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Grant in a sentence | grant example sentences

  1. I grant you three days.
  2. Grant that I always do.
  3. I will grant you that.
  4. Grant in the airport lobby.
  5. Grant was using the King.
  6. She winked cutely at Grant.
  7. God grant me the serenity.
  8. Even if we did grant that.
  9. What Grant says is right.
  10. Grant in the room, then?
  11. Grant shook his head at once.
  12. Grant has shewn in all this.
  13. Grant, too, that all those.
  14. Grant never used to ask her.
  15. The answers died with Grant.
  16. Annan then refused to grant.
  17. Will you grant it to me?
  18. Seventy miles away in Grant.
  19. General Grant called out to me.
  20. Grant should ask Fanny at all.
  21. This time Grant was not bashful.
  22. Grant smiled faintly and then.
  23. Grant, right there on the front.
  24. Grant that I err not on the road.
  25. And I will grant them a respite.
  26. When was this? Grant asked.
  27. It was a grant of rights, ser.
  28. Grant has asked Fanny to dinner.
  29. The grant came from the Edgar B.
  30. Grant, I’m glad you’re here.
  31. Grant and Miss Crawford came in.
  32. Grant shook his head in agreement.
  33. Another grant would be a godsend.
  34. Grant was to join them at dinner.
  35. God grant that it not be ignored.
  36. Grant and the Crawfords to begin.
  37. Diane and Grant met at a church.
  38. Grant was the handsomest boy for.
  39. But if I grant her life it shall.
  40. The court may/may not grant leave.
  41. Come here Grant, He ordered.
  42. So Fate that ever scorns to grant.
  43. Objects, even when we grant them.
  44. I grant the truth of your inference.
  45. Mother, grant me death and rebirth.
  46. Grant at the Appomattox Courthouse.
  47. General Grant was just the opposite.
  48. Grant was surprised at her question.
  49. She had to take her mind off Grant.
  50. Grant took advantage of the moment.
  51. General Grant headed for Washington.
  52. But would the king grant it?
  53. You ask his pardon? I grant it you.
  54. Grant didn’t hesitate in his reply.
  55. The Tzarina cannot grant him grace.
  56. A second term for Grant is possible.
  57. Lee had surrendered to General Grant.
  58. He went to the grant list after that.
  59. Grant sat quietly and closed his eyes.
  60. Grant us that we may start our travel.
  61. And grant his weary bones their rest.
  62. But let us grant all that they assert.
  63. Grant smiled at them in his thoughts.
  64. She stopped her chair close to Grant.
  65. Grant and a new intimate friend of Mr.
  66. Unfortunately she could not grant my.
  67. Grant laughed at her for her rapidity.
  68. Option grant are good for innovations.
  69. That was the last time Grant saw Jones.
  70. Where the fuck has Grant gone?
  71. Grant will take you to the loading bay.
  72. Grant spoke to Fin as though to a child.
  73. You have been awarded the SRO grant.
  74. It also focused on General Grant as a.
  75. I did not grant a meeting here to thee.
  76. Cary Grant lived next door for a while.
  77. Grant that all who believe in your son.
  78. Pamela had to tear Grant away from Jill.
  79. Grant began contemplating his next move.
  80. Now, Miss Grant, I’d like to hear.
  81. Easy now, Grant, Brown said softly.
  82. You grant a great deal by that remark.
  83. Steve Grant, he was killed in pod one.
  84. He who overcomes, I will grant to him.
  85. Grant wanted her to meet him the next day.
  86. The grant was only for a time, though.
  87. It was Grant who said you should have it.
  88. Grant told them what he had seen Leaf do.
  89. Grant that Thy servants may always give.
  90. Grant is again the most likely successor.
  91. You’ve heard of Grant? Gary asked.
  92. Of love! Grant me to utter all wherewith.
  93. Grant laughed as he ducked in beside her.
  94. Grant revel ed in the leopards attention.
  95. Grant and Jill were taken with each other.
  96. Grant shook his head, You got what?
  97. Grant met them in the lobby of the airport.
  98. Grant to the deanery of Westminster or St.
