noon was housework, then work on stripping and sanding.
  6. The glass lenses had cooled and with a little sanding they slid into their slots easily.
  7. Having Adam there every day to help with steaming off wallpaper or sanding the floors could have been awkward.
  8. Harry had to manufacture the proper sanding blocks as he could not seem to find a suitable substitute wherever he searched.
  9. All the doctors helped sanding these numerous pieces and Anne had the kids build all kinds of constructions with these blocks.
  10. Now they were supposed to use the squat position from the sanding chore, but with a heavy towel grasped in both hands in front of them.
  11. Growing up and learning his trade from his father at Eton, he had used simple hand tools—saws, hammers, chisels, wood planes, and sanding blocks.
  12. Pocock had spent his days at Travers Island carefully sanding down the shell’s hull and then applying coat after coat of marine varnish, buffing each coat until the shell glistened.
  13. George set him to hand rubbing and polishing as soon as he was big enough to hold the rags, and he spent hours sanding the glued and cured rod blanks, reel seats, and grips until his handshake was near as firm as any grown man.
  14. Since the marriage contract was done a week before, they continued directly to the Sanding, where the bride and groom will sit side by side on a stage in front of all the guests, this is a testament that they are officially married.
  15. Won't that make it hard to keep the floor shiny? I mean, wouldn't it be better if we remove the old wax first? Why hadn't she just kept her mouth shout, she never thought they’d take it to the point of sanding the floors – she figured they’d just chemically strip them.
  1. After we had sanded it.
  2. Such cast iron is initially welded and sanded.
  3. So flew'd, so sanded; and their heads are hung.
  4. Squatting like two British bullfrogs, they sanded.
  5. When that deck was completely sanded, they varnished.
  6. The wood was now sanded smooth, varnished and polished.
  7. Inside curves can be sanded by hand or with a spindle or.
  8. Only the scrape of her boots on the sanded trail broke the silence.
  9. The walks are sanded with river sand; there are tiny violet shells.
  10. A reel is connected to the seat with a long sanded metal object called.
  11. Amazing Grace flowed through the room and for a moment as he sanded, John.
  12. I've plastered it, painted it, run its new wires, sanded its floors, and laid the gloss.
  13. The next afternoon, with more of the deck still to be sanded, he set them to task once more.
  14. Colin raced around the corner of the building, his feet slipping on the lightly sanded sidewalk.
  15. An intrepid bicycle delivery boy skidded out from a narrow street, tires rasping on sanded concrete.
  16. I worked on that dresser in the hot July sun every day, until it was stripped and completely sanded.
  17. The arrows had been made using green bamboo for the shafts, which had been straightened and sanded smooth.
  18. He’s having many of the books rebound at a country bindery nearby, and the paneling sanded with two new coats of varnish.
  19. The officer wrote until he had finished, read over to himself what he had written, sanded it, and handed it to Defarge, with the words.
  20. Almost five months after that first bloody attack, every chink in its exterior walls had been sanded and painted over with fresh white paint.
  21. She tried to summon yesterday’s crushing guilt, but the remorse had been sanded down by the rough images she’d found on her husband’s computer.
  22. A mix of sun umbrellas and make shift gazeboes peppered the sanded car park on which it sat, it was a place of lazy destiny, and was called the same.
  23. I could see clearly a room with a sanded floor, clean scoured; a dresser of walnut, with pewter plates ranged in rows, reflecting the redness and radiance of a glowing peat-fire.
  24. At Haddington road corner two sanded women halted themselves, an umbrella and a bag in which eleven cockles rolled to view with wonder the lord mayor and lady mayoress without his golden chain.
  25. After the brush is "broken in" (sanded to provide a soft smooth finish while diminishing dragging), and the handle is attached to the brush, the brushes are put through a process (proprietary) to assure that straight cutting line on the brush.
  26. After having written so far, Don Martin Decoud, the exotic dandy of the Parisian boulevard, got up and walked across the sanded floor of the cafe at one end of the Albergo of United Italy, kept by Giorgio Viola, the old companion of Garibaldi.
  27. The community of fowls to which Tess had been appointed as supervisor, purveyor, nurse, surgeon, and friend made its headquarters in an old thatched cottage standing in an enclosure that had once been a garden, but was now a trampled and sanded square.
  28. Billy mentioned in passing as they munched their toast that all the woodwork would need to be both washed down and then sanded … that had set a horrified Chrissie off suggesting that they should start with the walls, the need to apply paint to something … to make her mark on the room so very strong in her.
  29. Standing on the snow-covered plain, as if in a pasture amid the hills, I cut my way first through a foot of snow, and then a foot of ice, and open a window under my feet, where, kneeling to drink, I look down into the quiet parlor of the fishes, pervaded by a softened light as through a window of ground glass, with its bright sanded floor the same as in summer; there a perennial waveless serenity reigns as in the amber twilight sky, corresponding to the cool and even temperament of the inhabitants.
