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Spot in a sentence | spot example sentences

  1. She died on the spot.
  2. Sav found a spot of.
  3. She was put on a spot.
  4. Again she was spot on.
  5. Thou diest on the spot.

  6. Frozen to the spot I.
  7. I had hit a sore spot.
  8. He was in a tight spot.
  9. The drink hit the spot.
  10. Hot Spot where it peaks.
  11. Elmwood died on the spot.
  12. This is a great spot.
  13. A spot of retail therapy.
  14. Show me that spot Jack.
  15. He had me in a funny spot.

  16. I’m rooted to the spot.
  17. Said pointing to the spot.
  18. The top spot was far away.
  19. Rolling over on the spot.
  20. The coat was a dark spot.
  21. So Caesar marked the spot.
  22. They hired me on the spot.
  23. A near perfect spot for.
  24. Used as a spot treatment.
  25. Because you stole my spot.

  26. It is also a power spot.
  27. We’re in the right spot.
  28. He hired Mark on the spot.
  29. Maybe, he would spot her.
  30. It was a dispiriting spot.
  31. In the one spot for about.
  32. Everyone eyes the top spot.
  33. She was rooted to the spot.
  34. We both found such a spot.
  35. I can spot them a mile off.
  36. That was his thinking spot.
  37. He helped me out of a spot.
  38. Universe back into one spot.
  39. I did nawt steal your spot.
  40. Hey you put me on the spot.
  41. Jack was frozen to the spot.
  42. It was a perfect spot far.
  43. How did you spot that?’.
  44. Both were died on the spot.
  45. He was dead on the spot.
  46. He looked for a shady spot.
  47. Hal stood rooted to the spot.
  48. One top spot is Paris France.
  49. This is a nice spot, Asia.
  50. Teams were sent out to spot.
  51. Practice rolling on the spot.
  52. Chapter Three: Spot the IPO.
  53. She stood frozen to the spot.
  54. It was their favourite spot.
  55. That was on the spot!.
  56. What we can spot from those.
  57. Spot on, as the English say.
  58. This was the only green spot.
  59. Staying in this spot seemed.
  60. Ah! That hit the spot!.
  61. Find a spot and stay with it.
  62. Today, Teddy fills that spot.
  63. Heidi disappeared on the spot.
  64. She was pretty easy to spot.
  65. What a truly delightful spot.
  66. Jump on the spot in one hoop.
  67. She would have liked the spot.
  68. So in heaven's spot and hour.
  69. Spot drivers by their offices.
  70. He was in a bit of tight spot.
  71. It left Frans in a tight spot.
  72. I pointed to the spot, smiling.
  73. Duke found his spot near the.
  74. Cecily moved from spot to spot.
  75. Maureen was rooted to the spot.
  76. Prune Face and I hit the spot.
  77. Chain letters are easy to spot.
  78. It was still a beautiful spot.
  79. I spot RVP, the only non-name.
  80. Practice marching on the spot.
  81. Ariella was rooted to the spot.
  82. He touches the spot on his jaw.
  83. They will shoot me on the spot.
  84. It's not difficult to spot them.
  85. Choose a spot that won’t be.
  86. Rio hates being put on the spot.
  87. He was without spot or blemish.
  88. For calling up that spot of joy.
  89. I remained riveted to the spot.
  90. This spot is prime for the.
  91. She had to be in the wrong spot.
  92. Not a spot I would care to.
  93. They did not spot him at first.
  94. Middlemarch a very healthy spot.
  95. With a soft spot in our hearts.
  96. I figured it out on the spot.
  97. I should always be on the spot.
  98. They fluked a parking spot at.
  99. You can spot a phony a mile away.
  100. That, to her was your weak spot.
  1. It was spotting with rain.
  2. Good move spotting that vehicle.
  3. This isn’t spotting, I told myself.
  4. Lov searched around, spotting the camp.
  5. No hope of spotting landmarks or roads.
  6. Spotting him in the crowds would not be easy.
  7. He looked inland spotting the rocky terrain.
  8. One problem with spotting scams is that con.
  9. They ran past the bodyguard without spotting him.
  10. Spotting that puke is a legitimate way to trade.
