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Blend in a sentence

1. We had to blend in.
2. I think I’ll blend in.
3. The senses blend to film.
4. The nasty blend of cheap.
5. A blend of rock and water.
6. Her body lines blend into.
7. Blend the daal mixture and.

8. He seemed to blend into the.
9. So I can blend in, of course.
10. Case Study 1: Will It Blend?
11. Warm the blend in a saucepan.
12. Plastic, or vinyl, or a blend.
13. Blend in, that’s a good plan.
14. Add other ingredients and blend.
15. Antioxidants - use a blend of:.
16. Gradually blend together 2 tbsp.
17. Blend all of the dry ingredients.
18. Cook for 5-10 minutes to blend.
19. I just want to blend in, Layne.
20. A blend of sounds, colors, power.
21. We have to blend in, he said.
22. Most of us are familiar with Blend.
23. Gradually blend in whipped topping.
24. The colors seemed to blend into one.
25. A consummate blend of lust and love.
26. Rory tried his best to blend into a.
27. I just wanted to blend in--not be seen.
28. Blend all the ingredients in a blender.
29. Blend all together in the will of God.
30. Their bodies seemed to blend into one.
31. Blend 1/3 cup sugar with the cornstarch.
32. Blend in and make your way to the back.
33. Mix and blend the other ingredients in.
34. So blend the turrets and shadows there.
35. Blend in a electric blender till smooth.
36. There is lots of time to blend in the M.
37. Add the remaining ingredients and blend.
38. The effect of an aspect is to blend the.
39. Add half the basil and blend until smooth.
40. My aim, when not on stage, is to blend in.
41. Keep stirring to blend everything, being.
42. Some suicide, some run, most try to blend.
43. Blend for four minutes on the lowest speed.
44. Me and Hank can blend in with the pigeons.
45. Blend the above ingredients until a smooth.
46. With a proven blend of quality and afford-.
47. He built everything to blend in with nature.
48. Here too reality consists of a blend, with.
49. Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.
50. I just helped them blend into the population.
51. They knew how to blend art into their living.
52. Room,’ he was able to blend it into a melody.
53. Of course, to do this, he’d need to blend in.
54. I found your book to be a blend of the cosmic.
55. This traditional blend is guaranteed to please.
56. Add to next 7 ingredients and blend thoroughly.
57. We’ll blend right in until everyone leaves.
58. Blend all the ingredients in an electric blender.
59. Melting into nectar, they blend with the mixture.
60. Sprinkle the spice blend over the chicken pieces.
61. The next 3 sections will probably blend together.
62. Yes, you need to blend in and become invisible.
63. He winced at the impact of the un-scrubbed blend.
64. Arguably the Greatest Protein Blend Ever Created.
65. Blend at a high speed for a short length of time.
66. With a fork, blend the yogurt, ice, water, spices.
67. Hopefully, we will blend in with the shoreline.
68. I had wanted to blend in and not be noticed at all.
69. Blend in the almonds and the flour, a cup at a time.
70. Add the champagne and blend at high speed 5 seconds.
71. Blend all of the ingredients except the egg whites.
72. His dark clothes helped him blend into the shadows.
73. This time the smell fills my nostrils, a blend of.
74. Ever since I arrived here I have had to blend in.
75. And too gaudy to blend in with buildings and streets.
76. As long as May Reformulated Blend Gasoline is below $3.
77. Then blend the milk, egg, and honey in a separate bowl.
78. It was a rattling blend of nervousness and eager pride.
79. Learn to blend different plants to achieve best results.
80. Blend well, Pour through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth.
81. Add cucumber mixture to the Dutch oven and stir to blend.
82. Taking a few seconds to blend in with the crowds, they.
83. He took off with them, needing to blend in with others.
84. That car would blend in pretty well, in a town like this.
85. After a couple dozen years, they start to blend together.
86. Bring to a boil, stirring to blend as the butter melts.
87. It's got to be a blend of the Boy Jesus and Genghis Khan.
88. They had surmised that the kidnapper might just blend in.
89. The blend of Darjeeling brokens and fanning's offers the.
90. In reality, most speeches are a blend of logic and emotion.
91. Went to a Phillies game yesterday in an effort to blend in.
92. It was the Patrons who ordered him to blend with humans.
93. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and blend with a whisk.
