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Brace in a sentence | brace example sentences

  1. I had to wear a brace.
  2. I have a brace that.
  3. A brace of rabbits would.
  4. The brace we used came in.
  5. She tried to brace herself.

  6. Here it is, brace yourself….
  7. Your shoulder here is my brace.
  8. I brace myself for his reaction.
  9. We brace ourselves for the effort.
  10. Grabbing the leather brace on his.
  11. This could hurt, so brace yourself.
  12. Just brace up and get yourself ready.
  13. And the rejection for which you brace.
  14. I brace myself for his negative reaction.
  15. Brace for acceleration, Lewis said.

  16. I brace myself for what’s about to happen.
  17. He strove to brace himself up the instant.
  18. I think I’ll have to brace myself for that.
  19. In fact, the brace came with many different.
  20. Then, he told me to brace myself for hell on.
  21. It’s going to be a shock, so brace yourself.
  22. A brace is placed around the poor guy’s neck.
  23. She tried to brace herself on the kitchen table.
  24. Scarlett’s hand found a booth to brace herself.
  25. Chip, please brace yourself and dont lose it.

  26. Brace, brace, came the voice of the captain.
  27. Nova York: Hartcourt Brace and Company, 1936, pp.
  28. Brace yourself, a revelation is about to be exposed.
  29. If the need arose, she wanted time to brace herself.
  30. Grandmudda put her arm round mine, to brace her steps.
  31. They screeched for help as the brace of feral clowns.
  32. His second had been to fail to brace himself properly.
  33. Brace yourself as you do so for there will be a kickback.
  34. I'll just have to grit my teeth, brace myself and bear it.
  35. It gave folks a chance to find a seat and brace themselves.
  36. Tried to brace himself for the pain and then black oblivion.
  37. I’ll brace it, and then tomorrow, I’ll have it repaired.
  38. She reluctantly brought her legs up to brace herself properly.
  39. And brace the door and keep the shades drawn as a precaution.
  40. Use this brace during the day after the Band-Aids are removed.
  41. His mind was centred on a brace of stiff drinks and a plateful.
  42. Minutes later, he was wrapping the brace on her arm in plastic.
  43. We balance the beams and brace the walls, hoping it will stand.
  44. I try scolding; to brace you, but neither of you will be braced.
  45. I’ve got a nice brace of kalic, let’s shred some of that up.
  46. Hack used the cavern wall to brace himself as he sulks in disbelief.
  47. They had just delivered a few brace of rabbits to Will, the butcher.
  48. You can use brace expansion to quickly create a backup copy of a file.
  49. He is about to hit the ground and closes his eyes to brace for impact.
  50. Gareth had healed completely, and my brace came off just this morning.
  51. She staggers and uses the opposite wall to brace herself from falling.
  52. He has to brace himself against the sloping wall to avoid falling over.
  53. Arin would’ve come too, but he couldn’t run fast enough in a brace.
  54. I’ll tip a chair under the knob to brace it, so you can’t get out.
  55. The rest brace the rocking sides of the cargo from falling onto them all.
  56. He grabs my hips and positions himself, and I brace myself for his assault.
  57. About seven days ago he sent me a brace of grouse—the last of the season.
  58. About seven days ago he sent me a brace of grouse---the last of the season.
  59. Before we lifted and secured the TV into place, we needed to mount a brace.
  60. Brace your abs and hold your body in a straight line for as long as you can.
  61. After we put the brace on the back of the TV, we turned our attention to the.
  62. A brace of black-game, which are not usually garden birds, rose at my approach.
  63. She put a weak hand down on the bed to brace herself as Sebastian helped her drink.
  64. While his dinner cooked, I caught a brace of the lizards feeding them to the birds.
  66. Using the remaining iron bar as a brace, he hauls himself up and onto the window ledge.
