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Blend in a sentence

We had to blend in.
The senses blend to film.
I think I’ll blend in.
A blend of rock and water.
The nasty blend of cheap.
Her body lines blend into.
Blend the daal mixture and.

Case Study 1: Will It Blend?
So I can blend in, of course.
Warm the blend in a saucepan.
He seemed to blend into the.
Plastic, or vinyl, or a blend.
Blend in, that’s a good plan.
Antioxidants - use a blend of:.
Add other ingredients and blend.
Blend all of the dry ingredients.
Gradually blend together 2 tbsp.
Cook for 5-10 minutes to blend.
I just want to blend in, Layne.
A blend of sounds, colors, power.
We have to blend in, he said.
Most of us are familiar with Blend.
Gradually blend in whipped topping.
The colors seemed to blend into one.
A consummate blend of lust and love.
Rory tried his best to blend into a.
I just wanted to blend in--not be seen.
Blend all together in the will of God.
Blend all the ingredients in a blender.
So blend the turrets and shadows there.
Their bodies seemed to blend into one.
Mix and blend the other ingredients in.
Blend in and make your way to the back.
Blend 1/3 cup sugar with the cornstarch.
There is lots of time to blend in the M.
Add the remaining ingredients and blend.
Blend in a electric blender till smooth.
The effect of an aspect is to blend the.
Keep stirring to blend everything, being.
Add half the basil and blend until smooth.
Blending into shades of grey.
Blending the Ingredients of Closeness.
With the blending of Persian and Babylonian.
Add ice cubes before blending to chill and.
Conformance and blending in is not the same thing.
Blending forms variations, mutations and nuances.
Yet the sound blending with the melody seemed to shape.
Blending with Nature's rhythmus all the tongues of nations;.
The blending of our skills is a revolution in such endeavors.
It had a smell that was similar to a blending of jasmine and.
The birds stood before me, blending together in the half-light.
You may as well prefer to try blending the relaxing benefits of.
So blending these 2 observations, we may migrate customers from a.
They could be blending in under some kind of believable cover story.
We’re two halves of a whole, blending our spirits into one person.
Combine the rest of the ingredients, blending well, and add to the.
My face was so close to his that I could feel our deep breaths blending.
The appropriate blending of East and West requires an understanding of:.
The magic words twisting and twining around her battered body, blending.
The ceiling and walls gave an optical illusion of blending together as one.
Decaying buildings line every street, each structure blending with the other.
Also, you should try blending turmeric powder with milk and apply on the face.
Nature was at her peak, blending the wild blooms with various shades of green.
Blending into shadow when necessary, they stopped again when other sounds came.
It had done him good blending in with the humans; reconnecting with his old life.
The blending of blue and green has been his personal favorite color for some time.
A dangerous blending but one so familiar to the scribe that it made his blood sing.
Subtle sounds of the faint chime were barely noticeable at first, blending with the.
Ferris frowned and looked around him at the dark-suited men blending in near the walls.
There was a strange blending of the ridiculous with that which was solemn in this scene.
Thus the Gita also enjoins that Pranayama is nothing but the blending of t hought waves.
I have included them to help you develop a feel for blending your own organic materials.
Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Father and the Mother is not in the Picture.
Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Mother and the Father is not in the Picture.
These image editors have facilitated this task by blending the power of art and technology.
Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Mother and the Father is still in the Picture.
Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Father and the Mother is still in the Picture.
Barrad stood in the front rank of the shield-wall anonymously blending in amongst his troops.
Blending fact and fiction, she spends hours researching technology and locations for her work.
They also sought to create a new religion, now called Christianity, by blending stolen Hebrew.
We blended into the groups.
Each day blended with another.
Each flare blended with the total.
The days and nights blended into one.
It seemed her hand blended into mine.
Her shame and fierceness were blended.
It blended with my dream of Sirens.
Blended with the skills learned in the.
These complexities are blended into more.
His shadow was long and blended into the.
In a small bowl beat the eggs until blended.
Jesus blended both in suffering and raising.
It all blended together in a magnificent way.
Their thoughts and mind-scents blended together.
Above the figures appeared a cloud that blended.
Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure.
Rich purples and pinks blended into crisp blues.
It's much more interesting to have both blended.
It’s blended in with secrets that we can’t see.
When blended with pure black tea the two seem to.
In it were blended sighs and hundreds of whispers.
Blended with lime it makse an interesting beverage.
Arctic blended in well with the population of Mars.
The colours should not have blended, but they did.
It's not the taxes, her blended guardian lied.
He blended in with all people, from the richest to.
