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Caustic in a sentence

Our old friend caustic.
Cadwallader's caustic hint.
the last a bit more caustic.
His tone was no longer caustic.
His caustic temper wouldn't allow.
An encounter with a caustic dragon.
in tones caustic and sarcastic she said:.

ever threatened him in such a caustic way.
"I know I can!" he said in caustic English.
Lancaster couldn’t resist a caustic smile.
Another veteran Congressman was more caustic.
His last show before he died was his most brutal and caustic.
evil managers of men still leaves a caustic taste in the mouth.
Well, wasn’t that a touching scene? The voice was caustic.
He was awoken early in the morning by Mr Abbott’s caustic tones.
Dawes stared up at the picture with a caustic expression on his face.
‘’A mean, arrogant and caustic bully, to be more precise, General.
The caustic, electric bolts overtook two more of the black-robed monks.
caused caustic bile to rise in her throat and she suddenly wished she.
I recognized some spurges that let their caustic, purgative sap trickle out.
Did she look ravishing? There was a slightly caustic edge to the question.
There will be times in which you are dealing with a caustic critic – someone.
counterproductive statements as "caustic brain farts" is crude or in poor taste.
Zigler had emerged from a long drying-out period less fanciful and more caustic.
our seats, miss?’’ Asked in a caustic tone one of the two men she had pointed.
Yes, from the Capharnaum! The key that locks up the acids and caustic alkalies!.
And they had the caustic knowledge that no one had come between them and tragedy.
The vibrant, caustic, witty, contrary woman I married splintered off into silence.

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