  67. She was still wearing a neck brace, which had been put on by the paramedics at the time.
  68. There are two alternative types of brace position depending on the space that you are in.
  69. With the help of a sturdy plastic back brace you score ten points and help Lower Heights.
  70. Brace expansion allows you to create multiple command line arguments from a single argument.
  71. Huck was given a seat and the old man and his brace of tall sons speedily dressed themselves.
  72. I strap an elastic band over my waist and align the overhead brace with my shoulders and chest.
  73. My free hand grabbed for the headboard, craving something to brace against as the heat mounted.
  74. As Delmage now prepared to leave home he decided another whisky was in order to brace his composure.
  75. Jaume’s coal-scoop sallet turned toward the knight-marshal, who ran up with a brace of assistants.
  76. The character can brace himself (with an easy action) to pul targets that weigh much more than he does.
  77. He withdraws his fingers and, leaning forward, places a hand on the headboard above me to brace himself.
  78. I need Archie to run Brace up, said Rhett, and there was a hard, faintly jeering note in his voice.
  79. Em was still leaning partially against it and had to quickly brace himself to keep from losing his balance.
  80. You brace yourself, power through with your legs and flip over onto her back, your ass slams into the ground.
  81. I scowl when the lumbering Hummer nearly tosses me into Ryodan’s lap, and brace myself better on the console.
  82. Tom picked up the brace, fitted it in the slot of the valve, and ground away, his hand whipping back and forth.
  83. I tried for a second or two to brace up and out with it, but I warn't man enough—hadn't the spunk of a rabbit.
  84. When he was a young boy, around six, he was forced to wear a leg brace due to a congenital weakness in his ankles.
  85. She put out her hand to brace against the dashboard as they took Dead Man’s Curve and down the long hill into town.
  86. Did you even care I was gone? Did you even look? She shook her head, standing up to brace against the nightstand.
  87. After maneuvering on a stiff leg brace from eleven months to seven years old, the decision was made to amputate her leg.
  88. Once her ankle was securely strapped to the brace, Joel glanced up and around at the girls and his friends, and queried.
  89. When the brace came off after two years, he was shy and withdrawn but also determined to excel at some physical activity.
  90. The children hunched their shoulders, closed their eyes, and grabbed hands to brace one another, but no collision ensued.
  91. She had Joel punch the numbers in for her, since she couldn’t do this easily herself because of the brace on her wrist.
  92. Raymond sits on the other side of the courtroom besides Kathy, who is still in casts and bandages, but without the neck brace.
  93. I said this whilst I knelt down at, and unlocked a trunk which contained a brace of loaded pistols: I mean to shoot myself.
  94. Clint reappeared in time to see Vinnie, still groggy, stagger to his knees and brace himself against the closest stack of boxes.
  95. As I turn my turret, I brace myself for the sight of the wreckage, the twisted shards of the robots scattered across the ground.
  96. This new cord he wedged between an angle-iron brace and its neighboring track, and dropped the hot end on the car’s trap door.
  97. Using his head to brace himself, Colin lifted his hips and shot his knees forward in a single flowing motion, landing on his feet.
  98. In the first category, the restructured companies, or stub stocks, were easy shorts: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich is a prime example.
  99. Wyll chimed in, They do know about the brace, but according to Floppy, one would have to be specially built and quite expensive, too.
  100. The single argument is combined with all the strings that are given within the braces and creates as many new arguments as brace strings.
