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Squeeze in a sentence | squeeze example sentences

  1. He gave me a squeeze.
  2. A Squeeze of the Hand.
  3. He gives it a squeeze.
  4. Squeeze the juice of 2.
  5. I squeeze my eyes shut.
  6. Squeeze it a few times.
  7. It was a tight squeeze.
  8. Squeeze dry in a towel.
  9. Give the lady a squeeze.
  10. I never fight the squeeze.
  11. We could barely squeeze in.
  12. I desire you to squeeze me.
  13. Do not squeeze your pimples.
  14. Squeeze ou the excess water.
  15. Squeeze your eyes tight shut.
  16. Man, he could squeeze harder.
  17. A squeeze fires off at 8:30 a.
  18. It was a tight squeeze, and we.
  19. Randy's arm gave another squeeze.
  20. A small squeeze brought him back.
  21. A tiny squeeze came from his arms.
  22. Davidson squeeze her naked breast.
  23. He had meant to squeeze his wrist.
  24. Your squeeze page has one purpose.
  25. Let me help you squeeze into this.
  26. Tyrone gives the shoulder a squeeze.
  27. He gave her arm a soothing squeeze.
  28. I felt Sam’s fingers squeeze mine.
  29. Never fight the five-minute squeeze.
  30. You then need to build a squeeze page.
  31. Come here, let's squeeze in together.
  32. He saw the man’s eyes squeeze shut.
  33. I squeeze it and gulp down the blood.
  34. Squeeze water out and pull to pieces.
  35. I think we could all squeeze into it.
  36. We managed to squeeze Ruby in the back.
  37. It doesn’t have to be a squeeze page.
  38. But she managed to squeeze out a word.
  39. He tried to squeeze through the crack.
  40. We did get another squeeze at point 2.
  41. That happens sometimes with a squeeze.
  42. Shake hands firmly, but do not squeeze.
  43. Plus we need to squeeze in a rehearsal.
  44. Saturate a sponge and squeeze out the.
  45. The last thing I look at is the squeeze.
  46. This is a classic example of a squeeze.
  47. In other words posting a short squeeze.
  48. His arms tighten around me and squeeze.
  49. He would squeeze her toes and give her.
  50. Squeeze or no, Keating was being circled.
  51. This caused my stomach to squeeze in on.
  52. Squeeze out excess moisture from raisins.
  53. The Ombenelva are giving him the squeeze.
  54. All it takes is the squeeze of a trigger.
  55. Ginnie's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
  56. Hold the hand firmly but don't squeeze it.
  57. At least wait till the squeeze is done.
  58. Then he managed to squeeze out another six.
  59. Squeeze the pegs between different fingers.
  60. She hesitates then gives his hand a squeeze.
  61. I thrust my hands in to grab his and squeeze.
  62. At points 1 and 2, a squeeze fires off long.
  63. Point 2 shows a squeeze that fires off long.
  64. Claire grabbed his arm and gave it a squeeze.
  65. She gave my hard cock a squeeze and a shake.
  66. Point 1 shows a squeeze that fires off short.
  67. Finally he managed to squeeze out a few words.
  68. I tried to squeeze in and asked what happened.
  69. Albert had a Delta stew as his steady squeeze.
  70. They’ll squeeze me for more than I can give.
  71. Madeline had begged him to squeeze in Abigail.
  72. It took some time before she felt his squeeze.
  73. I tried to squeeze out of myself what I could.
  74. At point 1, a squeeze fires off a short signal.
  75. We’re crowded here but we can squeeze you in.
  76. She felt how cold it was and gave it a squeeze.
  77. Val shook her head and tried to squeeze past me.
  78. Abigail gave Hal’s hand a squeeze and smiled.
  79. He gave Marian a gentle squeeze on his way past.
  80. How can I squeeze in having a relationship?
  81. Mike grabbed her hand, giving it a quick squeeze.
  82. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice to the rice.
