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Biting in a sentence | biting example sentences

  1. I’m not back biting her.
  2. Kissing him and biting his.
  3. She was biting down hard on.
  4. Please stop biting your lip.
  5. If you had a previous biting.

  6. I think he's biting the young.
  7. Morel, in the same biting tones.
  8. Joey was quiet, biting on his lip.
  9. The sea of dark biting creatures.
  10. I fought back, biting and grabbing.
  11. The blowing sand, the biting flies.
  12. I watched him, biting my bottom lip.
  13. I stop biting the inside of my cheek.
  14. For biting through what I had to chew.
  15. He was biting his tongue, I‘m sure.

  16. Stop biting that lip, he growls.
  17. By the look of it no fish were biting.
  18. I was so scared, for a moment biting.
  19. She read the parchment, biting her lip.
  20. And now it’s biting us in the ass.
  21. You’re biting that lip, Anastasia.
  22. Carrie looked after him, biting her lip.
  23. Biting her lip, Amy stares at the guards.
  24. I tried to teach the horse to stop biting.
  25. Biting her lip, Casey looked down at Jack.

  26. Oh crap, I said, biting my lower lip.
  27. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  28. Close map, he ordered, biting his lip.
  29. I was gnawing my teeth, and biting my lips.
  30. Getting defensive and biting and scratching.
  31. Flies kept alighting on her and biting her.
  32. Biting is a really nasty behavior that can.
  33. Paige? she said, biting her lower lip.
  34. That lockout code is biting me in the ass.
  35. He tried to suppress it by biting his teeth.
  36. Out of the east the biting wind was blowing.
  37. Biting back a curse, he pulled away from her.
  38. Corey teased the calf, biting, then releasing.
  39. But the one she wanted the most wasn't biting.
  40. I’m not even aware I’ve been biting my lip.
  41. Biting the tip from a cigar, he lit it tenderly.
  42. He buried his face in his paws, biting his lips.
  43. Sometimes, the bird has learned that biting the.
  44. Who cares, I'm sure his dog biting days are over.
  45. I was covered with the crawling, biting, little.
  46. The wind was from the northeast, cold and biting.
  47. Biting the eraser of his pencil as though uneasy.
  48. Matilda was biting her lip, and trying not to cry.
  49. I think you’re biting his nose a bit too hard.
  50. Wasting away and biting your lips to ease the pain.
  51. Has it come yet? she asked biting her bottom lip.
  52. It is no fun biting into a clam and chewing on sand.
  53. There it is again, ouroboros biting us in the ass.
  54. She turned away, biting at her trembling bottom lip.
  55. The local flying, biting insects seemed remarkably.
  56. Arms crossed, biting his lip, tapping his left foot.
  57. The guard wasn’t biting the hook like Lezura wanted.
  58. Inhibited biting to be In a playful way and scratches.
  59. I love this place, said Victor, biting his fist.
  60. Are you a guest? Hanor added, biting into the.
  61. Biting is probably the biggest downside to this stage.
  62. Jose stopped, biting his lip to consider the question.
  63. The strong grip of the detective biting into his bicep.
  64. Biting at her upper lip and swallowing, she continued.
  65. Jaden feels the biting and squeezing against the ship.
  66. Pearl fell in behind the red mare, biting and pushing.
  67. It must be this one here below, biting someone’s leg.
  68. But the rest is true? I asked, biting back a smile.
  69. I was dressed for the morning chill and the biting wind.
  70. It is the behaviour of biting them, which destroys them.
  71. Oh, no, really? she answered, biting her lower lip.
  72. I thought about biting one of his fingers, then trying to.
  73. The first step is to investigate why your parrot is biting.
  74. Even though he was biting his lip, and trying to conceal.
  75. She forced herself to smile biting back the pain and tears.
  76. The biting sand grains scoured him, but caused him no pain.
  77. In silence, he studied the words some more, biting his lip.