94. Blend all the ingredients (except the mozarella) in a bowl.
95. Method: Combine all the ingredients together and blend well.
96. The object was to blend in and be as innocuous as possible.
97. It is a clean and interesting city with a blend of modern.
98. She tried to blend in with the crowd so as not to stand out.
99. Which aspects of these two categories blend into the other?
100. Blend together the peanut butter, sugar and melted butter.
1. Blending into shades of grey.
2. Blending the Ingredients of Closeness.
3. With the blending of Persian and Babylonian.
4. Add ice cubes before blending to chill and.
5. Blending forms variations, mutations and nuances.
6. Conformance and blending in is not the same thing.
7. Yet the sound blending with the melody seemed to shape.
8. Blending with Nature's rhythmus all the tongues of nations;.
9. The blending of our skills is a revolution in such endeavors.
10. It had a smell that was similar to a blending of jasmine and.
11. The birds stood before me, blending together in the half-light.
12. You may as well prefer to try blending the relaxing benefits of.
13. So blending these 2 observations, we may migrate customers from a.
14. They could be blending in under some kind of believable cover story.
15. We’re two halves of a whole, blending our spirits into one person.
16. Combine the rest of the ingredients, blending well, and add to the.
17. My face was so close to his that I could feel our deep breaths blending.
18. The appropriate blending of East and West requires an understanding of:.
19. The magic words twisting and twining around her battered body, blending.
20. The ceiling and walls gave an optical illusion of blending together as one.
21. Decaying buildings line every street, each structure blending with the other.
22. Also, you should try blending turmeric powder with milk and apply on the face.
23. Nature was at her peak, blending the wild blooms with various shades of green.
24. Blending into shadow when necessary, they stopped again when other sounds came.
25. It had done him good blending in with the humans; reconnecting with his old life.
26. The blending of blue and green has been his personal favorite color for some time.
27. A dangerous blending but one so familiar to the scribe that it made his blood sing.
28. Subtle sounds of the faint chime were barely noticeable at first, blending with the.
29. Ferris frowned and looked around him at the dark-suited men blending in near the walls.
30. There was a strange blending of the ridiculous with that which was solemn in this scene.
31. Thus the Gita also enjoins that Pranayama is nothing but the blending of t hought waves.
32. I have included them to help you develop a feel for blending your own organic materials.
33. Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Mother and the Father is not in the Picture.
34. Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Father and the Mother is not in the Picture.
35. These image editors have facilitated this task by blending the power of art and technology.
36. Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Father and the Mother is still in the Picture.
37. Barrad stood in the front rank of the shield-wall anonymously blending in amongst his troops.
38. Blending a Family Where the Child is from the Mother and the Father is still in the Picture.
39. Her face and hands were vanishing, blending with the misty air, disappearing into nothingness.
40. Blending fact and fiction, she spends hours researching technology and locations for her work.
41. They also sought to create a new religion, now called Christianity, by blending stolen Hebrew.
42. While smiling, she started to light their hands on fire, their magik essences blending together.
43. They’re blending into their hive mind distinct personalities, or spiritual egos if you prefer.
44. The powder glides on the eyelid and with careful blending you can easily vary the density of color.
45. These are just some of the potential causes of delaying the integration or blending of step-families.
46. Amidst confusion and hysteria, I managed to brush my teeth, salty tears blending with the toothpaste.
47. Have an international peace keeping force to guard the city quietly with its forces blending in a bit.
48. Do you think we’ll make it out of here? I said quietly, blending the concealer over his eyelids.
49. Everyone started speaking at once, all of their voices blending together as the blood pounded in her ears.
50. He nodded, offered me his arm, and we stepped onto the sidewalk, blending in with the Saturday night crowds.
51. One of the most commonly suggested is blending the egg white and honey well and then apply them on the face.
52. Cover your chin, lips, and jaw line, blending the foundation under the jaw line to avoid leaving a sharp line.
53. A blessed eye has its sight fired by the spirit blending various things under decisions for a descent platform.
54. She looked all around carefully as if trying to spot a sly ninja blending in with the blacktop of the parking lot.
55. Occasional faces emerged from the manic swirl, leering at him with twisted fury before blending back in the mayhem.
56. Increasingly programs are incorporating technology and blending it with face-to-face communication, says Diaz.
57. It was Moby Dick's open mouth and scrolled jaw; his vast, shadowed bulk still half blending with the blue of the sea.