  99. Grant shook his head, This is scary man.
  100. Quoth he to her: ‘I’ll grant one wish.
  1. Granting them whatever powers are.
  2. Granting the dead who were stuck here be-.
  3. Granting profit in the mortal world and support.
  4. Granting the wish, the Gods departed to their abodes.
  5. Predatory lending is one form of abuse in the granting of loans.
  1. And it was granted to.
  2. It is taken for granted.
  3. Your wish will be granted.
  4. It was granted to him to.
  5. Granted, you will have to.
  6. You were granted a quest.
  7. Granted I had to register.
  8. And God granted his request.
  9. And his request was granted.
  10. Son granted them an audience.
  11. We take daylight for granted.
  12. It becomes taken for granted.
  13. And never take it for granted.
  14. I have granted it, as I could.
  15. Granted I might have to hire.
  16. That request was also granted.
  17. The judge granted the divorce.
  18. It granted him his wish though.
  19. Don’t take things for granted.
  20. It was merely taken for granted.
  21. In time, the king also granted.
  22. The acceptance had been granted.
  23. Granted, that probably gave me.
  24. My leave was granted immediately.
  25. And I’d taken him for granted.
  26. You took Lord Alloa for granted.
  27. God granted safe travels to and.
  28. We take accumulating for granted.
  29. Granted, I do not dress up as a.
  30. Do not take anything for granted.
  31. It is not granted me to pardon.
  32. Virtue, granted, but madness also.
  33. Granted, early in the OWG, we did.
  34. And then it should be granted us?
  35. Ryebaum took all that for granted.
  36. SAD generally granted the requests.
  37. Now, I have been granted the gift.
  38. Nothing could be taken for granted.
  39. Granted, there are a few specially.
  40. His request was courteously granted.
  41. You can take good health for granted.
  42. Routine, but never taken for granted.
  43. You took for granted all the times I.
  44. We do not take moonlight for granted.
  45. He was granted power to give breath.
  46. His prayer was granted, and he went.
  47. He was granted full name suppression.
  48. Granted, the car was off to one side.
  49. This time no custody would be granted.
  50. Moses still took God for granted and.
  51. All of these blessings freely granted.
  52. Taking her for granted as he had done.
  53. Permission granted to come aboard, sir.
  54. The life you have already been granted.
  55. I shouldn't have taken you for granted.
  56. Granted Collin, this is as it should be.
  57. Granted, the other human being was an.
  58. I took him for granted and was selfish.
  59. I’ve granted you more of the very best.
  60. Gratitude takes nothing for granted, is.
  61. But then Jupiter granted her immortality.
  62. I had also taken it for granted, said Mr.
  63. One day a fairy granted King Midas a wish.
  64. They will swiftly be granted empowerment.
  65. I shouldn't take you so much for granted.
  66. You know, i took my folks for granted.
  67. This time her tormentor granted no mercy.
  68. Unfortunately, we took Julia for granted.
  69. Granted that it's horrid—I myself ….
  70. Granted, there are those people for whom.
  71. Granted, it’s not effortless on our part.
  72. It takes linear functionality for granted.
  73. We have granted you a conspicuous victory.
  74. This time, her tormentor granted no mercy.
  75. Granted, great skiers do not relish this.
  76. The antichrist will be granted great power.
  77. They took more and more things for granted.
  78. Today we take the D-Day success for granted.
  79. Patient voices granted him time to recover.
  80. You see, eons ago the gods granted my wish.
  81. My refugee status was granted shortly after.
  82. You said that you took him for granted the.
  83. Your hearts desire is granted, both of them.
  84. Study what is unspoken and taken for granted.
  85. We take the idea of accumulation for granted.
  86. I mean, granted, the guy was a major asshole.
  87. These are the protections we take for granted.
  88. Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks.
