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Merge in a sentence

1. Will merge at the peak.
2. You must merge thought with.
3. They just merge into each other.
4. Why do you want to merge with this woman.
5. He would merge it with the Brazilian and.
6. Lydia signaled to merge onto the interstate.
7. Here in this stage, you will have to merge.

8. Day one will merge into day two, she figured.
9. The more sentiments you can merge into your.
11. M: Past and future will merge in the eternal now.
12. The trail was about to merge with the road ahead.
13. The energy they merge with: also merges with them.
14. Low dimensions and high dimensions merge into one.
15. Her soul to merge within me and I live my life again.
16. The pseudo code of the MERGE procedure is as follow:.
17. So…? Merge all of the Media sources into monopolies.
18. Righteous properties, too, then merge into the same Self.
19. This the thoughtful merge of myself, and the outlet again.
20. In time, you will merge with Him and become one with Him.
21. In what common study did their mutual reflections merge?
22. To merge multiple files into one window, use the "-I" option.
23. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?
24. The post-tribulation advocates merge Israel and the Church.
25. Bible, saw how the merge of Islam and Christianity was wrong.
26. This is called the merge, he told Sim, who said nothing.
27. I know, Garcia said, allowing his mind to merge with hers.
28. To merge all in the travel they tend to, and the days and nights.
29. She’d merge back onto the main interstate and take her chances.
30. All the angels of God can merge and combine forces when necessary.
31. I too arising, answering, descend to the pavements, merge with the.
32. They can merge themselves into you: until they not only become you….
33. It can however, rearrange itself and merge with the memories of other.
34. If it were not so high, it would merely merge with the flooded fields.
35. These two rivers merge in the Sudan, near the capital city of Khartoum.
36. Twenty-five of the bloated jellyfish slowly merge to form a collective.
37. Th e last thesis about inability to merge can be cal ed in ques-.
38. Into the commute, all of the vehicles started to merge into the center.
39. The inside and the outside merge as in the internal and external surfaces.
40. In this way magicians become one with chance and merge themselves with it.
41. Have them widen their distance slightly to allow Drasav�s ships to merge.
42. These two pairs of golden bells when they hit one another also merge their.
43. She wasn't going to merge with Sol Invicta's eternal fiery embrace just yet.
44. Sometimes the two merge and that which is spiritual is seen in the physical.
45. At the highest level you become reality and merge into it as the real truth.
46. The decision to merge Phillips Petroleum with Conoco was a masterpiece of both.
47. You can’t promote both except is you can define why we would see the two merge.
48. The words in the match reports merge together and he can’t remember the scores.
49. They take the funds with lousy returns and merge them into funds with great returns.
50. Adjusting a hair strand back to merge in his side curled pompadour, he smiles at me.
51. Until they begin to merge into a collective-shared-consciousness of compressed wisdom.
52. It was like a pressure building in the pit of my stomach, pushing me to merge with her.
53. It would just lose its significance and merge into the more general mystery of the past.
54. He followed, keeping a respectable distance and watched the target merge with the crowds.
55. Merge is an offline operation; the VHD chain must not be attached when this is initiated.
56. They try to merge themselves so completely into you that you cannot notice they are there.
57. Several of the largest medical insurance firms have recently announced intentions to merge.
58. He was even afraid the program would come into contact with the internet and merge with it.
59. The merge happens from a specified source-child disk to a specified destination child disk.
60. The euphoria of their love insensibly impelled in Raja Rao the urge to merge with his women.
61. Notice also how the seven spirits of evil merge the symbolism of water and earth, hence fouled.
62. It means you should merge your feelings and thoughts into living spontaneously and sensitively.
63. William gathered that there was no way both cars could merge on the main road at the same time.
64. He gave an order to two of the agents to cover the van, so it would merge with the undergrowth.
