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Blatant in a sentence | blatant example sentences

  1. That is a blatant lie.
  2. This was a blatant lie.
  3. But to be so… blatant.
  4. Still, by innuendo and blatant.
  5. I teach the blatant Latin language.

  6. This is blatant theft of your money.
  7. Match this with long-term and blatant.
  8. A Blatant Violation of the Privacy Act?
  9. What they say is evil, and a blatant lie.
  10. I hated the last line as it was too blatant.
  11. She could see the blatant lust in his eyes.
  12. Hite had missed the blatant shape altogether.
  13. Most blatant act of dwarf cruelty ever!.
  14. One blatant example was the Vanuatu Gala Ball.
  15. This is the most blatant form of URL promotion.

  16. That was a pretty blatant conflict of interest.
  17. John and Jesus are blatant lies created by the.
  18. She was stung by his blatant disapproval of whom.
  19. But she noticed something else, much more blatant.
  20. This is a conspiracy as blatant as ever there was.
  21. Well, they could, but it was too blatant a mismatch.
  22. That was a bit blatant, wasn’t it? she teased.
  23. Thanks to blatant propaganda perpetrated by Michael J.
  24. McCain said, These ads are direct, blatant attacks.
  25. We often see that a blatant lie is more impressive than.

  26. The purposes they put forth then and now are blatant lies.
  27. This is blatant and very old evidence of fraud by ancient.
  28. Helez, that’s a blatant lie! Nothing happened, I swear.
  29. This of course is blatant misuse of power and wrong in every.
  30. In other words, Christianity is a blatant lie and its early.
  31. But that would hurt her family and it would be a blatant lie.
  32. The look of utter disbelief on the officers' faces is blatant.
  33. This is a blatant misrepresentation and misinterpretation of.
  34. Yet we’ve all witnessed the blatant lie put forth that the.
  35. The assumption back of these blatant exaggerations is that if.
  36. Why? The blatant reason for this is that the Dalai Lama knows.
  37. A blatant opportunity to shine and offer solid examples of how.
  38. She was all the more potent because she was all the less blatant.
  39. Miss Avery is astounded at Becky’s blatant action of affection.
  40. They were now the blatant and unquestioned dictators of the species.
  41. Doctor Wayne’s motivations were so blatant and easily manipulated.
  42. The defendant has been the victim of a blatant miscarriage of justice.
  43. Since the story of the false god Jesus Christ is a blatant lie, it’s.
  44. The number 1440 and proof that the Rapture and 144,000 are blatant lies.
  45. And instead of having blatant ‘buy now’ buttons, have a link asking.
  46. Near truth and apparent truths are purposely woven together with blatant.
  47. There was no blatant religious issue like the Ram mandir to incite trouble.
  48. Many believe that there is a blatant contradiction between wanting to have.
  49. Then, within the body of the article, he made blatant use of the word Claimed.
  50. Some of the prospectors were open and blatant; others were leering and furtive.
  51. When the Queen and the King are waiting for me? He will never be so blatant.
  52. In order to find the blatant theft of power historically, I had to back up and.
  53. The rustle of the leaves sounded noisy, blatant even, in the ominous stillness.
  54. So what property rights can you have, in the face of such blatant enslavement?
  55. Since they’ve been in Laurentia they have to be a little less blatant about it.
  56. We’ve already proven that their religions are blatant lies, so why should they.
  57. They are simply seeking profit from blatant lies, just as charlatans have always.
  58. New Testament and other Vatican-edited histories are herein proven as blatant lies.
  59. To prove that the stories and prophecies concerning Jesus Christ are blatant lies.
  60. In the shaded light she saw his blatant anger and she knew she was the reason why.
  61. In its most blatant form, it is bio-tech's patenting of life, genes, cells and you.
  62. Thereby, 144,000 and references to the twelve tribes in this section are a blatant.
  63. Christ, since both the bride and the bridegroom in that scenario are blatant lies.
  64. Those are hallmarks of their blatant disrespect for you, the young doctor stated.
  65. Where were the questions regarding that blatant misstatement by the Vice President? I.
  66. This is proof that both ignorance and blatant deception are behind the concept of the.
  67. From them I got a cold shoulder; from them I got silence or at times blatant aggression.
  68. Any blatant abuse against me will be looked upon severely by the Overseer of Palestine.
  69. Also, to show that the New Testament and Christianity are blatant lies based on stolen.
  70. Is there any body that still say I am not aloud to criticize science with this blatant.
  71. Lies and deceptions, both blatant and subtle, regarding the Rapture and the end times are.
  72. Jerry’s blatant provocation had the desired result; she suddenly needed to prove herself.
  73. European images and names given to Judean characters in the New Testament are blatant lies.
  74. Instead, she had to put up with the blatant partiality showed by her man towards her rival.
  75. Jesus Christ and the assertions of Christianity are blatant deceptions crafted from recast.
  76. Tali smiled in amusement at our blatant lack of knowledge in the matters of baby components.
  77. It was never used literally, and assertions of such are a combination of error and blatant.
  78. Although Christians have called me St James, that name is a blatant lie, like many other lies.
  79. But it’s hard to imagine a more blatant waste of money than an economic stimulus cash.
  80. Too fast, too crazy and blatant they were, now the pressure was on them to rush me out of here.
  81. The newcomers are usually the most blatant about the rules and the traditions of the Assemblies.
  82. This website allows you to see what the degree of blatant corruption is presented as physics and.
  83. Religion is purposeful deception crafted through blatant lies, some truth, near-truths, and some.
  84. The administrators issued demerits due to Evelyn’s behavior and blatant disregard of the rules.
  85. Consequently, most of what you know about the history of all three Faiths of Abraham are blatant.
  86. However, all the blatant ignoring of human respect is not showed nor epitomised by this ludicrous.
  87. The subconscious will be most intrigued by this blatant lie and say: No you don't! before it.
  88. To my credit, I can't recall a single time in my life that I have participated in blatant gossiping.
  89. These are blatant lies told for the specific purpose of gaining power and riches from deceived and.
  90. Now step back and compare the centuries of non-stop lies and blatant evil to the redundant messages.
  91. There never was a physical temple of Solomon and all such assertions are blatant lies told later by.
  92. The author’s pink face glowed with satisfaction at this blatant flattery, and not to be outdone he.
  93. Since we know that the insertion of churches is a blatant lie, we know that these angels have nothing.
  94. The accumulation of riches is a blatant evil and this directly marks the Vatican/Papacy and its chief.
  95. I would simply stick to ignoring the friends that are going to be blatant advertisers and nothing else.
  96. So then you want a conspiracy theory to be as blatant and as staged, in your face and unreliable as the.
  97. It is irrefutable and blatant deception aimed directly at hiding the truth about the true nature of our.
  98. Looking into the mirror, Carol was reminded of the blatant truth about her own nature, and her recovery.
  99. Of course, the senator didn’t see it that way and accepted the blatant flattery without a second thought.
  100. Consequently, it is also strong evidence that the prophecies and stories of Jesus Christ are blatant lies.

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