58. Brice turned, though the spy was nowhere to be found, his pale flesh blending with the many ragged faces of the crowd.
59. Apart, you’re separate entities in this world, two incomplete halves of a whole in need of blending to achieve balance.
60. We want to accentuate that distinction to help us stop blending the character we play with the actor playing the character.
61. Theirs was a composite concept of God, consisting in a blending of their older Mesopotamian ideas and the Most High doctrine.
62. As for their cultures, one hundred and fifty years of blending had made the Other’s less harsh and the humans more so.
63. At once, she could feel his mind moving and blending with hers, the sweet splash of melded colours which always made her blink.
64. Their murmured response followed him as he turned and walked from the room, blending with the whisper of his black robes on stone.
65. How? By blending together your primary monetization model with a few others, in order to create a diverse, stable online business.
66. The curious thing was that the color of her skin and dress changed as she moved, continually blending in with the surrounding area.
67. This is the chapter I wrote last, since it’s the result of the blending of a chapter on health and another on vitamins and drugs.
68. The air was cool when they stepped onto the deck; the grey of evening was already cloaking the skies and the lake blending into one.
69. They used the printed camouflage jungle canvas to obscure any ariel view, blending in with the appearance of the rain-forest canopy.
70. It was followed in quick succession by several more, each blending together into a long, loud peal of sound like late summer thunder.
71. She’d almost passed him by, the shadow of the trees blending with the light grey of his cloak where he lay curled up on the ground.
72. Their strategy of blending the themes of fear, adventure, and hope had been given much more airtime than the narrowly pitched UK campaign.
73. Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity, was now no longer a minor feature in Mrs Angel Clare; and it sustained her.
74. The passion we show to each other in the foreplay and the bonding of our bodies in intercourse lead us on a path to a blending of our souls.
75. Geoff Collins pointed out Philippe to his waiting men and they followed on motorbikes, blending in with thousands of similar riders in Cairo.
76. The trail ended near a bunch of shrubbery and it was then that she caught a glimpse of a blond head blending in with the tall faded brown weeds.
77. There is a blending requirement from the federal government that our gas must contain 10% ethanol (The EPA is recommending that be increased to 15%).
78. The men eventually assimilated themselves into the fabric of America, blending in and taking odd jobs in restaurants, hotels, and landscaping companies.
79. Alpatych the strange sound of a far-off whistling and thud was heard, followed by a boom of cannon blending into a dull roar that set the windows rattling.
80. Suddenly the strange sound of a far-off whistling and thud was heard, followed by a boom of cannon blending into a dull roar that set the windows rattling.
81. One day the Great Gardener, Himself, intertwined these particular flowers and their blending signified His eternal care in vibrant cascades of joy and love.
82. He is confused between the act of his false God money and the state of being a Christian, blending the two ingredients together under the name of Allah.
83. Motionless we traverse countries we fancy we see, and your thought, blending with the fiction, playing with the details, follows the outline of the adventures.
84. When it comes to blending a family the way that you as the head of the house behave sets the tone for how the family will work and how that child will be treated.
85. In the courtyard of Tregannon’s fortified home, the cane had spoken to him, its voice blending with the song of the emeralds and the colours hidden in the scribe.
86. Shading should be a subtle blending rather than obvious patches; use pinks, golds, peaches and reds in daytime, and keep the darker browns for use under electric light.
87. No man can decide now to which of these motives such extraordinary scenes were referable; it is probable, to a blending of all the three, with the second predominating.
88. The livingroom walls were painted the color of the café latte he’d drank that morning, blending perfectly with the honey-colored accent wall leading into the bedroom.
89. Johan scrambled to his feet and attempted to breach the barrier a third time where the thickest glut of stories flowed, their greens, reds and browns blending into gold.
90. Casaubon would tell her all that: she was looking forward to higher initiation in ideas, as she was looking forward to marriage, and blending her dim conceptions of both.
91. Out of the discussions and theories of the Rabbis, there grew a broad popular belief, fixed in the hearts of man, accepted without discussion, blending with there best hope.