  1. The whisky was bracing him too.
  2. I felt his hand bracing my shoulder.
  3. With a bracing breath, she took the leap.
  4. From behind, I felt Jill bracing my shoulder.
  5. He gritted his teeth, bracing for the impact.
  6. Louie walked to him, bracing to see a dead body.
  7. Kaya squeezed his hand, bracing for the final question.
  8. Looked to me like he was bracing himself for a grilling.
  9. Shapes bracing the earth and braced with the whole earth.
  10. William was bracing himself for a rebuttal from Clarence.
  11. She had forgotten how bracing and stimulating he could be.
  12. Bo closed his eyes, bracing himself for the pain of the club.
  13. Bracing for their next action as best his weakened body could.
  14. She planted one foot in the snow, bracing for the cat to lunge.
  15. I drew a sharp breath and held it, bracing myself for the worst.
  16. Bracing his arms on either side of the porthole, Cloud inhaled.
  17. Tom found that he was bracing himself to ameliorate the effects.
  18. When they awoke they would find British brokers bracing themselves.
  19. She lifted his head up, then rocked her rear slowly, bracing herself.
  20. Bracing himself, he slumped lower and lower in the screening-room chair.
  21. Outside, the night air was cold and bracing, and in the black vault of.
  22. Penelope did the same, bracing as her eyes darted around the large room.
  23. I stand tall, even angling out a bit over the abyss, bracing against the.
  24. This was the bridge-and-tunnel baritone Richard had been bracing for: Dr.
  25. Thalymum sat back on the desk and put his hands on the table, as if bracing.
  26. Where I had the bracing underneath the poker table was thick 1 inch plywood.
  27. Puller immediately tensed, his quads and calves bracing for what was to come.
  28. When the sun shone it was delightful; when cold, bracing; when wet, horrible.
  29. Scarlett obeyed, bracing herself and catching firm hold of one of the bedposts.
  30. I sat in expectant wonder and fear, bracing for a mighty storm that never came.
  31. Josh? Are you okay? Kait said, bracing me against the wall of the elevator.
  32. Again, the market isn’t bracing for a major slide in the price of ABC’s stock.
  33. It is easy and bracing and is a vital first blow in our battle against bad posture.
  34. General Nail spurred his horse, moving himself behind the men bracing for the enemy.
  35. Far below him Joshua still stood, bracing himself with that magnificent old standard.
  36. That evening found us in the cold, bracing atmosphere of the Peak country, in which Dr.
  37. I pushed back against my chair without meaning to, my feet bracing against the ground.
  38. Bracing the organ with his other hand, Popearae dabbed the heart with slow, gentle pads.
  39. Kitara took her station at tactical, bracing herself for the jump which would give 129.
  40. With a bracing breath, she stepped out of the alley and walked toward the entrance to the.
  41. I was born in 1885, he replied, bracing himself in assumption that I would freak out.
  42. He wasn’t leaning against his truck anymore but bracing back and forth on his short legs.
  43. I wasn’t sure where we were going to be housed but I was bracing myself for the worst.
  44. Bracing herself against the beam, Nancy concentrated for a few seconds, then tensed her muscles.
  45. Next to him, Morgan leant forward, bracing her arms on her thighs; her chest heaved for breath.
  46. I turned around and told him it was me, bracing myself to be chewed out for some unknown offense.
  47. Bracing himself, Mark was pulled up short by the offer of a length of dirty, clear plastic tubing.
  48. Prajol! Two militiamen from the Internal Security Division waddled out into the bracing cold.
  49. In spite of the heat I felt as if it were the most bracing air I had yet come across on my journey.
  50. Emerson squeezes the door handle, bracing herself, nervous about how he’ll respond to her question.
  51. These things served as a bracing reminder that she was not in the States but somewhere entirely new.
  52. If you don’t have a tripod, you can still take quality photos by bracing yourself while shooting.
  53. Bracing ourselves, we caught up with the others, who, despite Ackerly’s advice, hadn’t separated.
  54. By paying out the rope this way and bracing his body against the solid rock, he should maintain control.
  55. Tito sprang to take his place, and Conan, bracing his feet wide on the heaving poop-deck, lifted his bow.
  56. Bracing herself, inwardly, for whatever was to come, Kathy bravely asked Nick what they’d uncovered….
  57. Bracing her arms on the railing, she watches the last of the night's starry horizon turn slowly indigo blue.
  58. Bracing yourself for the unknown you initiate the holy sign the Son of God died on, miming the path of a cross.
  59. I turned around and told him it was me, bracing myself to be chewed out for some unknown offense.
  60. Getting woolly out there it's true, came the thick Bristol accent, cracking its R's with bracing enthusiasm.
  61. The northeastern United States had been bracing for Hurricane Irene, but damage was far less than had been feared.
  62. Even in the valley, the mountain air was cooling, even bracing, and washing and splashing in the river stimulating.
  63. If you restore her to the bracing mountain air to which she is accustomed, she probably will get perfectly well again.
  64. It was then that Max knew they would not make it; he could only sit there bracing himself, as he watched the inevitable.
  65. I rushed for the shower to forestall second thoughts, had a quick bracing dose of cold and warm water and was out in a jiffy.