65. Concentrating, I allowed my conscious to merge with hers and led her to the pathways within her.
66. The merge and the influence of the particles of the Fifth Plan – this is the Fourth Initiation.
67. She thought the drugs they gave her actually helped her state of consciousness to merge with his.
68. She had the ability to establish a mind thread with a chosen bird and merge with its consciousness.
69. In October 1999, WorldCom tried to do just that with a bid to merge with Sprint Corp for $115 billion.
70. Colours begin to merge, a ragged paint job, primary bright and flecked with rust at the wheel arches.
71. That entity in which all yagya, penance, canons, abstinence merge is none else but ‘I’ and the.
72. Of course, they don’t take the funds with great returns and merge them into funds with lousy returns.
73. The air around are bodies was charged like electricity and I could see our auras merge to blend together.
74. No matter how they disagree on important scriptures, they at last merge into eternal torment for the lost.
75. The next obstacle was to get the cells to merge with the single cell plankton and create one perfect cell.
76. Sensation began to merge itself into a half-consciousness of stroke on stroke through the illimitable waste.
77. Merge sort algorithm merges them to form a single sorted sub array that replaces the current sub array A [p.
78. Another merge, another head-on pass, one of the pair blew up and then he had the fight of his life on his hands.
79. From this point the dark and light masses gradate in different directions until they merge above the ships' sails.
80. Dates and days merge in Helen's mind, but something about the way the sky twists above her makes her start to count.
81. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, her being seemed to merge with his until they were one and the same.
82. What merge? I asked I know I was only Chris’ receptionist but I knew roughly what was going on in the company.
83. At this point an industry has to take note of its banker’s advice to buy X and sell Y and merge with A or take over B.
84. All these organization expressed their wish to liberate Pondicherry from French control and merge with the Indian Union.
85. In our ordinary sleep consciousness separates from the body and stays nearby but does not merge with the cerebral cortex.
86. I am glad Carl had the fortitude to merge his newspaper with the online interactive website so it could stay in business.
87. Successful blacks, like anyone else, merge into society and become, at last, Americans first and blacks only incidentally.
88. A simulation of the intricate engramatic patterns, therefore, did not seem authentic enough for the TIAR program to merge with.
89. Most of these platforms already have the possibility to merge or ‘sync’ information with other platforms we have profiles on.
90. We can walk together with someone else for a period or for all of our life, but our evolutions will remain individual and never merge.
91. This the nucleus--after the child is born of woman, man is born of woman, This the bath of birth, this the merge of small and large, and the.
92. Over eight thousand tons of bombs were dropped, half of them incendiaries causing fires to merge with existing fires that unleashed a firestorm.
93. The covens magic pulsed into one purpose; one conscious goal, to merge my essence with my inner power, while building a bridge to my mental self.
94. You upload your mailing list to click2mail, and they merge the marketing piece that you designed with the mailing list, print it, and send it out.
95. Keshan was a barbaric kingdom lying in the eastern hinterlands of Kush where the broad grasslands merge with the forests that roll up from the south.
96. Note that removing a snapshot takes a little while, depending on how old the snapshot is and how much data has changed between the dates of the merge.
97. The older they are, the more their auras are poisoned by whatever living thing they merge into: the more inhuman they look, and the more insane they become.
98. De Gaulle had intended that the French Community would merge all France’s former colonies into two big federations, one in north Africa and one in the west.
99. The walls held paintings, mainly from Italy, many without frames and with white backgrounds to merge with the white walls, their subjects startlingly realistic.
100. If you still don’t believe that reptile-bird intelligence can merge into undead human awareness… and through them: into living humans: Look at the red cardinal.