  83. He felt his eyes squeeze up almost to blind him.
  84. For example, Chapter 11 discusses squeeze plays.
  85. Tobias’s hands slip around my arms and squeeze.
  86. On average, a squeeze signal lasts about six bars.
  87. You try to squeeze me out, but I’m still there.
  88. Annie held his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
  89. Before he could squeeze the trigger, the spider.
  90. It is a tight, curved squeeze, but you are small.
  91. This is sometimes referred to as a short squeeze.
  92. Point 2 shows a long squeeze from the end of 2005.
  93. Taking his wife by the hand, he gave it a squeeze.
  94. With a quick kiss and a little squeeze, he was off.
  95. With luck, he could squeeze it for a few more days.
  96. Brian used his fingers to try and squeeze the chip.
  97. Instruct the patient to squeeze the peg to open it.
  98. The king of the squeeze charts is the monthly chart.
  99. He’d be lucky to squeeze into the thing even on.
  100. He felt a small hand creep into his own and squeeze.
  1. The squeezing of her shoulder.
  2. Sue then started squeezing me.
  3. He winked, squeezing the trigger.
  4. This has been a week of squeezing.
  5. Squeezing the muscles in your butt.
  6. There was something else squeezing in.
  7. He said winking and squeezing my hand.
  8. The judge was stil squeezing the cell.
  9. Or he can try squeezing in with Hesper.
  10. My fists worked in my pockets, squeezing.
  11. I was squeezing it harder than I thought.
  12. She took it, squeezing my fingers in hers.
  13. The bands were squeezing the price action.
  14. She returns the hug squeezing me so tight.
  15. Then she touched his neck, gently squeezing.
  16. I know, Harold said, squeezing my hand.
  17. Squeezing his hand, she reiterated, Go now.
  18. Squeezing Andrew on the shoulder, Tom cracked up.
  19. Don’t move, he murmured, squeezing the.
  20. Both are better,’ he said, squeezing her hand.
  21. Even her father was squeezing her hand too hard.
  22. Squeezing some liquid soap into the palms of her.
  23. Silas tried squeezing the trigger with both claws.
  24. I love you, he told her, squeezing her hand.
  25. Wake up, she whispered, squeezing her wrist.
  26. She smiled slightly before squeezing my hand back.
  27. It would be enough to squeezing his arm and crying.
  28. Pussy put a hand on her thigh, squeezing it gently.
  29. Only he remained, holding her hand, squeezing her.
  30. He curled his fingers around it, squeezing hard….
  31. Slowly raise the pelvis while squeezing the buttocks.
  32. She was squeezing herself inwards to avoid touching.
  33. Jaden feels the biting and squeezing against the ship.
  34. Squeezing tears from my eyes, I snarled the last words.
  35. I love you, one, two, and three, he said squeezing.
  36. I believe you, Tam assured her, squeezing her hand.
  37. Right! I said squeezing her tight with friendship.
  38. Carmen couldn’t stop squeezing her when we visited her.
  39. When You fill me, the pressure is intense, squeezing out.
  40. I told myself it was because he was squeezing me so hard.
  41. I love you, Chris, I whispered, squeezing his hand.
  42. Jillian sighed, taking Cristian’s hand and squeezing it.
  43. Mother, Cristian murmured, squeezing Sage’s hand.
  44. It’s pretty bad, she thought, squeezing his hand.
  45. She was also smal er, ideal for squeezing into smal spaces.
  46. They were squeezing their father as tightly as they could.
  47. In cases of coronary artery disease, the added squeezing.
  48. Judy, it's okay, I told her, squeezing out a chuckle.
  49. He began feasting on her nipples and squeezing her behind.
  50. He was squeezing the gun so hard that his hand was hurting.