  11. Now, spotting the mist was our primary objective.
  12. I walked for another two hours before spotting what.
  13. Twice he surveyed the room without spotting me, at.
  14. I scanned the area spotting several very attractive.
  15. I cannot risk him coming to Shimla and spotting Tarana.
  16. Artillery spotting was not my highest priority, though.
  17. His dad had taken him deer spotting when he was younger.
  18. After spotting a worker Sharon inquired about where the.
  19. Normally, the bleeding and spotting will end in six months.
  20. She pulled the door open, spotting Mikayla… with Cayden.
  21. Spotting talent in other people is a sign of a good leader.
  22. Randy is watching all the game through the spotting scope.
  23. After my test shots, Pat calls me over to the spotting scope.
  24. That proved to be a little bit impossible, often spotting a.
  25. Technicians are especially interested in spotting reversals.
  26. Spotting a pile of the crystal rocks built high up the wall.
  27. Upon spotting the first warehouse we placed ourselves on red.
  28. Spotting an elevator, I press the up arrow, but nothing happens.
  29. Spotting the only packet in the shop, I snatched it jubilantly.
  30. Eric silently congratulated himself for spotting the difference.
  31. Upon spotting no one she jumped from rails towards his open arms.
  32. Where's my spotting scope! We all watch it through our x40 optics.
  33. Spotting a pattern and the breakout are only part of trading well.
  34. Spotting them in the distance, she finally took a long deep breath.
  35. Despite this, spotting psychopaths is hard, though it may be about.
  36. You should stop taking high dose of Vitamin C if the spotting stops.
  37. Spotting Tifa on the level below, he waited for her to join him, her.
  38. Quickly spotting Donald and Jeff, Ron sprinted towards them screaming.
  39. Tears welled and fell onto my white dress, spotting it with grey grief.
  40. I waited patiently for roughly ten minutes before spotting a good target.
  41. His eyes flew wide open, spotting Morg as he lifted his foot over his head.
  42. Spotting this she quickly dashes over and moves it further onto the table.
  43. He glanced around, spotting her at the window, waving for her to come out.
  44. Spotting a young boy he called out to him, Where are the visitors?
  45. The Raiders spun as one, cold, cruel eyes spotting the four watching faces.
  46. Yes Aunt Rose? I asked walking into the kitchen and spotting Matthew.
  47. It's moving fast, getting bigger and bigger in the spotting scope’s lens.
  48. Spotting an indoor circuit breaker Jack took out his Magnum and shot at it.
  49. His face is so close to mine that I can see a few freckles spotting his nose.
  50. Nord walked into the room, spotting more than the usual one fairy on the table.
  51. A bit later, however, a large grizzly shows up in the spotting scope’s lens.
  52. Hi Dominic, she said upon spotting me heading towards Tom's resting place.
  53. Spotting the mud on his Chinos, Davie raises his eyes to the heavens and swears.
  54. Kim had straightened and upon spotting him in the crowd had given him a big wink.
  55. On the summit we start our interminable scans with the binoculars and spotting scope.
  56. I call John, we slowly pack our rucksacks, and then set out to do some bear spotting.
  57. If we’d reached the convoy without spotting him, he would have as handily killed us.
  58. I yelped like a fifties housewife spotting a mouse, and instinctively flailed my legs.
  59. Ellie Mae and Elvira became adept at spotting suspicious cargoes and intercepting them.
  60. She dug around in the bag for several seconds before spotting her phone on the counter.
  61. Get the point? Although spotting a trend is not necessarily a prerequisite to building.
  62. The Scientist adjusted his binoculars, spotting a glimpse of movement in 1 of the fields.
