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Bribe in a sentence

Some may call this a bribe.
And, by using them to bribe.
The official wanted his bribe.
The chief of police takes a bribe.
He might bribe his way to more.
Have to bribe to be smuggled out.
Don’t bribe him with treats at.

Perhaps the bribe had already been paid.
What happened to the bribe money?
Maybe he could bribe her with some cash!.
Okay, guys, this better not be a bribe.
Shouldn’t be too hard to bribe one of them.
Woe to those who clear the guilty for a bribe.
I’m trying to bribe you with a cup of coffee.
Keep a few bills handy in case we need to bribe.
That's a more potent bribe than the aluminum bead.
Let us swear we will never take or receive a bribe.
And Nate had been offered a fat bribe, Ralph guessed.
Had to bribe a female constable to adjust it at home.
We could just bribe the MPs then? That simple?
We had to bribe the police with a few cigarettes to.
Matthew says that the elders bribe the guards to tell.
You have to create what I fondly call an ethical bribe.
The bribe Paul was asked to pay was really small potatoes.
Mark almost felt that her last words were meant as a bribe.
What if the new boss paid a better bribe to get the job?
The governor of the province also secretly accepts a bribe.
The bribe was dressed up as a consultantship but it was.
She slept on the bed of the man who had given her the last bribe.
Was it intended for a bribe? He may have another lawsuit pending.
And he refused when I asked him for a bribe to print this article.
You eat a gudgeon a day, and you think you bribe God with gudgeon.
Don’t be too prudent not to admit that it was a sort of a bribe.
But I’ve not much money along with me to bribe these bastards.
Nine-hundred-thirty-seven Jews managed to bribe their way on board.
She came down and brought money with her, trying to bribe me to go.
Actually we were able to bribe a few of the guards who work in here.
They only had to bribe their upper elite so they would let them do it.
And he, a Mick to the core, compounded the problem by offering a bribe.
Here was a man whom he knew he could neither bribe, bully, or bulldoze.
It felt as if he was bribing me.
I think Therese has discovered a bribing tool.
Shire-buildings without Leave, and Bribing Guards with Food.
The next morning after a lot of arguing and bribing, we hitched a.
Bribing has been renamed as lobbying but it still serves the same purpose.
He’s bribing fake witnesses to support his story about what happened with Miss K.
That meant bribing port officials and that was dangerous unless you knew who was taking bribes.
I’m sorry my asking, but if he wasn’t bribing you with those checks what was he doing?
Johnson narrowly avoided being impeached by bribing senators, with both money and the promise of offices.
Least of all had he dreamed that Annalise would so soon need more bribing; for that was clearly the only thing to do.
Here is an attempt to extend French influence by bribing a select class of our merchants; granting favors to favorites.
She rode last summer a few times because Jen had pleaded with her and then stooped to bribing, but a year is a long time.
The mine had corrupted his judgment by making him sick of bribing and intriguing merely to have his work left alone from day to day.
So, by bribing a few folk in Fjordane who loved silver more than their king, Njal and Gunvald managed to get groups of their men to Eid.
She thought of bribing the woman, but she didn’t have any money to show her, and she was unlikely to accept a promise of funds later.
After all, if there had been one pirate ship, there could well be others still hiding around the Main Asteroid Belt and bribing people into silence.
The rabbits and birds had even collected the bribing materials, all but those that had to be gathered at the last minute, to be fresh, as they had promised.
I wasn’t bribing the donor if that’s what you’re implying, but what interests me is what she tells me, she’s also lost a son, anyways she’s right.
When she got to eighteen, they secretly married in a civil ceremony, bribing the clerk to keep it a secret, and he visited her once a week on Sunday afternoons!.
Campbell said it seemed to him something like bribing the members to obtain votes, to talk about lengthening the time so as to accommodate the greatest number of members.
However, upon bribing one of the sergeants, Nekhludoff was permitted to come near the cars, the sergeant asking him to do his errand so that the captain would not see him.
Being a lawyer, he planned to acquire the shop, which was government owned, without bribing the officials in charge thus leaving me exposed to retaliatory legal moves from their side.
Of course, bribing is dishonest even in such a case, but I can't undertake to judge about it, because if Ivan and Katya commissioned me to act for you, I know I should go and give bribes.
The political entrepreneurs favored subsidized monopolies and federal aid, and in the steamship industry their actions led to price-fixing, technological stagnation, and the bribing of competitors and politicians.
The meaning of Caprivi's speech, translated into simple language, is this, that money was not needed for counteracting the foreign enemies, but for bribing the under-officers, so as to make them willing to act against the oppressed labouring masses.
The independence she settled on Robert, through resentment against you, has put it in his power to make his own choice; and she has actually been bribing one son with a thousand a-year, to do the very deed which she disinherited the other for intending to do.
So… the overthrow of Chamberlain by Churchill’s backers is a recreation of his ancestor aiding in the overthrowing of James II, the bribing of Winston by The Focus group and by the Czech nation; is a recreating of Marlborough being bribed by a lobby of secret Jewish banking interests.
He had seized all he could of his own that was not invested, and Priscilla had drawn her loose cash from the Kunitz bank; but what he took hidden in his gaiters after paying for Priscilla's outfit and bribing Annalise was not more than three hundred pounds; and what is three hundred pounds to a person who buys and furnishes cottages and scatters five-pound notes among the poor? The cottages were paid for.
I did some bribing,.
They do not have to be bribed.
She must be bribed, silenced, given in to.
For base betrayal, thieves bribed by the State.