1. This is a merging of.
2. A merging of biblical myths.
3. This hoped for merging of the.
4. The merging of complete opposites.
5. It's a merging of morals and values.
6. The process of merging felt complete.
7. It feels as if you are merging with.
8. The two ingredients resist merging into one.
9. Merging minds meant no lower emotions were.
10. But I kept merging with the myth as I listened to it.
11. This also synchronizes with the symbolism merging Maat.
12. While Tom was merging into Highway 768 West, he looked to.
13. Liberation according to them is merging of the soul into.
14. The ‘Y’ is their merging themselves into living people.
15. First of all it’s the Tibetan method of merging with idams.
16. Imagine the relief he experienced as he was merging into the.
17. In this case the merging with idams can be viewed as a tech-.
18. It was like watching two small pools merging together to become one.
19. Patio doors symbolize the merging of your mental and spiritual state.
20. The sparkles from these myriads of diamonds were merging with each other.
21. When he returned, there was a better attempt at a merging of the two crews.
22. She was large and soft and round, her shapeless waist merging with her hips.
23. Brimstone and burning hail are merely variations on this theme, merging stone.
24. Alex moves away and blends into the background, merging with shadows and foliage.
25. Nothing you can do now, he thought, shifting gears and merging into the other lane.
26. Merging themselves into one insane undead aura, a single merged insane unseen god.
27. He had had the choice of merging his full awareness at the adobe houses or at the.
28. Joining them, Brandor sank into a trancelike state, merging mentally with the rest.
29. Therefore, this is a symbol merging references to 666, triangles, and the number 3.
30. She gained recognition in the 1970s for her revolutionary merging of poetry and rock.
31. Sharing the incredible details about his insights and the merging at Tarden with the.
32. Cecil Sparrow peered at him over his spectacles, double chins merging with his oversized neck.
33. To dream about sex refers to the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself.
34. To reiterate, both Revelation and Ezekiel are merging the symbolism of stars, angels, and the.
35. The process of merging information was turning into an interesting proposition, to say the least.
36. Solution 2: merging x2 and x3 (30 moves), merging the result with x1 (60 moves) à total 90 moves.
37. This genetic merging creating a huge increase in its intelligence, an unnatural imbalanced intelligence.
38. Solution 1: merging x1 and x2 (50 record moves), merging the result with x3 (60 moves) à total 110 moves.
39. The second replica of Rigel tried to escape from them and so Alcor tied to control him by merging into him.
40. The ongoing obscenity of undead interspecies misogyny: the merging of animal-human-reptile-bird undead auras.
41. Raven stared at the names on the screen and the words danced across his vision, letters merging into one another.
42. Apparently the Dark Knights were not part of the Zalionian Empire at the time of the merging with the our Empire.
43. So the unspellable Fyffes is merging with Conchitas, sorry Chiquita, and ending up with 50% of the resulting company.
44. The wind had fallen and black clouds, merging with the powder smoke, hung low over the field of battle on the horizon.
45. It is only when you mix them together individual by individual, segment by segment; that there is any actual merging.
46. He was forming a point of view that the prophecies of the Bible and the Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes) were merging.
47. The remainder of dinner was devoted to light conversation about school and merging the new arrivals into the community.
48. Add to this the merging of neuroscience with a counterculture that hates everything about American and Western culture.
49. In the foremost place, immediately under the icons, sat Barclay de Tolly, his high forehead merging into his bald crown.
50. Others think there would be a merging of human and machine intelligence (downloading our minds into computers, perhaps).
51. The merging of man and machine had created a Frankenstein monster that was more horrible than either one taken separately.
52. Systems integration The merging of diverse hardware, software, and communications systems into a consolidated operating unit.
53. As they had while you were still living: when they could piss their undead unseen presence into your body; by merging with you.
54. From his hands, sparks of energy leapt outward, merging several feet in front of his chest to form a ball of pulsing blue flames.
55. The spiritual possession, poisoning and the aura of a once-dead soul merging with a still living one: is possible, and does happen.
56. Her memories from the past few weeks are jostling and merging with her recollections of high school and summer camp and kindergarten.
57. He entered the city unquestioned, merging himself with the throngs that poured continually in and out of this great commercial center.
58. The first sip of Angelo’s iced tea hinted of peaches and apricots, then I heard soothing sounds of nature merging with piano and strings.
59. Edward Lampert, the chief of ESL Investments, is best known for buying large stakes in Sears and Kmart and then merging the two companies.
60. Two separate undead auras with amputated or withered left arms merging their auras into the living body of Hitler at a later date: that’s how.
61. He tried to imagine the darkness of the porch merging with the darkness beyond, and himself with it, an animal crashing around in the underbrush.
62. What billions of other undead human scum merged with other animals over the course of 100,000 years… and what this merging has done to most of them.
63. Combining does not mean mixing data that belongs to several days in one analysis (like merging black and gray points on the top-left chart of Figure 3.
64. This is merging and being spread globally through a variety of information technologies: books, tapes, Web pages, online forums, and Internet broadcasts.
65. But as the fact that these particles are involved in the common process of merging oа elementary particles, along with particles with Fields of Attraction.
66. Merging with the enemy fleet, Konovalov’s interceptors multiplied lightning attack passes among the Morg ships, flying in zigzag like madmen while firing.