  66. I returned the photo and rolled out of bed with a groan, bracing myself for the difficulty of standing and facing another day.
  67. I unwrapped the bandages, my hands shaking, and ripped open Sam’s shirt, bracing myself as the ambulance tore round corners.
  68. Tristan’s eyes are worried, and I realize suddenly that my head is in his lap and his hands are bracing either side of my face.
  69. So, starting with one of those bracing exercises, here is a ten-minute practice schedule which is not beyond the means of anyone.
  70. It lacked the intensely blue atmosphere of the rival vale, and its heavy soils and scents; the new air was clear, bracing, ethereal.
  71. The hillmen held the ridges, and the mercenaries, gripping their dipping pikes, bracing their feet in the bloody earth, held the Pass.
  72. Eventually he had no choice but to return to the latent tributary, bracing himself for the flash flood he had dreamt up that very night.
  73. Don’t suppose, prince, she began, bracing herself up for the effort, don’t suppose that I have brought you here to ask questions.
  74. She charged the sound, shield held just high enough that she could still see over the top, already bracing for the large spider leaping at her.
  75. Conan hurled the flopping corpse to the floor, turned to the sword again and gripped the hilt with both hands, bracing his feet against the floor.
  76. The early-September air had just enough bite to be bracing and the leaves were just reaching the truly spectacular point in their seasonal change.
  77. With a bracing breath, Norah squared her shoulders and stepped back to face the music with all the gravity and enthusiasm of meeting a firing squad.
  78. He was invigorated by the air and the bracing wind and the sight of the vanishing ball of the sun which was turning the sky a rich shade of orange.
  79. His knees hit the seabed and he stood, bracing himself against the incoming waves breaking against his back, feeling the exhilaration flood through his body.
  80. The call-box door was made of some super-dense form of translucent lead and it was only by bracing his feet against the pavement that he somehow managed to haul it open.
  81. Bracing themselves against the surge of acceleration, everyone near the monitors could see a decrease in the approach speed of the mass, but it was still closing on them.
  82. Sitting beside the Russian in the jeep’s front seat, Colling held onto the windshield with his right hand while bracing himself with his left hand against the dashboard.
  83. But Ashley seemed to mean them and there was a look in his eyes which eluded her—not fear, not apology, but the bracing to a strain which was inevitable and overwhelming.
  84. The reason for this is that those who are inebriated flow with the accident, where the non inebriated people tensed their muscles, bracing for impact, and compounded their injuries.
  85. The foundation does not penetrate the deck, but the masonry is firmly secured to the surface by ponderous knees of iron bracing it on all sides, and screwing it down to the timbers.
  86. To me, a doctor's preparations for work of any kind are stimulating and bracing, but the effect of these things on both Arthur and Quincey was to cause them a sort of consternation.
  87. Inwardly bracing herself for whatever he was about to tell her, Kathy balled her hands so tightly into fists the whites of her knuckles showed, as she waited for the proverbial axe to fall.
  88. Conseil made one final effort, and bracing his hands on my shoulders, while I offered resistance with one supreme exertion, he raised himself half out of the water, then fell back exhausted.
  89. I could see the last few men and women gathered around me and Falconi, bracing themselves for a last stroke, a last defiant kill, their faces grim but flushed red from the heat of the battle.
  90. Bracing their feet in the wallowing sea of blood whose crimson waves lapped about their ankles, the pikemen in the Pass mouth drove forward, crushing strongly against the milling ranks before them.
  91. I had to bend over, keening, while bracing my hands on my knees, my pack so heavy on top of me, my ski pole clanging out behind me in the dirt, the whole stupid life I’d had coming out my throat.
  92. You may feel you are too sleepy to do them then but you will find that some of the asanas are very bracing owing to their stimulating effect on the nervous system and soon give you a wide-awake feeling.
  93. He carefully rose and turned to sit while bracing the hinged piece from clanging back down, and once he’d lowered it carefully back into place he squatted, breathing hard, peering all around the dimly lit surroundings.
  94. With all the kicking and bracing, my feet blistered in new places as well as in all the old places that had blistered back in my first days of hiking, the flesh on my hips and shoulders still rubbed raw by Monster’s straps.
