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Energise in a sentence | energise example sentences

  1. So that's the word energise.
  2. The Holy Spirit works to energise us.
  3. That means I can energise the stones which light our houses.
  4. Now if you are highly energised, something that you energise is alive.
  5. What does He energise us to do, and how do I get that happening in my life?

  6. This causes both inputs of gate energise relay Rl1 and the pump motor is switched.
  7. So the only thing that can energise your spirit is spiritual substance, something spiritual energises you.
  8. Notice something else is at work: sinful passions, or sin; and that's the same word 'work' as the word energise.
  9. Overview: An injection of physical movement to either energise a lethargic group or settle and focus a lively one.
  10. That word 'works' is the word 'energise'; in other words, God's word can energise your mind, your soul, your body, your spirit.
  11. When you pray in tongues, you are co-operating with the Holy Ghost directly, and your whole spirit man starts to energise with life.
  12. Your spirit is a vital part of you, but your spirit has many functions, so one function of your spirit is to energise your soul and body.
  13. Notice what he says: the same spirit, that was able to raise Jesus from the dead, can: quicken, energise, activate, and restore your mortal body.
  14. So when you pray in tongues strongly for a while, you'll feel your whole body start to energise up, because you’re expressing the life of your spirit.
  15. Why? Because I have learned no matter what I'm feeling, if I will do that, my spirit will energise and arise and lift and other things take perspective.

  16. Why? Because I have learned, no matter what I'm feeling, if I will do that, my spirit will energise and arise and lift; and other things take perspective.
  17. This is exactly where the millions of the Tea Party process, as the The Daily Bell calls it, can energise public awareness regarding the corruption of both parties in Washington.
  18. One of them is to energise your spirit man, so the Bible tells us in Ephesians 3 verse 16: Paul prayed that you would be strengthened, with Dunamis (greek for energise) in the inner man.
  19. What a great place to live in; and as I start to adopt an attitude of gratitude and praise to the Lord continually, you know what will happen? You'll energise the moving of the spirit inside you.
  20. So when God wants to change you, the place He starts is your spirit; so He puts His spirit inside your spirit, and there's a reason for that, because it's from your spirit, that life flows, to energise your body and your soul.
  21. There is a reality, He says: where God's spirit will energise you so powerfully, that your mind begins to want, desire and choose the things that are going to please God; and your life reflects - you actually end up doing them.
  22. It tells us another thing: you are energising your inner life with the Holy Ghost, so when you pray in tongues strongly for a while, you'll feel your whole body start to energise up, because you are expressing the life of your spirit.
  23. It's a flow from within that fills your mind, so when you start praying in tongues, you start to open up your spirit, the part of you that's connected to God, and as you begin to flow in tongues, the spirit of God begins to energise your spirit, begins to impart words and language for you to speak.
  24. In 1 Corinthians 14, Verse 14, if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit is praying, so your spirit, you can energise, activate your spirit consciously every time you pray in tongues, your spirit is praying, the Holy Spirit, who knows the mind of God ,starts to infuse language into your spirit, in harmony with the will of God, and you're now praying the perfect will of God as you speak in tongues.

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