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Mix in a sentence

1. Use a Mix of Funds.
2. Mix it in with the.
3. The twain do not mix.
4. Mix one egg in a bowl.
5. And mix a little to.
6. If you have a mix of.
7. Mix into a fine powder.

8. But why mix a social-.
9. The Anatomy Of A Mix CD.
10. Mix up their diet with.
11. Mix at low speed until.
12. Mix in the melted butter.
13. Finally, mix in the milk.
14. He would mix the styles.
15. You always have to mix.
16. Mix up the raw materials.
17. Be careful not to over mix.
18. Mix in the citron and nuts.
19. I will mix you a sedative.
20. The point is to mix it up.
21. But the mix of questions.
22. Mix them with your onions.
23. In the present F flat mix.
24. Mix in the ginger and salt.
25. Mix dough with hands a bit.
26. Joshua is a mix of the.
27. Add the egg, and mix again.
28. Mix slaw mixture and onions.
29. Mix up the salt, pop in a.
30. In large bowl, mix peanut.
31. Add ice cubes and mix well.
32. Add food coloring and mix.
33. Don't mix religion with law.
34. You just have the right mix.
35. Mix honey and crushed cereal.
36. Mix into salad mix and serve.
37. Drink this mix every 2 hours.
38. Rage and loss is a toxic mix.
39. So here is a mix CD for you!.
40. Mix on low until most of the.
41. Wear face mask and mix slowly.
42. Now his blood would mix with.
43. Jus’ mix it up in hot water.
44. Mix to a dough with the water.
45. The salt mix will have these.
46. Mix it up with your diet and.
47. Don't mix water and electricity.
48. The last time, the mix should.
49. Add sugar & butter an mix well.
50. Mix with a wooden spoon until.
51. Shake the hat to mix the cards.
52. Top with sauce and mix to coat.
53. Mix very gently with the yolks.
54. Mix egg yolks, cornstarch and.
55. Add water to this and mix well.
56. Mix in the spices and the salt.
57. The causes are complex, a mix.
58. Francis was an interesting mix.
59. Add the peanuts and mix to coat.
60. It won't mix and it won’t dry.
61. Mix with water to plastic dough.
62. Mix all the vegetables together.
63. You can mix the creatine powder.
64. Mix all ingredients together well.
65. Mix well (this is where grating.
66. Mix cornstarch thoroughly in ¼.
67. We have to mix our clothing, too.
68. Crush ingredients and mix well.
69. Add OCD to the mix and you have.
70. A healthy mix of whisky and beer.
71. Don't worry if the mix is streaky.
72. In large bowl, mix all ingredients.
73. Zoe, you’re trying to mix me up.
74. Therefore they mix up the meanings.
75. Typically water, lemon, honey mix.
76. Mix every thing together into 8 oz.
77. Yeah, I heard that was in the mix.
78. Mix the ingredients in a glass jar.
79. Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly.
