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Situation in a sentence

I told her the situation.
It was a no-lose situation.
When in a situation where.
No change to the situation.
It was a strange situation.
Let me pose this situation.
It was a perfect situation.

This was a tricky situation.
It was a no-data situation.
This was one ugly situation.
It was not a good situation.
Try to think the situation.
I was in a no-win situation.
We've got a situation here.
We have a critical situation.
It was not a happy situation.
The situation you are going.
It was a ridiculous situation.
More study of the situation.
It was a difficult situation.
She focussed on the situation.
They took this bad situation.
This situation was a sad one.
That situation caused me to.
Another situation is lack of.
Or, we can use the situation.
The situation was better for.
Thane weighed up the situation.
We have a very unique situation.
It was an impossible situation.
A situation of ultimate danger.
This situation can be avoided.
David was in a bad situation!.
He knew the situation with them.
This is a situation where you.
The fact that the situation in.
To me it was a no win situation.
I explained the situation to him.
Try finding humor in a situation.
I tried to lighten the situation.

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