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  1. Then you will transmit these.
  2. I would then transmit them to the FBI.
  3. All he needed to do was transmit his.
  4. He managed to push the transmit button.
  5. To transmit information from the fibers.

  6. He pressed the radio’s transmit button.
  7. You were supposed to transmit it yesterday.
  8. They transmit the infection with their bite.
  9. A radio, double-tapping the transmit button.
  10. They transmit – through touching, kissing.
  11. Sad and forlorn, his eyes transmit the great.
  12. Transmit to us the wonders we cannot visualize.
  13. But he could not transmit the radiance to marble.
  14. So transmit effective radiated power goes up by 1.
  15. These chemicals transmit nerve signals within the.

  16. A clear, simple way to transmit acknowledged.
  17. If you want, I’ll transmit the instructions to you.
  18. Susan pressed the transmit button with her left elbow.
  19. We use crystal technology to store and transmit power.
  20. Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the.
  21. Richard pressed the transmit button and replied, Receiving.
  22. Channels are basically the medium used to transmit the message.
  23. She decided she would not transmit unless a friendly ship was.
  24. The Wolf clicked the transmit button twice, "Purple," he echoed.
  25. But he would be in a position to transmit secrets to the enemy.

  26. By improving the transmit information between cells, it reduces.
  27. To facilitate comprehension of the model adopted to transmit this.
  28. I now, with diffidence, transmit to you the result of my inquiries.
  29. Oh yes, well I managed to transmit a new entry off to the editor.
  30. On receipt of the token, the other system can transmit its message.
  31. Some say the strongest WiMAX stations could transmit for up to 50.
  32. His nanodrones transmit his memories through his hand into her brain.
  33. It would transmit the next time he came into range of a wireless net.
  34. He pushed past Hugh and pressed the transmit button, This is the C.
  35. He racked his brains trying to think how best to transmit his message.
  36. Permission to transmit is arbitrated by the possession of a data token.
  37. You use the switch on the side to choose which frequency to transmit on.
  38. Therefore, each layer creates its own PDU to transmit to the next layer.
  39. But the movements of his body would transmit through the single mattress.
  40. When the pupil has for years been accustomed to transmit messages for the.
  41. In TWA mode, only one of the systems can transmit messages at any one time.
  42. Under their orders the telegraph companies refused to transmit the letter.
  43. As usual, trying to transmit love as best we could through each other’s.
  44. How old must all this be? Ten years? Twenty? What did you transmit?
  45. Only the system in possession of the token is allowed to transmit its data.
  46. Communication laser is aimed and ready to transmit, Trini said, having.
  47. She had to transmit herself and build herself back up on the ship somewhere.
  48. We can transmit some information even as far as the distance to YingolNeerie.
  49. The guard lifted the mouthpiece to his radio and pressed the transmit button.
  50. After all, they both relay impulses as data to transmit messages, information.
  51. London Radio was the first station to transmit and broadcast this news in detail.
  52. Both bridges will then transmit the same packet onto the other segment, Network B.
  53. The masters of your Universe transmit to you messages without your even knowing it.
  54. So he wouldn't push the transmit button until he definitely had someone to talk to.
  55. Transmit the data I need to be in compliance with this stupid ritual thing of yours.
  56. He pushed the transmit button and held it down to continue transmitting the message.
  57. Great care must be taken that the victim does not transmit the disease to anyone else.
  58. She released the transmit button but kept the microphone ready for further announcements.
  59. Worse, aphids carry and transmit disease and are of particular concern for tomato plants.
  60. The object of this activity is to transmit to others feelings the artist has experienced.
  61. These buoys transmit detailed information about tsunamis while they are still far offshore.