  63. Spotting from the air guns and rocket launchers firing at night was going to be dead easy.
  64. There have been times when, on spotting us, the caribou have bolted, but that is not usual.
  65. I awarded myself one point for spotting a red car, two for a yellow and three for a green.
  66. I was really proud of myself for spotting the difference, so I told everyone straight away.
  67. Spotting a dark alley he headed towards it, tripping on the kerbside as he crossed the road.
  68. Closing the doll’s house again, Dawn looked around, spotting a carved wooden rocking horse.
  69. We watch the bighorn for over two hours without having to alter the spotting scope’s range.
  70. This requires spotting the small fluctuations and getting in and out of shares within one day.
  71. The Japanese candlestick is a means for spotting the likelihood of price direction and change.
  72. His boss was sprawled on the floor and Marcos hurried to his side, spotting blood on his face.
  73. Anna was a decided expert at spotting such boys - she was an experienced expert in this matter.
  74. Her period was late this month, but she was still experiencing some light cramping and spotting.
  75. Spotting that the Rakai had his translator, she said, I hope we are not intruding on you two.
  76. Then spotting a sandbank, he found a last reserve of energy to thrash his way onto the low ridge.
  77. As for me, I stared industriously in the direction under observation but without spotting a thing.
  78. He turned to his right, spotting the door to the cellar and a shiver instantly ran down his spine.
  79. They had a vast region to keep under their watchful eyes and were very adept at spotting any activity.
  80. Deane cursed himself in Arabic for not spotting the vehicle before and set off at a sprint, in pursuit.
  81. These types are effective at judging strength or weakness of a trend, and spotting changes in momentum.
  82. Out in the open he impressed at target practice and at game spotting when out on a hunt with his father.
  83. Spotting a bunch of diaries therein, he wondered whether they would lead him to the essence of her self.
  84. I start spotting buildings I know, as well as some which have obviously been built since I was last here.
  85. Hi, Monsieur Closse! Shouted enthusiastically Claudette, stopping her work on spotting his approach.
  86. Spotting a teletype station nearby, he went to it and felt his heart jump when he found it still operating.
  87. While I'm fishing about for it he gets his out, while still managing to keep watch with the spotting scope.
  88. B’theen seemed to have no other source of income other than cargo spotting, mainly for Kulai’s business.
  89. Easily spotting his friend he smiled as Taher said, You have always been one for showing off have you not.
  90. They shook hands all round, and Will, spotting a passing waiter, shouted Beer! and held up four fingers.
  91. For Gabelli, prepared with techniques for appraising PMV and adept at spotting catalysts, it is a heady time.
  92. He looks through his binoculars for at leasr 10mins and then, still lying down, he sets up the spotting scope.
  93. Spotting the computer, he went directly for it, kneeling in front of the keyboard and ripping off his mittens.
  94. Several of his former pupils had gone on to win gold medals, and he was adept at spotting a natural-born rider.
  95. Where did they all come from? he asked, spotting the raggedy forms of Bill and his mother within the ranks.
  96. During the day, we've seen at least fifty, and we only left the boat a couple of times to use our spotting scopes.
  97. I turn the sight a few clicks and my future guide follows the results through his spotting scope, making comments.
  98. Hearing a soft chuckle, Nye looked around, spotting Darren Crosby standing at the door, a knowing smile on his lips.
  99. Locating price relative to fair value is only the first step in the process of spotting a potential contrarian trade.