  1. In the sands of time.
  2. The sands were dry as dry.
  3. As the colored sands slid.
  4. The above sands are almost 99.
  5. Footprints on the sands of time.
  6. It was a beach with white sands.
  7. Arriving at Romney Sands Station.
  8. The desert sands, grains of time.
  9. Bobby was a pit boss at the Sands.
  10. Did you tell Mr Sands that?
  11. Just look at Canada’s oil sands.
  12. He was thrown back onto the sands.
  13. But Father Times, to him, his sands.
  14. Blessed be the sands of our Father.
  15. Sands and and occassional tumbleweed.
  16. Sands, but that gets packed in summer.
  17. The Star that grows on Sinking Sands.
  18. But what are the Sands of Syn?
  19. On the golden sands about, I burn the.
  20. Swirl away the sands that guard my prize.
  21. He has some control over the Sands of Syn.
  22. But the sands of time have run out for me.
  23. Tell me the motes, dust, sands, and spears.
  24. Encinitas, and on the golden sands of Delmar.
  25. In the deep sands a man must hoard his water.
  26. Here is the beach house at White Sands Resort.
  27. Count the sands of the sea, number the stars.
  28. He followed her down the darkness of the sands.
  29. Is that it from your liquid rims and wet sands?
  30. It was there in downtown Long Sands that the two.
  32. Tatton was that he now had to find Michaels Sands.
  33. What is there to make you smile in sands of time?
  34. Far out over the sands the coming surf crept, grey.
  35. As black, warlike insects scurrying over the sands.
  36. Bones of the Iguanodon in the Sands of the Chalk, S.
  37. They had come to inform Lucy of Michael Sands death.
  38. The bird watching group assembled at Casuarina Sands.
  39. He looked into her eyes, then away at the pale sands.
  40. I landed on the sands safely taking both the children.
  41. She stopped suddenly and looked north along the sands.
  42. Sands MP, the elected member of her majesty Elizabeth.
  43. He turned and spat, and the white sands drank it down.
  44. Hence such sands are not suitable for a STEEL FOUNDRY.
  45. To his left, the white sands of the shore ran the gray.
  46. They were huge and ugly, diving in and out of the sands.
  47. Michael Sands, the book keeper whoever he was he wasn't.
  48. The sands before a deadly tropical paradise, thought Perry.
  49. Sands was appointed to be the public defender on this case.
  50. The tragedy of Slapton Sands certainly played a major role.
  51. Sands shuddered, then turned his attention to his briefcase.
  52. For I have sinned above the number of the sands of the sea.
  53. What used to be a solid rock has become shifting sands that.
  54. These sands have good Permeability, which helps in escaping.
  55. Over the sterile sands and the fields beyond, where the child.
  56. Preparation of Sand : There are TWO methods of preparing Sands.
  57. Repeat until the sands in the hourglass have completely fallen.
  58. Use the facilities at White Sands to test your rocket engines.
  59. Donald Sands had worked for Copra, as had his father before him.
  60. It was protected from damage by covering sands for long periods.
  61. There are a few issues facing the Canadian Oil Sands going forward.
  62. A grasp the hourglass in her hands and keep the sands from running.
  63. As mentioned before, getting oil out of the tar sands is not cheap.
  64. In the next few days we walked across stony ground, sands and wadis.
  65. White Sands Beach has the mildest weather of any place on Kellaran.
  66. There was nothing but the gentle rhythm of the sea against the sands.
  67. The Lombardis too were very happy and headed back to Coquina Sands at.
  69. You find thus in the very sands an anticipation of the vegetable leaf.
  70. Yes, the facts against me have grown numerous as the sands of the sea.
  71. Asked your wife, Sands said matter-of-factly, reviewing his notes.
  72. Remove the sands of mind and you will find the clear, cool waters within.
  73. There were red mountains in the distance and white sands beneath his feet.
  74. The cosmic vortex was setting setting, the sands of time were running out.
  75. That topic and the tar sands was in the media almost daily, in those days.
  76. It is clear that oil sands in Alberta represent a source of fabulous wealth.
  77. There would be no postponement; the lessons at Slapton Sands had been noted.
  78. What's the first question? Vere stood upon the sands of her own facade.
  79. He sets up a camping table and mumbles something about the Sands of the Nile.
  80. Projects have been cancelled due to listing the delhi sands flower loving fly.
  81. A favourite spot turned out to be the steakhouse at the Umhlanga Sands Hotel.
  82. Workers were coming and going through secret tunnels buried deep in the sands.
  83. She'll be in her grave, poor girl, when White Sands school opens, that's what.
  84. Lights went on as the chauffeur moved about the Moorish fort on the Venice sands.
  85. You'll find their footmarks all over the Hastings sands, in Kent, and in Sussex.
  86. Ya reckon to sail through the Sands o’ Syn, do ya? Gmph, it grunted again.
  87. Göhren is built on a very steep hill that drops straight down on to the sands.
  88. Frank Sinatra is permitted twenty-four-hour access to the roof of the Sands Hotel.
  89. Now the foremost knights had reached the thin line that glittered across the sands.
  90. White-crested waves beat madly on the level sands and rushed up the shelving cliffs.
  91. While the oil sands are a tremendous resource, removing oil from sand isn’t cheap.
  92. Darren repeated Michael, well as they probably told you I am Michael Sands.
  93. The night drifted on and the sands of time weight heavily on both of their shoulders.
  94. More of it had been exposed and shifting sands were causing the segments to separate.
  95. Canada’s oil sands reserves are massive, ranked a close second behind Saudi Arabia.
  96. The sands were deserted too, for the tourists were all dozing in hammocks or in beds.
  97. When the wave pulled back out he was gone, perhaps running away north along the sands.
  98. He was worried that food and water would become even more scarce in the endless sands.
  99. Out of no where, A man in a brown robe appeared walking out the the depths of the sands.
  100. Was he finished with Lizzie? Was I forgiven? I was certainly treading on shifting sands.

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