  78. Bernard's biting, rubbing and licking, turned the heads of.
  79. Experience the sensation of biting into the apple’s flesh.
  80. In that same moment, hundreds of red, biting ants dislodged.
  81. That's not the point, Silas said, biting back irritation.
  82. Hank jumped on his chest and they thrashed, biting, kicking.
  83. The air carried a biting edge that not even the furs Elowen.
  84. The snake was transformed and stopped being angry and biting.
  85. Biting his lip was not enough to curb his desire for Nathalia.
  86. Carter could taste blood inside of his mouth from biting too.
  87. Yeah, Safety Pins said, biting her lip in concentration.
  88. All she knew was the biting taste of revenge and destruction.
  89. Then keep it against the affected tooth by biting down on it.
  90. She considers me for a moment, biting the inside of her cheek.
  91. I really will miss the automobile, she said, biting her lip.
  92. I looked at Paige who was biting her lip to keep from laughing.
  93. Only Garcia seemed unmolested by the numerous biting insects.
  94. However, serious scratching and biting are the result of miss.
  95. Wopsle,—as it were to mark him out—before biting it again.
  96. He knew without testing it that the wind would have a biting.
  97. Biting back tears, agony, and repugnance, she knew it would do.
  98. Most animals will attack by Biting or grabbing with their claws.
  99. Mabila’s big grey mare kept biting Ashi’s horse on the rear.
  100. But she found herself biting back fear as she expected another.
  1. His arm was also bitten.
  2. So try not to get bitten.
  3. She was bitten by the vampire.
  4. Jorge was bitten at age fifteen.
  5. He cures those bitten by animals.
  6. You've bitten through a bigger.
  7. I never was bitten by a vampire.
  8. Bitten off more than he can chew.
  9. Some were bitten, several clawed.
  10. Alyosha unbound his bitten finger.
  11. You'd think once bitten twice shy.
  12. He had been bitten, cut, pummeled.
  13. She was bitten by a deadly snake.
  14. Why? 'Cause 'e might 'ave bitten us.
  15. I was bitten, I told him quietly.
  16. Ow I’ve been bitten by something.
  17. Where was he bitten? Thomas asked.
  18. Humans have been bitten and attacked by.
  19. If bitten, seek urgent medical attention.
  20. His rage withered, halted by a bitten lip.
  21. About 70% of the citizens bitten by dogs.
  22. But there was a problem I’d bitten off.
  23. They said anyone bitten would be infected.
  24. Once bitten you're dead within five seconds.
  25. This because I had run up and bitten his arm.
  26. It’s good that neither of you were bitten.
  27. Even though the word was quickly bitten back.
  28. Apparently I had bitten my tongue in my fury.
  29. I was bitten a long time before I met you.
  30. Apparently he's bitten it very thin already.
  31. He never mentioned anything about being bitten.
  32. He has died within ten seconds of being bitten.
  33. The news said her throat was slashed, not bitten.
  34. Another instant and he'd have bitten off my head.
  35. Why? Is he hurt? Was he bitten by the cats?
  36. I darned near got bitten by a rat, more than once.
  37. He drew his hand back as though it had been bitten.
  38. I treated his dog after she was bitten by a zombie.
  39. I think he’s bitten off his tongue, Troy said.
  40. It’s hurt, but it hasn’t been bitten by one of us.
  41. This happened six weeks after the wolf had bitten him.
  42. Amaranthe prodded her arm where the bug had bitten her.
  43. The pile of fallen bitten nearly clogged Hell’s Gate.
  44. I winced as I caught sight of his bitten fingers again.
  45. What happened to him? He said he was bitten by fleas.
  46. Obviously the wreck of the stereo had bitten him deeply.
  47. Army, my section Sergeant was bitten by a scorpion at Ft.
  48. Julie, do you think you were bitten at the party?
  49. Lily, I noticed, had bitten away nearly all of her nails.
  50. The five would-be cat burners were literally bitten crazy.
  51. And since you haven’t been bitten, no reprieve for you.