  62. He told Pon that any relevant information he would transmit to the Thai operations centre.
  63. By looking at them she could transmit some sort of message and they would do as she pleased.
  64. Transmit this intelligence to TCN headquarters on Earth, with top priority for transmission.
  65. Transmit at frequent intervals but exercise discretion in using battery-operated transceivers.
  66. We haven’t known them long enough to transmit many movies over that distance, Ava said.
  67. When you put this on continual transmit, I cannot respond and let you know I’m on the way.
  68. I'm joking, there's no way that could work, the natives don't have any way to transmit credit.
  69. Are checks worth a whole lot of money just because they can transmit money? Are money orders? [.
  70. Rapp had modified his radio to constantly transmit on the frequency Gould had been excluded from.
  71. To be able to enter those words into a device and transmit those thoughts into a specific target.
  72. If the title is no subject, it appears that you have nothing to transmit, so don’t send it.
  73. Then it would transmit the information to someone outside the house, probably in a car on the road.
  74. Let me transmit the exercise parameters so you can take your station where it will be safe to do so.
  75. Using the supplied address, the application can then transmit a message to the intended destination.
  76. I transmit to the Senate copies of the correspondence called for by their resolution of the 7th instant.
  77. Windows systems purge entries after two minutes when they are not used to transmit additional datagrams.
  78. This makes them available to transmit knowledge that is less tainted by their physical translations of it.
  79. Serotonin (5-hydroxy tryptamine) is a neurotransmitter released from nerve ending to transmit nerve impulse.
  80. In other cases, the adapter’s carrier sense mechanism might fail, causing it to transmit at the wrong time.
  81. Sir: I have the honor to transmit a report, prepared in obedience to the resolution of the Senate of yesterday.
  82. I transmit to the Senate a report of the Secretary of State, complying with their resolution of the 10th instant.
  83. This case is similar to sleeping when the nerves cease to transmit senses to the spirit which is settled inside.
  84. Instead, fiber-optic cable uses pulses of light (photons) to transmit the binary signals generated by computers.
  85. I transmit to the House a report of the Secretary of State, complying with their resolution of the 22d of January.
  86. The writing of captions and dialogue also requires you to transmit your information in the briefest form possible.
  87. But the whole explanation hinges on the ability of entangled particles in decay bacteria to transmit a human soul.
  88. But a near miss should let us get a couple frames of imaging and allow the probe to survive and transmit the data.
  89. All data networking is about bandwidth, or the ability to transmit signals between systems at a given rate of speed.
  90. Here so the chakras and communicates with the outward things – energy or particles (they also transmit an energy).
  91. If the system transmitted beacon frames for more than 26 seconds, it performed a beacon transmit auto-removal test.
  92. The problem however was it needed another probe, one which could transmit a polarized signal as well as receive it.
  93. He’ll get my probable cause and transmit a warrant for an officer of the Court to search the Library’s databank.
  94. And this same sincerity will impel the artist to find a clear expression of the feeling which he wishes to transmit.
  95. To Geminis the truth or falsehood of information is irrelevant, they only transmit what they see, hear or read about.
  96. Both systems now enter the ESTABLISHED state, indicating that they are ready to transmit and receive application data.
  97. Clients and servers that use SSL exchange a complex series of SSLHP messages before they transmit any application data.
  98. Examples of criminal acts would be using a computer to commit fraud or using the Internet to transmit obscene material.
  99. As she unfolded the letter at length, her eyes became antennas to transmit the spasms of Sandhya’s heart to her soul.
  100. Like Ethernet, Token Ring used only two of the wire pairs in the cable, one pair to transmit data and one to receive it.