  95. Barnes was unable at the moment to induce herself to be frank, and she returned to the subject she has already treated very fully since her arrival, the wonderful bracing air up here and her great and grateful appreciation of it.
  96. As soon as he saw him Don Quixote, bracing his shield on his arm, and drawing his sword, advanced to meet him; the duke with boar-spear did the same; but the duchess would have gone in front of them all had not the duke prevented her.
  97. Despite bracing herself in advance, Ingrid felt tears coming to her eyes nearly as soon as she entered the lit garage with Tucker and Bateman: over half of the bodies lined side by side on the concrete floor were of Air Force personnel.
  98. Nevertheless, settling in the urban settings, they, as McCauley’s chelas (what a fall for the Hindu gurus of yore), began bracing themselves to take up the clerical spaces that were up for grabs in Bharat’s administrative corridors.
  99. The pure air and rapid motion of the motoring intended to revive and brace his little love were apparently reviving and bracing his little love's aunt as well, for lately he had been unable to avoid noticing a tendency on her part to assert herself.
  100. Without saying a word, Queequeg, in his wild sort of way, jumped upon the bulwarks, from thence into the bows of one of the whale-boats hanging to the side; and then bracing his left knee, and poising his harpoon, cried out in some such way as this:—.
  1. He braced his feet against.
  2. Josh braced himself as they.
  3. She braced her hands on her knees.
  4. I felt that Aspen braced herself.
  5. Tom lifted the hood and braced it.
  6. He braced a hand against the wall.
  7. Tifa braced herself in the door.
  8. Smith stood up and braced himself.
  9. Metal beams braced the wal s, but.
  10. Kate took a breath, and braced herself.
  11. Garcia braced for impact and suddenly.
  12. Sage braced herself for the inevitable.
  13. I braced myself for many more rejections.
  14. She braced herself up against the washer.
  15. He braced himself for what would come next.
  16. I braced myself for his rejection, but it.
  17. I braced myself and then took a deep breath.
  18. After we braced ourselves for a moment we.
  19. We pulled on our hoods and braced ourselves.
  20. She braced herself for what evil awaited her.
  21. Simla, second in the queue, braced and jumped.
  22. Ragged boots braced themselves upon the floor.
  23. He braced himself as the wind hit like a wall.
  24. Raven knew what was coming and braced himself.
  25. I felt rested and strong, braced for the day.
  26. He could feel himself trembling, and braced.
  27. Aesa nodded his permission and braced himself.
  28. I braced myself and then leaped onto the table.
  29. I then took ten deep breaths and braced myself.
  30. Danny's and hung off his arm, which was braced.
  31. I tried harder and braced my foot on the floor.
  32. Then I braced myself for the bolt to hit bottom.
  33. We braced for impact, but nothing much happened.
  34. With no time to control it, we braced for impact.
  35. He braced himself for her reply but there was none.
  36. She braced herself, stepping over the window sill.
  37. She braced herself as the water rose to her waist.
  38. I braced my pistol hand on my other arm and fired.
  39. I braced into the ground, feet placed hard and sure.
  40. He staggered and braced himself against the doorway.
  41. She braced a hand against his chest to stay upright.
  42. He was braced for the worst, prepared to be her rock.
  43. The hot metal burned Aquarius’ hands as he braced.
  44. Joe shook his head at her order and he braced himself.
  45. She braced for the violence that was coming, but it.
  46. And he braced himself to face a terrible and unknown.
  47. He had been braced to hear about John’s infidelity.
  48. He waited for it now, braced for yet another failure.
  49. She swallowed, braced herself, and whispered the name.
  50. You wait until the ambulance boys have you braced up.
  51. As soon as Tom and Kathy entered the trailer, I braced.
  52. Both men braced themselves as they waited the response.
  53. She braced herself as his hands completed their motion.
  54. And while we braced ourselves for hours in the jarring.
  55. Each time the plane plunged, the men braced for a crash.
  56. He leaned close and braced her shoulders with his hands.
  57. Philippe saw it too and braced himself for a rough ride.
  58. Corey braced himself and then zoomed up into the sky in.
  59. He braced himself for his first meeting with Bill Mason.