67. When an object is felt there is no merging in the surrounding mass, but a firm definition of its boundary, which the mind instinctively conceives as a line.
68. It is only by experiencing the exchange that occurs between all senses, their merging through connectedness in these passageways, that an experience is truly felt.
69. It soared across the universe, sometimes meeting objects of unknown sound, sometimes playing with them, sometimes fighting with them and sometimes merging with them.
70. As a result: our creative Life-Energy becomes caged inside our own mind, and develops its own Life-Energy… instead of merging with all other Life-Energy around us.
71. In 1943, his orchestra – the first African-American group to play at Carnegie Hall – performed Black, Brown and Beige, a merging of classical, jazz and spirituals.
72. I could see two of the Rangers merging on my left side and another trio to the right when the farm horse we called Tripper charged in and knocked the two of them over.
73. It seemed best not to sound an alarm in his mind by protesting and thereby eliminate the option of merging with the crowd and slipping out unnoticed if things got worse.
74. Our gravitation to a higher dimension is essentially a merging with more light energy that will amongst other things help enhance our healing and communication abilities.
75. In the interim, all this activity made its mark on the analysts at the brokerage houses, who began to write about the merits of Chase merging with another money center bank.
76. These small German-speaking states merging into one national identity was a recent result of industrialization and overpopulation merging into a mass consciousness of conformity.
77. All of these unspoken assumptions, all these customs and traditions of marriage/sex/love in Western human culture comes from undead birds merging themselves with living human auras.
78. As summer began to heat up the already overheated atmosphere, troposphere and so on, enlarging ozone-layer holes near to the point of merging, things down below were coming to a boil.
79. And as he watched, the walls and ceiling of the hut seemed to widen, to grow remote and vanish, merging with infinite immensities; the smoke rolled about him, blotting out everything.
80. Different undead auras of different species merging together into cities of the undead…dogs, cats, bovine animals, pigs, apes and birds: none of them wanting to be seen or looked at.
81. The most common reason for having multiple trees is the merging of two organizations, both of which already have established domain names that cannot be readily assimilated into one tree.
82. And so the huge majority of the human population keeps on accumulating and getting poorer: while the corporations get fatter and keep on merging into bigger, richer concentrations of wealth.
83. Royalty, the nobility, and the townspeople added elements colored by their own interests to the prevailing temper, but always merging with one or other of the two aspects of the Church attitude.
84. The danger of these two ethnic races merging; the two best ethnic races in Europe… in Germany during the 1920’s and 30’s, was such a huge threat to the undead that they had to stop it from happening.
85. They are fragments of the Creator who have rejected the infinite Creator, who seek unity not by merging themselves with the Creator as positive beings might, but by absorbing all other life into themselves.
86. Even when the awards came to an end and his group settled down and struck up conversation across the two tables, merging the parties into one, he remained elusive, sitting at the furthest point away from her.
87. The reason Science stops short of all Energy merging into a single compressed mass and disappearing into the last Black hole is because Scientists try to measure the Infinite Universe by using finite numbers.
88. Desperately she straightened up and almost as soon as she had done so there was another right turn and we were merging on to the long causeway, the Ponte della Liberta, which connected Venice with the mainland.
89. A merging of superior intellect with superior physical health and beauty… this was why the undead targeted Germany for destruction; this is the underlying hidden reason why WW2 was made to happen by the undead.
90. I was intrigued by this notion of merging value variables, even though I felt that the time period of their study—1990 through 1996—wasn’t long enough to truly test the efficacy or robustness of the strategy.
91. But he drove back to the YMCA that night not sure what to do, confusion morphing into resentment, resentment merging into silent anger, and anger giving way again to confusion, all of it washing over him in waves.
92. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact.
93. At the same time, like most children of immigrants back then, the DiMaggio children were taught by their parents that nothing was more important than successfully merging into the American culture and being thought of as American.
94. The obvious mechanization and dehumanization of farming: as it began from the first plow creating the first linear furrow: to the present-day merging of corporate farms into vast, dehumanized, mechanized wastelands cannot be ignored.
95. But even here a line seems a poor thing from the visual point of view; as the boundaries are not always clearly defined, but are continually merging into the surrounding mass and losing themselves to be caught up again later on and defined once more.