  1. It’s a method of transmitting money.
  2. Within an hour Mars was transmitting.
  3. Every instrument was working and transmitting.
  4. Whatever happened, they are no longer transmitting.
  5. What would be transmitting, during this delay?
  6. The nanoscanner is transmitting the audio conversation.
  7. Transmitting and Receiving Communication in a shared and.
  8. The receiver-SMTP responds by transmitting its own hostname.
  9. I thought all TV stations were only transmitting in digital.
  10. And he pressed an electric button, transmitting an order to the.
  11. Townsend was transmitting that information when Nancy got an idea.
  12. The mike was transmitting to a receiver set-up in Rory’s office.
  13. Tammas delayed transmitting his response as he listened in to the chatter.
  14. What harm has she done? She knew the dimension she was transmitting from.
  15. I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her.
  16. It was the transmitting part that concerned him and not the power feed wire.
  17. But remember that your prime task is in transmitting information, your story.
  18. Liu checked his connection to make sure the bug was still transmitting; it was.
  19. Its surveil ance cameras and infra-red sensors had been transmitting for over.
  20. Calcium also is vital for improving the functions of brain cell in transmitting.
  21. I can’t imagine what’s transmitting from that far out but I don’t like it.
  22. He said No worries with picking up; it is the transmitting that will be dicey.
  23. We have experienced great difficulty in transmitting news, also names of survivors.
  24. He pushed the transmit button and held it down to continue transmitting the message.
  25. Also, any ship transmitting transponder code 7214 should be considered as friendly.
  26. It contained a small microphone and was transmitting conversations in the Landcruiser.
  27. It also has a calming effect in the brain cell by improving the information transmitting.
  28. She was the means of transmitting the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit to Elizabeth.
  29. UTP networks use separate wire pairs within the cable for transmitting and receiving data.
  30. For receiving, less than an amp, but transmitting more like twenty, I’ll have to check.
  31. An example might be transmitting a file to your printer or diagram to a colleague’s tablet.
  32. Sir, the Japanese Navy has resumed transmitting, but from a new location, probably Yokosuka.
  33. How about transmitting the password wirelessly instead? DeShawn points at the keypad too.
  34. The blankets were moving! Quickly he checked the computer and made sure he was still transmitting.
  35. Its transponder is also transmitting and we are in the process of remotely activating its systems.
  36. For one, there were two sets of pads, one marked for transmitting, the other marked for receiving.
  37. The Church, by transmitting the truth of the doctrine of Jesus, has communicated life to the world.
  38. The poor writer of these lines is simply transmitting the spiritual wealth and Orthodox beauty of Mt.
  39. Therefore the body does not use electricity to instate life but by duplicating the transmitting of.
  40. On a typical network, however, computers use separate wire pairs for transmitting and receiving data.
  41. The avatar knows about the diagnostic port! It was transmitting to it and tried to take control of me.
  42. Wasserman, however, as it was crucial she begin therapy to prevent transmitting the virus to her fetus.
  43. This is because the transmitting system can detect a collision only while it is still transmitting data.
  44. The moccoletto is like life: man has found but one means of transmitting it, and that one comes from God.
  45. Systems do not listen to the network before transmitting; they simply send their data whenever they want.
  46. For a quantum link to be disrupted, both the transmitting and receiving ends have to be inside the sphere.
  47. There was no knowing if the the probe had made audio contact, simply a hope that transmitting on the same.
  48. A loud whirling rumble could be heard as the energiser, for transmitting Golf and the ruro globe, powered up.
  49. He could guess Volkheimer’s frequency; he always knew whether Volkheimer’s transmitter was transmitting.
  50. Computers and sensors are embedded in everyday objects, transmitting messages back and forth to one another.
  51. The controlling device appears part of the transmitting circuitry; which must mean it is a receiver as well.
  52. I’m going to think of one of these three stones, transmitting which stone I’m thinking of to your mind.
  53. Packet bursting works by transmitting several packets back to back until a 1,500-byte burst timer is reached.
  54. The impulse spirit holds information to be transmitting along the axon (a nerve fiber) and distribute it away.
  55. As each node receives the incoming signal, it stops transmitting requests and awaits the incoming transmission.
  56. The first cable was put down during the years 1857–1858; but after transmitting about 400 telegrams, it went dead.
  57. The transceiver, as the name implies, is responsible for transmitting and receiving signals over the network medium.
  58. He followed this by doing the same thing with the colon and index finger, again transmitting qi through the meridian.
  59. Feeling the microchip in his head raise its temperature by a quarter of a degree tells Grailem that it is transmitting.
  60. The source service access point (SSAP) field does the same for the source of the packet data on the transmitting system.
  61. Both of these schemes provide the signal needed to synchronize the clocks of the transmitting and receiving workstations.
  62. For example, an Ethernet system can detect collisions only if they occur while the workstation is still transmitting a packet.
  63. Prior to that it appeared that it had not been transmitting, surely they would have detected it years before if it had been?
  64. The only limitation is the signal transmitting capability (that is, the resistance to attenuation) of the network medium itself.
  65. To drive such a low-power mechanism a simplified transmitting unit driven by the swinging action of sea waves could be used [6].
  66. Looking at humans as a type of monergy transmitting cell, the Earth would see at least two apparently corresponding conditions: 1.
  67. When a qbit is transmitted from one particle to another, the state of that property in the transmitting particle goes to unknown.
  68. Speech, transmitting the thoughts and experiences of men, serves as a means of union among them, and art acts in a similar manner.
  69. One method of consciously utilizing this omnipotent power is outlined in Week Seven, which I have the honor of transmitting herewith.
  70. SMTP servers are responsible for receiving outgoing mail from clients and transmitting the mail messages to their destination servers.
  71. The Petrovak has ceased transmitting, but as their ground station was lost to Talstan in 2206, I don’t think that means they were lost.
