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Berth in a sentence | berth example sentences

  1. Give them a wide berth.
  2. He reserved the top berth.
  3. Both gave Dunk a wide berth.
  4. It's the best berth at Spithead.
  5. It was open on the berth opposite to.

  6. They picked a berth nearest to the door.
  7. You can take the bell in berth forty two.
  8. Over the years, SST’s gave it a wide berth.
  9. People give him a wide berth, when they can.
  10. I am sorry, Lancaster, but the berth is full.
  11. The others gave her a wider berth after that.
  12. Thus the mutated gene eliminated the wisdom's berth.
  13. We can give it a wide berth by cutting over to the.
  14. When they saw me, these people gave me a wide berth.
  15. There was a magnificent boat at the berth next to us.

  16. At the time of the sun relaxing down into the berth of.
  17. Husim gave them a wide berth and leapt up onto the dais.
  18. When I was fifteen, I left and sought a berth on a ship.
  19. The remaining coal was then moved to the aft berth deck.
  20. Sir, I was on the berth above yours, sleeping when the.
  21. Mitch, not about to stand in her way, gave her a wide berth.
  22. And there was one other; Howell ap Berth, one of my attackers.
  23. Spirits high, Tasia ran over to the berth as fast as she could.
  24. I had been in my berth for about ten minutes, when, at about 11.
  25. It was struck between the berth and the wall; I saw it just in.