He’d blended into the throng of people looking on.
But Jennifer’s case blended in with all the others.
I needed to rest where I blended into the background.
The blended index we most often use, has averaged a 9.
Stir in the peanuts and rice cereal until well blended.
The Power Coaching model is a blended style of coaching.
Until it moved, it blended with whatever was behind it.
Davis traced the rock wall until it blended with the sky.
Jake The Snake blended in with the shivery crowd all the.
When the cream mixture is well blended, whisk in the egg.
The mossy roof blended in with the hardwoods and surveyors.
Which colour blended with another, to make a further colour.
The horses were made up of tiger and horse blended together.
I watched it change to lavender before it blended into Blie.
And wholly and joyously blends them.
Without hope everything blends to a beautiful.
That's why you will normal y find blends of.
Furthermore, the individual blends are, more.
His russet uniform blends in with the stucco tower.
The moment the Name blends with the breath, gets activated and the.
Read the blends in the top table and listen to the sounds they spell.
Beginning and ending consonant blends: You can copy the next two pages.
Alex moves away and blends into the background, merging with shadows and foliage.
Underdosed, proprietary blends that lead us the wonder what exactly we are taking.
She is wearing a black cloak that almost blends in with the darkness of the night.
It’s a scenic view of the city lights that blends into the starry skies like magic.
One rocky passage soon blends into the other: tortuous and monotonous and mesmerising.
There may be times when you can see very affordable blends of seed in certain garden stores.
It seems to be a dull metal that picks up the colors around it — it almost blends into the seat.
Statements or situations are usually blends rather than being composed exclusively of a single type, but.
Most consonant blends have only one spelling and can be recognized at the beginning, middle and end of words.
Try to see if the subject blends well with its background, and other things that would be included in the photo.
The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above.
From the delicate laces made by the local elders, to the mouth watering chocolates and the aromatic blends of coffee.
They are won by crews, and great crews are carefully balanced blends of both physical abilities and personality types.
He can spot a deer over impossible distances, even though their grayish fur completely blends into their surroundings.
Supplements from Protein Powders – this should include 100% whey proteins as well as casein and other protein blends.
The salty, dense, and somewhat dry meat of the fried beef brisket blends well with the buttery texture of the foie gras.
That’s why you can’t see them even though they’re out all the time; it blends into whatever surroundings we’re in.
Warren Buffett, the investor who blends growth and value better than anybody, bought GEICO after it declined from $60 to $2.
These blends are extremely well balanced, offer broad spectrum time-released plant nutrients, will produce excellent yields.
Standing motionless facing the train he blends perfectly with the metal background of the building and waits for the train to leave.
By using dramatic structure, a novelist blends their need to express themselves with an entertaining story that carries the reader along.
Spices are among the most expensive, yet, with a bit of time, you can create your own spice blend for a fraction of the cost of premixed blends.
Some trades are blends of more than one trade, or an application of one trade to a structure in another time frame, but these are just refinements.
Purrrv-fic™ is the sexbot of all ages, genders, and blends, who teaches consensual sex in a hundred and seventy countries and over thirteen million iWorlds.
Suddenly, Mitchell spotted Travis, Ying, and his other two friends, congregating outside a Hawaiian Blends Yogurt shop, across the street from where they were parked.
Worked right into the non-wood-grain design in the same color, so it blends nicely into oblivion, there I see "FLAVOR DRINK" positioned just below the very readable "LEMONADE.
One of the main benefits of using kale in your juice blends is that it provides a large nutritional punch with one of the fewest calorie counts per cup of any other vegetable.
Purchase accounting is a resource conversion concept that blends into the financial picture not only results from operations but also results of the price paid to acquire another going concern.
Purdy blends in the soft, mediums, & stiffs with different lengths to give the painter the best formulation to perfectly lay off his/her paint and perform his/her task at hand, as a professional painter should.
I am not kidding, I have a book of one of the biggest churches in South-Africa which states clearly that the minister is the mediator between the congregation (man) and God; You decide for yourself how this blends with scripture.
Ecstasy to me is the ultimate expression of the intertwining of our souls, our love and our spirits culminating in the release of fluid from our loins called orgasm, which blends together as we ascend to the edge of heaven together.
His body no longer serves him, nor does his individuality: his spiritual path has come to an end and he can blend into the One, just as a drop of water blends into the ocean and stops being a drop, because it has become one with the sea.

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