  72. An end system is either the computer generating and transmitting the packet or the computer that is the ultimate recipient of the packet.
  73. Grailem estimates that the battery will continue transmitting for eleven minutes unattached from the skull before its power is exhausted.
  74. NOTE A collision domain is defined as a network configuration on which two nodes transmitting data at the same time will cause a collision.
  75. If a network segment is too long, a collision may occur after the last bit of data has left the transmitting system and thus may go undetected.
  76. MITCH Rapp made a show of activating his throat mike, though in fact he was constantly transmitting on the frequency Gould had been excluded from.
  77. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he’s transmitting electricity through his skin.
  78. Electric blue can override any other colour in the Aura, when the person is receiving and/or transmitting information in a telepathic communication.
  79. This signaling code would seem to be a simple and logical method for transmitting binary information, but it has one crucial flaw, and that is timing.
  80. There’s a dozen different codes and a dozen different ways of transmitting those codes to let us know if he’s under duress, Cecil said grimly.
  81. Meanwhile Alan was still transmitting, mostly a picture of the blond woman, not a bad image to have in your view, especially with the riverbank beyond.
  82. The transmitting system generates an ARP Request packet containing its own addresses in the Sender Hardware Address and Sender Protocol Address fields.
  83. All the rest of art, transmitting feelings accessible only to a section of people, will be considered unimportant, and will be neither blamed nor praised.
  84. A species existing 250 light years away could have been transmitting radio signals for the last 249 years and they would not have reached your world as yet.
  85. The quantum-disruption effect only works if the transmitting and receiving ends of a link are both contained inside its spherical field, the general said.
  86. The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its.
  87. You start transmitting all the information and almost immediately, over 1000 miles away, the blueprints and the command to begin the chip’s production are received.
  88. Each station transmitting beacon frames was saying, in essence, that a problem existed with its nearest active upstream neighbor because it was not receiving a signal.
  89. The value of this bit indicates whether the transmitting node should read the route designator sections in the RIF field from left to right (0) or from right to left (1).
  90. The nanobots transmit to larger nanobots in the gut, which are capable of transmitting further to a nearby location all the data that transpires within the dream state.
  91. The Malaysian Military had tracked the aeroplane and they stated that apparently it turned from northeast and headed west and the transponder and ACARS were not transmitting.
  92. This is one of the reasons why frame relay is so fast; there is no need to dynamically route the packets through the cloud or establish a new connection before transmitting data.
  93. To avoid having to use elaborate equipment to identify the exact transmitting frequency of the bug, the jamming equipment should constantly sweep through a wide range of frequencies.
  94. The survivor might be listening constantly, but not transmitting to save his battery because the power required to put out a voice signal was many times that used by merely listening.
  95. This has resulted from the following causes: Universal art arises only when some one of the people, having experienced a strong emotion, feels the necessity of transmitting it to others.
  96. Even when this is the case, however, the NIC typically operates in half-duplex mode, meaning that at any given time, it can be transmitting or receiving data, but not both simultaneously.
  97. Walking across the spaceport and secure in the knowledge that the girl is transmitting his health and coordinates of his assumed identity Grailem Almond, Grailem approaches the spaceship.
  98. Because they still couldn’t scan the Horizon, and the Horizon wasn’t transmitting a navigational aid signal, Carter was forced to pilot the pod manually, docking it as best she could.
  99. The problem is usually caused by a NIC that is jabbering, or transmitting improperly or continuously, or (less likely) by the corruption of the header’s length indicator during transmission.
  100. And this effect is produced both by the religious art which transmits feelings of love to God and one's neighbor, and by universal art, transmitting the very simplest feelings common to all men.
  1. I didn't know he transmitted.
  2. Or transmitted wave that sends.
  3. He transmitted a message to the Bullet.
  4. They seemed to have transmitted to me.
  5. I transmitted your info to the hotel.
  6. Parker transmitted the search call on 30.
  7. Data is stored and transmitted by computers.
  8. We haven't transmitted this data back to H.
  9. Only the data field is transmitted at 2 Mbps.
  10. And how is it that they are transmitted?
  11. This is because their brain has transmitted the.
  12. The AI transmitted its data before I could stop it.
  13. The section recognizes sexually transmitted diseases.
  14. All data on such networks is transmitted in plain text.
  15. Before the order is transmitted, it will be backed up.
  16. Data that is being transmitted is said to be in transit.
  17. A bit of information had been transmitted between them.
  18. Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS, 3rd ed.