  89. You can sort of take good health for granted.
  90. Granted, pavement covered by weeds and brush.
  91. Granted, good ski lessons are hard to come by.
  92. Granted, you are only supposed to be sharing.
  93. He knew it was a lie, but granted her the out.
  94. Presidents granted him audience with facility.
  95. Women were good at some things, granted, like.
  96. The Father has granted the desire of your soul.
  97. An advance is granted by a good banker on its.
  98. I guess I've been taking it for granted really.
  99. His wish was granted, and there was an end of.
  100. Yet you haven't granted her the favor even once.
  1. The grants of the Koran.
  2. How did you know about the grants?
  3. Fate never grants answers, only paths.
  4. In all such grants there is an Article 14.
  5. His policy excluded taking federal grants.
  6. Use grants by all means, I often did, but.
  7. The security which it grants to the original.
  8. Grants awarded by the NED to Tibetan groups:.
  9. I think that grants me some special privileges.
  10. It grants many powers to the one that wears it.
  11. This Power grants the character 12 extra hearts.
  12. The money for these grants were produced from.
  13. So he readily grants his prayer and reveals his.
  14. The Federal government uses two kinds of grants:.
  15. Leaf got hold of Grants throat and locked his jaw.
  16. Nearly 16million of us are receiving social grants.
  17. This selection contains five grants of general power.
  18. But now please go, I have to give him his grants again.
  19. The king’s law grants me the power of pit and gallows.
  20. The Bible says that God is the One who grants repentance.
  21. That is God's grace, which He grants to whomever He wills.
  22. Mary, and had asked the Grants to join them at the theater.
  23. M: He grants the conviction that you are the eternal, change-.
  24. The entrance of the Grants and Crawfords was a favourable epoch.
  25. God grants me the boon of vision unrestricted by time or space.
  26. Whoever wants grants from Allah, he should recite the Koran by:.
  27. That’s what happened to the UK grants for land redistribution.
  28. Helping Those in Need: An Overview of the Federal Grants Process.
  29. There the plants begin to grow and the land grants lavish blessings.
  30. Compare the different opportunities for grants and loans carefully.
  31. The Buffett transaction also grants Berkshire warrants to purchase 43.
  32. Each lifetime grants us different experiences to increase our wisdom.
  33. Spanish towns and cities also receive an array of grants to help them.
  34. In the Bible it states many times that the Lord grants us our heart's.
  35. She might be very good working on the charitable grants Kate had set up.
  36. My God, this year increase and enlarge us - and God grants their request.
  37. This mixed body were the recipients of large grants of land in the Fayum.
  38. The divine presence of this universe grants civility to the human species.
  39. Grants for women to start a new business help them save their self-respect.
  40. The reason God grants the reward is because of the Servant’s willingness.
  41. Learning what bad snacking would cost you grants you the choice to avoid it.
  42. Bakhmar knew that 'dead' to an Angel means no longer receiving veron grants.
  43. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I did a bunch of research on grants.
