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  1. And found them such heaven that I bequeath them my.
  2. And at the sound of the first "give and bequeath".
  3. Crump sought her advice on how to bequeath her property.
  4. I bequeath to her the two candlesticks which stand on the chimney-piece.
  5. He could sell, rent, lease, bequeath, or do anything else with his land that an owner could do.

  6. The guy who said, ‘The greatest gift I can bequeath mankind is to avoid procreation at all costs.
  7. Henry Dashwood, the legal inheritor of the Norland estate, and the person to whom he intended to bequeath it.
  8. In a final letter to her he wrote these words: To you I bequeath the two candlesticks which are on the mantel.
  9. Many men who are unwilling to part with their riches during their lifetime bequeath them to public institutions.
  10. A daughter is to be born to Lady Tara and I! She will be called Buddhi and to her I bequeath my hidden estates on planet Mercury.
  11. Young Davey ’s got the plague, and he has no heirs to bequeath the inn to, so he’ s giving all the ale away, the man said, grinning with delight.
  12. I must have him beside me, if I am to bequeath my legacy to my posterity! She raised herself to the maximum elevation that her slender stature would allow.
  13. Nor does it make any sense to selectively bequeath that giving only to a small circle of close friends and relatives while walling off the rest of society from that giving.
  14. As we were told, Continued my mother, the cult lords initiate their sons into the fraternity so they could bequeath their cult-induced legacy to them upon their death.
  15. Interestingly, she also wished to bequeath her psychiatrist, Marianne Kris, with a full 25 percent of her estate and—more surprisingly—Lee Strasberg with the other 75 percent.

  16. Their citizens who travel will send to it rare and costly things from every quarter of the globe they visit, while those who remain at home will give or bequeath to it of their treasures.
  17. Providence has blessed my endeavours to secure a competency; and as I am unmarried and childless, I wish to adopt her during my life, and bequeath her at my death whatever I may have to leave.
  18. Terentieff, said Ptitsin, who had bidden the prince good-night, and was now holding out his hand to Hippolyte; I think you remark in that manuscript of yours, that you bequeath your skeleton to the Academy.
  19. So likewise in regard to the use or abuse of its surplus wealth, or to generous, free handed cooperation in good public uses, or to unabated efforts to accumulate and hoard to the last, or whether they administer or bequeath.
  20. The head of authority cannot live without the effort and support of the body! All of the body! Within him, lives the skill and wisdom of our master builder who had, while he was still with us, chosen him to bequeath his legacy to.
  21. Springer, who was not content to bequeath funds from his estate at death, but gave during his life, and, in addition, gave- what was equally important-his time and business ability to insure the successful results which have been achieved.
  22. But the inheritance consisted in this only, a scrap of paper on which Spada had written:—'I bequeath to my beloved nephew my coffers, my books, and, amongst others, my breviary with the gold corners, which I beg he will preserve in remembrance of his affectionate uncle.
  23. I bequeath to Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis,—and son of my former patron, Pierre Morrel, shipowner at Marseilles,—the sum of twenty millions, a part of which may be offered to his sister Julia and brother-in-law Emmanuel, if he does not fear this increase of fortune may mar their happiness.
  24. And yours of Helena to me bequeath,.
  1. To women certain whispers of myself bequeathing, their affection.
  2. In the end, unnoticed, they leave the stage, bequeathing their ill-gotten wealth to their kith and kin.
  3. John Constable was satisfied with that story: outlaws were outside the law, as their name indicated, so there was no question of Sim bequeathing his property.
  4. The last Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathing to me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all it contained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.
  5. However, when they were finally confirmed by reliable sources, one bar-owner promptly jumped over his counter, bequeathing all the bottles of drink to his delighted customers, and ran off to stake his claim.
  6. He was a widower, and had no relations left, excepting the prince’s aunt, a poor woman living on charity, who was herself at the point of death from dropsy; but who had time, before she died, to set Salaskin to work to find her nephew, and to make her will bequeathing her newly-acquired fortune to him.
  7. The lives of the wealthy have reached that degree of security of which in olden times men only dreamed in fairy-tales, to the condition of the owner of the magic purse with the inexhaustible ruble; to a state where a man not only is entirely free from the law of labour for the sustenance of his life, but has the possibility of enjoying all the goods of this life without working, and of bequeathing to his children, or to anyone he chooses, this purse with the inexhaustible ruble.
  8. Then, wiping his tears away, he went out to them joyful and told them, Brothers, I am your brother Joseph! Let him read them further how happy old Jacob was on learning that his darling boy was still alive, and how he went to Egypt leaving his own country, and died in a foreign land, bequeathing his great prophecy that had lain mysteriously hidden in his meek and timid heart all his life, that from his offspring, from Judah, will come the great hope of the world, the Messiah and Saviour.