  19. The information transmitted in a cascade is of two types.
  20. The forces transmitted through the shields to the ship.
  21. The breath is physiological transmitted via vital energy.
  22. Only a shape is transmitted in the process of imprinting.
  23. Ben transmitted the co-ordinates to the entity called Aleya.
  24. Nuttall, under which it had been previously transmitted to Mr.
  25. He transmitted a set of rendezvous coordinates to Avi’s ship.
  26. The "love" is transmitted through looks, gestures and glances.
  27. The commands transmitted in unnumbered frames are as follows:.
  28. Five minutes later, Jim transmitted, ‘Mick, the two sets of men.
  29. At that moment, the telepathic signal transmitted interrupts Sammy.
  30. By 2381, there were no longer signals being transmitted from home.
  31. Scripture, which was transmitted directly to Je Tsongkhapa by the.
  32. In case of visualization the volition command is transmitted to the.
  33. If the infection is transmitted to the eyes, it may lead to blindness.
  34. This yog, transmitted by an accomplished saint into the breath of the.
  35. Elijah: We share the same blood, what I see will be transmitted to you.
  36. It is obvious to me that you transmitted these orders, Klim said.
  37. The cameras transmitted back to recorders in the ships’ storage bays.
  38. They think it is transmitted invisibly… without them having to show it.
  39. They also occur in adults after contacting sexually transmitted diseases.
  40. PID is caused by sexual transmitted diseases to the pelvic region leading.
  41. His zeal has been transmitted to us, and a fire has been lit in our hearts.
  42. It was his father’s face transmitted through radio waves from his planet.
  43. When wireless packets are transmitted, the device MAC addresses are included.
  44. They are not signaling but their mission orders are still being transmitted.
  45. It was as though they had been transmitted over on some kind of radio waves.
  46. Because the connection is dedicated, information can be transmitted rapidly.
  47. This very signal is being transmitted across the Code’s very own mainframe.
  48. But I know all the feelings I ever had as a player has been transmitted to my.
  49. Murray offers a vision of how civilization is made, absorbed, and transmitted.
  50. Captain, will you have these images transmitted back to Pendor? Yaf ordered.
  51. This energy is then transmitted to the brain and is in turn translated into a.
  52. Emotions vibrate in the fields of organisms and are transmitted to other beings.
  53. As a result, the obituary was transmitted to the paper by the funeral director.
  54. Alfred knew Alan’s locale by the video Alan transmitted and some coordinates.
  55. Seconds later the data was being transmitted back to Virginia for analysis and.
  56. The stimulus (pin prick) is transmitted from the location on the body where it.
  57. The signals could have been transmitted from as far away as ten to twelve miles.
  58. We already transmitted our official report to you, Intel Wing, and Fleet Command.
  59. As with all messages transmitted over a TCP connection, acknowledgment is required.
  60. Where is my hundred dollars? The LRSB transmitted a signal to Earth this morning.
  61. Transmitted through the saliva of the female mosquito, it produces recurrent fever.
  62. It was a virus transmitted in bodily fluids, but it didn't spread all that quickly.
  63. Figure 14-8 The server acknowledges all of the data bytes transmitted by the client.
  64. The fitted microchip with its own receiver, usually picks up the transmitted signal.
  65. In Iran, confession of the faith is also transmitted through technological means.
  66. No part of this publication shall be reproduced, transmitted, or sold in whole or in.
  67. If transmitted to others, then they feel it, and all interpretations are superfluous.
  68. He will be advised to have blood tests to exclude other sexually transmitted diseases.
  69. You see his intention, but no feeling whatever is transmitted to you except weariness.
  70. Thom didn't know how to build that equipment without new texts transmitted from home.
  71. This is not the same Herpes virus which causes the sexually transmitted disease.
  72. This is necessary for compressing ideas into a form that can be transmitted by speech.
  73. The smell of pollen, leaves, fresh grass and warm air is transmitted to his human body.
  74. Chlamydia trachomatis is the most common cause of bacterial sexually transmitted disease.
  75. He hacked some of it, unless the Kassikan transmitted his copy into our virtual space.
  76. Christ, the God-Man, incarnate for this very reason, that is given and transmitted to us.
  77. I'll put two smokes in on that Dash-K then you guys cream his ass, Travers transmitted.
  78. How do you transform transmitted fatalistic beliefs that are part of the male identity?
  79. Successful encryption methods cover both static, stored information and transmitted data.
  80. Pain is a sensation that is transmitted from an area of tissue damage or stress along the.
  81. The information gathered from these sources, is transmitted to the various Departments of.