  52. He was, but it looked as though he’d bitten his tongue.
  53. And she had been so close I could almost have bitten her.
  54. I fell off the Eye Cliffs with my sword hand bitten off.
  55. Possibly bitten off, dropped and stepped on once or twice.
  56. Her nails were bitten, her teeth even and vigorously white.
  57. Part suffocated, part bitten to death, in a mound of feral.
  58. She takes another bite out of the already bitten off carrot.
  59. This was taken one half hour after this soldier was bitten.
  60. It was worth getting bitten just so that Rose could heal him.
  61. Very well, he said, you see how badly you've bitten me.
  62. Once when I was in the interior of Ceylon I was bitten rather.
  63. Once they were bitten, they would either die or become vampires.
  64. Neilos the Ascetic, who had been bitten by a snake while praying.
  65. Murphy looked like he had just bitten into something vaguely sour.
  66. I’ve never even seen the monsters, let alone been bitten by one.
  67. Many were dead and gaunt, bitten to the core by the eastern winds.
  68. I have been lying here since yesterday afternoon when I was bitten.
  69. Maybe it was after the reanimation, maybe it was when first bitten.
  70. If you had been bitten, you would be dead, he said scornfully.
  71. He wasn’t glad they were bitten, just that they were still alive.
  72. If he had bitten off his tongue, he would be dumb as well as thick.
  73. I think it could be bitten through, but I can't get my teeth to it.
  74. She shut her eyes tightly and whispered, But you were bitten, too.
  75. I touched her gently on the bit of her face where I’d bitten her.
  76. Her mother’s been bitten and they’re flying her to Atlanta, too.
  77. I approached them and saw that it was frozen children, frost bitten.
  78. Though he fought them to the point of exhaustion, he was not bitten.
  79. His penis and nose had been bitten off and his heart was missing too.
  80. He too felt as if every fly that had bitten him the day before was.
  81. He said he’d been bitten when I was dragging him out of the sea.
  82. He seemed impressed that I hadn’t actually bitten Shanice’s neck.
  83. He had bitten his lower lip and from this, too, the blood was running.
  84. Suddenly Norma gave a piteous whine; the reptile had bitten her tongue.
  85. According to the Sarge, anyone sick or bitten was considered dangerous.
  86. He'd been acting weird since he'd been bitten by that dog the other week.
  87. In the upstairs office, paramedics tend to the other guys who were bitten.
  88. Val was bitten by a zombie and now she’s scheduled for lethal injection.
  89. In the morning it was found that several of the children had been bitten.
  90. There, Vargo realises they have all bitten off far more than they can chew.
  91. She was rubbing her wrists where the cable ties had bitten into her flesh.
  92. Her face has been bitten, and for a minute, I wonder if she doesn’t know.
  93. Margaret was wiping the blood off her lips from where the man had bitten her.
  94. He’d been more than surprised to hear that the dog had bitten the captain.
  95. You, man! How can you hold that scorpion without being bitten by it?!.
  96. Her hand squeezed the phone as she realized the possibility of being bitten.
  97. I was now so famished I could"ve bitten Shane"s hand, but thankfully I didn"t.
  98. His nose had almost been bitten off! No use, no use! Now was not the time! M.
  99. He’s been bitten, Ben said, watching carefully through the binoculars.
  100. His arms, legs, breast and shoulders were bitten and clawed as if by panthers.
  1. He bites down a wince.
  2. I had two bites and.
  3. Loki bites his own lip.
  4. That bites in a moment.
  5. She bites back a smirk.
  6. She bites her lower lip.
  7. Another One Bites The Dust.
  9. Not to mention, the bites.
  10. He catches it and bites it.
  11. He bit off large bites and.
  12. Dog Bites in Children: By Dr.
  13. And another one bites the dust.
  14. Mom and Sammy both have bites.