  51. Squeezing me, he said, I can't believe that it's really you.
  52. Rao may wonder what this squeezing is all about,’ said Mrs.
  53. The high pressure squeezing has no affect on the ship’s hull.
  54. Nal took off his helmet, squeezing it so hard that it caved in.
  55. There were iron hands around my neck, squeezing and squeezing.
  56. Mitya withdrew the hands with which he was squeezing her throat.
  57. She turned her face as best she could away from him, squeezing.
  58. Before he knew it, he was squeezing the trigger of the revolver.
  59. Teresa was by his feet, squeezing his right ankle with her hand.
  60. Maiurasana is a squeezing out pose that should be done with the.
  61. Pressing and squeezing of testicles till a man became unconscious.
  62. He carefully aimed the gun at her and began squeezing the trigger.
  63. Squeezing past again, ruffling my hair, smiling, smiling, smiling.
  64. He hugged her squeezing her waist in return she clang to his chest.
  65. He offered his hands to her, squeezing them gently and reassuringly.
  66. Sometimes the squeezing of hands is more thrilling than an orgasm.
  67. Thank you, he replied, reaching for her hand and squeezing it.
  68. He kept squeezing until there was no more blue liquid in his device.
  69. I could feel their probes squeezing my brain for information…’.
  70. Zayn placed his right hand on her left hand, squeezing it in comfort.
  71. Gary stepped closer to Donna, gently taking her hand and squeezing it.
  72. My arms hurt; they're squeezing my wounds, but I clench my mouth shut.
  73. But how could it be? Squeezing her with renewed vigor, he insisted.
  74. Alex shook her head, a few tears squeezing over the rims of her eyelids.
  75. He pulled the slide, reloading the camber and continued squeezing the.
  76. I pressed him on the matter by grabbing his goolies and gently squeezing.
  77. Why not? she asked, squeezing her eyes shut, trying to forget the.
  78. Then he moves, squeezing his eyes closed and biting his lip as she gasps.
  79. Especially when I am interested in this one, she added, squeezing.
  80. It has to be, she said, squeezing his hand as he pulled her to him.
  81. Squeezing my eyes shut, as if it will lock out the whispers between my ears.
  82. It’s Pulaski squeezing now, muttering for Charlie to keep his mouth shut.
  83. Davidson, Paul cackled, squeezing the handle of the cleaver even firmer.
  84. Now the monstrous thing has its claws around my throat, squeezing my airway.
  85. His restraints tightened, squeezing him into the cushioned seat of his chair.
  86. Gravitation pressed them into the floor, squeezing till they gasped in agony.
  87. Oh god! Shouted Bilo hiding behind Suraj, squeezing his broad shoulders.
  88. I don't know what nerve he is squeezing, but I wish he would loosen his grip.
  89. Mitya! Mitya! cried Fyodor Pavlovitch hysterically, squeezing out a tear.
  90. I’ll take care of these beauties… he said, gently squeezing the mangos.
  91. My face smooshed into his flabby chest, his arms wrapped around me, squeezing.
  92. This is incredible, Kaya thought, squeezing both of their hands a little.
  93. Blinking rapidly and then squeezing them shut, he tried the simple task again.
  94. It won’t be long before we’re back home, he said, squeezing me tight.
  95. She greeted them at the door as they left, her left hand squeezing her clothes.
  96. Because that's the only thing that's going to keep this finger from squeezing.
  97. He stopped and slid to the floor, cupped his ears, squeezing his head with both.
  98. Hold on a moment, Rave said, squeezing Leesa’s hand but looking at Balin.
  99. Thank you, the old lady said, squeezing through, a few belongings stuffed.
