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    1. have really easily taught you the very basics of goal setting but I know that there are a lot of other elements that go into achieving your goals

    2. Basics of soil restoration is to restore the natural balance

    3. ‘What has Paul told you, Emma?’ I asked, slicing through to the basics

    4. comes from the home: If people would go back to the basics and grow their own food, and take care of their bug problems naturally, chemical pollution would no longer be a problem

    5. Just the basics

    6. He already knew the basics and the concepts and had become quite familiar with fabrication

    7. She didn't understand the nuances, but the basics were starting to fall into place

    8. A small, open-all-hours, traditional general store and two small, occasionally open shops seemed to provide most of the basics for the villagers

    9. spoonfed even the basics

    10. The fact that she still knew the basics of life seemed like a key fact however

    11. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    12. But out of the depths of her memory, marched skills she had long forgotten – her mother may have been a complete arsehole when it came to some aspects of parenting, but she had taught her daughter the basics of cooking and these now stood Chrissie in good stead

    13. Hanging on his front door there is a long, towelling bathrobe, a bath towel and a drawstring bag containing the basics required for his ablutions

    14. had had the basics of vehicle control instilled into him by his Uncle

    15. In the next hour Roman showed Heather the basics of combat—the rules

    16. Roman had taught her the basics of self-defense, Heather was not thrilled at the

    17. And that’s the real basics

    18. It sounds such an obvious point to mention, but sometimes the basics are

    19. Write it, then cut it to the bare basics

    20. She’d had no lessons as a girl, but watched Father often enough to learn the basics

    21. Under Senta and Isin's patient tutelage, Deni and Song became adept at the subtle movements required to perform the basics of the Lascorii Court 'dances and rituals' which is what the robe flourishes were used for to begin with

    22. The Basics Of Judo

    23. What I am saying is, after you have a solid understanding of the basics contained in my report, and in the above “InfoProfits TruthPrints” course, you need to first start to “Do Something”

    24. Marlon Sanders, that wild and crazy guy, has amazing energy, and a fantastic way of telling you how to focus on the basics, while giving you step-by-step instructions on how to start and succeed in your own information marketing business

    25. Somehow the basics had

    26. So you need to learn the basics of

    27. It was just how these mundane things in life, the basics, the mortgage, left them – Janetta in all her expressions of discontentment and disillusionment – struggling

    28. However, if you want the basics for building your sexual value, then understand that you can rapidly build it by focusing on 4 things:

    29. For the next hour, the lot of them—teacher and students—began working on the building blocks of reading, including letters for the little ones and short stories for the elder ones who already knew the basics

    30. All sorts of experts were being paraded in front of the cameras but they added little to the basics of the information already released by the Government

    31. attempts to teach basics of the real myth to his adepts

    32. As the young and impressionable Muslims hear and see what happened in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison they research the Internet for answers and find enough websites to explain the basics of terrorism survival to them

    33. Made me a much fitter policeman that comment did! The instructor took great delight in me running in front of his vehicle for what seemed like hours so that I could feel chased so to speak! I suppose I must have felt wicked for the entire six months during basics for we ran everywhere

    34. A thought concerning insatiable consumerism: Many of us need to return to the basics; that is to say, curb our appetites and rediscover our (natural) mettle; so long have our latent potentials been properly tested

    35. returning to the basics!

    36. At this stage you won’t have time to attend to injuries so do the basics, try to stop the bleeding by pressing on the wound

    37. Start with the basics

    38. After the basics, such as obedience to Law, reciting scripture and fairly simple counting and sword-fighting skills, the best of each class of children were selected for progression: that was done according to the inclination, receptiveness, and skill they showed at the various tests and games carried out to separate those who were capable of serving the people and the Gods and those who simply could not

    39. “After a few years living in the cave with just the basics, I figured that material things are not what they’re cracked up to be

    40. teaches you the basics as well as the advanced techniques of NLP

    41. now though you'll easily learn the basics and more of NLP and how

    42. These are some of the basics of a walk in the spirit

    43. I explained to you some of the basics of God’s plan and the world of spirits with terms that you can absorb, but I can’t enlighten you more without bringing to you doubts and confusion as well

    44. Driving was a democracy, and there had to be rules beyond the basics

    45. materials and self-trained himself in the basics of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition

    46. American Kitchen shows that the basics of cooking Indian fare are simple - cook with

    47. Each of us knew the basics of all the powers, but could only excel in one or two areas

    48. mother and sister had taught him, his true genetic heritage, and the basics of

    49. From those influential positions they have turned the mission of the colleges that teach teachers away from the study of history, civics, and other basics to indoctrination in

    50. "You all should have in your possession a book entitled The Basics Of DP, which you should read and interpret to the best of your ability

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    Synonyms for "basics"

    basic principle basics bedrock fundamental principle fundamentals rudiments basis principle

    "basics" definitions

    a statement of fundamental facts or principles

    principles from which other truths can be derived