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    1. It is obvious that nothing of consequence can be resolved any earlier

    2. the sin is big and obvious than the need to repent comes

    3. If the sin is obvious than repentance becomes

    4. obvious, and if the sin is big than the need to be forgiven

    5. bible says about obvious and big sins, but what it says

    6. obvious the need to repent will always be obvious

    7. that means she has many obvious sins

    8. Often promotes healthy environments which always attracts times this will be obvious

    9. “It seems perfectly obvious to everyone who was the instigator here,” Ms

    10. Also, because much stress is now psychological or emotional, there's nothing obvious to run away from or fight and so the stress hormones build up in the body with damaging effects

    11. He looked back and forth between them, trying to figure out what was going on when it should have been obvious

    12. "You think the symbolism is that obvious?"

    13. “To my office,” Ackers explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

    14. “Hence the most obvious solution, and the only real source of victory…” Vinnie mumbled to himself

    15. As soon as they were in the bank it was obvious that they weren’t alone

    16. ‘What is my client here for, Inspector?’ he asked – it’s obvious that he knows DI Ditton

    17. He had not used violence on her, it became obvious she would have to use violence on him to get the wheel or throttle out of his hands

    18. ‘Oh Emma …’ I muttered, touched by her obvious care for me but all the same annoyed that Dan should think me such a pathetic creature to be pining for him

    19. Enoch interrupts, ignoring John’s obvious dislike for the conversation

    20. A church? A bar? None of the obvious places for seeking

    21. John has stopped writing, is staring at the President in obvious shock

    22. and Dan had almost got to the point of whistling one over when, to his obvious relief,

    23. ‘What did they give as their reason, Liz?’ I asked, disturbed by her obvious edginess

    24. knew, and it was so obvious

    25. ‘Oh Stephen!’ I said, the laugh on the edge of my voice obvious

    26. ‘Oh … you’re Stephen’s mother?’ she said, her obvious smile coming clearly down the telephone line

    27. But it was obvious that Benjamin did not

    28. I’d heard him coming but it was obvious that Liz hadn’t and she was shaken rigid … I saw his face when he spotted her though he covered it immediately … yes, it was the right thing to do, going and getting Liz

    29. There was no detail, but with what you just said it seemed obvious enough

    30. There it would be too obvious if he met someone

    31. He nods with respect and obvious fear

    32. have to be adultery, or any obvious transgression

    33. Point two was obvious and

    34. Despite the garishness and obvious expense of the

    35. One of these side-effects was obvious - alopecia (hair

    36. I thought that it was unfair that fouls that were obvious were not being called

    37. It is obvious that this guy has no idea whatsoever who I am

    38. I shrugged my shoulders, wondering at his question; I thought that after the lengthy conversation we had just had, it would be obvious to him what I've been looking for -that is metaphysical knowledge

    39. Then, it is obvious that these persons have a relationship with the teacher, as they are: his wife, his wife's sister, the boyfriend of his wife's sister, his sister, his sister's boyfriend, his brother-in-law and so on

    40. By the way she held her body away from the display, he thought it was obvious she didn’t want to even look at it

    41. answer is an obvious "no" in both cases

    42. Even if it had no obvious military use, you never know what someone can use against you

    43. The family likeness is very obvious seeing the two men together like this, but there is also a little of his grandmother as well, a gentleness which you don’t often see in men

    44. If he didn’t mean that I was going home then what else could it be? I tried not to think the obvious

    45. Immediately, he questions the quiet house, "Where's Solomon?" and Sabrina answers with the obvious, "They're not here

    46. The man leant back in his chair and made it obvious that he had an automatic pistol stuck in his belt

    47. It occurs to him he could hear it, so he asks the obvious question, "Hey, can you hear me?" his voice bounces off the glass and echoes behind him, but she answers, "Yes I can hear you

    48. He didn't expect something like that to come from such an exquisite creature, "What kind of name is that?" She notices his confusion and returns it with a puzzled look of her own, like the answer should be obvious

    49. That was an obvious barb toward him, having taken a native wife that he had to share multiple times per native year

    50. There were lines of ships and rafts anchored off every lock entry, ropes being paddled in and out, barges being drawn both ways in a complex ballet who's rhythm wasn't obvious at first

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    Synonyms for "obvious"

    obvious visible clear public distinct transparent evident observable prominent lucid apparent conclusive explicit understood intelligible comprehensible light glaring hackneyed common simple innocent unsophisticated young inexperienced

    "obvious" definitions

    easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind