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Energize in a sentence | energize example sentences

  1. The Holy Spirit must will it, and energize it.
  2. Then turn the points inwards to recharge and energize the.
  3. And he certainly did awaken and energize me but not indefinitely though.
  4. While the new atmosphere seemed to energize the Shumi, it made Isabel sick and dizzy.
  5. Due his talent with magick he was able to energize the symbol, and opened a secret door.

  6. With a sharp word, she could energize all allies around her, at least for a short time.
  7. Through the higher purpose, a business can inspire, engage and energize its stakeholders.
  8. In the last chapter we took a look at the healthy man and woman and how they energize each other.
  9. Generally, I neither relaxed on weekends nor did things that might energize or reenergize me during the week.
  10. He pushed himself hard, with very little to energize him, except the occasional mud hole or stream to drink from, if he was lucky.
  11. And as the prasadam they partook expended itself to energize their interaction, they got up to go to Shanti Sadan for rejuvenation.
  12. Your newsletter is the conduit with which you will establish your credibility, energize relationships, and increase your Conversion Rate.
  13. Beets are high in carbohydrates which means they are a great instant energy source, but unlike processed foods which are high in carbohydrates, beets will energize your body.
  14. In the Feng Shui shops you will also find a large selection of clothing to wear when meditating, books, videos, prayer flags and lots of different oils to energize the body mind and spirit.
  15. He needed to energize the staff so the changes ahead would not seem daunting, and at the same time defend the relevance of such an effort so that those responsible for funding would be motivated to invest in the plan.

  16. While your self is engaged in love you will have to deal the worldly matters in your personal life and for this purpose you would have to energize and animate your mind and ego to deal with trivial routines in day to day life.
  1. Energizing the Body with.
  2. It is not an energizing moment at all.
  3. Living with living things is energizing.
  4. Stress Release and Energizing the Body with Crystals.
  5. Renunciation of the false is liberating and energizing.
  6. Business isn’t always fun but it should be exciting, energizing and.
  7. It is the sustaining, energizing, all-pervading Spirit of the universe.
  8. Squares are the energizing forces within a person—the needs that drive them on.
  9. Carlotta also experienced the energizing phenomena on the top of the largest pyramid.
  10. It is more fun, stimulating and energizing and results can be magnified with a workout buddy.
  11. Wine is poured on the head and it is lapped up as it trickles down the body and is considered highly energizing.
  12. Adolph Hitler acted on his belief that hatred was the very fuel of the Nazi enterprise, the energizing substance of the machine.
  13. In contrast, when you are falling in love with someone, it can be rich, exciting, and energizing, even if it isn’t reciprocated.
  14. Relationships, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind, and as Gautama Buddha said, thousands of years.
  15. It was an intriguing and energizing lunch, and it reminded me how much I missed writing about mental health, addiction, and brain science.
  16. A good water purifier should filter out the chemicals, add life and minerals to the water, energizing it to give it the structure of pure, natural water.
  17. No life support, no computer noises, no isolinear chip harmonics vibrating through the floor plate and energizing the air molecules with their peculiar noise.
  18. Relationships, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind, which is a phrase created by Phyllis Crystal author of the book Cutting the Ties that Bind.
  19. Then there’s something beyond the top of those stairs again, dark, chaotic and pounding, potently seductive, energizing, inflammatory: a version of Wagner’s March of the Valkyries.
  20. Furthermore, knowing that this crater reflects and concentrates your energizing power, and knowing the frequency of the energy you draw from, we can use this location to further study that energy, and its emission from the sun.
  1. The thought energized him.
  2. But it had clearly energized him.
  3. The spark of life he had energized.
  4. Both of you become happy and energized.
  5. It was like his life was being energized.
  6. At the same time, I feel energized to the core.
  7. He slid off the throne, suddenly energized by his discovery.
  8. Then you do not only become energized but you will be the.
  9. I felt energized, more awake to the world than I had in ages.
  10. Those two events first energized, then enraged the two teenagers.
  11. Don’t touch the rails they are probably energized with high voltage.
  12. Following this lifestyle ensures a more relaxed yet more energized body.
  13. She was energized and stimulated; she'd have difficulty sleeping tonight.
  14. Sebastian never remembered feeling so fulfilled and energized in his life.
  15. Making friends with living things makes you happy and energized, and healthy.
  16. Keep in mind you should have the extinguisher energized after you have used it.
  17. As the sun rose over the mountaintop Daniel woke feeling refreshed and energized.
  18. Sally remained energized as she waited to pick Adam up from school later that day.
  19. And Ariel felt suddenly ten again, jumping up without reflection, energized by an.
  20. This was a manifestation of diverse kinds of tongues energized by the Holy Spirit.
  21. A deeper connection helps to prevent injuries, clears your thinking and keeps you energized.
  22. As he readily closed in on them to steady them, she energized hers to draw succor from his strength.
  23. On the other hand, he felt energized by the new prospects of true independence and thoughts of the unknown.
  24. Mitchell felt energized, respected for his potentially lethal bat that could electrify the crowd into a frenzy.
  25. Then one morning he awoke refreshed and energized; a feeling of expectancy – that something was about to happen.
  26. He wasn't too fond of crowds in real life - they drained him - but the crowd here always uplifted and energized him.
  27. Instead, we can interpret them as indications that our body is energized and preparing us to meet the next challenge.
  28. However, the sugar in it will trigger the insulin response from his body, which can make him sluggish and less energized.
  29. When you get back to the office you feel energized and look forward to enjoying the homemade chili you prepared on the weekend.
  30. When he did so and paused his study of the insect-ridden log he noticed Amonas had quietly awoken, seemingly quite refreshed and energized.
  31. The door of the future stays open under the energized faith the soul made one carbon cut humans in personality, brains and good body not the same.
  32. My hip was throbbing badly, and sweat was cooling unpleasantly under my damp clothes, but I still felt energized, as if I had been snapped back on.
  33. While he took her hand, as if to hold on to the summit of his life, energized by her dormant desire, she found herself pressing it in all eagerness.
  34. Frank, temporarily over his shock, was energized as never before when he delivered the last pep talk to the six Chicago players gathered in the locker room.
  35. John Elliott had returned to Vancouver Island energized by the meeting in Winnipeg and he was anxious to share the news with the elders of the Saanich people.
  36. Lydia seemed energized by the prospect of uncovering more lurid details, but Claire felt as though she was suffocating under the weight of every new revelation.
  37. The DA’s office energized her, tested her, and plugged her into the heart of the San Francisco justice system, where she was finally beginning to distinguish herself.
  38. Compared to only 25% of those that worked out in the evening, exercising early gets you moving and energized as well not allowing yourself to find 1,000 excuses at the end of the day on why you can’t work out.
  39. When you locate one with the cultural elements that AIM cultivated—that is, talented, happy, energized managers and employees attracting more of the same—you have discovered the foundation of a successful business.
  40. But it was the Western educationists, who had injected contemporariness into the thought process of the Hindus that inexorably energized their latent intellectualism exemplified by the Ramans, the Boses and the Ramanujans.
  41. What a pity! To think that Spain had in its hands the weapon to exterminate its internal and, perhaps even international, terrorism for ever…! Unfortunately, what it has done has emboldened and energized both of them to act the same way in other Western democracies with future similar circumstances.
  42. There was a part of him that actually liked the efficiency and the total devastation, particularly fascinated by how perfectly everything was demolished so that the entire planet’s surface was an ocean of ash, so energized that it rippled consistant with the principles of fluid dynamics as it settled.
  1. Prayer is vain unless He energizes.
  2. Mantra or God-remembrance energizes man in four gradual or evolutionary phases.
  3. It relaxes, rejuvenates, and energizes the body and aims to bring the body and the mind into a harmonious union.
  4. Us has the characteristic of unity to combine together the pieces into a complete harmonious whole that spreads its goods in proportion and energizes its members in the group.
  5. The more interesting experiences they have, then they expend more energy, experience more interesting things that make them feel more Pure Wonder… and this energizes their life-energy so they can become more active, and think-feel-do more things.
  6. The initiative is to speak of how it is very crucial to understand the dynamics of the mechanisms of the overall causality, which ultimately energizes all changes in all societies and how all energies need to be properly channelized and objectively streamlined to instill the essential elements of sanity and serenity in changes.

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