  100. She grasped him, squeezing gently while she directed his hand toward her breast.
  1. I squeezed it in an.
  2. I squeezed my eyes shut.
  3. He squeezed his eyes shut.
  4. That was squeezed into a.
  5. She squeezed her eyes shut.
  6. He squeezed her hand again.
  7. I squeezed his biceps and.
  8. I chuckled and squeezed her.
  9. She squeezed her upper arms.
  10. Topps squeezed in beside me.
  11. I squeezed his hand gently.
  12. Lydia squeezed her eyes shut.
  13. In fact, it squeezed harder.
  14. Camille ran and squeezed him.
  15. Grace squeezed her eyes shut.
  16. He squeezed one of her toes.
  17. She squeezed his hand tighter.
  18. She squeezed his hand warmly.
  19. Alice squeezed it and smiled.
  20. He took her arm and squeezed.
  21. I squeezed much more my eyes.
  22. She squeezed his hand tightly.
  23. Forrest squeezed his eyes shut.
  24. I squeezed sauce onto my fries.
  25. Grabbing his arm, she squeezed.
  26. Then Cindy squeezed the other.
  27. Ash squeezed her teeth together.
  28. She squeezed gently and gasped.
  29. He squeezed her hand and winked.
  30. She smiled and squeezed my hand.
  31. She squeezed her mother’s arm.
  32. When they are squeezed tightly.
  33. She smiled and squeezed his hand.
  34. Barron squeezed his son’s hand.
  35. He nodded and squeezed her hand.
  36. Urbino squeezed her ring finger.
  37. He squeezed his hands into fists.
  38. She nodded and squeezed his hand.
  39. I squeezed her hands as I replied.
  40. Then his hand squeezed mine back.
  41. Jill squeezed her mother’s hand.
  42. Kaya squeezed his hand and smiled.
  43. I stood there, eyes squeezed shut.
  44. She squeezed the grip in her hand.
  45. She squeezed her hands into fists.
  46. Simon gently squeezed my shoulder.
  47. I caught his fingers and squeezed.
  48. He took her hand and squeezed it.
  49. He dug his hand free and squeezed.
  50. Arch Carroll squeezed the trigger.
  51. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.
  52. She squeezed her mother’s elbow.
  53. I nodded and squeezed her shoulder.
  54. Carla smiled and squeezed his hand.
  55. I reached out and squeezed her hand.
  56. She squeezed my hand, and I smiled.
  57. He squeezed my shoulder in warning.
  58. Joey squeezed the reins of Redbolt.
  59. He squeezed Will's shoulder gently.
  60. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut.
  61. She reached over and squeezed her.
  62. His heart squeezed into his throat.
  63. He squeezed the grip on the phasor.
  64. Leesa took his hand and squeezed it.
  65. As I caressed and gently squeezed.
  66. I squeezed the trigger of the Glock.
  67. I squeezed my loving Mother’s hand.
  68. Leesa squeezed him even more tightly.
  69. Jaxa came over and squeezed his hand.
  70. She squeezed the bundle in her arms.
  71. Lydia squeezed tears out of her eyes.
  72. Spock and Stu squeezed their way in.
  73. Madam Agnes squeezed Margaret's hand.
  74. Mister Alvaro squeezed his eyes shut.
  75. Raklo took her hand and squeezed it.
  76. I squeezed the trigger of the Beretta.
  77. She held onto the horn and squeezed.
  78. She squeezed her eyes shut real hard.
  79. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it.
  80. I reached over and squeezed his hand.
  81. Rathos squeezed Darek by the shoulder.
  82. The crew squeezed through warehouse.
  83. Can you feel this? He squeezed.
  84. But she's being squeezed and squeezed.
  85. Skinny squeezed Kita’s hand tighter.
  86. The more I squeezed the better I felt.
  87. Hope squeezed his hand for reassurance.
  88. Feet first, she squeezed into the hole.
  89. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them.