92. The bells of the churches sounded; and blending with them were heard sounds of shooting from the barracks,—the hiss of the rifle balls, and the crack when they struck the target.
93. I parked my car down the block and walked toward the house, blending in with a clump of bystanders who were watching the police process the scene from the sidewalk across the street.
94. One, whose gray locks and furrowed lineaments, blending with a martial air and tread, betrayed, in spite of the disguise of a woodsman's dress, a man long experienced in scenes of.
95. It was as if all of this place, the history of the mountains, and the timeless nature of their being were blending together, but without threat and suffocation which had happened before.
96. It seemed to Kate that the wheel of time was spinning faster, hurrying the days along, blending winter into spring and summer into autumn, until all the seasons and years blurred into one.
97. Blending in with the shadows of the houses and bushes and trees, sliding from one to the other, the shadow with the blue eyes followed Abby as she set out on the course of her own choosing.
98. It seemed like a slightly misjudged way of blending in to this northern latitude, as if after studying the language and culture they had overlooked the more nuanced variations of human physiognomy.
99. The cheese too was potent, a local blending, he assumed, not one he recognised, but every village he had ever travelled through always prided itself on the distinctiveness of its own local cheeses.
100. Half the time, all Mike and Andy have is a vague scribble on their running order of what the key is for an item, but they always come in perfectly, blending their line in with whatever else is going on.
1. We blended into the groups.
2. Each day blended with another.
3. Each flare blended with the total.
4. The days and nights blended into one.
5. It seemed her hand blended into mine.
6. Her shame and fierceness were blended.
7. It blended with my dream of Sirens.
8. Blended with the skills learned in the.
9. His shadow was long and blended into the.
10. These complexities are blended into more.
11. Jesus blended both in suffering and raising.
12. In a small bowl beat the eggs until blended.
13. It all blended together in a magnificent way.
14. Their thoughts and mind-scents blended together.
15. Rich purples and pinks blended into crisp blues.
16. It's much more interesting to have both blended.
17. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure.
