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Strident in a sentence | strident example sentences

  1. Her voice was high and strident.
  2. Engrave the ice with strident noise.
  3. The voices were strident and angry.
  4. The 'Amens' were as strident but fewer.
  5. But we were not alone and that was the strident note.

  6. My only objection is to their strident tone of voice.
  7. The old man burst into a shout of strident and mournful.
  8. An overused analogy and strident with reality: the clock.
  9. A crow can really produce strident calls in an empty town.
  10. McG on 2 nets w/ strident, pointed questions of RN on VN.
  11. In 35 years, I’ve never seen a motion as strident in tone.
  12. The cop's strident attitude seemed to eradicate into thin air.
  13. It is when recession hits that the complaints become strident.
  14. The Civil War involvment in this is evident and often strident.
  15. Angrily, Mitchell grabbed for the hypodermic needle, voice strident.

  16. His usually strident voice trailed off to little more than a whisper.
  17. But in the city, a mile away, he heard the strident blare of a trumpet.
  18. She was the strident political activist who’d been jailed at a protest.
  19. Only a strident screech answered him, a screech vibrating with harsh mockery.
  20. But given his less than strident religious convictions, it was never a calling for him.
  21. He was startled out of his reverie by the strident shriek of the landline from Bien Hoa tower.
  22. The strident chirp from the front wheels of the grey Honda sedan attested to the pressure he felt.
  23. At the corner of the street, from a lower storey, rose a kind of humming with strident modulations.
  24. His rich voice reverberated, calmed, and was far more convincing than Ishbel’s strident hectoring.
  25. With another scream, matched by a strident noise of victory from the Zombie, the dance of death resumed.

  26. Startingly, shockingly in the slumberous stillness, there had boomed the deep strident clangor of a great gong!.
  27. It was yet another recitation of the strident political views William had learnt, imperfectly, from his relatives.
  28. The butler ran to the top of the staircase and began to shout down it; a female voice, more strident than his answered.
  29. The other Councilors returned to their meals, conversing in less strident tones and not looking at the two hired champions.
  30. They jammed in the narrow archway, and the Zingarans stabbed and hacked at their straining backs with strident yelps of glee.
  31. He noticed immediately that Alice wasn’t in costume and yelled over both Guns N’ Roses and the strident arguing of his friends.
  32. When he awoke from his nap, Florentino Ariza still remembered the shrieking of the cockatoo, whose strident calls belied his beauty.
  33. Still insistently they questioned him, and their voices were becoming more and more strident and harsh, so that they overwhelmed the great Tone.
  34. As he rode on, it followed him, maintaining its position and making the morning hideous with its strident cries, heedless of his efforts to drive it away.
  35. These are the inefficiencies that the most strident Efficient Market Hypothesis proponents argue don't exist, but which smart investors count on for their success.
  36. The few senior army officers that were left until yesterday and that had been the most strident supporters of continuing the war at all cost got what they asked for.
  37. Eventually, only the strident, irregular call of some kind of bird that hadn’t headed south for the winter broke the silence, and she wasn’t happy with the quiet.
  38. Davis was wearing Chanel for her closing argument: a pink suit with black trim, calling up memories of Jackie Kennedy, although there was nothing of the former president’s wife in Davis’s strident voice.
  39. But as elites conspire to eliminate the trappings of Christmas in their quest for revolutionary liberation, they end up imposing a sociopolitical control more strident than anything concocted by the most repressed ascetic.
  40. He had only been born the night before in a damp cave full of strident men, their endless, mirthless cacophony silenced by the sudden and unexpected cries of a child gasping for air and a mother suffering the pains of labor.
  41. That the hotline for the CJCS (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) buzzed only once, instead of emitting a strident continuous ring until answered, as was once used by an imperious predecessor Admiral Radford, was a tribute to the gentleman�liness of the current CJCS, U.
  42. Durrant meanwhile enunciating strident politics with Sir Somebody in the back room) until the virginity of Clara's soul appeared to him candid; the depths unknown; and he would have brought out Jacob's name had he not begun to feel positively certain that Clara loved him--and could do nothing whatever.
  43. At every backward and forward swing the hideous links emitted a strident sound, which resembled a cry of rage; the little girls were in ecstasies; the setting sun mingled in this joy, and nothing could be more charming than this caprice of chance which had made of a chain of Titans the swing of cherubim.
  44. Under the sea the music-makers lie, still in their fingers clutching the broken and battered means of melody; but over the strident voice of warring winds and the sound of many waters there rises their chant eternally; and though the musicians lie hushed and cold at the sea's heart, their music is heard forevermore.
  45. It was a very loud bell, for it rang upstairs as well as down in order to be sure of catching Lizzie's ear in whatever part of the house she might be endeavouring to evade it, and Lucy, as she listened to its strident, persistent summons of a Lizzie who didn't appear, felt more and more on edge, felt at last that to listen and wait any longer was unbearable.
  46. Do you remember our neighbors the Sanchez? The lady with the most strident voice I`ve ever heard with a hilarious taste for the gray and discolored outfits whose husband likes to observe us through the fence bars in the summer evenings, thinking that we are not watching him? Well, it turns out that this odd couple has a very good-looking grandson called Joseito, Spanish diminutive of Joseph I guess, that is spending his vacation here.
  47. A great babble of news (and what sort of news too, good heavens!) and eager comment has arisen around this catastrophe, though it seems to me that a less strident note would have been more becoming in the presence of so many victims left struggling on the sea, of lives miserably thrown away for nothing, or worse than nothing: for false standards of achievement, to satisfy a vulgar demand of a few moneyed people for a banal hotel luxury--the only one they can understand--and because the big ship pays, in one way or another: in money or in advertising value.
  48. Next, after remaining in this condition for an hour or two (this I remarked on two occasions when Blanche had gone out for the day—probably to see Albert), he would begin to look about him, and to grow uneasy, and to hurry about with an air as though he had suddenly remembered something, and must try and find it; after which, not perceiving the object of his search, nor succeeding in recalling what that object had been, he would as suddenly relapse into oblivion, and continue so until the reappearance of Blanche—merry, wanton, half-dressed, and laughing her strident laugh as she approached to pet him, and even to kiss him (though the latter reward he seldom received).
  49. Says he, strident in his red gown,.

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