  26. He would also have to give the Chinese a wide berth for the moment!.
  27. Travis hesitated and gave Chevalier a wide berth as he approached Emily.
  28. KC repositioned in the berth where she was reclined against Jeff’s chest.
  29. Ordinarily, he would have given her a wide berth, but not on this occasion.
  30. Everyone seemed to know who I was, and they were all giving me a wide berth.
  31. They walked very close together and gave the old Bailey garden a wide berth.
  32. Their fellow pedestrians gave them a wide and fearful berth on the footpath.
  33. Crew and conscripts alike gave the lumbering devil a wide berth as he passed.
  34. Slowly, she pulled out of the berth and started heading out toward open water.
  35. Then they stood there, with their hands on the ledge of the berth, and talked.
  36. But before they got in I was up in the upper berth, cornered, and sorry I come.
  37. A double berth was wedged against the wall, starched sheets pulled over the beds.
  38. Then the entire caravan moved off, took a wide berth around the white dissenters.
  39. A board at the edge of this hole bore the word "Mine," so we gave it a wide berth.
  40. He still had the strange smile on his face and people were giving him a wide berth.
  41. When she had to quit work to give berth to their first child she would not be fined.
  42. As soon as the boat was back in its previous berth, Jack bounded up the steps while.
  43. As the captain manoeuvred the twenty-car ferry out of its Mill Bay berth, the two men.
  44. In the meantime while waiting for the Iona to berth, I spent the next three days holed up at.
  45. They took rank for intelligence; even at sixteen they were already talking about a snug berth.
  46. But for a few restless boys who stewed with anger, the men slogged on, giving us a wide berth.
  47. The officers around him gave him a wide berth, their faces reflecting his frustration and fear.
  48. I noticed that the other people who were still abroad at 10:00 that night gave me a wide berth.
  49. I took my berth in the stores, living off ships biscuits and rats that I caught between m'teeth.
  50. Scar entered the dimly lit room, making sure to keep a wide berth around the many people in the room.
  51. Giving them a wide berth usually kept her from having to listen to remarks about her unusual occupation.
  52. A kayak or needleboat could have gone under the dock and cost a lot less, he had to pay for a yacht berth.
  53. Her instinct is to cut east, leave a wide berth, but already the chaos has begun to form itself into lines.
  54. Vassin had a temporary berth in some company's office, and I knew that he used to bring work home with him.
  55. The wider the berth they gave him around here, the more he could get done, and the more secure his masquerade.
  56. N: With that he ran away up the mountain side, and has ever after been careful to give the turtle a wide berth.
  57. Harry walked toward them and not knowing his intention, they gave him a wide berth between them to let him pass.
  58. It simply crawled ahead, giving them ample berth, the rear passenger window rolling a smooth three inches down.
  59. Dominique knew that she had been grief-stricken and hard to reach, so she understood why Nicole gave her a wide berth.
  60. They soon saw the sleepy looking Lamganas and they knew they needed to keep to the edge, giving the woods a wide berth.
  61. He pushed the canister as far forward on the berth as it would fit, right up into the pointy front end of the sailboat.
  62. He went down too, just as easy, five cable ties, one rag, and a berth on the CPA’s floor, right next to his relative.
  63. Frightened by the noise and stench the monsters made, he gave the track a wide berth, paralleling it at a safe distance.
  64. Levi carried the heavy canister into the boat’s forward cabin, where there was a V-shaped berth Debra usually slept in.
  65. Any passers-by who saw the man of bones gave a wide berth and made straight for home to lock their doors and shutters tight.
  66. Having been assured of a love-filled future for Roopa, soon Sandhya slept pleasantly on the lower berth in that coupe for two.
  67. Aye, shipmates, Jonah was gone down into the sides of the ship—a berth in the cabin as I have taken it, and was fast asleep.
  68. Officer Edgar Vargas studied the Coast Guard cutter through binoculars as she glided from her berth and steamed from the harbor.
  69. Captain Perry settled the steamship into its berth at the dock on the morning tide, the gang way was set in place and it was Mr.
  70. The afternoon sun shone weakly between mountain peaks: the harbor would be in darkness before the barge was secured in its berth.
  71. As I entered, a sallow Malay attendant had hurried up with a pipe for me and a supply of the drug, beckoning me to an empty berth.
  72. He nodded and faded into the shadows of the entrance to give her a wide enough berth for hunting while still being able to watch her.
  73. All dressed and dusty as he is, Jonah throws himself into his berth, and finds the little state-room ceiling almost resting on his forehead.
  74. It wasn’t just that Aunt Rachel had never bothered to describe Damon Wilcox to me so that I could give him a wide berth if I ever met him.
  75. Thalia already had Aegis on her arm, and even our own teammates were giving her a wide berth, trying not to cower before the bronze head of Medusa.
  76. But I’m in the government service, I might lose my berth through it: I might be arrested for it, madam! I tell you that! If you did not know it.
  77. He moved the knife away and shoved Joe against the lower berth of the bunk bed, which moved a couple of inches back toward the wall when he struck it.
  78. My berth was on the aisle, and the young American woman in the window seat obviously caught my unease at being airborne and struck up a conversation.
  79. I take it back, Simon will find him even crankier back then and would be well advised to follow today’s Manfred’s advice and give him a wide berth.
  80. It was a wet Wednesday when the hospital ship docked at its berth at Southampton Docks and the badly wounded were being disembarked on their stretchers.
  81. He never lent money to any one, but I had, on entering the service, been specially recommended to him by an important personage who had got me my berth.
  82. One can imagine his feelings on beholding his arch-enemy, the bully of the midshipmen's berth, struggling desperately for life under the frigate's counter.
  83. Michpili was a grizzled, old veteran who had kept to himself during the trip here and whose forbidding aspect caused the rest of us to give him wide berth.
  84. We designed her so that top speeds could still be achieved, but if an owner wants, we will design a sub berth on the side of the ship near the life boats.
  85. Ever since the blow, he had lain in his berth; but that morning, hearing the tumult on the deck, he had crept out, and thus far had watched the whole scene.
  86. A man remarked that it seemed like heaven to lay his fever-worn frame in a comfortable berth, and to have decent food and treatment after the hardships on land.
  87. We went back inside, and I helped Arthur find some clothes to wear, got him dressed, and as this happened, Cai came in with Howell ap Berth, his second, following.
  88. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample.
  89. But the old chronicles from which I have compiled this story go on to say that he secured a berth in the navy, and years afterwards trod the quarter-deck of a man-of-war.
  90. Arthur then told Gareth to gather his men and join with the rear-guard, as whenever Gareth was not riding as a scout he fought in Cai’s unit, commanded still by Howell ap Berth.