  9. Bequeathing hence types of athletic love,.
  1. That some mad God with thought bequeathed.
  2. But Epicurus bequeathed his gardens to his own school.
  3. Wilson were executors, he bequeathed a very considerable amount.
  4. The Countess bequeathed it to us in her will, replied Hermann.
  5. What has Greece bequeathed to the world? Its literature and its marbles.
  6. It is one of the papers in his own handwriting which he has bequeathed to us.
  7. Karl had bequeathed to him, all his money from three Swiss accounts and Blake Hall.
  8. Roy had bequeathed me his Kombi Van and a few thousand dollars cash, obviously his.
  9. Rome deified the people in the State, and bequeathed the idea of the State to the nations.
  10. However, she only bequeathed $10,000 to Berniece, whom she was a lot closer to than Gladys.
  11. To atone for a sin: great lords had churches built, they bequeathed woodlands to the church.
  12. She had a small property, which she bequeathed with much ostentation to a religious community.
  13. Trust is an intimacy bequeathed, for one's nakedness can always be revealed at a later date.
  14. The Greeks deified nature and bequeathed the world their religion, that is, philosophy and art.
  15. He had a small stipend as vicar and drew income from rental properties bequeathed to All Hallows.
  16. She had a considerable sum of money—not less than £1000 a year—and this she bequeathed to Dr.
  17. In it, she bequeathed a respectable sum of money to Iason, Stratoss son, and twenty paintings to me.
  18. This would enable the children to retain and enjoy the wealth bequeathed to their father by the cult deity.
  19. The owner of the leading paper there bequeathed its revenues forever to the city, to be used in beautifying it.
  20. To Lea, he bequeathed the villa in Geneva, the two cars in the garage and a large amount of money for its upkeep.
  21. I had officially bequeathed my office to them and due to our land’s laws; it was now theirs to do with what they wanted.
  22. This poor fellow, whom Caderousse had forgotten, had not forgotten him, and at his death he bequeathed this diamond to him.
  23. He felt how useless it was to struggle against fortune, this being the burden of wisdom which the ages had bequeathed to him.
  24. Karl Henderson’s estate, are writing to you, to inform you that the following property and monies have been bequeathed to you.
  25. It is part of that "damnosa haereditas" which Rome has bequeathed to our Church, and which has never been completely purged away.
  26. Wisdom is not bequeathed by age, but by reflecting on experiences that change the heart, for all wisdom springs from compassion.
  27. In Francine’s simple will, she bequeathed her eighty acres to the Mountain Trust, and to the exclusion of her five adult children.
  28. Through the hazy car windows, for the last time, Jericho bequeathed Sophia with a look of longing, as the police car sped away from her.
  29. On his deathbed, he’d confessed his crimes to his oldest son and heir, Cyrus’s father, and bequeathed the maps into this man’s care.
  30. Later, in 1879, he resided in a home on an estate in Beauvoir, Mississippi, that was bequeathed to him by a sympathetic lady of the South.
  31. What our parents have bequeathed was a generation of lingering adolescents who continue to view the world as their own private playgrounds.
  32. To him, all the money he earned was actually money bequeathed to him from a striking young woman he’d met on the street one Friday afternoon.
  33. The old man certainly won't be angry at these flowers, for he bequeathed us joy himself, didn't he ? I believe he's here somewhere in the room.
  34. As for the five hundred and eighty thousand francs, they constituted a legacy bequeathed to Cosette by a dead person, who desired to remain unknown.
  35. Knowledge of the results of legacies bequeathed is not calculated to inspire the brightest hopes of much posthumous good being accomplished by them.
  36. Because my father had no male heir James was bequeathed the estate in my father’s will so long as his grandson would inherit after James’ death.
  37. And the exile, separated from the beloved France so dear to his heart, died a lingering death on that rock and bequeathed his great deeds to posterity.
  38. It was as though Father Zossima had bequeathed him to him at his death, and perhaps that's just what had passed between them, Alyosha thought suddenly.
  39. Zolla II was bequeathed knowledge, much of which (some claimed) could never be revealed, for it could potentially undermine the very fabric of B’tari culture.
  40. Upon his death, Nuke’s father, Moussa Habeen, bequeathed ten stone tablets to him, which were thought to contain important information concerning ET/human contacts.
  41. Adopt it, and we can no longer yield, at the beck of haughty belligerents, the right of navigating the ocean, that choice inheritance bequeathed to us by our fathers.
  42. It can be left to the families of the decedents; or it can be bequeathed for public purposes; or, finally, it can be administered by its possessors during their lives.
  43. Stan had bequeathed his whole estate, after taxes and funeral expenses, to Julie, and Mr Herrington was obviously surprised that she had shown no interest in claiming it.
  44. Hardly yet able to believe in himself he hastened to mother's and—arrived at the very moment when she was set free by the death of the old man who had bequeathed her to him.
  45. He then announced, as he gave each of the six men a large folded vellum document, that the Countess von Brechtsler had bequeathed to each of them the land that they were farming.
  46. I had mingled like Dracula wished, interwoven with the vampires at my home, particularly focusing at my sire’s request on the suitable bequeathed eligible bachelors of the time.
  47. The last Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathing to me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all it contained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.
  48. Her grandmother bequeathed ten thousand dollars to her twenty, twenty five years ago, or so, and when the ear of the personal investor dawned she opened up her own brokerage account.
  49. As I released my grip more wholeheartedly, I experienced a pinch of guilt, a sense of sadness for the mortal boy who was in the end bequeathed nothing by no other than my blood brother.