96. DataTable is a free to use library that turns your normal looking html table into an interactive marvel with sortable and searchable columns and a whole lot more; we're going to use it with CodeIgniter, merging DataTable and CodeIgniter table functionality.
97. And a bit of me stayed with each one of these couples, with each one of their babies, accompanying them, not doing anything as obvious as talking in their heads anymore, but just being there for them, merging into their subconscious selves and sharing my wisdom with them….
98. From this point on, the complex and difficult, but gradual merging of your previous most evolutional Conceptions with new, universal SFUURMM-Forms will unite, more quickly and purposefully, all your single-moment existences in isolated Time Flows into one, more universal Form.
99. He loved to see the neat little tuft of black hair between their legs (it was so cute!), the hips merging into the stream- lines of their legs without the interruption of any piece of tissue, the little, rounded bottoms bobbing up and down in the waves as they jumped around in the water!.
100. This poisoning of the entire air-water-earth by toxins, pollution, chemicals is only a symptom of undead filth poisoning themselves by merging their rotting undead auras into a miscegenation of monstrous misshapen horrors, and these undead ghouls sucking off all the foulest forms of energy.
1. The USLSS merged with the U.
2. One day merged into another.
3. But it merged in yet another.
4. East has merged with the West.
5. His replicas merged back into him.
6. He merged his awareness and stood.
7. The shapes merged into a small being.
8. They merged with the flow of traffic.
9. He smiled as he merged onto the freeway.
10. By 2006, they had merged with Thermo-.
11. His beard merged imperceptibly with the.
12. She wasn't sure where fact and dream merged.
13. He merged the two seas, converging together.
14. What happened? The character of the merged.
15. Ochiltree in 1907, it merged with Ochiltree.
16. Their heads merged into one form, and faced.
18. Krypton approached the plate and merged into it.
19. Everything needs to be merged, mixed, synergised.
20. The false cliff merged with a large rocky headland.
21. The targets have merged was the agreed signal.
22. The two tribes probably merged because of low num-.
23. After passing the airport, I-85 merged with I-75 to.
24. Until they merged and became Robber Barons and Serfs.
25. Their minds instantly merged, with her mind dominant.
26. Upper Egypt) was merged with Ra to create the supreme.
27. Undead intelligences of birds and humans; have merged.
28. In 1821 the HBC merged with its number one rival, The.
29. Just so, the man, all of whose actions are merged into.
30. There was a wall of frog sounds that merged with silence.
31. Sky and water merged into a perfectly clean horizon line.
32. An insane bird aura: a death entity: merged into a human.
33. It floated over to the other small Nal and merged with it.
34. By now, drunkards and low-life rabble had merged into the.
35. Amigo merged into Highway 768 West, then resumed his drove.
36. Less than twenty years later in 1955 the AFL and CIO merged.
37. The silent eddy of their souls merged and swept between them.
38. Silya steered Miika to the right and merged onto the next road.
39. These are the same three great delusions that were merged in.
40. While merged businesses may have their own niche markets, they.
41. What had just happened? Whispering questions merged, blurring.
42. A swarm of scorpions scuttled across the floor and merged to form.
43. His voice and that of the Dangler and the songbird merged into one.
44. William could now see the point where the road and the trail merged.
45. All six Plans and all six main types of Souls should merged together.
46. Fitful as motley-tongues of flame, inseparably twined and merged in.
47. One night when he was on prayer and his cleansed mind has merged.
48. Its sound softened into the distance until it merged with the quiet.
49. For 1966 the newly merged company* had reported earnings of $6.
50. Barrel making is volcano-making merged with the evil of accumulation.
51. Hebrew texts and concepts merged with various mystery-school allusions.
52. Crawling from the culvert, she merged with a group of escaping living.
53. The news commentary and discussion merged with Jacob’s own thoughts.
54. Well, not so much sold it as merged with a bigger lot, based in London.
55. By the time I merged onto 222 my psychosis had returned without warning.
56. This weakened in the middle as MA merged into the middle of price levels.
57. The meditator has merged himself in the Soul or the all-pervading Spirit.
58. When they had merged onto westbound I-90, Jeff slipped in an eight-track.
59. You will be able to view, save, and/or print a 3 in 1 merged credit report.
60. Self is tainted with impurities even after he has merged into God? It can-.
61. Priest Gu Tong had merged himself as one with his sword as he leapt across.