  15. The bites were made by another.
  16. His eyes go wide and he bites one.
  17. Loki bites the inside of his cheek.
  18. She swallows, bites her lip hard.
  19. I should clean the bites, I thought.
  20. You can have a few bites of mine.
  21. Of hand, she hisses, threatens, bites.
  22. Wilson answered that between two bites.
  23. The Tundra bites, swarming with flies.
  24. Zachary laughs and bites his bottom lip.
  25. Then she bites her lip and looks at me.
  26. But dreams fade and reality bites hard.
  27. The elf woman next to her bites her lip.
  28. The air bites shrewdly; it is very cold.
  29. It bites into its skin to inject poison.
  30. Daphnie and Stinger had multiple bites.
  31. As far as I could tell, he had no bites.
  32. The dogs of the Dow bites in stocks.
  33. The edge of the chair bites into my palms.
  34. No, I checked her whole body, no bites.
  35. Amy bites back a laugh of pure wonderment.
  36. We all continued to eat a few more bites.
  37. Able to parse meaning down to minute bites.
  38. After two bites, Baba pushed away his plate.
  39. A horse that bites or kicks should never be.
  40. Honey is a great remedy for bites and stings.
  41. There are no bites anywhere, no physical pain.
  42. Again, eat slowly and in small bites at first.
  43. He bites off the end of the apple core and nods.
  44. She bites her lip and pockets the device again.
  45. Instead, eat it in several hundred small bites.
  46. Our bites don’t usually scar the love of our.
  47. Maggie's cup hand is splashed and the burn bites.
  48. They ate with questions interspaced between bites.
  49. She bites the inside of her cheek and considers me.
  50. Then suddenly, sharply, it bites down on my belly.
  51. This is really good, she said, between bites.
  52. She bites her lip, and the magic is gone with him.
  53. After a few more bites of sandwich, I followed her.
  54. Managed funds: Another one (or two) bites the dust.
  55. She nuzzled against his neck giving him love bites.
  56. It itches like mosquito bites, he complained.
  57. She bites, moving to your stomach trying to pop you.
  58. Here and there great bites of flesh had been ripped.
  59. Is that so? He bites his lip marching toward me.
  60. We also drew upon: Fagone, Dog Bites Man, Slate.
  61. Man cannot recover of injurious bites to ageless time.
  62. Emmy turns away and bites her lip to keep from crying.
  63. Cecil passed her one, which she consumed in three bites.
  64. Todd's face when he bites into that candy is priceless.
  65. But, dust adder bites are 100% fatal, I protested.
  66. He picks up peppers and bites into them without flinching.
  67. They had no bites, so they must have eaten infected flesh.
  68. Mosquito bites occurring in featherless parts of the body.
  69. Almost all rescued dogs have scars, abrasions, bites, and.
  70. Nicky took a few bites of her food and nodded in agreement.
  71. So I lean into him and whisper some gibberish and he bites.
  72. However, as soon as the cat pounces on its target it bites.
  73. But its strangest attribute is that it bites its victims on.
  74. Ellin bites into her sandwich and stares at me as she chews.
  75. Then he sucks and bites on my nipples that are already hard.
  76. Scratches, bites, and saliva are the avenues of transmission.
  77. It was not unusual for the Devil to lay bigger bites on her.
  78. Jemelda purses her lips and Ralph bites back his foolishness.
  79. Spider bites should be treated in the same way as snake bites.
  80. Marlene picks up the muffin from the ground and bites into it.
  81. In the end it bites like a serpent, and stings like an adder.
  82. That knife is our best protection against anything that bites.
  83. To love and be loved counters an awful lot of Black Dog bites.
  84. Disease Control (CDC) of annual dog bites in the United States.
  85. Sabina continued complaining between bites of breakfast burrito.
  86. With an adroit snap he catches it and bites it through with a.
  87. Hunter drank his coffee and ate the glazed donut in a few bites.
