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    1. ‘It was part of his bequest to me

    2. She’d never really thought about that before … known it yes, but they didn’t talk about it … and all the time he’d been putting things away for her … had Berndt known? He’d visited the warehouse, he’d told her so … perhaps that’s what he meant when he said that Joris intended his bequest to show his love to the world …

    3. whomever he wished – as long as such a bequest was

    4. I am attached to the Joint Counter Terrorism team MI5, I have with me Stuart Page and this interview is being conducted in Army Communication Office Highland Region at the bequest of MI6

    5. Hermann smiled slyly, telling him that the British had been good enough to return the bag of gold sovereigns that he had hidden in his wife’s suitcase, and when Colling’s eyebrows raised, laughed and asked him if he really believed that he had handed over all the Countess’ bequest to Inspector Zavek

    6. “In that case, Karl and I will accept your generous bequest of this house and land when it is your time to make bequests

    7. This was an outright bequest of 51 percent of the Park Communications stock to the Park Foundation, and his Residuary Bequest also willed the remaining residue of his estate to the Foundation

    8. Any idea I had entertained that I might refuse the bequest had evaporated

    9. I told him about Patrick"s anger over Max"s bequest, and my suspicions

    10. Wise discrimination and sound judgment should dictate your decisions regarding the bequest of riches to your successors

    11. “……to increase his bequest to a half million

    12. from the pages of our blessed history in bequest!

    13. However, there is the potential that the other heirs want an equal share of the bequest regardless of who took care of whom in the final days of a person’s life

    14. To be sure, there are people who try to take advantage of those whom they care for, but there are a great many claims of undue influence raised by those that simply didn’t pay attention to their elderly loved ones, yet expect and equal share of the bequest

    15. He was here at her bequest, but he would have done it anyway

    16. He had a bequest coming, and he wanted a company structure in place for whatever investment he eventually decided to undertake, he said

    17. "The whole bequest is about twelve million dollars, the solicitors think, but several of the tax aspects are not final

    18. So here he was, and Alex Zenda was effusive in his willingness to help: though that might have been after he mentioned the $5 million bequest he was expecting momentarily

    19. Tilden's bequest of five millions of dollars for a free library in the city of New York; but in referring to this one cannot help saying involuntarily: How much better if Mr

    20. Water spray blasted upward terrifically where an energy salvo shot off from the city plowed into the watery position of where the ship would have been before it diverted from its course at the Captain’s bequest

    21. that he could actually call it forth to behave at his bequest

    22. The fifth sharer in Edmond's bequest, was his own

    23. Her brother Edmund had left her a generous bequest, enough to last her the rest of her life

    24. As though thinking of it for the first time, Godwyn said: “Perhaps we should spend a little of the bequest on a

    25. She almost never opens this chest, which contains the bequest

    26. He had taken the bequest of a pious woman to use for holy purposes

    27. Beth said: “This chest contains only the bequest from the pious woman of Thornbury

    28. The second will revoked everything except the legacies to the low persons before mentioned (some alterations in these being the occasion of the codicil), and the bequest of all the land lying in Lowick parish with all the stock and household furniture, to Joshua Rigg

    29. In carrying out this bequest of labor to Dorothea, as in all else, Mr

    30. She said she would make a bequest to the Talamasca, and they would take her, they would take the Mad Scientist, because that's who she really was

    31. Besides, the words Legacy, Bequest, go side by side with the words, Death, Funeral

    32. Now the wealth did not weigh on me: now it was not a mere bequest of coin,—it was a legacy of life, hope, enjoyment

    33. He was neither so unjust, nor so ungrateful, as to leave his estate from his nephew; but he left it to him on such terms as destroyed half the value of the bequest

    34. At the same time governments are increasing the strength of their armies every year, levying fresh taxes, raising loans, and leaving as a bequest to future generations the duty of repairing the blunders of the senseless policy of the present


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    bequest legacy present donation gratuity endowment grant boon reward

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    (law) a gift of personal property by will