Perhaps the fellow had been bribed by the notary.
I also bribed the guard to wake us up at our stop.
That Moraga is a fool! A man like Montero is bribed.
If the bailiff can be bribed, so can the inspector.
I wanted to so much, that I bribed Rakitin to bring you.
I bribed him, she said through a cold hardened jaw.
Miss Kendall has told me--how she was bribed to disappear.
Reckons that you bribed her with promises of tea and crumpets.
She thinks he can be bribed, but he won't be here until tomorrow.
A priest who honestly believes in his oracle, and can not be bribed.
Your cousin can be really truthful when forced and bribed, she.
They say he is squandering the money, and the police are bribed by him.
He bribed the guard at the gate a few hryvnias and swung in, pulling up.
Or bribed, to be technical, to go buy the rest of the stuff on the list.
If a child is bribed, coerced, tricked, threatened, or forced into any.
I expect a Jeweller could be bribed, could he not? suggested Johnny.
Petrushka had evidently been bribed at last! Yes, yes, that was so!.
When we finally found out where it was located, we bribed a guard to get in.
Roy persuaded, or possibly bribed, the guide to take him to that nearest phone.
Apparently, the captain had a sweet tooth, or maybe he bribed his men with rewards.
They learned from the few, reluctant masters who could be bribed only by cheap labor.
It was well known, according to this website, that he bribed his way into the papacy.
An’ the fellas that bribed congressmen and the legislatures never went to jail neither.
Bunau Varilla wrote the Canal Treaty and bribed his way into becoming Panama's president.
Doors are left cracked open, maids can be bribed, and there are plenty of exits to slip through.
I can say of you what will make it stupidity to suppose that you would be bribed to do a wickedness.
Fanny, Fanny, I see you smile and look cunning, but, upon my honour, I never bribed a physician in my life.
He guessed that Hugh had prepared the ground beforehand and wondered if he'd bribed all the justices on the bench.
Once they are bribed; they are not supposed to switch horses in midstream to another applicant who has more money.
So it is, with the crummy wiring job a lot of crooked and bribed contractors did on our house, our human way of life.
The master of the house valued this governor because of all the officials he was the only one who would not be bribed.
They could easily be bribed to return to their cards with a cigarette each or the occasional bottle of San Miguel beer.
It was because many nations, including France, had been bribed by Saddam in the oil-for-food program that the UN oversaw.
We bribed a few choice Aleator officials when we heard, from some of our feelers, that CERKO was hired to kill you there.
I supposed, in furtherance of this idea, that she had hired her own servant, or bribed mine, to hide the jewels in my coat.
A courier that we bribed, in order to gain access to the letters he carried, was replaced unexpectedly with another courier.
After all, what am I to him? Perhaps he has already been bribed by the other side, and that’s why he has just been absent.
Instead, he paid some bribes.
The ‘ bak shish’ – the bribes.
They suspected me of offering bribes.
He had strong views on paying bribes.
We will pay no bribes to bring aid to their poor.
Perhaps, we shall also need some money for bribes.
Lilliput and, with bribes, reduced the Anointed of.
So, in all fields, the world bribes its leaders to be their.
But there’d still be too much risk of hidden bribes or threats.
Patriotism meant the wringing of bribes from the quick and the dead.
By honesty he understood the refusal to take bribes from private people.
By honour he understood not accepting secret bribes from private persons.
He wrote of widespread bribes and corruption both in Africa and Washington.
I shall also produce witnesses to testify that you have been taking bribes.
Because of this situation, doctors routinely expected bribes from patients.
Make them stand on their own and no more bribes and payola to get the tune sung.
They apparently see the new hotel as a gold mine for them in bribes and extortion.
Ciere can’t believe getting in is this easy—she was expecting bribes or threats.
Of course, the bribes – or bahk-shish – along with the smuggling of goods, such.
These loans are basically legalized bribes given to the elite in these poor countries.
With this enterprise came illegal payoffs and bribes, the latter going to judges and U.
They would threaten criminal charges, and then ask for bribes to make the case go away.
That meant bribing port officials and that was dangerous unless you knew who was taking bribes.
Fancy bothering about such trifles now! And they actually say he is not honest and takes bribes.
Fancy bothering about such trifies now! And they actually say he is not honest and takes bribes.
He also took bribes as grease money at Davie Shipbuilding in Montreal before GD hired him.
Absent these bribes, patients would receive care below the level customary to the time and place.
Those who did not take bribes were looked upon as rebels because they disturbed the general harmony.
Later on arms would be twisted, promises would be made, and bribes would be paid with taxpayer money.
In fact he thought they might even turn against him, and kill him too, if the bribes were high enough!.
No excess baggage: no accounts, no national insurance, minimal salaries, and small bribes to the taxman.
I must warn you that I am acquainted with the penalties for soliciting bribes and will not hesitate …'.
Aye, old Tulip has a reputation of being as straight as an arrow when it comes to bribes and blind eyes.
He also generously agreed to return the $80,000 he’d received in bribes from Bob over the past few months.
I had heard of blokes stuck in the reserves that had offered bribes of up to a fiver to get to the front line.
What nonsense! Besides, why shouldn’t he take bribes? That’s the way he was brought up, and everybody does it.
Their belief that they were untouchable and the culture of payoffs and bribes continued during the inquiry of 87’.
When they see their colleagues and neighbors prosper through bribes, their jealousy makes them anticipate a tax raid.
The enemy's spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed.
In fact, the roughly 65,000 Vietnamese who were not killed became informers for revenge, bribes, or fear of blackmail.

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