  88. I could only eat a few bites, then gave the rest back to Joseph.
  89. She took several bites of the apple, and looked up again at Than.
  90. Wrap your dogma in an American flag and wait to see who bites.
  91. We were just wondering if we could check those bites on your neck.
  92. He closes the refrigerator door and bites on a piece of spare rib.
  93. Then he takes a piece of meat from the plate and hungrily bites it.
  94. I’ve had a couple of bites but nothing yet, the man replied.
  95. Cornstarch is another well working home remedy for bites and stings.
  96. I just give mine a few bites and swallow it, but he chews and chews.
  97. So, finally, he bites the bullet and starts to shut the process down.
  98. That explains why you have only taken two bites out of your sand-.
  99. Elizabeth watched him as he finished the pastry in a half-dozen bites.
  100. The woman maintains that she has no bites, but suffers from emphysema.
  1. Not a bit of it.
  2. A bit of a party.
  3. A bit is its form.
  4. Just a bit of fun.
  5. I say! Wait a bit.
  6. This is a bit of a.
  7. They were a bit big.
  8. He sat up a bit then.
  9. This is a bit more.
  10. But he is a bit on.
  11. I was a bit confused.
  12. She was a bit crass.
  13. He bit his lip and.
  14. This might be a bit.
  15. It mattered not a bit.
  16. A last bit of effort.
  17. He moans a bit harder.
  18. That seemed a bit odd.
  19. I bit back my tears.
  20. I am a bit hungry.
  21. This was the hard bit.
  22. Hey, I've done my bit.
  23. And he bit his lip -.
  24. It might be a bit of.
  25. I was AWOL quite a bit.
  26. I switched gears a bit.
  27. Usually a bit of both.
  28. Alan relaxed a bit now.
  29. It was a bit confusing.
  30. He looks a bit like me.
  31. Could be a bit noisy.
  32. And perhaps a bit more.
  33. This time a bit louder.
  34. His heart jumped a bit.
  35. A Dragon bit it off.
  36. She moved the leg a bit.
  37. His eye twitched a bit.
  38. A little bit later the.
  39. It was a bit ridiculous.
  40. Ok, I cheated a bit here.
  41. This won’t hurt a bit.
  42. This for some is a bit.
  43. Robert thought for a bit.
  44. We were lucky for a bit.
  45. That was a bit annoying.
  46. The car drove off a bit.
  47. He seemed a bit nervous.
  48. Kind of a bit of both.
  49. This can be the hard bit.
  50. Bit of a gasbag, he was.
  51. Sometimes it grew a bit.
  52. And a little bit of care.
  53. I let that sit for a bit.
  54. She seemed a bit off but.
  55. I am a bit afraid of him.
  56. Frank is a bit of a flake.
  57. Okay, see you in a bit.
  58. A bit jealous of the sun.
  59. I was a bit out of line.
  60. I was on a bit of a roll.
  61. It was all a bit worrying.
  62. He bit his lip harder….
  63. A bit of smoke inhalation.
  64. He didn't like it one bit.
  65. I may have to delay a bit.
  66. Mum had settled down a bit.
  67. It's all a bit of a shock.
  68. Guess I’m a bit uptight.
  69. You know a bit about that.
  70. This hat is a bit silly.
  71. I was a little bit shocked.
  72. It had a bit of an accent.
  73. Jason bit off a chunk of D.
  74. Just a bit sarcastic there.
  75. He bit his top lip as he.
  76. She smiled and bit her lip.
  77. She was a bit disappointed.
  78. He breathed a bit relieved.
  79. He just seemed a bit too.
  80. She bit her lip in thought.
  81. It is a bit of a worry as.
  82. He looked a bit tired also.
  83. That was a bit too close.
  84. Sorry Mags, bit of traffic.
  85. Sebastian thought for a bit.
  86. There was silence for a bit.
  87. That’s a bit of a bummer.
  88. It’s all a bit confusing.
  89. I’m still a bit confused.
  90. We'll be back in a bit, Mr.
  92. She bit back her questions.
  93. Tom frowned and bit his lip.
  94. It was a bit more than that.
  95. I got a bit carried away.
  96. A bit too watchful at times.
  97. Harry, Bit out the way this.
  98. This one can be a bit tricky.
  99. A little bit surprise maybe.
  100. That’s a bit scary though.

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1. I bite off the tip.