  100. Spotting Peteru he came over, listened to the news, agreed with their plans and promised they’d fulfil their role.
  1. And then I spotted it.
  2. He spotted a tall oak.
  3. I spotted you the rest.
  4. He had spotted the place.
  5. The enemy had spotted us.
  6. Ben spotted the bat first.
  7. And then Pink spotted me.
  8. Tears spotted in her eyes.
  9. That’s how he spotted us.
  10. I spotted her at the window.
  11. I spotted what appeared to.
  12. Jake turned and spotted Ichor.
  13. Raw wounds spotted his chest.
  14. I spotted you from next door.
  15. We spotted the retreat of St.
  16. Finally Jartis spotted a bar.
  17. I scanned the area, spotted.
  18. He smiled when he spotted her.
  19. We spotted the whirling tunnel.
  20. I was often spotted by other U.
  21. Tom spotted Ifor, who was on.
  22. Marie had spotted it as they.
  23. B-52Hs had been spotted over.
  24. I spotted a large crystal and.
  25. Herman and his wife spotted Mr.
  26. He was spotted on this deck.
  27. He spotted the gun on the floor.
  28. They spotted Steve on the walk.
  29. I wouldnt have spotted a thing.
  30. But he hadn’t spotted him yet.
  31. He spotted a loud crowd on the.
  32. Then she spotted the coke again.
  33. The DTS spotted him, and Moose.
  34. We spotted the shadder to a dot.
  35. This momentum is easily spotted.
  36. I also spotted the For sALe sign.
  37. But Ted had spotted him and said.
  38. I should have spotted it earlier.
  39. Robyn spotted a flash to the west.
  40. I was lucky to have spotted the.
  41. As soon as they spotted us they.
  42. I would have spotted it otherwise.
  43. Spotted a Dark Cloud Cover.
  44. He spotted something, I said.
  45. He spotted the woman from the bar.
  46. Smith spotted the boat immediately.
  47. Had their hideaway been spotted?
  48. They're so lovely, all spotted up.
  49. They had been spotted! Before he.
  50. Joey spotted the fallen mynamather.
  51. We all spotted a dirt road at the.
  52. Sterling had spotted something else.
  53. Tim spotted one of the men he new.
  54. I spotted Ben and grabbed his hand.
  55. Shorty spotted a shadow, and turned.
  56. I spotted another and took him out.
  57. Won’t we be spotted there?
  58. We have spotted the 13th container.
  59. He had already been spotted by Mrs.
  60. Tony spotted the break, and chased.
  61. A minute or so later she spotted him.
  62. I spotted a spaceship on the horizon.
  63. I spotted some gas pumps outside a.
  64. The bear spotted him inside the cave.
  65. He spotted one the size of his hand.
  66. He spotted a trail through the jungle.
  67. He’d spotted us early in the chase.
  68. Marilyn can be spotted in two scenes.
  69. Then he spotted one and ran up to it.
  70. He spotted a beautiful tree near an.
  71. He’d spotted the old man entering.
  72. I spotted one on the bow of the ship.
  73. He spotted Tina floating on her back.
  74. Arnold would no doubt have spotted us.
  75. It did not appear to have spotted her.
  76. Brownie spotted it without being told.
  77. Still further ahead I spotted the gym.
  78. She spotted him and at once realized.
  79. I spotted her when I got to the stile.
  80. I spotted a blanket and grabbed that.
  81. Her cheeks were spotted with freckles.
  82. He spotted the gas tank and shot at it.
  83. You spotted a real enemy scout ship.
  84. Rushing onto the deck, I spotted Coombs.
  85. I dove back as I spotted the charging.
  86. Looking up he spotted Ruth and stopped.
  87. Peter spotted the Egyptian hieroglyph.
  88. Then she spotted what she had suspected.
  89. I spotted a clique of reporters up ahead.
  90. He’s a tracker and won’t be spotted.
  91. I looked here and there and spotted Prem.
  92. I could be spotted blabbering to myself.
  93. Nova Lee spotted a group of snow fairies.
  94. Heracles spotted an Amazon in the crowd.
  95. Rayne spotted him and rushed to his side.
  96. Billy spotted him first and came running.
  97. I spotted a squirrel hiding in the bushes.
  98. It was only pure luck that he spotted her.
  99. They were weathered and spotted from age.
  100. I spotted the creatures a few meters away.
  1. All in if he spots me.
  2. I was a few spots back.
  3. Then she spots the boy.
  4. The worst spots are on.
  5. This one has hot spots.
  6. Otherwise, if it spots a.
  7. One of my "spots" in the.
  8. Spray mold spots with Tilex.
  9. Deny them the favorite spots.
  10. It had a few wet spots on it.
  12. She moves to corral the spots.
  13. Ten spots were made available.
