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Transmit in a sentence

Then you will transmit these.
All he needed to do was transmit his.
I would then transmit them to the FBI.
He managed to push the transmit button.
To transmit information from the fibers.
He pressed the radio’s transmit button.
You were supposed to transmit it yesterday.

A radio, double-tapping the transmit button.
They transmit the infection with their bite.
They transmit – through touching, kissing.
Sad and forlorn, his eyes transmit the great.
Transmit to us the wonders we cannot visualize.
But he could not transmit the radiance to marble.
So transmit effective radiated power goes up by 1.
These chemicals transmit nerve signals within the.
A clear, simple way to transmit acknowledged.
If you want, I’ll transmit the instructions to you.
Susan pressed the transmit button with her left elbow.
We use crystal technology to store and transmit power.
Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the.
Richard pressed the transmit button and replied, Receiving.
The Wolf clicked the transmit button twice, "Purple," he echoed.
Channels are basically the medium used to transmit the message.
She decided she would not transmit unless a friendly ship was.
By improving the transmit information between cells, it reduces.
But he would be in a position to transmit secrets to the enemy.
To facilitate comprehension of the model adopted to transmit this.
On receipt of the token, the other system can transmit its message.
I now, with diffidence, transmit to you the result of my inquiries.
Some say the strongest WiMAX stations could transmit for up to 50.
Oh yes, well I managed to transmit a new entry off to the editor.
His nanodrones transmit his memories through his hand into her brain.
He racked his brains trying to think how best to transmit his message.
It would transmit the next time he came into range of a wireless net.
He pushed past Hugh and pressed the transmit button, This is the C.
Permission to transmit is arbitrated by the possession of a data token.
Therefore, each layer creates its own PDU to transmit to the next layer.
You use the switch on the side to choose which frequency to transmit on.
But the movements of his body would transmit through the single mattress.
When the pupil has for years been accustomed to transmit messages for the.
Within an hour Mars was transmitting.
It’s a method of transmitting money.
Every instrument was working and transmitting.
Whatever happened, they are no longer transmitting.
What would be transmitting, during this delay?
The nanoscanner is transmitting the audio conversation.
Transmitting and Receiving Communication in a shared and.
The receiver-SMTP responds by transmitting its own hostname.
I thought all TV stations were only transmitting in digital.
And he pressed an electric button, transmitting an order to the.
Townsend was transmitting that information when Nancy got an idea.
The mike was transmitting to a receiver set-up in Rory’s office.
Tammas delayed transmitting his response as he listened in to the chatter.
What harm has she done? She knew the dimension she was transmitting from.
I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her.
It was the transmitting part that concerned him and not the power feed wire.
But remember that your prime task is in transmitting information, your story.
Liu checked his connection to make sure the bug was still transmitting; it was.
Its surveil ance cameras and infra-red sensors had been transmitting for over.
Calcium also is vital for improving the functions of brain cell in transmitting.
I can’t imagine what’s transmitting from that far out but I don’t like it.
He said No worries with picking up; it is the transmitting that will be dicey.
We have experienced great difficulty in transmitting news, also names of survivors.
He pushed the transmit button and held it down to continue transmitting the message.
Also, any ship transmitting transponder code 7214 should be considered as friendly.
It contained a small microphone and was transmitting conversations in the Landcruiser.
It also has a calming effect in the brain cell by improving the information transmitting.
She was the means of transmitting the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit to Elizabeth.
UTP networks use separate wire pairs within the cable for transmitting and receiving data.
For receiving, less than an amp, but transmitting more like twenty, I’ll have to check.
An example might be transmitting a file to your printer or diagram to a colleague’s tablet.
Sir, the Japanese Navy has resumed transmitting, but from a new location, probably Yokosuka.
How about transmitting the password wirelessly instead? DeShawn points at the keypad too.
Its transponder is also transmitting and we are in the process of remotely activating its systems.
For one, there were two sets of pads, one marked for transmitting, the other marked for receiving.
The blankets were moving! Quickly he checked the computer and made sure he was still transmitting.
The Church, by transmitting the truth of the doctrine of Jesus, has communicated life to the world.
The poor writer of these lines is simply transmitting the spiritual wealth and Orthodox beauty of Mt.
Therefore the body does not use electricity to instate life but by duplicating the transmitting of.
On a typical network, however, computers use separate wire pairs for transmitting and receiving data.
I didn't know he transmitted.
Or transmitted wave that sends.
They seemed to have transmitted to me.
He transmitted a message to the Bullet.
I transmitted your info to the hotel.
Parker transmitted the search call on 30.
We haven't transmitted this data back to H.