  44. Be Wary of Companies that Offer Mega-Equity Grants to CEOs or Other Managers.
  45. They can afford it as they are bleeding off large profits and grants to fund.
  46. It is quite settled that the Grants go to Bath; they leave Mansfield on Monday.
  47. Dilution can also occur because of existing senior management’s option grants.
  48. Acknowledgments This work was supported by NIH research grants U01 MH69062, R01.
  49. So he is thankful for Allah's grants and Allah says about those who are thankful.
  50. It would be good to check your eligibility for any of the grants before applying.
  51. Acknowledgment This work was supported by National Institute of Health grants RO1.
  52. He grants daughters to whomever He wills, and He grants sons to whomever He wills.
  53. Winning crowns the Royal Ought, its policing powers grants itself the right to rule.
  54. Ava immediately set her presence to audio only and re-started the captain’s grants.
  55. Although grants may be obtained the cost of education is still relatively quite high.
  56. It also grants us the ability to co-create our future, according to our innate desires.
  57. There are lots of private and government agencies that offer grants and loans for women.
  58. A long-term loan (over one year) grants tax advantages until the loan is paid off and.
  59. For women in business, there are a number of resources that they can rely on for grants.
  60. Meonly's key grants her permission to leave the Keep, but she is kept bound by the key.
  61. They started giving grants for converting to recyclables, so all the soil was trucked out.
  62. The Newman's Own Foundation makes grants to charities within the United States and abroad.
  63. But it was likely that she was already getting grants, to that veron store in Thom’s lab.
  64. A note about Development Grants: There are usually a whole range of these types of grants.
  65. Others say, We buy back enough shares to offset the dilution of our stock-option grants.
  66. After a few bruises Malcolm began to read Grants body language and intercepted the punches.
  67. Yes, she told some of us one day when there was some griping about student loans and grants.
  68. Those grants to that veron store were undoubtedly being issued, if it was even still in use.
  69. The hospitals where they worked received millions in research grants from the coal industry.
  70. Funded by several educational grants, most of which came from The World Islamic League – a.
  71. Additionally, Belgium enticed business investment by giving away large land grants in the Congo.
  72. He punishes whom He wills, and He grants mercy to whom He wills, and to Him you will be restored.
  73. Since 2003, Triad has made over 550 grants ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $2.
  74. The good thing about these grants is that they are not supposed to be loans for the small businesses.
  75. The principle behind such option grants is to align the interests of managers with outside investors.
  76. For three decades the Park Foundation made grants in support of education, religion and human services.
  77. These organizations help small faith-based and community organizations learn about the grants process.
  78. The best place to access a wide range of the private grants for women in business would be the internet.
  79. These scholarship grants could be used by the students in any public or private school of their choice.
  80. Many retiring Roman legionnaires were paid off by being given land grants in the above-mentioned locales.
  81. In France twenty million francs are assigned for art, and similar grants are made in Germany and England.
  82. Unjustifiably though, the Musalmans are proud that their faith grants equality to women vis-à-vis men, i.
  83. Shareholder-friendly companies do not allocate a higher level of option grants to their senior management.
  84. Neither of them had much spare cash – students don’t, what with small grants and big loans and all that.
  85. This is the point where the spirit of revelation and wisdom takes over and grants us divine enlighten.
  86. He grants its overwhelming immensity, but he establishes its triviality; and he does more than spit upon it.
  87. Most Federal agencies have experts who are available to help organizations apply for and manage their grants.
  88. I will do all of this and I will think of Him every day from this day on if He only grants me this one wish:.
  89. The Park Foundation makes grants primarily in the areas of education, public broadcasting and the environment.
  90. Gāndhiji’s solution was to have a system of schools that were not dependent on government grants or support.
  91. The Constitution also grants the president the power to make treaties and other agreements with foreign powers.
  92. So, who is the Owner of such intensive care? Who grants them these things, which are essential for them to live?
  93. I think you have a good chance at getting those grants, and I think you’ll be really successful at Tennessee.
  94. Anyway, companies were interested in the incentives offered by the state, which were tax breaks, grants and awards.
  95. When you go online, you will come across a number of websites that direct you to the grants offered by foundations.
  96. I’ve suppressed her symptoms for the moment, but I need to find her, encapsulate her and cut off her veron grants.
  97. It set up the Patrice Lumumba Scholarship Fund to provide young Africans with grants for higher education in Poland.
  98. I have no objections to environmental grants as long as they are defined and directed to realistic and obtainable goals.
  99. Steward of Gondor, and Prince of Ithilien, asks that Jowyn Lady of Rohan should be his wife, and she grants it full willing.
  100. The grants are offered to the eligible entrepreneurs and business folks in order to help them make a profitable enterprise.

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