  82. The tiniest sounds were transmitted with a speed to which the ear is unaccustomed on shore.
  83. When the workstation booted, it transmitted what was known as a phantom voltage to the MAU.
  84. The noise was reduced to barely audible levels transmitted by contact with the ship’s hull.
  85. Her non-thoughts were transmitted through the hood and down through the suit into the panels.
  86. The artist, if a real artist, has by his work transmitted to others the feeling he experienced.
  87. Moses transmitted the complaints, the petitions, the tribulations of a difficult people to God.
  88. In many ways I am referring to the problem that has been transmitted from ages past, where the.
  89. The prophecies a witch has are then transmitted to her female descendants who are also witches.
  90. He could truly sense the mood of despair, like a contagion; a virus transmitted by his network.
  91. There are in fact several potential channels through which a message can be virally transmitted.
  92. Encryption is a process that makes transmitted data unreadable by those not authorized to see it.
  93. Upon the objects transmitted it is desirable to have, at least in part, the following notices:.
  94. So, it makes no sense that he would arrive at his destination before he was actually transmitted.
  95. If other people open infected workbooks, the virus can be transmitted to their computers as well.
  96. Now truth is truth only when it is in action, and then only can it be transmitted from man to man.
  97. Specimens of the earth, the exuviæ, and the selenite, have been transmitted for your examination.
  98. They did not have a good map for the planet available, just the one transmitted by the Christials.
  99. According to the orders transmitted to me, you are assigned to us as combat trainers and advisers.
  100. The optical links were still functional and she could get a feed from that scope transmitted here.
  1. It transmits and records dozens of emotions.
  2. If anyone transmits in this area, we will hear it.
  3. In such a condition the worshipped God transmits.
  4. Into a virtue that transmits life, praise and glory.
  5. The caller transmits a SETUP message to the switch.
  6. It has a very small chip that only transmits light.
  7. The brain receives and transmits electrochemical signals.
  8. The signal transmits slowly and can be mistaken as noise.
  9. Ethernet transmits at 10 Mbps, or 10,000,000 bits/second.
  10. DeShawn turns on his radio again and transmits the message.
  11. Anything can be studied as long as it transmits energy (heat).
  12. Once Node 2 receives the packet, it transmits a reply to Node 1.
  13. The bridge then transmits the packet over the interface to Node A only.
  14. The intelligence governing us transmits its appreciation through feelings.
  15. If it is the authority, it generates a reply message and transmits it to the client.
  16. The router then transmits each fragment in a separate packet with its own IP header.
  17. This occurs before the system transmits any traffic at all to the destination system.
  18. This process transmits the LAN data to the POP first and then repackages it into cells.
  19. CZ1 first generates a query message and transmits it to one of the root name servers (198.
  20. The Koran virus transmits through millions of people to die from lack of education and jihad.
  21. A mesmeriser actually transmits his vital force through magnetic passes to the subject.
  22. God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined.
  23. If this problem isn’t bad enough, what happens when Node 1 transmits a broadcast message is worse.
  24. Grailem feels the faint temperature increase from the microchip in his head as it receives and transmits.
  25. The original server generates yet another iterative query and transmits it to the second-level domain server.
  26. The original DNS server then generates a new iterative query and transmits it to the top-level domain server.
  27. A workstation, on receiving the token, transmits its data and then releases the token to the next workstation.
  28. I know that it just transmits voices, like with two cups and a string but much farther and without the string.
  29. Anxiously he waits as the tiny microchip transmits his location and its hosts state of mind and physical health.
  30. Once the connection is established, the slave transmits the AXFR query in a TCP packet using port 53 (see Figure 15-14).
  31. It transmits to a receiver, which you hook in to a TV or video, or you can connect it with a USB connection to a laptop.
  32. Feeling the device in his head warm by a fraction of a degree as it transmits, Grailem fills his head with happy thoughts.
  33. A good VPP transmits these answers loud and clear to your visitor so that she immediately understands what your site is about.
  34. He transmits powerful thoughts to others to heal them of their disease and attracts countless persons like a powerful magnet.
  35. Once the connection is established, the source system transmits the data, and the destination system acknowledges its receipt.