80. Mix the two together and stir wel.
81. Reason and feeling mix in the head.
82. It was a mix of elation and sorrow.
83. Mix all ingredients except the oil.
84. Mix in a chopped apple if you want.
85. Mix carefully with the cooked rice.
86. A lone axe sashayed through the mix.
87. Mix in the soaked tapioca and water.
88. The patronage had a nice racial mix.
89. Add remaining cacao powder, mix well.
90. Use a good potting soil of the mix.
91. Each dish harmless might mix inside.
92. Mix in the noodles and peanut butter.
93. Chop it up and mix it into the rice.
94. Mix them to make a homogenous paste.
95. The mix instant puddings, milk and.
96. Or you might want to mix it further.
97. Have a mix of trades in the portfolio.
98. A mix of AK’s and American M16’s.
99. Create a nice mix of music for your.
100. The entire mix of information counts.
1. Thus, the mixing of the.
2. There is no mixing of this.
3. It refers to the mixing of.
4. Mixing water with the wine;.
5. Mixing fresh water with salt.
6. Mixing lemon juice with onion.
7. Heart With The Torrent, Mixing.
8. Mixing with the country gentry.
9. Remove and place in a mixing bowl.
10. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
11. You see, I'm mixing everything up.
12. This is to create another mixing.
13. The consequences of mixing Dharma.
14. Crass was there mixing some colour.
15. After mixing, let the solution sit.
16. It’s mixing money and religion to.
17. It also should be noted that mixing.
18. Chill a small mixing bowl and beaters.
19. I began mixing and matching the names.
20. The mist was slowly mixing with the sky.
21. He knew that there should be no mixing.
22. Avoid mixing the various clown species.
23. Pour into a large mixing bowl and cool.
24. Use your hands to do the mixing, as an.
25. M: You are mixing sensation with awareness.
26. That’s because I use a huge mixing bowl.
27. Place the warm water in a small mixing bowl.
28. Gradually add remaining flour, mixing well.
29. Lovern and I used it when mixing our cures.
30. I think she's been mixing with a bad crowd.
31. Place the flour and suet in a mixing bowl.
32. Prepare filling by mixing all ingredients.
33. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
34. Rose followed him, her sorrow mixing with a.
35. They joined hands, their blood mixing, and.
36. Fun Mixing It Up With The Other Classes?’.
37. Mixing dissimilar coral species in the same.
38. But you are mixing up the father and the son.
39. MIXING THE FILLING: Rinse and pick over the.
40. Will you be mixing those things together?
41. Shit Jim, they were talking about mixing blood.
42. He saw no problem mixing business and pleasure.
43. It was the only way I had of mixing with others.
44. Don retreated to the solitude of the mixing shed.
45. Mixing old blood with new in a cruel game of tag.
46. Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.
47. In alternative medicine, it is said that mixing.
48. Use your hands to do the mixing, as an electric.
49. Given the race mixing promotion in the Jew media.
50. So, I just started mixing together any old thing.
51. Place the cooked tortellini in a large mixing bowl.
52. It is the mixing up the two that is so disastrous.
53. Married… that's what you meant, by blood mixing.
54. Place the pineapple wedges into a large mixing bowl.
55. We informed the doctor she had been mixing alcohol.
56. Therefore the mixing of 'water' with 'dust' or 'dry.
57. The western experience is that mixing religion and.
58. Always use and electric beater when mixing the cake.
59. Place sugars, butter, eggs and vanilla in mixing bowl.
60. There could be mixing, such as the hearing of colors.
61. In a mixing bowl, combine mashed bananas with butter.
62. This is the essence of bondage — the mixing of the.
63. Stir gin and vermouth over ice cubes in a mixing glass.
64. In a large mixing bowl, toss together the flour, the.
65. Mixing her German with the Greek was confusing for Zoe.
66. Wash and dry the mixing bowl and grease with olive oil.
67. In a small mixing bowl, beat the two eggs until frothy.
68. Should you be mixing that with alcohol? asked Knox.
69. But I was looking at the mixing board the whole time.
70. In a mixing bowl, combine the potato, salt and vanilla.
71. Don't worry if you're having trouble mixing the saltwater.
72. Thus, by mixing Egg with Bacon, he could create Breakfast.
73. She uncorked the top and plopped a drop in the mixing bowl.
74. Prepare the crust by mixing the flour, oil, milk, and salt.
75. She kissed his lips and tasted his tears mixing with hers.
76. They can also be used for spreading, mixing, and stirring.
77. Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl and add milk, 1.
78. The balance that you use, when mixing up free content with.
79. They were the type of company that Bridget loved mixing with.
80. Enjolras said, mixing his words with a few half-enigmatical.
81. He went into the scullery, where Crass was mixing some colour.
82. In a small mixing bowl, toss the red onions with the extra-.
83. Mixing them too early is what gets you killed, he said.
84. The land mass collisions meant great migration and mixing of.
85. As he realised what he was doing, a weird expression mixing.
86. Rosaline was in the process of mixing herself a rum and coke.
87. A YA Romance, mixing the best of contemporary and paranormal.
88. And he looked sullenly down at the potato salad he was mixing.
89. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together butter and chocolate.