  60. Shapes bracing the earth and braced with the whole earth.
  61. He braced himself to tell the men, but before he could.
  62. Sighing, Massie braced herself and called Landon's number.
  63. He braced himself with his hands and ran into the street.
  64. Petra braced herself against the wall so she could stand.
  65. This time, though, he had braced himself and her efforts.
  66. These were heavily braced for landings, but had no brakes.
  67. He braced himself, afraid yet desperate to hear her answer.
  68. Alexa and I took several steps backwards and then braced.
  69. I braced myself for more questions and an all-night crime.
  70. When the dreaded moment came, we braced ourselves for the.
  71. And he braced himself to face a terrible and unknown ordeal.
  72. Norah braced herself for the extra weight and laughed again.
  73. They all laughed and braced themselves for a shot of vodkas.
  74. Cynthia braced herself, cried a lot, then reached over and.
  75. His weapon thus braced, he leaned forward and held on hard.
  76. But as we braced ourselves for the worst what appeared was.
  77. Claire braced her hands on the counter and looked up at him.
  78. Chipper and I braced ourselves for a hurricane’s worth of.
  79. Then he girded up his trousers, braced and buttoned himself.
  80. I braced myself but couldnt withstand the cunning onslaught.
  81. As soon as I spotted the creature’s shadow I braced myself.
  82. As the pressure built up Michael braced himself for the shock.
  83. The boy left and Richard braced himself for his next encounter.
  84. Conan's wolves braced themselves for the inevitable concussion.
  85. Then the other hind legs braced against the floor of the trench.
  86. Psyche braced her hands on the edge of her desk, sitting shakily.
  87. Each time he withdrew she braced herself a magnificent re entry.
  88. Mack’s head jolted but he was braced now so he wouldn’t fall.
  89. I try scolding; to brace you, but neither of you will be braced.
  90. Mallet in one hand and jawbone in the other, Emory braced himself.
  91. My fellow passengers braced themselves, and I followed their lead.
  92. Yeltsa braced against the lycan and fired her Sputty into its guts.
  93. Whoo! Scott said as he braced himself on the edge of a table.
  94. He braced both hands upon the ground but nearly faltered and fell.
  95. Her feet found the bottom again and she braced herself and held on.
  96. He clenched his fists angrily and braced himself for their approach.
  97. As I braced for a crash, I saw what was happening just ahead of us.
  98. He braced his elbows on the table and bowed his head onto his hands.
  99. Ellie braced her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands.
  100. Laeron leaned off the cliff edge and Aesa braced himself for the fall.
  1. Even my braces are organic.
  2. Tom fixed the braces onto them.
  3. She braces for the storm she knows.
  4. Over time, the legs and braces of the.
  5. I apologize for the restrictive braces.
  6. I had my braces taken off last month.
  7. The mech braces itself and reaches out.
  9. I still remember he wore braces back then.
  10. But when you do it, it braces you up mentally.
  11. One of his braces had slipped off his shoulder.
  12. Over his shoulders he had three pairs of braces.
  13. Mitch felt the vibrations of the tracks and braces.
  14. The intermission braces inclusively towards himself.
  15. Another petitioner, answered the man with the braces.
  16. Ciere’s palms hit the dashboard, and she braces herself.
  17. She inhales, braces herself, and some of her nerves fade away.
  18. Willie braces for a crash into the painted rocks just as the.
  19. Cass braces his hands on the railing waiting for Unks to respond.
  20. Jeanine braces herself against the desk, spluttering and gasping.
  21. I know what you need, he said, Belt, braces and bailing.
  22. He braces himself as they come right up to the base of the steps.
  23. She picked at her bottom lip, her braces dark against white teeth.
  24. Doesn't seem five minutes since you were all buck teeth and braces.
  25. I wanted to get beyond the leg braces, the fatigue, and the hair loss.
  26. Rostov turned and was about to go, but the man in the braces stopped him.
  27. In his reflection, he saw a piece of wire had come loose from his braces.
  28. Rostóv turned and was about to go, but the man in the braces stopped him.
  29. Jase had a cashew nut caught in his braces and I was trying to pick it out.
  30. Wesley considers this, then braces himself and takes a deep, cringing drink.
  31. They reeled about like drunken men, fumbling mechanically at ropes and braces.