2. He takes a last bite.
3. I bite my lip at that.
4. I bite down on my lip.
5. She took a large bite.
6. We saw bite marks on.
7. With the next bite, I.
8. He took a bite of cake.
9. I took a hesitant bite.
10. After a quick bite, Dr.
11. Time to bite the bullet.
12. I try a bite and revive.
13. I have to bite my cheek.
14. Finally she took a bite.
15. I feel the bite of cold.
16. I savored each sweet bite.
17. Suzy had to bite her lip.
18. Every ant bite, cut and.
19. An' I never took a bite.
20. He happily ate every bite.
21. Mama tries to bite her ear.
22. He took a big bite of hash.
23. She tried to bite Asia too.
24. It’s like a bite mark.
25. One solid bite by the dog.
26. It was the bite that did it.
27. Its fleas will bite humans.
28. I bite into the croissant.
29. Symptoms of a bite include.
30. Nemia took a bite and chewed.
31. Getting it to bite was nasty.
32. Something with a bite in it.
33. She advised me to bite the.
34. With a bite taken out of it.
35. It looks like it could bite.
36. Eugene takes a bite of toast.
37. I bite his nipples, roughly.
38. Cats bite your tongue, Zoe.
39. But he still wouldn’t bite.
40. She offered a bite to Garcia.
41. He takes a bite of his dinner.
42. It looks like a bite mark.
43. I took a bite into the apple.
44. But the British did not bite.
45. Bite the bullet, utilize his.
46. She took a bite distastefully.
47. I could bite it with my teeth.
48. Reg took a bite from his plate.
49. Try and take a bite out of me.
50. She ate her last bite of cone.
51. Was going to have a bite and.
52. Another bite, and it was gone.
53. He nods and takes another bite.
54. I’m not going to bite.
55. About the Black Dog’s Bite:.
56. Even with nothing there to bite.
57. With each bite, he came closer.
58. The bite of King Lambi's skull.
59. She hissed and went to bite him.
60. Sometimes they try to bite you.
61. They can bite a man's head off.
62. There are no calluses or bite.
63. That lie came back to bite him.
64. She took a bite of her sandwich.
65. He took a bite of the sandwich.
67. They don’t freaking bite you.
68. Boney frowned but refused to bite.
69. Man didn’t Bite Dog, after all.
70. His words bite money in full art.
71. Any bite could also cause tetanus.
72. I saw Darian narrowly miss a bite.
73. The thief took a bite and smiled.
74. If it bothers you, bite your lip.
75. Apparently, he saw the bite marks.
76. I bite my lip and breathe heavily.
77. Is there time to grab a bite?
78. I relax and take a bite of turkey.
79. He took a bite of something that.
80. Emily nodded and took another bite.
81. Chew this bite fully and enjoy it.
82. If he didn’t bite she’d nudge.
83. Afterwards we had a bite with Salah.
84. C’mon Jordan, he won’t bite.
85. Myers and Spears had to bite grass.
86. At room temperature, it had a bite.
87. I bite my lip and look to the side.
88. Bite the bullet , he told himself.
89. They are said not to bite swimmers.
90. She took a bite and licked her lips.
91. May the curse of Faramir bite that.
92. Let’s have a bite to eat and chat.
93. Now he feels the bite of the poison.
94. My tooth hurt as I tried to bite it.
95. We could grab a quick bite….
96. I bite my tongue and wait for the ax.
97. Sorry about that! She won’t bite.
98. He could bite your throat off!.
99. I finished the last bite of crab cake.
100. It’ll come back and bite you later.

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