90. I use a long wooden spoon for mixing to assist in the process.
91. She loved mixing herbs, as our mother used to do, he says.
92. For example, in the West it is clearly understood that mixing.
93. If listening through speakers, the tones are mixing in the air.
94. His little ball mill rolled over and over, mixing the blue mass.
95. Form a soft batter by mixing together all the above ingredients.
96. Please, no! He was trembling, snot and tears mixing on his face.
97. There machines whirred as they started mixing and understanding.
98. I have observed her when she has been mixing medicine in drops.
99. Slice the bread rolls or white bread and place into a mixing bowl.
100. Also mixing herbs with other medications may cause complications.
1. He’s mixed up in it.
2. They are very much mixed.
3. I had a few mixed emotions.
4. A few allow mixed bathing.
5. I have such mixed feelings.
6. That is mixed with such joy.
7. The results had been mixed.
8. Love for this animal mixed.
9. A smile with mixed emotions.
10. He mixed quite well with mom.
11. Evan's mixed set of emotions.
12. Four of them were mixed race.
13. I had mixed emotions about.
14. Maybe the alcohol mixed in.
15. Well, I’m a mixed investor.
16. He is mixed up in everything.
17. I was getting mixed messages.
18. Mixed up, Victor, mixed up.
19. Fire and hail mixed together.
20. All seemed mixed in his head.
21. I mixed them with Kyrgyz and.
22. Hatred was mixed with despair.
23. He mixed with everyone equally.
24. Emotions are a mixed blessing.
25. It was Taltos mixed with human.
26. The journal told a mixed story.
27. Again, her feelings were mixed.
28. Mother of Jesus is mixed with.
29. Mixed straight and gay, it had.
30. The good is mixed with the evil.
31. Stay, I really have mixed it up.
32. She ordered a Zombie mixed drink.
33. That word joined is to be mixed.
34. Canaanites are also mixed with.
35. They have mixed with other races.
36. I have mixed feelings about this.
37. Stir until well mixed and glossy.
38. Why had he ever got so mixed up?
39. Everything mixed and at the same.
40. Maybe the babies had been mixed up.
41. Knights and Lords became mixed up.
42. It was made up of a mixed bag of.
43. The afternoon produced a mixed bag.
44. In these single sample and mixed.
45. Just a little, mixed with water.
46. They were giving off mixed signals.
47. LENEHAN: What about mixed bathing?
48. There were also a few mixed bloods.
49. Debray's name is mixed up in this.
50. And what a mixed audience of bored.
51. Maybe you’ve mixed up the babies.
52. My feelings for him were so mixed.
53. Simon felt mixed things about them.
54. Well, the painter is mixed up in it.
55. When she did his reaction was mixed.
56. Leaving the experts divided and mixed.
57. Blackthorn was giving mixed messages.
58. Everything was so mixed up in my mind.
59. A mixed set of feelings came over him.
60. In other words, he was a mixed breed.
61. I think it was rosewater mixed with.
62. When the frequencies are mixed they.
63. Mixed joy and sorrow overwhelmed her.
64. It can be mixed with almost anything.
65. Her tears mixed with the pouring rain.
66. Well, it may have got mixed with them.
67. Kate’s mixed feelings kept her awake.
68. Funny thing was, I had mixed emotions.
69. Mostly fifty's with hundreds mixed in.
70. His faith was deep, and it was mixed.
71. He had mixed it with the best of them.
72. For students this is a mixed blessing.
73. Reactions were mixed around the table.
74. Wa watched them go with mixed feelings.
75. Tears of joy were mixed with tears of.
76. Mixed into the debris was the rest of.
77. The Namibian economy is a mixed economy.
78. My having abandoned my idea and mixed.
79. Vertebrae were mixed in with the rocks.
80. He sure as hell had his terms mixed up.
81. The world where everything is mixed up.
82. Picking up a fork, he mixed it through.
83. I have mixed emotions as I enter this.
84. What on earth are you mixed up in, Mr.
85. Mixed marriage, deserves a wee newspa-.
86. Peter McCann’s reaction had been mixed.