  36. In this method, when a workstation has data to send, it listens to the network cable and transmits if the network is not in use.
  37. Using the information contained in the previous response, CZ1 transmits a query to the first authoritative server for the zacker.
  38. Once the TCP three-way handshake is complete, the server transmits a greeting to the client, usually in the form of an +OK reply.
  39. The door was shut; and to suppose that wood, when it creaks, transmits anything save that rats are busy and wood dry is childish.
  40. If the destination is a workstation on a local network, the intermediate system transmits the packet directly to that workstation.
  41. When a system transmits two packets consecutively, one of the flag fields is omitted because two would be mistaken as an empty frame.
  42. In the case of an HTTP transaction, the web browser client transmits the desired URL to the server in a single packet (see Figure 14-7).
  43. NOTE By default, a 100VG hub transmits incoming packets out only to the port (or ports) identified in the packet’s destination address.
  44. The original server receives the reply from the authoritative server and transmits the IP address back to the resolver on the client system.
  45. The sender-SMTP then transmits the test of the message, one line at a time, ending with a period on a separate line (in other words, a CRLF.
  46. The destination system then transmits a reply to each of the ARBs it receives, using the list of RDs to route the packet back to the sender.
  47. This transmits what’s playing on the iPod to the system in the room, Christian answers my unspoken query as he taps the small antenna.
  48. The next time that a client transmits a request for a previously resolved name, the server can respond immediately with the cached information.
  49. Toyne has a transmitter built into his watch, and it transmits the distress signal, but there is no way the Ministry can get in touch with him.
  50. While today the process is automated and the telephone system transmits many signals over a single cable, the underlying principle is the same.
  51. The FTP authentication process is inherently insecure because it transmits the user’s account name and password over the network in clear text.
  52. The FTP protocol, for example, transmits user passwords in clear text that is easily visible in a network analyzer when the packets are captured.
  53. The server responds to the queries with the requested information and transmits it to the workstations, which format it for display to the users.
  54. Through rhythmic breathing he transmits an increased current of Prana or nerve-force to any part of the body for stimulating and invigorating it.
  55. The repeater, on receiving the packets, adds the settings it can provide to the allowed configuration field and transmits the packets to the node.
  56. If the server successfully deletes all of the marked messages, it transmits a +OK reply to the client and proceeds to terminate the TCP connection.
  57. The receiving system then transmits a confirmation response over the normal channel and transmits a special PREPARE message over the expedited channel.
  58. Each data frame that a station transmits must be followed by an ACK frame from the recipient, which is generated after a CRC check of the incoming data.
  59. The server transmits the default filename in that directory to clients when they access the site using a URL that consists only of a DNS name or IP address.
  60. A host system generates a Router Solicitation message and transmits it as either a broadcast or a multicast to the All Routers on This Subnet address (2240.
  61. The application then connects to that computer, uses its NIC to capture network traffic, and transmits it to the buffers in the system running the analyzer.
  62. And his noble saying: "the one hair in it sings" means: whenever you move the pointer a range of one hair, it transmits the broadcasting of another station.
  63. Data transmission/reception The NIC takes the data it has encoded, amplifies the signal to the appropriate amplitude, and transmits it over the network medium.
  64. This is exactly how the protocol functions: The system that transmits a packet is also responsible for removing it from the network after it has traversed the ring.
  65. In its technical sense education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.
  66. About a third of the company’s revenue comes from its Areva T&D division, which transmits and distributes the nuclear power that is generated by the power plants.
  67. Routers use the network bits to forward packets to another router connected to the destination network, which then transmits the data to the destination host system.
  68. Using the MSS value, the server creates segments small enough to be transmitted over the network and transmits the first one in the message, as shown in Figure 14-9.
  69. The local file system driver accesses the requested file in the usual manner and returns it to the Server service, which transmits it across the network to the client.
  70. The CHAP Frame The CHAP protocol is considerably more secure than PAP because it uses a three-way handshake and never transmits account names and passwords in clear text.
  71. Operated wirelessly from a transmitter installed in his chest cavity Grailem transmits a low pitched signal that alters the distant orbit of the starship around the planet.
  72. The system transmits the ARP Request message as a broadcast to the local network, asking in effect, Who is using this IP address, and what is your hardware address?
  73. Therefore, before it transmits the zone transfer request message, the slave server initiates a TCP connection with the primary master using the standard three-way handshake.