  14. Emotions are in supreme spots.
  15. Two hot spots! More motors.
  16. Black spots sizzled in my sight.
  17. Leopards and spots came to mind.
  18. Spots open and close at his feet.
  19. Spots, pimples and zits covered.
  20. That all the best building spots.
  21. After that I had some blurry spots.
  22. Spots that get the most page views.
  23. Her face folded in the wrong spots.
  24. In their gold coats spots you see;.
  25. These are the spots where, if left.
  26. The liver spots made Lov fear aging.
  27. The upper floors were iffy in spots.
  28. We had to cut bad purple spots off.
  29. What to do with spots on the pictures.
  30. Plus, I try and avoid the local spots.
  31. It shares so many lonely spots with me.
  32. The gun was slimed with spots of blood.
  33. She knew his weak spots and he knew hers.
  34. My look now spots the television screens.
  35. These dots or small spots come with age.
  36. Her green eyes sparkle when she spots me.
  37. There are queer spots on those great men.
  38. See that there are no holes or low spots.
  39. Pam and I received the last spots on the.
  40. At G, H, I more lines and spots have been.
  41. She spots me first and motions for Apollo.
  42. Her rage was a salve over the raw spots of.
  43. He spots his teammates lying on the ground.
  44. I even saw where they crested out in spots.
  45. There are some spots where it's hot enough.
  46. Otherwise, bald spots or unhealthy looking.
  47. Brooke said it was like the spots on a fawn.
  48. That's where Molly can knock spots off them.
  49. I hope they’ve got a couple of soft spots.
  50. I tried to help him through the tough spots.
  51. And there I see such black and grained spots.
  52. The burnt spots dotting it verified this in.
  53. Hot spots in bioplasma bodies are therefore.
  54. I did the news spots on the steps of the Hall.
  55. Hot spots in UFOs are therefore expected to.
  56. I’m a floater going to the trouble spots.
  57. We have checked Paradise cavern for hot spots.
  58. This is one of our favorite spots around town.
  59. A few mucky spots could be seen here and there.
  60. I’m doing just that when a policeman spots me.
  61. The guardrail now has two repaired spots on it.
  62. We passed ten picnic spots within the next ten.
  63. He’d always been good at finding hiding spots.
  64. She’s been in worse spots than that before.
  65. All I can see are big white spots moving around.
  66. A gang of teenagers spots the helpless creature.
  67. Ad space available on the top and side bar spots.
  68. After they were all in their usual spots and Mr.
  69. Blood was starting to ooze out in several spots.
  70. He said he didn’t want to go to tourists spots.
  71. Russ spots something of interest in his newspaper.
  72. You can't buy your way into the top 10 spots on.
  73. The cold air bit the bare spots on her skin and.
  74. All the players headed to their spots on the field.
  75. The top classified advertising hot spots include:.
  76. Spots on the sun, first observations on, xxiv, 204.
  77. Same time, or you will end up in different spots.
  78. Griqua ghost stories, how the leopard got her spots.
  79. First he saw a handkerchief with pale little spots.
  80. Spots were taken on FM channels in all small towns.
  81. Aaron spots a chick he knew about six years earlier.
  82. The spots symbolize the many tribes, regions, and.
  83. The hot spots in ordinary plasma are believed to be.
  84. The media had secured their spots by the main gates.
  85. Everyone will know you, there are few hiding spots.
  86. Black spots filled her eyes from the lack of oxygen.
  87. There are NO ISOLATED HOT SPOTS WHICH can not be FED.
  88. He spots her, gestures up and mouths, ‘You owe me.
  89. I can’t change my spots! This is the way I am!.
  90. The stars circled above like spots from a mirror ball.
  91. When this happens the hot spots and sheaths are seen.
  92. Clusters of crushed garnets made spots upon its back.
  93. Let the energy move between these two spots on your.
  94. CDN’s work by having these spots all over the world.
  95. It was the size of a pigeon’s egg with spots like.
  96. My two buddies soon split off to pick their own spots.
  97. This one had round cooking spots on the top and Selma.
  98. If we split our efforts, we risk losing on both spots.
  99. There were some shooting spots were built beautifully.
  100. He smiled, and two hectic spots appeared on his cheeks.

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