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Blemish in a sentence

He was without spot or blemish.
Only Jesus was perfect and without blemish.
White, white skin, not a mark, not a blemish.
From you I emerge without the suffering blemish.
Not a hair or a blemish marred his countenance.
You are the lamb without blemish, and without spot.
This is the blemish that saves you from blasphemy.

The sewer is the blemish which Paris has in her blood.
Any one that had a physical blemish would not be able to make.
My, my, my, how youthful you are! Not a blemish on you!.
Christ was without blemish and so the priests were to be as well.
God is pure without blemish or spot, and that He wants them to be.
It was pure white, unmarked by beard or blemish, by eyebrow or lash.
Q: I am being told that to think ‘I am the body’ is a blemish in the.
The skin was smooth and without blemish and was coloured on the red side of.
Consumers turn up their noses if there is the slightest blemish on anything.
Put your hand inside your pocket, and it will come out white, without blemish.
But all theses physical needs do not blemish the purity of their consciousness.
I could have knocked her out without a blemish and told the children she was sleeping.
There is not a blemish in mind or person at which the proudest of you all would sicken.
No blemish or sickness or deformity could be seen in anything that grew upon the earth.
This blemish on our collective souls has to burn before we can ever hope to turn things around.
The Bible says that Jesus will be coming back for a bride that will be without spot or blemish.
Beautiful but not without flaw, Morta was marred by one blemish; an aspect not easily overlooked.
The skin looks smooth and artificial as it is blemish free reflecting their secure lives in this moon.
A pregnancy without joy, he said, a birth without pangs, a body without blemish, a belly without bigness.
Who in the name of Ug, the Holy Father of N-wird T-wirds, dares to blemish my beautiful n-wird face!?
To these investors, distressed debt was forbidden fruit, even if the distressed was only a superficial blemish.
They constitute an ugly blemish on the perfect characters of the greatest Soviet heroes of them all, Lenin and Stalin!.
And in the day of the new moon it shall be a young bullock without blemish, and six lambs, and a ram: they shall be without blemish.
Hackbutt had done before, avoided noticing what she said about her husband, as they would have avoided noticing a personal blemish.
To show that the devotion in deed and its clarity from any blemish or ill intention is the foundation of such purification, God says:.
The laser device emits a smooth laser beam that focuses on the affected areas ? one of the best methods for acne blemish laser treatment.
Stays in school, is in the band; one blemish when he had been rounded up two months before in a sweep of the projects looking for pushers.
Patients of acne blemish laser treatment use creams to numb the area where the laser will be applied, so the process is virtually painless.
No history or society is without blemish; even the builders of the Parthenon, the politicians, philosophers and tragedians of that golden age.
Lev 21:17 Speak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever he be of thy seed in their generations that hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God.
In the months since their parting Dorothea had felt a delicious though sad repose in their relation to each other, as one which was inwardly whole and without blemish.
Ephesians 5: 27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
In all fairness, Your Honor, this suit should be dismissed and this fine officer allowed to return to her duties without blame or blemish to her distinguished service record.
The closer they came to the city borders, the more people lay slain, their fresh blood blemishing the pure snow.
He examined the back of the scull; the killer had sliced opened the back of his skull very precisely, and extracted the brain without blemishing his upper skull.
However, keep in mind restoring blemished wood can devalue the piece.
Supermarkets throw out blemished fruit and vegetables by the ton each day… food that is perfectly good to eat.
Thereupon we had blemished ourselves with a mark of guilt since we had ventured out more than our basic means and our abilities were thus altered and changed into liabilities that could help us to progress or regress back again.
This disease is so common there, "that out of a hundred persons," says Volney, "I have met while walking the streets of Cairo, twenty have been quite blind, ten wanting an eye, and twenty others have had their eyes red, purulent, or blemished.
What melancholy sport of Providence was that which had placed that child in contact with that man? Are there then chains for two which are forged on high? and does God take pleasure in coupling the angel with the demon? So a crime and an innocence can be room-mates in the mysterious galleys of wretchedness? In that defiling of condemned persons which is called human destiny, can two brows pass side by side, the one ingenuous, the other formidable, the one all bathed in the divine whiteness of dawn, the other forever blemished by the.
She had a good record, no blemishes.
Blemishes in the wood do not indicate it is damaged.
Select lumber is nearly free of any knots and blemishes.
Her skin was flawless, without blemishes, marks or scars.
Because of the lack of blemishes, select grade lumber is.
The head was round, almost like a dish, with no blemishes.
Freckles and other minor skin blemishes even adorned her face.
Nicking blemishes can be avoided by shaving lightly and only when necessary.