62. When the Soul was merged with the body, it was unhappy that it had to endure.
63. Though individualities are so strangely merged in this, yet are they at the.
64. His perspectives merged once again, and he became only the actor in the scene.
65. Strong lies are well-constructed deceptions merged with truth and wisdom and.
66. Either by utilising a remote control unit, or, once we have merged, through me.
67. They then merged into one globe that was the image of the Earth of a majestic.
68. Then a blue light emerged from the pupil and merged with the existing red light.
69. With this understanding, the ancients merged the precise tracking of time as a.
70. The dryads marched from the clearing and merged within the shadows of the forest.
71. As the blockade merged the two southbound lanes of traffic into one, the Native.
72. Two others were cut but they were merged with other regiments and still function.
73. Five miles still separated it from us, and its beach merged with the misty waters.
74. Merging themselves into one insane undead aura, a single merged insane unseen god.
75. He merged onto the Sterling Highway, his foot heavy with indignation on the pedal.
76. They are all purposeful deceptions, false doctrine, and false history merged with.
77. That was when Russia attacked Germany and merged the Polish units into its own army.
78. A pink line signalling twilight was hinged on the horizon as Yakov merged unto I-95.
79. The oil tank that Ryota had jumped onto had merged with other wreckage; one was the.
80. He cast the Reading, and merged with the sickening remains of Bezedil’s dying mind.
81. It had merged into the world of cloud and water, of natural forces and forms of nature.
82. All the most diverse sections of the educated public, hostile before, are merged in one.
83. At that point the two circles are indistinguishable and man has merged himself into God.
84. All is merged, all is together and do not need to be torn between the pairs of opposites.
85. The slam of the door and its subsequent splitting as the axe hit it merged into one sound.
86. The blinking cross-hairs flashed red as they merged on the coordinates of the boats final.
87. Its silent tread was sedate as they merged smoothly into the traffic patterns of the city.
88. Or something Felix did, which was all I could manage to say, as I swerved and merged.
89. By this non-intercourse act, the particular interdiction is merged in a general regulation.
90. Short-term capital gains and losses are merged to obtain net short-term capital gain or loss.
91. Then merged his replica into one of Rigel’s replica and sent it away into Rigel’s house.
92. It slowly merged through the blue wall, coming to a land just beyond the edge of the cavern.
93. There was no more a sense of time; the beginning of all things and their end merged into one.
94. The Greek stories clearly merged details of the Egyptian Zep Tepi narrative with the fate of.
95. Express van left the Hader Freight warehouse at 11:20, and later merged onto Inter-Provincial.
96. Darkburst gasped when the carvings unexpectedly merged to become a view of Brockenhurst Forest.
97. They now merged into a well-traveled road that veered in from the east and turned to parallel.
98. It is already understood that the ancients merged astronomy and astrology, but it is not well.
99. A very dark sky was almost lost as it merged with the pitch-blackness of the ceiling of the cave.
100. The shadow moved away, merged itself with the other The Yankees are coming! She had forgotten that.
1. It merges the.
2. A pyramid purposely merges the.
3. The mind basically merges with the wild mind.
4. The energy they merge with: also merges with them.
5. The splash of color merges with the bright streetlights.
6. As an example, plate 17 purposely merges details of the.
7. Then the zodiac merges the cross and four elements with.
8. The Merge-VHD cmdlet merges VHDs in a differencing VHD chain.
9. The infinity symbol merges the flow of time, cyclic reality, and the.
10. Book of life–This symbolizes and merges two closely related concepts.
11. At this stage, the meditator merges with his or her point of focus and.
12. In such a state the teacher’s existence merges into, and his magnifi-.
13. The capstone symbolism merges that of stones, cornerstones, and mountaintops.
14. If the line ascends and it merges with the Sun’s line (figure 64 B), a happy.
15. This cross merges with the line of heart and mind (Figure 70 B), usually under.
16. The white knight merges with the other knight into a forty-five feet high knight.
17. A pyramid also merges the symbolism of wisdom with that of the four elements by its.
18. Consequently, this merges the idea of a tool of measurement with a symbol of authority.
19. This section merges the symbolism of the four-metal image in the Book of Daniel with the.
20. And it grows, merges, disappears from the surface, sinks to the depths, and again emerges.
21. Suddenly you are in a different space: the ego is not so solid, the dancer melts and merges into the dance.