87. Because it's mixed up with other things.
88. It needs to be mixed up once in a while.
89. The leftover juice is mixed with butter.
90. They looked wholesome mixed in with the.
91. Halit looked at her with mixed emotions.
92. The laughter of children is mixed with.
93. We're mixed up in something big, Grams.
94. What have we got ourselves mixed up in?
95. I just hates being mixed up with the law.
96. The past is mixed up with the modern day.
97. It smelled of sugar mixed with pineapple.
98. The shout was mixed with the weeping now.
99. Suits her, with a little jessamine mixed.
100. I saw a flash of sorrow mixed with anger.
1. One mixes in different and better circles.
2. This burns as it mixes with oxygen in the air.
3. Her confused crying mixes with her overwhelming joy.
4. The wash mixes into your skin runs down your cheeks.
5. Quickly mix the two mixes together in the large bowl.
6. King Midas of myth mixes with King Croesus of history.
7. Whoever mixes U and V,Will go where he won't want to be!.
8. She adds some scented bubbles and mixes it with her hand.
9. Two were terrier poodle mixes, and the other was a Schnitzu.
10. Soilless mixes are sold for use in container or tub gardens.
11. This is how he mixes the tea thoroughly with the condensed.
12. Here is a comparison on some of the available saltwater mixes.
13. Kennedy mixes truth with lies to keep her enemies off balance.
14. A trail of blood from her head mixes in with the gray gutter slush.
15. All of the marine salt mixes out there are made slightly differently.
16. Accept that not all procedures, mixes, recipes, methods and interventions will.
17. Use the best mixes and foods, offered in the right portions, for a healthy bird.
18. P&G took Duncan Hines cake mixes into the food business big-time— via television.
19. Your latest mixes and events are the top concern of al your fans and whatever else.
20. We also concocted bizarre mixes of different detergents to wash the walls and windows.
21. It should be noted that these are only used for freshwater tanks because saltwater mixes.
22. Unless you're considering a reef tank, most of the commonly available mixes should serve you.
23. It could not be said that they were successful with their mixes for it caused a lot of coughing.
24. He mixes up certain truths with all kinds of mystical bullshit about universal consciousness etc.
25. The man who mixes whiskey with his blood is more foolish than a man would be if he mixed water with.
26. You miss me boy, your hair mixes in with the dense fur as you rub your face into Oreo’s neck.
27. Brown mascara draws tear tracks from heavy lids and mixes with the blood trickling from a neck wound.
28. The stink of stale air and decomposing green matter mixes with rat piss and the decay of human flesh.
29. Once you see how much you can do with this mix, you'll never spend the money for prepared mixes again.
30. Other than that, only Norka knows, for he keeps his recipe secret and mixes it himself in huge batches.
31. Philemon went on: She is a great friend of a wise woman called Mattie, who mixes potions for gullible.
32. Consider the cost of some cake mixes and frosting, and you can see how baking your own cake can save money.
33. Want to know how I know this ain’t just a plain old garden? Garden’s full of flower mixes, lots of smells.
34. After that, one ray is reflected from a photographed object and the other ray mixes with its reflected light.
35. A nurse showed me how to create a soothing powder he mixes with water and drinks to alleviate the headache pain.
36. That mixes with a disdain for people who say they are supportive of the inner divinity, but oppose that goodness.
37. Mgr Bell tells me he never mixes with the other Catholics, never goes to the Newman, very rarely goes to mass even.
38. Jenny mixes sound onto the image from her telephone while Richard punches in coordinates from a projected keyboard.
39. Artificial Salt Water - this is made by mixing marine salt mixes with water, usually RO/DI Water because of its purity.