Data is stored and transmitted by computers.
Only the data field is transmitted at 2 Mbps.
And how is it that they are transmitted?
This is because their brain has transmitted the.
The AI transmitted its data before I could stop it.
The section recognizes sexually transmitted diseases.
All data on such networks is transmitted in plain text.
Before the order is transmitted, it will be backed up.
A bit of information had been transmitted between them.
Data that is being transmitted is said to be in transit.
The information transmitted in a cascade is of two types.
The forces transmitted through the shields to the ship.
Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS, 3rd ed.
The breath is physiological transmitted via vital energy.
Only a shape is transmitted in the process of imprinting.
Ben transmitted the co-ordinates to the entity called Aleya.
He transmitted a set of rendezvous coordinates to Avi’s ship.
The "love" is transmitted through looks, gestures and glances.
Nuttall, under which it had been previously transmitted to Mr.
The commands transmitted in unnumbered frames are as follows:.
Five minutes later, Jim transmitted, ‘Mick, the two sets of men.
At that moment, the telepathic signal transmitted interrupts Sammy.
By 2381, there were no longer signals being transmitted from home.
Scripture, which was transmitted directly to Je Tsongkhapa by the.
In case of visualization the volition command is transmitted to the.
It is obvious to me that you transmitted these orders, Klim said.
If the infection is transmitted to the eyes, it may lead to blindness.
Elijah: We share the same blood, what I see will be transmitted to you.
This yog, transmitted by an accomplished saint into the breath of the.
The cameras transmitted back to recorders in the ships’ storage bays.
They think it is transmitted invisibly… without them having to show it.
They also occur in adults after contacting sexually transmitted diseases.
PID is caused by sexual transmitted diseases to the pelvic region leading.
It transmits and records dozens of emotions.
If anyone transmits in this area, we will hear it.
In such a condition the worshipped God transmits.
Into a virtue that transmits life, praise and glory.
It has a very small chip that only transmits light.
The caller transmits a SETUP message to the switch.
The brain receives and transmits electrochemical signals.
Ethernet transmits at 10 Mbps, or 10,000,000 bits/second.
The signal transmits slowly and can be mistaken as noise.
DeShawn turns on his radio again and transmits the message.
Anything can be studied as long as it transmits energy (heat).
Once Node 2 receives the packet, it transmits a reply to Node 1.
The bridge then transmits the packet over the interface to Node A only.
The intelligence governing us transmits its appreciation through feelings.
The router then transmits each fragment in a separate packet with its own IP header.
If it is the authority, it generates a reply message and transmits it to the client.
This occurs before the system transmits any traffic at all to the destination system.
This process transmits the LAN data to the POP first and then repackages it into cells.
CZ1 first generates a query message and transmits it to one of the root name servers (198.
A mesmeriser actually transmits his vital force through magnetic passes to the subject.
The Koran virus transmits through millions of people to die from lack of education and jihad.
God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined.
If this problem isn’t bad enough, what happens when Node 1 transmits a broadcast message is worse.
Grailem feels the faint temperature increase from the microchip in his head as it receives and transmits.
The original server generates yet another iterative query and transmits it to the second-level domain server.
The original DNS server then generates a new iterative query and transmits it to the top-level domain server.
A workstation, on receiving the token, transmits its data and then releases the token to the next workstation.
I know that it just transmits voices, like with two cups and a string but much farther and without the string.
Anxiously he waits as the tiny microchip transmits his location and its hosts state of mind and physical health.
Once the connection is established, the slave transmits the AXFR query in a TCP packet using port 53 (see Figure 15-14).
It transmits to a receiver, which you hook in to a TV or video, or you can connect it with a USB connection to a laptop.
Feeling the device in his head warm by a fraction of a degree as it transmits, Grailem fills his head with happy thoughts.
He transmits powerful thoughts to others to heal them of their disease and attracts countless persons like a powerful magnet.
A good VPP transmits these answers loud and clear to your visitor so that she immediately understands what your site is about.
Once the connection is established, the source system transmits the data, and the destination system acknowledges its receipt.
Using the information contained in the previous response, CZ1 transmits a query to the first authoritative server for the zacker.
In this method, when a workstation has data to send, it listens to the network cable and transmits if the network is not in use.
Once the TCP three-way handshake is complete, the server transmits a greeting to the client, usually in the form of an +OK reply.
The door was shut; and to suppose that wood, when it creaks, transmits anything save that rats are busy and wood dry is childish.
If the destination is a workstation on a local network, the intermediate system transmits the packet directly to that workstation.

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