  91. The lamp alarms and frightens Jonah; as lying in his berth his tormented eyes roll round the place, and this thus far successful fugitive finds no refuge for his restless glance.
  92. Beyond, surrounding a The rabbits gave them a wide berth and came through by another gap further up, thicket of rushes, stood an enclosure of posts and rails half as high as a man.
  93. Steve pulls in behind him and jumps out; Curly Pete has parked the Mercedes as close as he can to the little wooden jetty that is Steve's berth and Steve squeezes past and approaches his boat.
  94. He had not much time left, because a ship of the Shaw Savill line was leaving on the following Friday morning for New Zealand and Australia, and I had managed to get him a cheap berth on that.
  95. He gave the creature a wide berth and presented his paperwork to the alien being crouched behind the thickly glassed window and its semi-circular cutout with stainless steel brushed-metal tray.
  96. I joined Kenneth and the three others searching for our reserved couchette compartment, then pretended I was tired and climbed into my berth while the others trolled the corridors for amusement.
  97. His wife of twenty years chose the pension and condo in Sao Luis rather than a berth on the Lula and now she was his greatest disappointment, he knew then it had been a one-sided relationship all along.
  98. What made this action an especially noble one was the fact that Cobbett was one of the greatest bullies in the midshipmen's berth, and had specially singled out Marryat for cowardly and brutal treatment.
  99. The Examiner says: 'Allan Adair, the only son of his widowed mother, distinguishes himself as a lad in helping to save a vessel in distress, and in return is offered a berth by the owners in one of their ships.
  100. I knew that I would have done a deal with the devil and all his hordes if he could have got me out of this hell but I reckoned that even he would have been frightened by this place and would have given it a wide berth.
  1. One technician handed oxygen masks connected to portable oxygen bottles to Murrow and his cameraman, then put one on himself before leading Ingrid inside the airlock leading to the space plane berthing compartment.
  1. Securely berthed, a gantry crane moved.
  2. A small rusty tug was berthed where his submersible had been moored earlier.
  3. These two awesome capital ships were now berthed in the dry dock for maintenance.
  4. Iona as she berthed, but later during the day I presented myself to Rory and asked if his.
  5. Deputies Dumpus and Porge were hanging around the dock where the Calamity was berthed, both dressed in sailor’s garb.
  6. One reason it was so cheap was the yacht never berthed for more than a few minutes, and never overnight – that’s when high charges accrue.
  7. He berthed the thunderboat and began the climb to Ava's latest home, hoping she could find those papers and wouldn't object to giving them over to him.
  8. Rory berthed the speedboat on the beach well away from, and out of sight of Wei’s boathouse and cottage and then led the party to where he had concealed his car.
  9. On 5th April 1941 during an RAF raid on Brest where the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were based, an unexploded bomb landed in the dry dock where Gneisenau was berthed.
  10. After a good lunch, Roger went up to his favorite deck ten to contemplate the beauty of the city and the port, in particular Princess Wharf where the ship was berthed and where eighty percent of New Zealand’s imports and exports are.
  11. Our first sight of England was the dim lights on the wet harbour wall at Folkestone in the early dawn light as we docked and tied up there was another ship berthed a hospital one and I could see that another ship could have tied up on the harbour wall.
  12. Liners from around the world berthed alongside and tourists lost themselves for days, filling bags with intricately embroidered jackets, antiques, I-Love-HK T-shirts, ivory carvings, wooden and soapstone statues, and hi-fis and cameras that they would learn on their return home were really no cheaper and in some cases were more expensive than elsewhere in Hong Kong.
  1. They took separate berths.
  2. The limo pulled up at one of the berths.
  3. Ali beta,' don't jump between berths, Ali.
  4. Others had sleeping berths, dining cars and even privies.
  5. Nerissa didn’t dare try to buy berths from anyone but Psatos.
  6. As to the sailors of the Pharaon, they must have found snug berths elsewhere, for they also had disappeared.
  7. No room for a hip bath but then, it was a palace compared to the berths the midshipmen and third class slept in.
  8. Twenty-two hours, and nine Naud ships later, the Lorien and Lúthien returned to their berths aboard the Huntress.
  9. Such berths would need minimal power to stay functional, especially with the freezing temperatures on those levels.
  10. Entering the first room in that building they found the prisoners stretched on their berths, which occupied the middle of the room.
  11. They rode off to the east on this path which leads to the coast where they can pick up berths on any number of ships, the captain offered.
  12. It should be realized that those mandatory ministerial berths and the quota of secretaries would only help buttress their communal self-worth.
  13. All of my people could have fit into the empty berths of the bar-Kregridor, but to my surprise they asked to be spread out among the entire fleet.
  14. A small lamp, fastened to the wall, lit up the four bodies which were stretched on berths, with their heads toward the wall and the feet protruding toward the door.
  15. It was one of those snug, lucrative berths of which there are so many more nowadays than there used to be, with incomes ranging from one thousand to fifty thousand roubles.
  16. Well maybe, we could improve your letter by sleeping in the car tonight and tomorrow, nose around Limon harbor until we find where the Caroline berths, then leave tomorrow night instead.
  17. California, on the other hand, could become only the second school ever to win the varsity race four years in a row, as well as the first to ever go on to win three consecutive Olympic berths.
  18. Hearing the visitors enter they all jumped down, and, clinking their chains, placed themselves beside their berths, while their half-shaven heads were distinctly set off against the gloom of the prison.
  19. Outwardly, our Fortunes had improv’d; the Captain’s Cabin was provided with Windows, Light, Air, a Writing Bureau, and dry Berths lin’d with Eider-Downs, as well as Plate and Pewter bearing his Family Crest.
  20. I cannot consent, in deference to any gentlemen, however great their zeal, to admit that I merely urged them at that time, from party views, to put down one description of persons in order to get into their warm berths.
  21. The saloons and staterooms were in the extreme after part of the vessel, but the stateroom of that day was little more than a closet, with two berths, one above the other, and very little standing room between these and the wall.
  22. They talked of the Caucasus, of the nature of true passion, of snug berths in the service, of the income of an hussar called Podharzhevsky, whom none of them knew personally, and rejoiced in the largeness of it, of the extraordinary grace and beauty of a Princess D.
  23. The water was as smooth as in any dock; one ship was motionless, the other just moving at what may be called dock-speed when entering, leaving, or shifting berths; and from the moment the collision was seen to be unavoidable till the actual contact a whole minute elapsed.

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