It is a good choice for zit treatment as well as for removing acne blemishes.
Zarko thought how pretty she would be if it weren’t for the blemishes on her face.
They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles and severe blemishes such.
Aside from using a foundation, you can also utilize a concealer to hide the blemishes.
Identical imperfections and blemishes in all the same places, regardless of how minute.
They were not blemishes, but instead a delineation of what he was—hauntingly beautiful.
Her skin was smooth and clear of any blemishes, her hair long and a darker blonde than his.
The lines of rivets were the only blemishes on an otherwise entirely smooth, shiny outer surface.
Concrete with wood aggregates blemishes are high water absorption and comparatively low water resistance.
Erbium treatment is frequently used on patients who have shallow to moderate facial wrinkles and blemishes.
Now he was seeing the tiny blemishes at the tip of the nose, every capillary in the white of the weak blue eyes.
It was very pretty then, but to me it is much prettier now, for in this seeming blemishes I read a little history.
Getting your bowels moving and cleaning out your colon is necessary for having facial skin without blemishes or acne.
Lighting is filtered to hide blemishes and not bright enough to see faults, and loud throbbing music removes inhibitions.
The dermatologist had said he could avoid the sort of blemishes that plagued Leon by washing often and not rubbing with his towel.
I have no objection to them wearing masks themselves and can easily ignore blemishes such as moles which might serve to identify them.
He produced a laser print showing the faces of Doris and her companion, computer-enhanced to remove blemishes on the original photograph.
The high quality vitamin C and other rich nutrients in carrot juice efficiently nourish the skin, preventing dry skin, psoriasis and other skin blemishes.
When it had been fulled, Caris paid a finisher to draw off the loose threads with a teasel, the prickly head of a wild flower, and to repair small blemishes.
When you want to make use of a concealer to hide blemishes, pimples, or any other imperfections, there are things that you can do, in order to prolong its effects.
Do you wish to become the Castigator of the Outer Territories?, he said, idly checking his fingernails for blemishes and dirt in a blantant show of genuine indifference.
But once get used to these slight blemishes and nothing could be more complete, for good sense and good taste had presided over the furnishing, and the result was highly satisfactory.
Acne skin care products that are labeled as noncomedogenic (do not promote the formation of blemishes) should be used for acne skin care; in some people, however, even these products may cause acne.
He next proceeded to inspect his hack, which, with more quartos than a real and more blemishes than the steed of Gonela, that "tantum pellis et ossa fuit," surpassed in his eyes the Bucephalus of Alexander or the Babieca of the Cid.
But she had seen the uncut movies—the raw footage before Paul changed the sound and edited down the scenes and filtered the skin tones and distorted the voices and slyly altered blemishes so that the true identity of the masked man would remain unknown.
A company of soldiers passed through here; when they left they took away with them three of the girls of the village; I will not tell thee who they are; perhaps they will come back, and they will be sure to find those who will take them for wives with all their blemishes, good or bad.
Still, against those patent blemishes, a judge of conformation would have set the splendid sloping shoulders, the reaching forearm, the bunches of massy muscle in the long loin, the quarters well let down into perfect houghs, the fine, clean bone of knees and ankles, the firm, close-grained hoofs spreading faintly from coronet to base.
The contents of this second novel are still serious, but the moral relation of the author to the subject described is considerably weakened, and while in the first novel only here and there occur blemishes of sensuality, which spoil the novel, in Bel-Ami these blemishes expand, and many chapters are written in mere obscenity, in which the author seems to revel.
Finally the fleet returned victorious and triumphant to Constantinople, and a few months later died my master, El Uchali, otherwise Uchali Fartax, which means in Turkish "the scabby renegade;" for that he was; it is the practice with the Turks to name people from some defect or virtue they may possess; the reason being that there are among them only four surnames belonging to families tracing their descent from the Ottoman house, and the others, as I have said, take their names and surnames either from bodily blemishes or moral qualities.
In spite of the false notes, which here and there occur in the novel, as, for example, the detailed account of the girl's skin, or the impossible and unnecessary details about how the deserted wife, by the advice of the abbot, again becomes a mother, details which destroy all the charm of the heroine's purity; in spite of the melodramatic and unnatural history of the revenge of the insulted husband,—in spite of these blemishes, the novel not only appears to me to be beautiful, but through it I no longer saw in the author the talented babbler and jester, who does not know and does not want to know what is good and what bad, such as he had appeared to me to be, judging him from the first book, but a serious man, who looks deeply into man's life and is beginning to make things out in it.

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