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Dip in a sentence

Dip in 2.
A dip of.
What a dip.
tion as the Dip iCs.
On a dip lower to 9.
A dipperty dip dip.
A dip would cool him.

I watched his head dip.
Dip toast into it to eat.
But when you dip into the.
Dip, dip and swing the paddle.
When the oil is hot, Dip the.
would dip into the low forties.
A Final Dip is not a Key Range.
and she knew every dip and bend.
Bail: dip water out of a boat;.
Or was that dip staged?.
I need another dip in the pool.
Dip in melted Dipping chocolate.
Another sort of dip you could do.
Dip it in the melted raw chocolate.
disappeared down a dip in the trail.
The dip may last one day or several.
I much preferred a quick dip and out.
Good, I could use a dip in this heat.
You could use a quick dip in the.
me the step down for my dip in the bay.
to dip seven times in the Jordan river.
‘Dip, dip, and swing the paddle.
Double dip chocolate heavenly hash.
dipping all the tests.
or by dipping it in water.
'Skinny dipping it is, then.
before dipping another dive.
Dip in melted Dipping chocolate.
dipping into bays and harbour walls.
With sloping masts and dipping prow,.
The sun was already dipping in the west.
Dipping girls’ pigtails in the inkwell,.
and she comes with the dipping of the sun.
The little moon was dipping to the horizon.
draped across the back, dipping to the waist.
A brilliant book of wisdom to keep dipping into.
Who, dipping all his faults in their affection,.
The Covert started dipping and weaving on its own.
dipping in that stream in the middle of the winter.
‘As you wish,’ he said, dipping his head a tad.
Dipping her chin and scowling, she begins to chant.
This is great with French bread for dipping into it.
It was a classic pickpocket maneuver called dipping.
"Nathalia," the white-haired elf said, dipping his head.
Eat with fork, dipping the fish into the garlic butter.
He said dipping some sushi in the wasabe sauce and then.
‘In a minute, in a minute,’ he said, dipping his pen.
Outside the sun was just dipping below the London skyline.
On came the knights, with waving plumes and dipping lances.
Dipping his head, he brushed his lips over hers, testing.
I've brought you a present; and, dipping into a pouch tied.
The sun was slowly dipping its feet back into the horizon as.
He dipped his.
I have dipped it.
I dipped my head.
? I dipped the M.
She dipped her.
as it dipped down.
He dipped the clutch.
The boat dipped down.
Alice dipped her head.
I dipped my head down.
dipped it into the sand.
I dipped into the reef.
The Cup dipped into the sun.
She dipped her hand in the.
The elf dipped his bald head.
The yacht dipped in its wake.
Quinn dipped down to kiss her.
So when He had dipped the.
She dipped toast in her ale.
dipped several paintbrushes in it.
Davis dipped his head to the side.
He dipped his index finger in the.
Arakiel’s head dipped in consent.
She dipped sweetly into his eye line.
I dipped my chips into the runny egg.
Matilde dipped her toe into the water.
So when He had dipped the morsel,.
He dipped down and started kissing me.
dips her toe in purgatory.
The kite spins, dips, steadies.
dips and divots of the toolpath.
✔ Take advantage of price dips.
The dips and the dried fruits ready.
The signal dips for a second or two.
on the concept, it could be dips or oil).
Death toll dips to 4 in bridge collapse.
He dips his hand in to pull up some water.
especially true if you take dips in a pool.
He dips a table spoon into the flour jar.
As the train dips down to street level, Edward leaps.
We are the one source that dips into regularly into.
pooling in the dips and the cracks of the asphalt road.
The chassis dips with the added weight hanging from the.
by its rotation around itself, it dips at the poles and.
When the sun dips below the skyline, we light the candles.
I watch as Cherrie dips her board over the lip of the slope.
The hay remained with two dips where they had been sleeping.
employ yourself and hit your Pull ups and Dips without fail.
covered the table with chips and dips and assorted trays of.
She dips in two fingers, digs up a wet, soft, slippery thing.
CCI then identified tradable pullbacks with dips below –100.
The curvature of the orb dips back into a white field, the eye.
by the gown that flaunted warm dips and curves, while the robe.
be inputted into the model when the actual premium dips below it.
commonly see being served as vegan appetizers that come with dips.
possessed a glorious figure, and the curves, dips and peaks were.
Way 14: Investing in the Bull, trading in the Bear—buying the dips.
When price dips well below the typical range, the opportunity is clear.

Synonyms for dip

dip inclination cutpurse pickpocket drop fall plunge douse dunk souse dim sink duck