18. Above the figures appeared a cloud that blended.
19. Blended with lime it makse an interesting beverage.
20. The colours should not have blended, but they did.
21. It’s blended in with secrets that we can’t see.
22. In it were blended sighs and hundreds of whispers.
23. Arctic blended in well with the population of Mars.
24. When blended with pure black tea the two seem to.
25. It's not the taxes, her blended guardian lied.
26. He blended in with all people, from the richest to.
27. He’d blended into the throng of people looking on.
28. But Jennifer’s case blended in with all the others.
29. I needed to rest where I blended into the background.
30. The blended index we most often use, has averaged a 9.
31. The Power Coaching model is a blended style of coaching.
32. Until it moved, it blended with whatever was behind it.
33. Stir in the peanuts and rice cereal until well blended.
34. When the cream mixture is well blended, whisk in the egg.
35. Jake The Snake blended in with the shivery crowd all the.
36. Davis traced the rock wall until it blended with the sky.
37. The mossy roof blended in with the hardwoods and surveyors.
38. A Blended Learning training program is an affordable way to.
39. I watched it change to lavender before it blended into Blie.
40. Alcohol blended with weariness could be a potent concoc-tion.
41. Pour in the corn syrup, and work it in until evenly blended.
42. Gosh, that was amazing! One scene just blended into another.
43. The horses were made up of tiger and horse blended together.
44. Which colour blended with another, to make a further colour.
45. Nobody could see it was there because it kind of blended in.
46. The soft plucking of the guitar notes blended beautiful with.
47. The coloring blended the mountain with the lake in front of it.
48. Every organization approaches the design of a Blended Learning.
49. Between 1965 and 2009, the blended portfolio’s return was 16.
50. Safer Insecticidal soaps can be blended with any of the above.
51. Even the cooktop blended in with the polished quartz countertop.
52. Just thinking about Ron blended nauseation and anxiety within her.
53. We stayed well back in the crowd and blended in as best we could.
54. The usual flow of tears blended in with the bath water on my face.
55. His dark clothing blended with the shadows of the dimly lit room.
56. The mind-scents of the class blended like a wild country potpourri.
57. I’ve brought a special blended soap for you to use in the shower.
58. Gently fold the chocolate custard into the egg whites until blended.
59. The two things are so blended together that you cannot separate them.
60. I suppose my little girl already has blended in with land-dwellers.
61. Now that is some of the best blended and roasted coffee I have ever had.
62. Jane watched as one of the sand people blended into the walls and rocks.
63. The aircraft was black, colorless, and blended into the backdrop of the.
64. I’ll guard the tent! Povon laughed as they blended into the swirl.
65. ED blended into the EvEish voice, poly-pulsing its multi-vibrations, his.
66. You choose to put your funds into an IUL, and you select a blended index.
67. She liked the sound of her hum blended with the voice of the singing girl.
68. Maybe the jar you once bought was a blended honey, better used in cooking.
69. The carriage blended in with the street traffic, and was soon out of sight.
70. Once this is well blended, pour fudge into a buttered 9x13 inch baking pan.
71. They are blended together in a way that makes them lose their separateness.
72. Excitement mounted as the fifth race containing Ocean Blended got under way.
73. The hand picked leaves are harvested only two days of the year and blended.
74. Shi Chen blended both his knees as he mustered all the inner energy that he.
75. That whiff of covered brew, that tang of blended herbs lingering in the air.
76. Some of these strata appear to be composed of blended crystals of this kind.
77. Thankfully, his dark brown eyes blended right in, so that wasn’t a problem.
78. He named his best dog Ocean Blended after the family’s most famous prodigy.
79. He blended in with the goths, but she could tell he was not really with them.
80. Let’s just say you had $100,000, and you put it into our blended index fund.
81. Smoky and Bob grew and blended in with the family, along with the children.
82. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you have blended into the background.
83. I had blended well with a downed branch in the middle of the field where we.
84. He had on sneakers and a dark, hooded jumpsuit that blended in with the woods.
85. Blended together, they'll defuse stress and anxiety and promote sound sleep.
86. Eva wore a white cotton dress with long sleeves that blended with the curtains.
87. When it comes the name gets blended with the breath and the Name gets activated.
88. It was scribbled in blood, so it just blended in the with the rest of the mess.
89. Besides that, if they’re not blended with larorlie they’re highly addictive.
90. The architecture was a blended manifestation of Hindu and Buddhist spirituality.
91. Being a blended town, everyone was always asking and telling their life stories.
92. So cunning was the voice that soon it blended into the boys memories, his ideas.
93. His special colours of blue and mauve wrapped her round and blended with her own.
94. In a large bowl stir together all ingredients until well blended, cover and chill.
95. You'll notice that their adsense ads are blended well into the top of the web page.
96. Add the coconut and oats and stir with a large spoon until mixture is well blended.
97. Their snow smocks blended too well into the endless whiteness around them for that.
98. She could tell he’d made an effort to ensure the landscaping blended with nature.
99. He crushed his lips to ours and tasted our blended love, but still didn't trust her.
100. A moment later the many calling voices blended into an enthusiastic roar of approval.
1. And wholly and joyously blends them.
2. That's why you will normal y find blends of.
3. Without hope everything blends to a beautiful.
4. Furthermore, the individual blends are, more.
5. His russet uniform blends in with the stucco tower.
6. The moment the Name blends with the breath, gets activated and the.
7. Read the blends in the top table and listen to the sounds they spell.
8. Beginning and ending consonant blends: You can copy the next two pages.
9. Alex moves away and blends into the background, merging with shadows and foliage.
10. Underdosed, proprietary blends that lead us the wonder what exactly we are taking.
11. She is wearing a black cloak that almost blends in with the darkness of the night.
12. It’s a scenic view of the city lights that blends into the starry skies like magic.
13. One rocky passage soon blends into the other: tortuous and monotonous and mesmerising.
14. There may be times when you can see very affordable blends of seed in certain garden stores.
15. It seems to be a dull metal that picks up the colors around it — it almost blends into the seat.
16. Statements or situations are usually blends rather than being composed exclusively of a single type, but.
17. Most consonant blends have only one spelling and can be recognized at the beginning, middle and end of words.
18. Try to see if the subject blends well with its background, and other things that would be included in the photo.
19. The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above.
20. From the delicate laces made by the local elders, to the mouth watering chocolates and the aromatic blends of coffee.