40. Poor smokers, they got so desperate that they would concoct their own mixes of leaves and grass (no, not marijuana) to smoke.
41. No, it rises to the top of the cave and finds a natural chimney where it mixes with the snow thrown up by the Winds of Dawn.
42. The liquid (herbal tinctures) formulations are absorbed more rapidly (7-10 days) whereas the dry mixes will take about 2-3 weeks.
43. And all this mixes with your most mystic mood; so that fact and fancy, half-way meeting, interpenetrate, and form one seamless whole.
44. The one who mixes a good act with an evil one, whose faith is weak and his good deeds are very few shall go to hell which is a bad abode.
45. Budgie breeders have developed a number of color varieties (called mutations), ranging from yellow to green to blue to white, and mixes of colors, too!.
46. Arbitrage is possible because assets are not unique works of art but have close counterparts in other assets or mixes of other assets (Scholes, 1972).
47. Skip commercial trail mixes and canned nut mixes, which are often coated with oil, sugar, and salt, and buy nuts raw and in bulk to save money and calories.
48. One exception is cooked noodles of various types, which are often included in commercial bird food mixes that are designed to be cooked before being fed to a budgie.
49. Getting back to my father’s business, by the mid-1950s despite distribution in only 23 states, the Duncan Hines cake mixes were number two among all brands in sales.
50. The poor dear meant to have said a part of the past, but he cannot think of time yet, and I shall not wonder if at first he mixes up not only the month, but the year.
51. By the end of 1956, P&G had introduced twelve mixes into their new line of Duncan Hines baking products from flap jacks, muffins, and rolls to brownies, coffee, and sponge cakes.
52. Nick rough-mixed the songs there and then with engineer Bazza Farmer, and they might well be the versions you hear on record, as many of those rough mixes were used on the album.
53. This recipe is always a big hit! Our Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili recipe mixes delicious flavors with ease and is lighter than a beef chili, so it often tops our list of favorites.
54. Asness (2003) stresses that while the Fed Model is poorly constructed, in that it mixes real and nominal quantities, it may describe well how investors choose to set stock market P/E.
55. Ok, for instance, she mixes in simple questions like ‘What mirror do you see yourself in, in ten years?’ or ‘Have you ever been staged on a stage?’ with random people’s answers.
56. I calculate, however, that upon an average, from six to twelve inches are accumulated over the ground in one hundred years, where it mixes with the soil and organic exuviæ, to form the common mould.
57. I assumed that one began the period with $1,000,000 and then calculated results of various withdrawal rates from the following mixes: 100% stock, 100% bond, and 75/25, 50/50, and 25/75 mixes of both.
58. Organic Fertilizer mixes usually contain composted animal manure, plant residues, seaweed and fish products, and minerals (bone and blood meal, cottonseed meal, granite dust, phosphate rock and greensand).
59. What about classifying a CD according to the type of music? The CDs I made – either on my PC or the recorder in my stereo system – are mixes, but of one type of music, like jazz or oldies or party music.
60. In the early 1980’s, It was at the roller rink that I learned about Disco/Soul and R n B, (now they call it house music), the DJ mixes, Cool cat fashion, and Breakin’; it was a place where I turned from a kid to a cat; a hip-cat.
61. They set up three hypothetical Divisions with different mixes of operational activities, two different typical management groups, and proceeded to apply the various options of Security software to the needs of the separate combinations.
62. They were all groovily engaged in disco dancing to this track called, Disco Circus, which is a song I had heard in the mixes on the radio a few times and I had always wondered what the names was, until that night, when Fandango had told me.
63. The control room was just wide enough for a small mixing desk and an arcane 8-track tape machine and a shelf housing two Revox reel-to-reels, one for creating tape-echo effects and another for mastering the final mixes at the wildly extravagant speed of fifteen inches per second.

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