  32. Then, too, she watched as her braces came off and her teeth were straightened.
  33. Gather anything you might need before you go home – prescriptions, braces, etc.
  34. The iron braces I have installed have not been sufficient to prevent the cracks.
  35. The braces of his spectacles push into his nose so hard that they indent his skin.
  36. Each pier consisted of four oak beams in a cluster, held together by plank braces.
  37. Values in the braces can either be comma separated strings or a sequence expression.
  38. Finally, he would remove Elfric ’s ugly iron braces and fill the cracks with mortar.
  39. The braces were off, and for the first time in months, I could bend my feet and ankles.
  41. She whacked Joey in the head with a fist and said, Leave my braces out of this!.
  42. Inside the heavy black car, Pandora Driver stares into six headlights and braces herself.
  44. This, as you might guess, is the master key that opens all the locked neck braces at once.
  46. Right after these parentheses we can find the body of the main function enclosed in braces ({}).
  47. I then started putting all new braces back on and welding them the way they were supposed to be.
  48. The next page reveals a picture of Shelby as a young girl—a teenager with bad acne and braces.
  49. Leaving the door ajar, amid the stench of mouldy limewash and stale cobwebs he undid his braces.
  50. When he pulled the wire out, the braces unraveled and fell from his mouth in large chunks of metal.
  51. The scope of local variables is limited to the block enclosed in braces ({}) where they are declared.
  52. Amy says, This is good, and the cab stops so fast that Loki braces his hands on the front seat.
  53. Shauna walks with her braces, Zeke pushing the empty wheelchair, and exchanges small talk with Amar.
  54. I didn’t remove the braces at the doctor’s office, because I wanted to be home for my first steps.
  55. But then he recalled that he hadn’t worn braces in years, which led him to deduce he must be dreaming.
  56. When he tapped on it, a young man came out with a fountain pen stuck under the left strap of his braces.
  57. Carrie pulled the shirt over her head and tucked it into the shorts, raising the braces up over her shoulders.
  58. All he wore was a baggy pair of red corduroy shorts held up by braces, and a pair of battered leather sandals.
  59. Then, dangling perilously by the angle-iron braces, he crossed back over to where the first car had reappeared.
  60. At the top of the stairs Shauna gets out of the chair and works her way down the steps with the braces, one at a time.
  61. Farah complied readily enough, going to one alcove and making it lean forward against the support braces of the alcove.
  62. And I suppose you did a better job when you met him—showing off those ugly braces like they’re accessories?
  63. He wore braces instead of a belt and his shirt was always sloppily half-tucked into his pants in a very annoying fashion.
  64. One reason why so many people need braces later on, is simply because they never ate natural unprocessed food as infants.
  65. Willie's gray trousers seemed more crumpled than ever, but with the braces attached to them they at least felt comfortable.
  66. With their three pieces suits and fancy braces, they seemed more in tune with a Rome or Paris catwalk than a hospital ward.
  67. She has braces, partially there to correct a jarring over bight, and partially there to correct several spaces in her teeth.
  68. It was true, for some reason Kala hadn’t needed braces but my teeth had overlapped in the front so bad, I had to have them.
  69. With a flourish he drew a line at the bottom, screwed on the top of his fountain pen and hooked it into a buckle on his braces.
  70. Back on Earth he was never the type to be asked out by girls, even the ones with acne, braces and huge glasses or the chubby ones.
  71. Sarah could see a man in a hideous pink shirt and stripy braces shining a torch into her eyes, but she could see nothing of its beam.
  72. The tools of Rombalski's trade included drill braces for turning of the steel cylindrical bits that were tipped with black diamonds.
  73. It was a precious and private moment when I discarded the braces and experienced a new freedom that most people said would never happen.
  74. For want of something better to do I put out my strength on that door, getting some purchase on the handle by looping my braces round it.
  75. The single argument is combined with all the strings that are given within the braces and creates as many new arguments as brace strings.