  74. When the redirector on a client system transmits a request for access to a file on a server, the receiving system passes the request up the protocol stack to the Server service.
  75. The fundamental difference between this system and the nervous system is that the Living Matrix transmits information around the body in the form of energy as opposed to chemicals.
  76. It shows that the one you are speaking about is none other than an enchanter who transmits forth what is concealed by humanity by means of his associates; that is, by means of the devils.
  77. Which is undergoing great fatigue and anxiety, my dear duke, when we have a telegraph which transmits messages in three or four hours, and that without getting in the least out of breath.
  78. Each computer can still communicate with any other computer on the network because each of the hubs transmits its incoming traffic out through the bus port as well as the other star ports.
  79. And this effect is produced both by the religious art which transmits feelings of love to God and one's neighbor, and by universal art, transmitting the very simplest feelings common to all men.
  80. The PAP Frame PAP is the inherently weaker of the two primary authentication protocols because it uses only a two-way handshake and transmits account names and passwords over the link in clear text.
  81. Because the collision detection mechanism is the same, a system still must be able to detect the presence of a collision before the slot time expires (that is, before it transmits 64 bytes of data).
  82. As the Internet gateway, each router also contains a two-way radio that both transmits and receives radio signals and comes equipped with at least one antenna to increase the range of the radio signal.
  83. When a user on a Windows client system logs on to an Active Directory domain, it transmits a logon request containing the user’s account name to an AS, which is an Active Directory domain controller.
  84. In its simplest form, a repeater is an electrical device used on a copper-based network that receives a signal through one cable connection, amplifies it, and transmits it out through another connection.
  85. After the client receives the server’s message, it transmits its own ACK message (see Figure 14-6) acknowledging the server’s SYN bit and completing the bidirectional connection establishment process.
  86. The router transmits the fragments like any other IP packets, and because IP is a connectionless protocol, the individual fragments may take different routes to the destination and arrive in a different order.
  87. The top-level domain server examines the second-level domain in the requested name and transmits to the original server a referral containing the addresses of authoritative servers for that second-level domain.
  88. Pickering, Secretary of State, addressed the President of the United States on the subject of a proposed treaty between the two countries, upon which occasion he makes the following remark: That he transmits Mr.
  89. Once the client has finished retrieving messages from the mailbox and performing other transaction state activities, it transmits the QUIT command to the server, causing the session to transition to the update state.
  90. To signal the commencement of the actual packet transmission, the sender transmits a 1-byte start of frame delimiter, which continues the alternating zeros and ones, except for the last two bits, which are both ones.
  91. The peculiarity of this latter means of intercourse, distinguishing it from intercourse by means of words, consists in this, that whereas by words a man transmits his thoughts to another, by means of art he transmits his feelings.
  92. TDR is similar to radar, in that the unit transmits a test signal, precisely measures the time it takes the signal to travel to the other end of the cable and back again, and then uses this information to compute the cable’s length.
  93. The client system then transmits the message as a unicast to the destination system and enters the SYN-SENT state, indicating that it has transmitted its connection request and is waiting for a matching request from the destination system.
  94. When a computer (Node 1) is located on a segment connected to two bridges, as shown in Figure 4-7, both of the bridges will receive the first packet the system transmits and add the machine’s address to their tables for that segment, Network A.
  95. Thus, you may have data that is secured by permissions (or even by file system encryption) while it is stored on the server, but once an authorized client accesses that data, the server usually transmits it over the network in an unprotected form.
  96. This special importance has always been given by all men to that part of this activity which transmits feelings flowing from their religious perception, and this small part of art they have specifically called art, attaching to it the full meaning of the word.
  97. Once the authoritative server for the domain or zone containing the host receives a query from the original server, it consults its resource records to determine the IP address of the requested system and transmits it in a reply message to that original server.
  98. As with SMTP, the client transmits commands to the server, but in POP3, there are only two possible response codes, +OK, indicating the successful completion of the command, and –ERR, indicating that an error has occurred to prevent the command from being executed.
  99. If a router receives a packet that is destined for a workstation on a locally attached network and it can’t deliver the packet because the workstation is offline, the router generates a Host Unreachable message and transmits it to the system that originated the packet.
  100. To be exact, I should mention that the collection contains verses less comprehensible than these, but not one poem which is plain and can be understood without a certain effort—an effort seldom rewarded; for the feelings which the poet transmits are evil and very low ones.

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