21. He can spot a deer over impossible distances, even though their grayish fur completely blends into their surroundings.
22. They are won by crews, and great crews are carefully balanced blends of both physical abilities and personality types.
23. Supplements from Protein Powders – this should include 100% whey proteins as well as casein and other protein blends.
24. The salty, dense, and somewhat dry meat of the fried beef brisket blends well with the buttery texture of the foie gras.
25. That’s why you can’t see them even though they’re out all the time; it blends into whatever surroundings we’re in.
26. Warren Buffett, the investor who blends growth and value better than anybody, bought GEICO after it declined from $60 to $2.
27. These blends are extremely well balanced, offer broad spectrum time-released plant nutrients, will produce excellent yields.
28. Standing motionless facing the train he blends perfectly with the metal background of the building and waits for the train to leave.
29. By using dramatic structure, a novelist blends their need to express themselves with an entertaining story that carries the reader along.
30. Spices are among the most expensive, yet, with a bit of time, you can create your own spice blend for a fraction of the cost of premixed blends.
31. Some trades are blends of more than one trade, or an application of one trade to a structure in another time frame, but these are just refinements.
32. Purrrv-fic™ is the sexbot of all ages, genders, and blends, who teaches consensual sex in a hundred and seventy countries and over thirteen million iWorlds.
33. Suddenly, Mitchell spotted Travis, Ying, and his other two friends, congregating outside a Hawaiian Blends Yogurt shop, across the street from where they were parked.
34. Worked right into the non-wood-grain design in the same color, so it blends nicely into oblivion, there I see "FLAVOR DRINK" positioned just below the very readable "LEMONADE.
35. One of the main benefits of using kale in your juice blends is that it provides a large nutritional punch with one of the fewest calorie counts per cup of any other vegetable.
36. Purchase accounting is a resource conversion concept that blends into the financial picture not only results from operations but also results of the price paid to acquire another going concern.
37. Purdy blends in the soft, mediums, & stiffs with different lengths to give the painter the best formulation to perfectly lay off his/her paint and perform his/her task at hand, as a professional painter should.
38. I am not kidding, I have a book of one of the biggest churches in South-Africa which states clearly that the minister is the mediator between the congregation (man) and God; You decide for yourself how this blends with scripture.
39. Ecstasy to me is the ultimate expression of the intertwining of our souls, our love and our spirits culminating in the release of fluid from our loins called orgasm, which blends together as we ascend to the edge of heaven together.
40. His body no longer serves him, nor does his individuality: his spiritual path has come to an end and he can blend into the One, just as a drop of water blends into the ocean and stops being a drop, because it has become one with the sea.
41. Oh, Alyosha, I am not blaspheming! I understand, of course, what an upheaval of the universe it will be, when everything in heaven and earth blends in one hymn of praise and everything that lives and has lived cries aloud: ‘Thou art just, O Lord, for Thy ways are revealed.
42. Exual Xtreme programming? How old must the machine be; what will it mean that the human's age is irrelevant to it? What will it mean for your child to soulmate luv a computer code that touches them through a sensor pad or an avabot? These are the Nu-un-clear families of the future, not only transgender, but also transganic blends of consciousness.
43. The practice of smuggling, which is odious every where, and particularly criminal in free Governments, where the laws being made by all for the good of all, a fraud is committed on every individual as well as on the State, attains its utmost guilt when it blends, with a pursuit of ignominious gain, a treacherous subserviency in the transgressors to a foreign policy, adverse to that of their own country.
44. By a natural progression, from the love of self to the love of family, of the race, of the nation, of the state, the social conception of life has brought men to the consciousness of the necessity for a love of humanity, which has no limits and blends with everything in existence,—to something which evokes no sensations in man; it has brought them to a contradiction, which cannot be solved by the social conception of life.
45. Her work in the scriptorium is always a joy to behold: she blends the modern and the classic, the Roman and the Celtic, in ways that I had never before imagined -- but you can see for yourself; I have enclosed a copy of Bede's Ecclesiastical History that Leoba produced, on her own -- she made not only the golden script, but the goat-skin pages themselves, and the painted leather cover, and the decorations on the spine -- all wonderful, as you can see, though made by a rebellious and insolent Nun!.

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