  90. He squeezed my hand and opened his eyes.
  91. She put her hand over his and squeezed.
  92. Johan’s fingers squeezed his shoulder.
  93. She squeezed his hand before letting go.
  94. Richard squeezed the coin into her hand.
  95. Helez squeezed his hand under the table.
  96. Tom grabbed her and squeezed her tight.
  97. Anubis nodded and squeezed his shoulder.
  98. In that second, I squeezed the canister.
  99. Then the Taliano squeezed his eyes shut.
  100. Talia only squeezed his hand in response.
  1. She squeezes my hand tighter.
  2. An iron fist squeezes his heart.
  3. He squeezes her hand with both of his.
  4. He gently squeezes it, and then lets go.
  5. He squeezes me closer as he breathes out.
  6. He reaches over and squeezes her shoulder.
  7. My chest squeezes, and I can’t breathe.
  8. My throat squeezes tight and tears well up.
  9. Well? she prompts and squeezes my hand.
  10. He squeezes his eyes shut, rubs his forehead.
  11. Instead she squeezes her lips tightly together.
  12. My hands tremble, and Christina squeezes my knee.
  13. He squeezes one eye shut and breathes slowly in.
  14. He squeezes her hand and they both start running.
  15. I wonder how he squeezes their money out of them.
  16. She nods and squeezes my fingers so hard they hurt.
  17. Sorrow grips and squeezes my heart at the thought.
  18. Tom puts his hand on her shoulder and squeezes it.
  19. Vince squeezes her hand, as if trying to reassure her.
  20. He squeezes the two sides of her ass with both hands.
  21. Emerson squeezes his leg as he puts the car in reverse.
  22. George squeezes Amar’s arm and waves at the rest of us.
  23. She squeezes into the lift and Werner steps in behind her.
  24. She squeezes the phone, some part of her afraid to let go.
  25. Her hand squeezes the edge of the table, the knuckles pale.
  26. John squeezes my hand, and we both turn, looking at Mother.
  27. If she squeezes your hand when you squeeze hers, you are in.
  28. The shorts were embarrassed and talked about short squeezes.
  29. He smiles at me and squeezes my arm gently against his body.
  30. Scott squeezes my hand in reassurance and smiles down at me.
  31. He softly squeezes my hand, and a tear flows down his cheek.
  32. My finger squeezes the trigger, but not hard enough to fire.
  33. In fact he stands, approaches, and squeezes the note into my.
  34. There was so much love in their eyes and in their squeezes that.
  35. Look for these squeezes as a potential moving point for a stock.
  36. Loki presses the book to his forehead and squeezes his eyes shut.
  37. He leans his forehead against the door and squeezes his eyes shut.
  38. When the piston squeezes out the water, more is drawn in behind it.
  39. Jerry is disgusted and squeezes his thumb and forefinger on his nose.
  40. What Is the Best Way to Filter Out Squeezes That Might Not Work Out?
  41. Dave squeezes my hand encouragingly as we reach the door of the room.
  42. She squeezes into the tightest clothes she can wear and obsessively.
  43. Bolt squeezes off one more frame - FLASH! - before joining the exodus.
  44. He reaches down and covers my linked hands with one of his and squeezes.
  45. Cass grabs a creamed filled pastry, and then squeezes a finger full out.
  46. He squeezes me into him—those strong arms—and hauls me up the stairs.
  47. Eugene groans, then squeezes her hand, and she follows him with a giggle.
  48. I declined rides from my former squeezes at Motorola to prove my virtue.
  49. Recchia squeezes his hand tighter, painfully, and goes on, You think.
  50. He flicks it, ready to touch it to the gas hose as he squeezes the handle.
  51. Any history of squeezes in the 1980s includes Chase Medical as a cornerstone.
  52. Finally, he squeezes Simon’s shoulder and the scribe struggles to his feet.
  53. Which usually sets the stage for increased volatility, or volatility squeezes.
  54. The old familiar pain grabs my gut and squeezes and I struggle to keep my head.
  55. He groans, and his lips catch mine as he squeezes my waist with a burning desire.
  56. So how do we find these heavily short stocks with potential for short squeezes?
  57. Mia takes her seat beside Christian, and grabbing his hand, squeezes it tightly.
  58. Monthly squeezes are a rare occurrence, with only two of them in the last 10 years.
  59. For the squeezes, I have N, R, S, and B, representing neutral, red dot, sell, and buy.
  60. Unks squeezes behind his large nephew and the space between the door attempting to exit.
  61. Eugene hisses, his face pressed against her neck as he squeezes his eye closed and pants.
  62. Taking the smaller boy’s hand, Loki squeezes — not sure who he’s trying to reassure.
  63. The priest, in return, squeezes his eyes shut and silently mouths what is probably a prayer.