  50. It is the work of a brave man surely, in whom there was no guile! He rounded this water with his hand, deepened and clarified it in his thought, and in his will bequeathed it to Concord.
  51. He had bequeathed the whole of his, and what had been her movable property to his father: the poor creature was threatened, or coaxed, into that act during her week's absence, when his uncle died.
  52. He had bequeathed the whole of his, and what had been her, moveable property, to his father: the poor creature was threatened, or coaxed, into that act during her week’s absence, when his uncle died.
  53. Government through reduction and eventual abolishment of the estate tax will be recouped by capital gains taxes that your heirs will have to pay if and when they dispose of the property bequeathed to them.
  54. Though most avail themselves of many of society's collective benefits bequeathed as commons to each other, those who avail themselves and utilize them the most never proportionally pay for those privileges.
  55. Jesus neither embodied the messianic ideals of the Jewish prophets nor did he sufficiently rebuke those expectations to lay any legitimate claim to the title of messiah that his followers bequeathed on him.
  56. We have many such institutions,-Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Packer, and others,-but most of these have only been bequeathed, and it is impossible to extol any man greatly for simply leaving what he cannot take with him.
  57. Jennings' network is, after all, the one that bequeathed America such edifying television fare as NYPD Blue, the raucous police drama renowned for its raunchy language and for broadcasting the bare backsides of its lead thespians.
  58. All these he bequeathed to me, with a thousand Roman crowns, which he had in ready money, on condition that I would have anniversary masses said for the repose of his soul, and that I would draw up a genealogical tree and history of his house.
  59. This holy woman, too poor to wear the magnificent habit of her order, which was a white robe with a scarlet scapulary, had piously put it on a little manikin, which she exhibited with complacency and which she bequeathed to the house at her death.
  60. Here we find a method, the spirit of which is to believe that what is sought has been accomplished in order to accomplish it: a method bequeathed upon us by the same Plato who, outside of this sphere, could never find how the ideas became realities.
  61. My father always cherished the idea that he would atone for his error by leaving his possessions to us; that letter informs us that he has bequeathed every penny to the other relation, with the exception of thirty guineas, to be divided between St.
  62. And what did the church do, when a dying terrified soul begged to be allowed to give his confession of his sins before he died? The church refused to even listen to their confession… unless he bequeathed all of his worldly possessions to the church.
  63. On the other hand, young fresh strength droops and is lost for want of sustenance; this is the case with thousands everywhere! A hundred, a thousand good deeds and enterprises could be carried out and upheld with the money this old woman has bequeathed to a monastery.
  64. How could Zacchaeus not be angry at what God had bestowed on him? I could picture countless hours spent in front of the mirror as a mortal child, when Zacchaeus was growing up only to be overshadowed by the love his parents and their friends must have bequeathed on Adrinius.
  65. Beyond providing for the wife and daughters moderate sources of income, and very moderate allowances indeed, if any, for the sons, men may well hesitate; for it is no longer questionable that great sums bequeathed often work more for the injury than for- the good of the recipients.
  66. The general expectation now was that the "much" would fall to Fred Vincy, but the Vincys themselves were surprised when ten thousand pounds in specified investments were declared to be bequeathed to him:—was the land coming too? Fred bit his lips: it was difficult to help smiling, and Mrs.
  67. But not alone has this Leviathan left his pre-adamite traces in the stereotype plates of nature, and in limestone and marl bequeathed his ancient bust; but upon Egyptian tablets, whose antiquity seems to claim for them an almost fossiliferous character, we find the unmistakable print of his fin.
  68. At the same time he recognised clearly that the dream which had fired his imagination was hopelessly unattainable—so unattainable that he felt positively ashamed of it, and he hastened to pass to the other more practical cares and difficulties bequeathed him by that thrice accursed yesterday.
  69. A legacy of the emperor who built it; the kings and czars who bequeathed gifts; of the conquerors and crusaders and prophets who protected it; of the scholars who enriched it with their knowledge, wisdom and manuscripts and finally, but principally, of the lowly tens of thousands who lived in it across the ages, served it and assured its existence.
  70. The Revolution bequeathed to the French nobility its heritage, and now every whippersnapper of a Parisian may possess manners, methods of expression, and even thoughts that are above reproach in form, while all the time he himself may share in that form neither in initiative nor in intellect nor in soul—his manners, and the rest, having come to him through inheritance.
  71. I included this evocation in my talk because, like many other citizens of that sprightly village, I fondly and nostalgically recalled that sacred icon which our ancestors from earlier centuries had bequeathed to us and which a mayor and a priest had, just a few years ago, secretly and foolishly demolished some four centuries after concrete documents rendered evident its existence.
  1. There had also been individual bequeaths to the Chapel of our Lady of the White Penitents of Salon, the Brothers of St.
  2. You know the affairs of the deceased are in perfect order, and her will bequeaths to Valentine the entire property of the Saint-Meran family; the notary showed me the documents yesterday, which will enable us to draw up the contract immediately.
  3. Devises houses and lands to his children, bequeaths stocks, goods,.

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