  76. Elior’s face twisted in pain as he suddenly grabbed hold of one of the braces that held the cover of the carriage and tried to stand up.
  77. As I was still in leg braces and using a cane, I decided to enter through the sheriff’s entrance rather than the main door for less hassle.
  78. His final thought, as the aged man addressed him, was that if he still knew him around Christmas time he would get him some braces as a gift.
  79. Walking without leg braces also meant I could start wearing normal shoes instead of large clunky ones that fit over braces and big cotton socks.
  80. Discipline reasserted itself, order grew out of chaos, and men ran to the braces while the galleon’s fourth lieutenant gathered his helmsmen.
  81. She braces one of the cans between her thighs, holds the point of the knife against its lid, and raises the brick to tap down on the knife handle.
  82. After asking several party-animals for directions one of them, a young red-headed woman wearing braces crouched down and then gently hoisted me to her chest.
  83. He thinking about aliens, superpowers, having a giant robotic-suit, candy, getting taller, and the only way Lezura will get a man, is if she loses the braces.
  84. That was pretenure, Anna was in junior high and in braces, Tom was lovesick over a girl on his baseball team, and John lived in Bethesda, on sabbatical for the year.
  85. Lord Wesley slips into the seat next to him with a sheepish grin, and Eugene braces himself for the great stretch of monotony and awkwardness spread out ahead of him.
  86. Once the guy has his glass ball all set then he gets a mate who is willing to play the doctor and then the guy whacks his shlong out on the table and braces for the pain.
  87. I had graduated to the use of a cane (plus the leg braces) instead of the walker, but it was very precarious balancing on the stool before I had to jump up on the table.
  88. He and Zach sat barefooted, their braces dangling at their sides and their lean sunburned legs swinging gently and rhythmically from side to side as the cart jogged onwards.
  89. On many a night I have hauled at the braces under the shadow of that coast, envying, as sailors will, the people on shore sleeping quietly in their beds within sound of the sea.
  90. The boys would use the augers, braces and bits that Olin had previously purchased from Henry Macnock's general store to make the holes in the wood pieces to accept the bolts and nuts.
  91. A coat and waistcoat were lying on the floor, and from a hook behind the door, with his own braces round his neck, was hanging the managing director of the Franco-Midland Hardware Company.
  92. A man in purple shirt and grey trousers, brownsocked, passes with an ape's gait, his bald head and goatee beard upheld, hugging a full waterjugjar, his twotailed black braces dangling at heels.
  93. They were immensely strong so we attached braces front and rear and dragged them up until they fitted like a second skin; deep into bum cracks, splitting balls and squashing cocks against our bellies.
  94. And behind the desk was a black kid, maybe fifteen, reed-thin, with black-rimmed glasses, no visible tattoos, and no jewelry, unless you counted the braces on his teeth, which I saw when he looked up and smiled.
  95. Pen in your ear!" And one day he said to the lad: "Why don't you hold your shoulders straighter? Come down here," when he took him into the glass office and fitted him with special braces for keeping the shoulders square.
  96. Unobserved he rose and glided away; while, awestruck by the aspect of their commander, the seamen clustered together on the forecastle, till Ahab, troubledly pacing the deck, shouted out—"To the braces! Up helm!—square in!".
  97. Over the next week Hamish worked very hard and the day came when Jock came in and said that today was the day he was going to be fitted for leg braces, and once he had them they would start him on the walking bars, the sooner the better Hamish said.
  98. He had noticed, on Monday, that the massive oak beams stretching from one piling to another across the length of the bridge were showing cracks on the upstream side; and that the beams had been strengthened with iron braces nailed across the cracks.
  99. My second hull, the outer cover, includes a keel fifty centimeters high by twenty–five wide, which by itself weighs 62 metric tons; this hull, the engine, the ballast, the various accessories and accommodations, plus the bulkheads and interior braces, have a combined weight of 961.
  100. A short stout man of about thirty, in white breeches and high boots and a batiste shirt that he had evidently only just put on, standing in that room, and his valet was buttoning on to the back of his breeches a new pair of handsome silk-embroidered braces that, for some reason, attracted Rostóv’s attention.

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