  64. Note: with option plays on daily squeezes, plan on being in the trade for one to three weeks.
  65. And we’d love to hear you talk about it on the show, he grasps my hand and squeezes it.
  66. He squeezes her and she moans, grabbing at the muscles in his arm so ravenously that it hurts.
  67. Luke reaches under the table and briefly squeezes my hand before picking up his knife and fork.
  68. Bollinger band squeezes, where they get very narrow, can signal powerful moves to come in a stock.
  69. Like high short-interest stocks, we only use potential volatility squeezes as an additive catalyst.
  70. The key is that if it is above zero, as it is on this entire chart, then you ignore short squeezes.
  71. Little Becky squeezes his neck as she holds on tighter to every complimenting word out of his mouth.
  72. Von Rumpel squeezes out the last of the vile, salty cheese and drops the empty tube between his feet.
  73. Emerson squeezes the door handle, bracing herself, nervous about how he’ll respond to her question.
  74. That said, one of my favorite ways to use the waves is to sneak into squeezes on the bigger time frames.
  75. To some extent, we can anticipate pins or squeezes, though I would classify this as more art than science.
  76. Tobias squeezes my hand, and then releases it, and I stand with Christina at the edge of the Candor symbol.
  77. Then, holding the gun behind the infants head so that the shot will kill them both, she squeezes the trig.
  78. I want to hate her, but how can I when she squeezes me so warm and tight as if I’m her long- lost sister.
  79. For weekly squeezes, a trader can buy the stock outright or buy in-the-money call options a few months out.
  80. Although squeezes don’t set up on these charts very often, once every few years, they are hugely powerful.
  81. Uncle Dylan squeezes again, but Blanding has his head and bites down hard on the snake just behind it's neck.
  82. The kiss lasts only seconds, her tongue digging deep into his mouth as she squeezes his firmness in her grip.
  83. He stands guard and, when she’s done, tells her she’s a mensch and squeezes her hand and explains what it means.
  84. They are likely to run for cover when the uptrend squeezes them harder—and their buying will propel prices higher.
  85. The youngest girl carefully squeezes his manhood between her soft fingers then gently wraps her lips tightly around it.
  86. Our hands, locked in each other, repeated the most passionate squeezes, so that their fiery thrill went to the heart again.
  87. Returning to the engine room he heats the uniform and using his hands like a mechanical vice he squeezes out the purple dye.
  88. Ew! He squeezes the ball at me again, but the opening is at the wrong angle, and the paint sprays into his mouth instead.
  89. He slides his hands down my arms and then squeezes my hips, his fingers sliding over the skin just above my belt, and I shiver.
  90. Short squeezes could be considered a market phenomenon rather than a short error, but they are, in fact, a self-inflicted wound.
  91. Straight lashes can be cured with eyelash curlers; carefully trap a row of lashes in the curlers and apply several short squeezes.
  92. She then steps aside away from Craig and squeezes between the crowd behind Mike and Mitch as Mike and Mitch chit chat with the other boys.
  93. But no more magical thinking, okay? She squeezes his hand once, with what proportions of the maternal and the connubial it’s hard to tell.
  94. A lobbyist, Lancaster shook hands for a living, but now he gave my hand the faintest of squeezes, looked at me with yearning, and said, Can you find her?
  95. He wraps his arms around us both and just squeezes, letting us know with his strength and his silence and his glad, Marqe-lighted eyes that he’s glad I’m home safe.
  96. She gasps at the contact, then again as he squeezes her flesh, then again as he pulls her tight, holding her so she can feel every inch of him pressed against her thigh.
  97. He always squeezes like that, always, Grushenka put in gayly, with a timid smile, seeming suddenly convinced from Mitya's face that he was not going to make a scene.
  98. After a few minutes, he was glad to be back in his plastic chair; it's not nice having a cop stand outside the cubicle while your colon squeezes out all the evil-smelling bad stuff.
  99. I think there’s only one more, she squeezes your hand and somehow this ‘poetry-reading’ seems more a test of your patience and love than it does an appreciation for the arts.
  100. Steve pulls in behind him and jumps out; Curly Pete has parked the Mercedes as close as he can to the little wooden jetty that is Steve's berth and Steve squeezes past and approaches his boat.

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