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    1. Fundamentals of theory and technology of National University of Construction and Architecture (Kiev, Ukraine) have been worked out by V

    2. amount of training and dedicated practice in the fundamentals of one’s profession

    3. I called the seminar “Pacific West’s Series on Real Estate Fundamentals

    4. Falcon and Sphinx would become fundamentals of his

    5. Such was the simple strategy George unveiled after a brief introduction to the fundamentals of roulette

    6. This current economic model possesses serious systemic errors because it is based on the destruction for the consumption to generate income and mistakenly to move the economy; this destruction is corroborated in any country because it was built in a botchy way, which creates economic fundamentals with harmful results

    7. As this innovation satisfies so desired need of social and behavioural change, we decided to apply as methodology principal fundamentals of this authentic economic model in the current economy

    8. Trillion dollars are wasted in the productive activities and another trillion are consumed in the bureaucracy to fulfill ridiculous economic fundamentals on behalf of the current system

    9. This current economic system totally imposes cruel death physical or moral to million of million of people, which it deceives governments and technocrats in the belief in economic fundamentals mistaken and torturing

    10. This eliminates the need of the disastrous practice of receipt of money with payment of interests to satisfy the mistaken economic fundamentals

    11. consumption in conformity with the fundamentals of the

    12. It would not be hard to understand these basic fundamentals if we were operating with "clean slates"

    13. He lists the five fundamentals of Reform Protestant religion which he denies:1

    14. She had just learned the fundamentals about the use of her powers, and here she was, already facing danger

    15. But my father is a master of disguise, and so I’m conversant with the fundamentals of the art

    16. He covered the fundamentals of aerodynamics, engine malfunction procedures, even how to make radio calls

    17. With the fundamentals of business as its foundation, the curriculum of EMBA Programs supply the necessary framework for better decision-making, says Dart

    18. In helping students improve their contributions as business leaders, both the fundamentals and the application of those fundamentals are important, says Bill Lindsey, associate dean, Executive MBA, at Loyola Marymount University

    19. “In more conventional terms, this includes covering the concepts that allow the students to cope with basic functional and process issues in business – the fundamentals

    20. Traveling naked and its fundamentals included a solid stage with a reliable team

    21. The book explains fundamentals of electronics and

    22. So What Are The Fundamentals?

    23. the charts and read the price action, only use Fundamentals to support your Technical

    24. Once you have mastered the necessary trading fundamentals and have identified a trading

    25. The destination and fundamentals of technical analysis

    26. Very few new fundamentals present themselves

    27. He was concerned only with the naked fundamentals of life

    28. How many budding young engineers, architects, and construction workers learned the fundamentals of structural integrity by playing Jenga as children?

    29. comes to the fundamentals, where do they stand?

    30. bookstore and pick up a book on the fundamentals of real estate

    31. Aureliano Centeno, overwhelmed by the abundance of the factory, had already begun to experiment with the production of ice with a base of fruit juices instead of water, and without knowing it or thinking about it, he conceived the essential fundamentals for the invention of sherbet

    32. Over the last decade, watching the game has been exhausting and painful, with contests that could have been won by exercising fundamentals of the game

    33. This will cover all of the fundamentals that you need to know as most websites will have at least these basic components

    34. You then set off to learn about stocks, the fundamentals and the

    35. Australians discovered too late that the fundamentals of the defence policy were unsound

    36. on the price of the stock, but does not reduce the fundamentals on the balance sheet

    37. using the Gordon Model is that it is so dependent on the fundamentals of the company

    38. would certainly see the importance of teaching fundamentals in any business curriculum

    39. fundamental analysis -albeit one that anticipates fundamentals rather than reacting to

    40. risk, he or she steps out of the realm of relational fundamentals and uses statistical

    41. because all but the two fundamentals, net income and assets, cancel each other out

    42. of absolutes when it comes to either fundamentals or near-term stock price increases; an

    43. line? “But the fundamentals were great on that company!” Corporate fundamentals are

    44. even if the fundamentals tell you that it is

    45. by internal fundamentals and did not have as many market variables as the CAPM -

    46. fundamentals by balancing future growth with the cost of capital

    47. The first procedure is to construct an estimate from fundamentals

    48. entering the necessary fundamentals into a function

    49. Zmijewski fundamentals optimize in that domain - where this ratio is maximized

    50. growth factors by the fundamentals for capital and equity and then subtract to obtain an

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    basic principle basics bedrock fundamental principle fundamentals

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    principles from which other truths can be derived