22. The example shown in the preceding screenshot merges the avhdx file present at a location to its parent VHD.
23. Merge sort algorithm merges them to form a single sorted sub array that replaces the current sub array A [p.
24. In those dispensing government largess condescension toward their charges merges into contempt, then hatred.
25. He merges the night into the day, and He merges the day into the night; and He knows what the hearts contains.
26. Testing his imagery equipment Grailem is pleased to see that he merges well with the background of the fuselage.
27. It merges the concept of enlightenment with the symbolism of Testimony of the Light, and is meant to convey the.
28. And the idea that what a human undead scum merges with; is supposed to be in proportion and in scale to a human body.
29. That is because God merges the night into the day, and He merges the day into the night, and because God is Hearing and Seeing.
30. In intense form of love, the lover loses his awareness (of separation) and merges into the consciousness of that which is being loved.
31. The aura approaches slowly, causing my heart to race, and when it finally merges with me, I feel my mind absorbing the power with a tingle.
32. The opaque covering, about twelve millimetres thick, encloses the robot completely and merges it with the metal framework that supports it.
33. He merges the night into the day, and He merges the day into the night; and He regulates the sun and the moon, each running for a stated term.
34. When soul transcends the plane of lower intelligence, the consciousness merges with the realm of pure subjectivity, leaving the human ego behind.
35. Thoughts confuses reality when two levels of unfamiliar consciousness merges in martial science we forge all levels of consciousness and motion into action.
36. Therefore, if a human recognizes his soul with his consciousness and merges them into a single unit, his abilities will become unlimited as well as his knowledge.
37. Personal awareness, beneath our everyday consciousness, merges with a collective unconscious — through which we may be able to receive insights otherwise denied to us.
38. Then, hurrying after them comes a fourth, very large and menacing; it lifts the boat; on it goes; somehow merges without accomplishing anything; flattens itself out with the rest.
39. The former alludes to right brain convergent awareness (which merges into a non-local universal mind) and the latter to left brain divergent awareness (as described in Chapter 1).
40. Candlestick charting is therefore more valuable to traders than to investors because the short-term strength of candlesticks merges well with the cyclical nature of pattern trading.
41. One of those finite minds became you after a long process of development, and your mind will continue growing toward infinity until it merges with the infinite mind of the Creator.
42. Then insight and intuition merges with its mechanical abstractive ability: so one becomes not only logically intelligent, but emotionally, physically, intuitively, and instinctively as well.
43. They pretend that this type of magic depends on creating a new impression about the self which gradually merges with one’s character, so that a person will become as they wish themselves to be.
44. Have you not seen how God merges the night into the day, and merges the day into the night? That He subjected the sun and the moon, each running for a stated term? And that God is Cognizant of everything you do?
45. In consequence of custom, transmitted by education and confirmed by religious suggestion, and without compulsion, the individual merges his interests in those of the group, and sacrifices himself for the benefit of the whole.
46. She waves her arms, flailing in the dark for something to grasp, to help her understand where she is, still in the house--just below?--or somewhere else entirely? Her pulse continues to race, its thumping merges with the breathing, the whirring, but at least now the screaming stopped.
47. Someone who meditates regularly, over time, learns to restrain mental activities in the conscious mind (often associated with the left brain) and to go deeper and deeper within the subconscious mind (which is often associated with the right brain) until it merges with the ‘bedrock’ — the Universal Mind.
48. One might think that after ½ of Infinite Time when Energy was split into infinite smallness, the next split of ¼th of Infinite Time should reconnect pairs of Infinitely small energy particles together, and 1/8th of Infinite Time should re-connect pairs of the merged almost infinitely small energy particles, and so on… until Infinite Energy finally merges back into a Totality of a Singularity.
49. The word, directed toward its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value judgements and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile.
50. Stone–This merges the symbolism of both a cornerstone (corner) and a gemstone ( pearl, emerald,.

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